How To Create A Landing Page In WordPress: 7 Most Effective Methods

By Colin Linnett |

If you want to know how to create a landing page in WordPress that converts visitors to subscribers in the blink of an eye, then you’re in the right place.

This handy little guide is about to share with you some of the best themes, plug-ins, and page builders that can make the job a whole lot easier.

You’re about to discover:

Let’s begin with the basics.

What Is A WordPress Landing Page?

Wordpress Landing Page

A WordPress landing page is a web page on your website that stands alone intending to attract your visitors to an offer or service. It has minimal distractions and should offer one main benefit to entice them to enter their email or click a link to take them to a specific page or offer.

The purpose of a WordPress landing page isn’t to replace your home page but more to provide a clear single offer or incentive for those landing on the page. This offer could be a free report, samples, discounts, or even highlight a newly released product or service.

You should keep your landing pages clear from distractions and only have one offer per page for best results. According to Tech Jury, landing pages that offer more than one offer will decrease their conversions by 266%.

How To Create A Landing Page In WordPress

There are a few options open to you when it comes to creating a WordPress landing page.

You can use:

To start off with, here are the 3 best plugins for building landing pages in WordPress.

1. Optimize Press – Popular Choice

best landing page builder for wordpress

Optimize Press is a WordPress page builder plugin that offers a complete marketing suite of tools to enhance your website and increase sales. However, the primary purpose of the plugin is to create landing pages that convert well.

Of course, you can use Optimize Press to create posts and various other pages on your site, but the people behind the scenes who developed the plugin have done so to increase conversions, sales and offer features with marketing in mind.

Yes, Optimize Press is a page builder, and yes, it works well enough for basic website designs; however, if you’re looking to build fancy websites, I’d probably be looking elsewhere for a more robust page builder. 

On the other hand, if you’re after conversion rate boost, simplicity, and sales, this plugin is most definitely suitable for Landing pages.

Optimize Press will provide you with over 40 landing page templates optimized to perform well. They are free from bloated code, they load quickly, and can be edited to suit your needs.

You can A/B split test, track your conversions, and use scarcity to increase your opt-in rate.

Installing the plugin is a simple enough process:

  1. Purchase and download the plugin
  2. Upload the plugin through your WordPress dashboard
  3. Connect to the Optimize Press hub by entering your login details

Create A Landing Page With Optimize Press

The first thing you need to do is integrate the plugin with the autoresponder you are using (Aweber, Get Response, etc), and then create a new page.

After this, you select the ‘landing page’ tab, and you will see over 45 landing page templates available for you to use.

Simply choose the landing page template you like, and it will display in the editing section of the plugin. You can then change the tiles, images, buttons, and content by clicking on the area you want to edit.

You can visually see the changes happen as you make them. The plugin is drag and drop, and you can add various elements, change fonts, colors and resize sections by simply dragging them to where you want them to be.

If you want to create a landing page from scratch and not use a template, you can use the in-built elements and section tools available in the editing interface. There’s a slight learning curve, but overall it’s not too hard to figure out, and there are some great support articles and videos available on the site.

The landing pages are mobile-friendly and work flawlessly on cell phones and tablets. In addition, you can add or remove elements for mobile devices and still display them on the desktop if that’s what you wish to do.



Optimize Press is an easy way to create a landing page in WordPress. The only downside to the plugin is that you will likely need to purchase the Suite Plan if you want access to all the main features like Urgency, Leads, and Metrics.

The cost of Optimize Press is $99 for Essential Plan, $199 for the Suite Plan, and $399 for the Agency Plan.

Visit Optimize Press Here

2. SeedProd  – Most Recommended

most recommended landing page builder for wordpress

SeedProd is another WordPress plugin that helps you create landing pages with ease by using landing page templates or the inbuilt editor. 

They have over 150 templates, with new ones added regularly, and a large selection of purpose-built blocks that have been created specifically for landing pages. With the plugin, you can build landing pages, thank you pages, 404 pages, custom login pages, and coming soon pages.

The great thing about Seedprod is the price, which is affordable, and the many features they provide to you, such as Domain Mapping, Spam Protection, WooCommerce Integration, and many more valuable features perfect for landing pages.

Here are the steps to install the SeedProd plugin:

  1. Go to plugins and search for SeedProd in the search bar
  2. Add the SeedProd plugin from the WordPress Plugin Dashboard
  3. Activate & purchase the pro version (Recommended for extra features and templates)

Create A Landing Page With SeedProd

To create a landing page in SeedProd, you will need to go to pages in the WordPress menu and click on the “Create New Landing Page” button. You will then see an extensive selection of landing page templates for you to use.

Once you choose a template, a pop-up will appear asking you to give the template a name — simply choose a name and click “save and start editing.”

