The Site is Revealed! An In-Depth Look at Perrin’s Website

By Spencer Haws |

As I sit down to write this post, I am actually in Las Vegas attending PubCon.  I just finished listening to Matt Cutts give a keynote speech and respond to Jason Calacanis (from the previous day) when he called Matt “Evil” and a Google a bad partner.  Very interesting stuff, that I will write more about in the future. (But you can follow the “cage match” on Twitter right now :).

In addition, I’m about to listen to a session called, “Linkbuilding in a Penguin Age”…yes, I’m excited about it!  In fact, I’ve been taking notes and jotting down blog post ideas.  I should have enough great material to last me the rest of the year easy, so expect some more in-depth SEO and internet marketing analysis articles in the near future.

As fun as PubCon is, I am still very aware that I have a Niche Site Project to run here!

In fact, today is the big reveal!  After several weeks of planning and strategy, along with plenty of work (mostly from Perrin), we are finally ready to reveal the niche website that Perrin has been working on.

For this second niche site project, we have focused a lot on keyword research and quality content.  Both of these items are critical for any site that wants to take advantage of traffic from search engines.

So, in order to a discuss the keyword research and quality of the content in more depth, lets go ahead and reveal the website!

The Big Reveal! This Site Is…

Drum roll please!  Here is Perrin’s niche website:


The overall targeted niche is obviously the shaving niche, and specifically, reviews of razors both electric and not electric.

The top 2 keywords that Perrin is targeting are: Best Safety Razor and Best Electric Shaver

Specially, Best Electrical Razors is the keyword that the homepage is targeting; and “best safety razor” is a keyword on a secondary post.  However, we are going to try and focus on ranking for the keyword “best safety razor” first…meaning that is where our initial effort is going to go, because it’s a lower competition keyword and will provide quicker results.

However, in the long term, we hope to rank for “Best electric shaver” as it will provide an even bigger return on investment.

Here’s a quick look at the competitor analysis screenshots from Long Tail Pro.

Click to Enlarge

This screenshot from Long Tail Platinum shows that the primary keyword we are targeting has a very low Keyword Competitiveness of only 24!

Now that you see the keyword, you can read what I said about this “mystery” keyword before and see why I am so excited about it.


This screenshot shows what keyword the homepage is targeting.  This is the long term keyword that we hope to rank for.  As you can see, there are some authoritative sites ranking, but there is definitely some wiggle room here in the top 10 as well.  I think with enough effort and focus, this keyword is definitely doable.

Week 7 Video Call

I’ve been unable to upload the video to Youtube at this point, because the Wifi connection has not been strong at times here; however, you can still watch the video as I uploaded it to my own server before I left.  And luckily the video below is higher quality than YouTube anyway!

I can’t possibly write about everything that was covered in this video call, so I HIGHLY recommend that you just watch it.  During our call, we go through Perrin’s site in great depth.  We took a look at the site layout itself and of course the specific articles and my take on what has been done so far.

But in addition, we reviewed the backend of the site as well, which I think many of you will find helpful.  Specifically I walked through his entire WordPress setup and plugins.  This may be especially helpful for any of you that have had any questions about how to manage the backend of your WordPress and different settings with WordPress and the plugins.

Overall, take a look at the video and enjoy!

Perrin’s Week 7 Write-Up

In Perrin’s words…

Seven weeks down! And this is the big one… This is the big reveal. It’s so silly, but I’m pretty nervous – ha. I’m not sure why. I suppose it’s a bit scary any time you show your own work to thousands of people. It’s like signing the national anthem at a baseball game in your underwear. But I’m excited, too! I’ve been working super hard, and I’m eager to see what you guys think.

Anyway, this week was mostly a writing week. Spencer was having some new floors put in his house, so he was offline for a few days, including the day we normally have our call, so I just kept my nose to the grindstone and knocked out as many articles as I could.

All told, I got about 10 articles done (although by the time you guys see the site, it’ll probably have a few more up). And let me tell you: I was researching and writing my butt off! Ha. I mean really. With all the articles accounted for, there are about 15,000 words of content on the site. In college terms, that’s basically a 30-page double-spaced research paper. Add to that finding images, formatting each article, making sure the links are correct, etc. – and it all adds up to a lot of work.


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But hey, no one said it was going to be easy, right? It did, however, lead me to an interesting question: Is it worth it?

Obviously, I think it’s very worth it, or I wouldn’t be doing this. But looking back on my work this week and seeing how much work I’ve done over the course of this project so far, I got curious about the actual return on my time. More importantly, I was wondering about the return on my time if I decided to really commit to doing SEO.

I ended up doing some very crude, English-major-style math to roughly calculate the ROI and/or the value of my labor. I know it’s rough, so please bear with me. 🙂

I imagined this scenario…

Suppose I create three different sites, and I do all the work myself. I do keyword research, write 20 articles and promote the site. I spend about 100 hours on each site. If a site does well after 20 articles, I outsource 30 more high-quality articles (about $500). If one site succeeds and the other two totally bomb, my total investment would be about 300 hours of my time and around $500.

Now, suppose the one site that succeeds roughly fulfils the goals we’ve set for Niche Site Project 2. So, for the first couple of months, it makes no money at all. By six months, it’s making about $500. And by the end of the year, after some testing and optimization, it’s making about $800. If the earnings increase evenly, that adds up to around $5,300 over 12 months. Lastly, let’s suppose the two “failed sites” each make $30/mo for 10 months of the year (or $300 each). After my $500 investment, that comes out to $5,400.

So, in this scenario, what was the ROI on my time? About $18/hr (for that project, during that year). Not bad!  Especially because this scenario assumes a 66% failure rate. And really, even if your failure rate is much higher than 66%, it’s still probably worth it because you’re gaining a valuable skill. 

If you get better and increase your success rate to 50%, your hourly rate goes up to about $26/hr. That’s a pretty decent wage.

Remember, this scenario also assumes you’re doing all the work yourself. If you outsource some (or most) repeatable tasks, you can (1) increase the value of your own labor and (2) create many more sites at once, which increases your overall revenue. Plus, you are building long-term assets, which means your hourly rate continues to rise for as long as the site makes money.

Of course…

Nothing is ever, ever this clean. Ha. And I know that. But I when we’re sitting at our computers – nose to the grindstone, burning the midnight oil – it can be motivating to realize you’re not taking a gamble. The time you spend on SEO does have a yield.

But most importantly, the monetary value of your time increases with your skill, which is a really good incentive to keep learning!

My question to you guys:

Why did you decide to take up SEO in the first place?

Till next time!

Closing Thoughts and Your Comments

I hope that you enjoyed the video call from this week.  And of course, I think this project just got a lot most interesting now that you can see the site!  So go and check it out, and let us know what you think.

In addition, I wanted to mention that I know that Perrin is putting a ton of time and effort into this site.  So, his analysis of valuing his time is important.  Although, I really hope he doesn’t have to put in 100 hours for each site!

When I think back to my first niche site project, I put in about 20 hours to get the site up and running and have maybe put in a total of 30 hours into the site since its existence.  The difference is that I have been outsourcing almost everything.  Perrin is doing it himself.  I think either way is fine to build a site, and Perrin is a professional author, so it makes sense that he would write the articles himself.  (But I am going to start recommending more outsourcing if possible).

In addition, this is his first site following my methods, so he is trying to do everything himself to get started.  So, if he were to outsource more of the work, his return on his time would be SIGNIFICANTLY different.  Instead of spending 100 hours, he would spend only 30 hours (hopefully much less), and his ROI on his time would be much greater.

Anyway, its just something to think about.

Overall, Perrin is doing fantastic (as you can see), and I look forward to what the next few weeks bring.  As always, I would love to hear your thoughts and comments below!

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By Spencer Haws

Spencer Haws is the founder of After getting a degree in Business Finance from BYU (2002) and an MBA from ASU (2007) he worked for 8 years in Business Banking and Finance at both Merril Lynch and Wells Fargo Bank.

While consulting with other small business owners as a business banker, Spencer finally had the desire to start his own business. He successfully built a portfolio of niche sites using SEO and online marketing that allowed him to quit his job in 2011. Since then he's been involved in dozens of online business ventures including: creating and exiting Long Tail Pro, running an Amazon FBA business for over 3 years and selling that business, founding, and co-founding You can learn more about Spencer here.

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Lmao, I started a site about 2 months targeting ‘almost’ exactly the same keywords. Great, now I’ve got Perrin as a competitor this sucks! Haha, good luck!