You will now have the SeedProd visual page editor open with the template loaded for you to start editing the content, links, images, colors, etc.

If you click on the section you want to edit in the template, the editing options will display in the sidebar, and you will make your changes here.

If you’re using the lite version, you will have to use a button to link to an opt-in page on another page on your website; however, if you’re using the ‘Pro’ version, you can have an opt-in form on the actual landing page.

Once you’re happy with the landing page, click save and select page settings to change the page name, URL, SEO settings, and publish the page to go live on your website.

If you’re using the pro version, you will need to integrate the plugin with your 3rd party email service.



SeedProd is an excellent plugin to use for creating landing pages on WordPress. It’s not as simplistic as Optimize Press, but it's not super difficult either, and there are lots of tutorial videos available for you to watch through the software.

If you’re looking for a plugin that will integrate with the leading autoresponder services and offer you hundreds of templates and excellent features. In that case, Seedprod is one to consider.

The cost of SeedProd starts from:

  • $39 for the ‘Basic’ plan – 1 site
  • $99.50 for the ‘Plus’ plan – 3 sites
  • $199.50 for ‘Pro’ plan – 5 sites
  • $239.60 for the ‘Elite Bundle’ plan – unlimited sites
Try Building a Landing Page with SeedPro Here

3. LeadPages – Positive Reviews

best wordpress landing page builder

LeadPages was first introduced to the World as a ‘Software as a Service (SaaS)’ back in 2012 and provided HTML templates for landing pages, sales pages, and webinar pages. Initially, a fantastic tool for creating landing pages, but it wasn’t available for WordPress.

However, today, every account on LeadPages comes equipped with a  WordPress plugin that makes it possible for you to have landing pages, pop-ups, and alert bars on your WordPress sites.

The plugin has all the main features you would expect, such as templates,  A/B split testing, mobile compatibility, third-party integration, SEO settings, progress bars, pop-ups, and even a unique conversion predictor tool.

Here are the steps to install the LeadPages Plugin:

Creating A Landing Page With LeadPages

To create a landing page with LeadPages, you will first have to make the page on the software and then use the WordPress plugin to add the landing page to your website.

Log in to Leadpages and select the ‘Create New Landing Page’ button. You will then choose one of the many templates available to you. Once selected, you will have to give your page a name and then continue.

Your template will then appear with all the sections, editing options, and available features. To edit the text and titles, simply click on the text and delete/replace them with your own — you can also drag and drop elements on the page.

After this, you will need to create a form to catch your emails and integrate them into your chosen autoresponder service.

After the settings for your form have been filled in, select settings and fill in social, SEO and analytics.

Then save and publish.

You will then need to go to your WordPress dashboard and install the landing page on your website through the plugin, and the page will show when you visit the URL.

LeadPages price is where many people turn their noses up, as it is pretty expensive compared to other tools and page builders. It will cost you $27 per month for the standard plan, $59 per month for the Pro plan, and $239 per month for the Advanced plan.

Check out our complete LeadPages review here.



LeadPages is another decent option for creating landing pages.

It’s easy to learn, offers many features, and has some great-looking templates; however, the price is high considering you would need to spend $59 per month to have access to A/B testing.

Visit LeadPages Here

Other Landing Page Plugins for WordPress

In addition to the three options above, there are some other landing page plugins available for you to use on WordPress.

Here is a selection of the best that you can use:

Create A WordPress Landing Page Without A Plugin

While building a landing page in WordPress with a plugin is recommended, you can create one without a plugin — you won’t get as many features, but it’s possible.

Here are 3 ways to do it.

1. WordPress Themes

There are quite a few WordPress themes that come with a landing page template, such as Generate Press. Unfortunately, these templates are typically just blank pages with the header, sidebars, and footer removed.

However, you can create your headlines, bullet points, text, images, or video with the WordPress editor.

2. Use Code (Not Easy)

If you know how to code or you’re willing to pay a WordPress developer, you could create your landing page template within the theme you are using.

3. Gutenberg Editor

You can also create a landing page by using the inbuilt Gutenberg editor. There’s a slight learning curve, which can become a bit fiddly, but it’s possible.

The Best WordPress Landing Page Plugin For WordPress

I have shared a few methods on how to create a landing page in WordPress, and to be honest with you, they’ll all pretty much do a good job.

However, it’s almost impossible to say which landing page builder is the best with so many options available. They all offer good features, and I suppose it’s more about personal choice rather than which one is the best.

My advice is to check out the options in this article and try a few out. They all offer money-back guarantees, and some even offer free trials.

You will then be able to see which landing page software feels right for you.

For more plugin advice, check out these top WordPress email marketing plugins or this selection of the best Amazon product importers.


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