Haha. Bring it on! Jk jk 🙂

With all the longtail keywords out there, I’m sore we won’t overlap that much. 🙂




Oh maybe it’s better to open your affiliate links in a new window, so people stay on your site if they close Amazon.


Yep totally. I’ve done that for a few posts, but I’m going to do it for the rest of them this weekend 🙂


Look great, also looked into this niche but lack of time so didn’t dig into it enough to get started. (busy with other projects)

But looks promising, I knew from someone else he also has a niche site in shavers and it’s converting very good. So good luck gogogo

Lalit Burma

2 months ago … so you are ahead of him …

What is your position right now for the main keyword ?


Im bouncing around


I’m bouncing around page 5-6 for “best electric shaver” after spending about $400 in High PR backlinks, an All-in-one type of SEO package and social media promotion. Competition is very tough for that keyword, there are a lot of niche sites targeting it.



Perrin, congrats! Your website looks really “sharp”, haha! Love that design (my theme looks almost same) and the writing? High quality, my friend!

My niche site is targeting 2 main keywords, 1900 s/mth and 3600 s/mth, low competition too, so I’ll try to race you, hehe 🙂 You’re winning with content at this time, I have only 2000 words online 😛

I am super excited for next updates! GLHF!


Nice, Jenda!

The writing took a loooot of time. 🙂

I’m just wrapping up my 15th and final article as we speak, which will leave me at about 18,000 words of content I believe. Not bad!

And yea. I’m up for a race. On your mark…


Hi Perrin!

I think Spencer did a perfect desicion by choosing you for this challenge.

I’m a huge lover of well-researched content written with a personal touch, so I enjoyed your articles (and bet visitors would enjoy as well!).

Since you’re having a background in the writing, could you please give some tips and insights into how to approach researching and then crafting an article copy, storyline etc..

It;s really interesting because I just get crazy about “perfecting” each article, so it takes a ton of time to complete =)


Sure 🙂

I was thinking about doing a separate piece about this, actually.

Here are some short tips for now, though:

1. To a very large extent, the art of writing is the art of letting go. It’s never going to be perfect, so don’t spend a bunch of time trying to make it that way. Don’t be afraid of the words; just put them down. Most of them time, they’ll be pretty good. Remember, it’s much easier to revise than write.

2. Writing for the Web should be skimmable, casual and fun. No long, dense blocks of prose. Very few long, drawn-out sentences.

3. If I’m researching on/for the Web, this is my general process: (1) Google a bunch of stuff; (2) open a bunch of tabs; (3) skim through the tabs and delete boring/useless ones; (4) narrow it down to 4-5 tabs; (5) arrange them from most interesting/useful to least; (6) start writing ABOUT — not just rephrasing — the most interesting content and work your way down.

4. Write like you’re having a conversation with a sixth grader: quirky, funny and simple.

5. Read everything out loud. I still do this to this day. You’ll catch lots of mistakes mistakes and get a much better sense of the flow of the piece.

6. Most of the time, revise by CUTTING. Revise toward simplicity, not the other way around.

Thanks for the compliment! Hope this helps

Let me know if you guys would be interested in a more detailed writing tips thingy. It is what I do for a living, after all. 🙂


Oh, and have fun when you write!


Great tips Perrin. Thank you!
And yes! we are definitely interested in more detailed writing tips from you, at least the ones that are doing the writing by ourselfs. 🙂

So thank you in advanced for that more detailed writing tips thingy 😀


btw Amazing website! Keep up the great work! 🙂


Hi Perrin!

Thanks for detailed tips! I totally agree about writing about – from what goes from your own head, otherwise we just tend to fall into the re-phrasing of the content piece we’re using as the source.


By the way, Spencer didn’t choose Perrin. We did!

Spencer Haws

Exactly…good choice everyone!


Juuuuuust to quickly clarify….

My “equation” accounts for 100 hours per site, not 300. 300 would be crazy! Ha.

But Spencer is right, as I get better at this, I’ll also be able to do it much quicker, so the value of my time will go way up. 🙂


Hi perrin very nicely designed site. but i have a question what theme are you using? and why didnt you use Spencer Haws theme the niche website theme? just wondering i would think that he would give it to you for free 🙂

thank you and i can’t wait to hear what SEO strategy your going to do and please let us know every detail.



As for the theme, it was just a whim. I just liked it. 🙂

I also wanted a theme that included a review function.


Spencer – very little mention recently of your Niche Website theme. Are you still supporting it?

Spencer Haws

Yes, its still being supported – just haven’t been too promotional about it…still a great theme!!

Spencer Haws

Probably my bad. I’m writing at the same time listening to Pubcon speeches, I probably missed that…thanks for clarifying! I just edited my “300 hours” line with the correct “100 hours” you mentioned. 🙂


That’s really nice and its obvious the work that has gone into the site already.

I also like your analysis regarding hourly rate…..the key for me is that the benefits continue long after the work is done…….very different to a job where you get paid for your time!

Way to go Perrin, I’m pretty sure you’ll reach your goals with this site!


Thanks man 🙂

Glenys @ Website Tips 4U

I am really enjoying your niche project updates! It’s like looking forward to a favorite program that airs once a week.

Your ROI estimate was a good exercise to include Perrin. I realize that your hourly rate will change over time but it is good for the rest of us to think accountability with respect to return on hours invested.

This site is looking really good already. Have you run any speed tests on the home page load times? I like the color scheme; it is clean but really draws attention to the shaver at the top. Great domain name! I particularly like the idea of including 5 recent reviews with star ratings on the right and the idea of including a video on the home page. I assume that you are using the TablePress plugin, is that right? Have you thought of using the sort option provided by TablePress? Being able to sort by ratings could be useful, what do you think? (This might be discussed in the video and I will have to wait until later in the day to finish it.)
But great stuff all round Perrin & Spencer – most impressive!!

I am really looking forward to next week’s update when you discuss promotion and link building. I’m also looking forward to “hearing” what you think, Spencer, after going through the “Linkbuilding in a Penguin Age” session from PubCon.


Thanks for all the awesome feedback, Glenys 🙂

I opted to use a different table plugin (Websimon is the name) for a few reasons.

* It keeps all the pictures mostly uniform
* I liked the way the style looked with my site
* It was easier to learn and implement than TablePress

But yea, can’t sort 🙁 That’s the one drawback.

John Shea

Awesome progress on this! Seems like a great niche with tons of content to write reviews about, might have to buy something if I ever decide to replace my razor! LOL!


Awww yea, John. Gimme those Amazon cookies:



Awesome looking site Perrin! Great to see that it is going well for you. Are you getting any search traffic yet?

Liz chapman

Hi Perrin – great to see the site revealed at last and sooo much value in the video this week! Can you clarify please how many words you aim to produce for each secondary keyword? And you mentioned where two keywords kind of overlap and two articles would just not make sense – are you targeting one and just aiming to use the other in the text? Also how many times are you really using your keyword in a 2000 word article? 1% would be 20 times – does it matter if it’s much lower than that but feels right, contextually?
Many thanks


Hey Liz,

Yep. Each article basically targets one secondary keyword, and each article is about 1,000 words (only one on the site is under that, and several are over).

However, each article will end up targeting many more long-tail keywords just by writing the article.

If I come across two very similar keywords, I’ll write an article that laser-targets one and mention the other somewhere in the text.

So, for example, the article titled “How to Sharpen a Straight Razor” targets the keyword “”How to Sharpen a Straight Razor”.

However, one of my headings is “How to Hone a Straight Razor.” It’s a very similar keyword, and it’s also low-competition, but the two were too similar to write two different articles. So I laser-targeted the one and mentioned the other.

Does that answer it?

Tomas J

Wow, your site looks great Perrin! Well done!

One little tip: You actually don’t need a separate sitemap plugin since the All in one SEO plugin already has a sitemap feature. You just have you activate it.

Good luck! I am 100% sure your site will be a success.


Looks cool! Might I suggest adding a little piece for the table indicating what the $ equates to? E.g. $ – < $10, $$ less than $20, etc


Good idea. I’ll do it!


Awesome to see your site go live Perrin!

It’s very interesting to see that the domain is not even a Partial Match Domain. I look forward to seeing how you guys link build, and how quickly this site ranks without a keyword heavy domain.


When I search for “best electrical razor”, google gives me: did you mean “best electric razor” and shows the results for that instead. Won’t this be an issue?


Yep. We did. 🙂


Hey Perrin,

Another great post! I was looking forward to this one in particular to see what you came up with. The site looks great and the articles are very well written. Great job!

I wanted to ask how you decided on the WP theme your using. Did you find it fairly easy to implement? Having any technical glitches?



Hey Karman,


I chose the theme based on 3 things:

1. How it looked. I wanted something clean and simple.
2. Good support. I always check for how active the support staff are when I buy a theme.
3. Whether or not there was a cool review function.

This theme had all three. And yea; there are always technical difficulties with anything. I even had to alter a bit of code. However, their support staff were super, super responsive, so I’m glad I researched them.

This theme is called Splash theme. Another good one is SwagMag. 🙂

Donald W

Perrin and Spencer,

Great Job guys the site really looks incredible. I was waiting for this post for what felt like forever. Perrin I have to agree with an earlier comment, You write like a pro, dunno if it’s because you are one but very good writing. Thank you for going through all of the back end stuff on word press that was exactly what I needed to see.

Because the both of you are teaching me so much I wanted to lend a helping hand as well. Dunno if this stuff will make a difference but here goes.

As for the sitemap xml and robots meta plugin. I also used to use separate plugins too because I followed Spencer’s model religiously. I still do! What I have found though in doing some digging on my own as Spencer teaches us is that the All In One SEO plugin has now built these two features into that one plugin. You just click on SEO at the top and select feature manager this is where you can find the Sitemap. Then for the Robots Meta it is a check box at the bottom of the posts you are writing. I hope that helps some.

Also one last thing about All In One SEO plugin when you click on All In One SEO and Enable Use Original Title this will have your site using the title you type exactly as it is. With it disabled you get something like this…

Example Post Title

Example Post Title |

So it will add the site suffix or what ever in the search result. I only found this because I had it enabled and it was doing the suffix thing. Then I looked at Spencers Knife site and I saw that it had the suffix. So i messed with the plugin and found this out.

Keep up the amazing work as always guys and thank you for everything! Sorry about the rant 🙂


Thanks for the tip! I ended up fixing the sitemap a few days ago, but this would have been much simpler! Ha. 🙂

Jye @ Full Volt

Great work on the site Perrin.
It looks great and the content is pretty spot on.

In terms of your reviews, using graphical star based ratings increases user interest (I did tests with one of my niche sites), however it might be worth adding rich snippets (schema mark) up for them. Adding the schema mark up will allow the graphical star ratings to show in the SERPS when people are searching for reviews.

I can’t post HTML code in the comments, but just Google for “Schema Review Markup” and you can see how to quickly add it.


Nice! Both great ideas. I think I’ll probably add this weekend.


I am also doing everything myself, i have just finished another article and i am currently at around 11,000 words. This is my first niche site so i wanted completed control over the articles and everything in them so that i can write them how i want them to be written.

I love the theme and the layout, and the competition is a lot less than mine. However my site is aimed at around five main keywords, not the norm but hits wise its working very well.

Good luck, i am sure you will hit your target of $500!


You too man!

And don’t worry: after the reveal, this niche will have plenty of competition 🙂

Donald W

One more thing I forgot to mention when that option is disabled everything after this thing | whatever its called will be pulled from the wordpress settings>General>Site Title so for your site for the posts it will look like

Perrins Post | A Penny Shaved

With the way you have it now it will just be

Perrins Post

This setting is for the way it appears in the search results. For a more concrete example Spencers site in the search results has

| BestSurvivalKnifeGuide .com

because he has that option disabled.

This option is for posts only from what I have found its supposed to work for the homepage too but it doesn’t so the way you have it now for the home page is great just writing the | A Penny Shaved in the title is good. But for all of the posts you’ll want to have that option disabled to get the | A Penny Shave after the post title in the search results.

If I rambled on and made no sense I apologize. If you understand and it helps, its the least I could do for the help you both have provided.

Spencer Haws

I don’t see that for my site in the SERPS I show the full post title. The settings are specified by the all in oneseo plugin. If anyone else is seeing what you are, they have never mentioned it.

Donald W

Correct. The full post title then | site because the option is disabled. When use original title is disabled it uses the all in one seo plugin settings. With it enabled it will only show the post name without the | site


With it disabled
Buck Hoodlum Survival Knife | Best Survival Knife Guide

With it enabled
Buck Hoodlum Survival Knife

It pulls the | Best Survival Knife Guide from wordpress settings>General>Site Title when the option is disabled.

This is what happened in my case at least. Its really no big thing and I don’t think it makes a difference in Google but I feel like it looks nicer!

I appreciate all that you do and thank you for showing us the way!

Spencer Haws

Okay, cool…thanks for clarifying! I think its just a matter of opinion then…I personally like it the way it is…seems more authoritative to me in a way. With the Post Title |

Donald W

No problem at all. You’re right it is a matter of opinion. I completely agree it looks way more professional and authoritative with the Post Title |


Nice job Perrin! I was just wondering if you were planning to cloak your affiliate links?


No idea. Those actually aren’t affiliate links right now, anyway. I live in a state that doesn’t allow Amazon Associates. Spencer and I came up with a work-around, but we haven’t implemented yet. 🙂


The site looks great Perrin!
I have a question – where did you get your images? Are they just free stock images or do you have to buy them? I have been struggling with finding quality free images, but maybe I’m just doing something wrong. Thanks!


i’d like to know the answer to this also. usually for free photos you have to link back or credit the owner, which doesn’t make the site look so hot. so either he bought them or just didn’t link back? i was wondering if maybe spencer has a monthly subscription to a photo stock site and pulled them for perrin?

Spencer Haws

These are images from Amazon. I researched this alot when I created my first amazon site; and wrote about this topic…the consensus is that since you are sending buyers to Amazon, its okay to use their product images. I would encourage you to do your own research though.


Very nice, Perrin!

I love the logo! Where did you get it designed? It looks extremely professional!


Thanks! My good friend, Suzy, designed it. I mentioned her in a previous post. She’s following along and making her own niche site as well (although her’s is an eCommerce site).

So we traded skills. She did my logo, and I did a bunch of her keyword research. 🙂


Hey, thanks! Suzy did an awesome job! If you’re reading this Suzy, do you offer your design skills as a service?


I believe she’s at a wedding, but you can contact her through her own niche site: 🙂


1. As a brand new site, it looks very good, Perrin. You are a neat guy for sure.

2. Checked sitemap. Everything looks good except for this one, you might want to change the Permalink to gain a little extra on page SEO – just a kindly reminder.

3. KC 24 is a great start. I believe the best keywords I ever found was KC 26 – you win me on that. LOL

4. I use serpbook to keep track of ranking. What tool are you using now?

5. You biggest competitor, who is ranked first on Google for “best electric shaver” is a SEO site too. Started since August with quite a few high PR links (PR2-4). It will be interesting to see how you can win the battle.

Way to go! Keep up the great work, Perrin. I will follow you along, bud!


Thanks! I appreciate these notes; some of it I didn’t know! 🙂


Man I was super close to diving into this niche myself it was in my top 3 keywords, I was about 3.2 seconds away from picking it. I’m glad I did not now as I would be in direct competition with you! It does show me that I did my keyword research right though which is half the battle!

Everything is looking good, and I really liked the ROI section. Sometimes I sit and wonder myself what type of return I could see.

I really think with keyword research that 66% fail rate could easily be 30%-40% or lower. My second niche site with proper keyword research is already ranking higher for it’s main keyword in 2 weeks then my previous one did in 4 months. It cracked the top 100 in google and is already 17 in Yahoo and Bing with no back linking and only 3 articles published.

The cool thing like you mentioned once you start producing money you can reinvest into the site and another site and start snow balling your assets and speed of the process. Follow the 80/20 rule pick your winners and get rid of the losers. After that rinse and repeat right?


Exactly! 🙂


Could the issue you are having with the review articles not showing up in the site map be because they are a custom post type?

I know that in the WordPress SEO plugin there is a setting you can activate to include custom post types in your site map. Not sure if All-In-One SEO plugin has something similar but I would be surprised if it didn’t.

On another topic, are you concerned about having too many Amazon links on the home page? I seem to recall Spencer’s knife site got penalized for that early on. Just curious.

Great job on this project – I love following along and am learning tons – thanks!


I actually figured it out a few days ago. Ended up being a plugin compatibility problem. 🙂


I love your site Perrin!

It’s smooth……………………


Thank you sir 🙂

Mike D

I knew it! I just started a similar niche about two week ago. My luck. 🙂

I wish you good luck Perrin, but leave some crumbs for me.


Haha. There’s like 5 of us in here! It’s a huge niche, though, so I really think we’re ok, especially with the hundreds of secondary keywords out there 🙂


Great job! I did notice however, your Akismet plugin is NOT activated. might be why your getting loads of spam – also you need to sign up to get the API key, it costs nothing and that plugin is a spam killer too.

The other thing, not sure if anyone previously mentioned, but make sure to either activate your plugin right away after installing or delete if it’s not being used or activated, as that can cause problems for your site. Oh and delete Hello Dolly, or any other unnecessary plugins – for nothing else to keep it clean and easy to see all those important plugins you are using to remain current.

Oh and you should include your Google & Bing Webmaster verify code in the backend of WP, as an SEO maintenance check always check your Google webmaster area regularly – you can conduct a good quick SEO audit by checking into your webmaster tools area – Good luck!


Thanks, Janet!

I ended up going with a different spam plugin, and it’s been working wonderfully.

Thanks for those other tips as well.

Also, I was happy to find you via LinkedIn! We should chat soon 🙂

Allen L

I am so excited to read through this and watch the call presentation. I think the site itself looks great and the niche choice is a great choice, Perrin. You definitely uncovered a great nugget with your keyword choice and should find yourself on that first page pretty quick.

I have to head out for a couple of hours but you can bet Im going to be distracted with itching to bet back and do a thorough read through and view the call video.

Thanks for taking time to walk through all the steps. It has been helpful for a newb like myself. And I have to say I learn a ton from the comments. What a great group of people.


I was just talking to my girlfriend about that: the NP community is really awesome. Just a bunch of great people helping each other out.

It definitely makes the whole process a lot more fun. 🙂

Spencer Haws

I LOVE the NP Community! I feel like just a facilitator now, this site has grown so much beyond just me and my little side projects…its great…thank you all!!


Attention!! Niche Site Copy Cats..Stay away Please!! lol


haha. THIS.


So you guys think it doesn’t matter how much a product sells for, because people are buying other stuff on Amazon too? Some things I’ve read say to choose a high-priced product. Does it even matter?

Spencer Haws

Tori, I think too low of a price could be back – say under $20 or something. But this razor market is good, many products over $50 and $100, so its got some higher priced items. I don’t think you only need to go for the big items, but going to low (below $10?) is probably bad (unless you are getting TONS of traffic 🙂 )


Thanks–I didn’t know razors cost so much :-)!

Troy in Las Vegas

True although those low priced items, if, as Spencer says comes often from high traffic, can push you into the next commission tier on Amazon and that could make a big difference.


I think it could be good to have one for cheap products to increase your total sales a month, increasing the % you get for your account. So you also get more for your more expensive products.

But overall 50$+ is better yeah


I don’t see any Amazon disclosure anywhere on the site?


The affiliate links aren’t active yet, anyway (for a bunch of weird reasons — namely that my state doesn’t allow Amazon Associates, so we had to figure out a work-around). I’ll be sure to get one up when they are, though. 🙂

Jay Dorsey

Excellent work, and thanks for the write-ups. Hopefully we don’t see the copycats come out of the woodwork and content-jack everything.

I bought a safety razor about 2 years ago and while I don’t shave that often, when I do I enjoy using it and find I get a much closer shave. The blades were like $17 for 100 and I still have probably 50 of them left.

Are you going to start reviewing straight razors at some point? They can get super high dollar (even compared to electrics) so I could imagine that’s more competitive.


Were you guys aware that a similar MNS on exactly this topic sold on flippa for 16,000$ 2-3 weeks ago or is just a coincidence?

Anyway, best of luck, i will read the post and give my input, i just had to mention this as this was my first thought when i saw the niche.

Spencer Haws

No we were not aware of that…coincidence for sure. That right there is proof that its a great niche. The competition is already hot and just got hotter…


Looks like that auction ended UNsold. Still, very cool.

It’s also super encouraging. Not to be a brag-a-boo or anything, but I feel like my content is a lot more substantial than this site’s.

If I ever sold my site for a figure like that, the NP community can come to Chicago and have a round of beers on me. 🙂

Spencer Haws

I heard that! Party in Chicago this time next year 🙂


Yeah buddy 🙂


Nice! Will you cover my $600 plane ticket? 😛 😀

Jerry Kidd

Wow! This will be a nice challenge. Since August I’ve been working on my new niche website and I’ve launched it last week. And you know what? My target keywords are exactly the same 🙂 … well and a few more. Ok, let’s talk in a few months when you’ll get into TOP 10 of Google… and I’ll be in TOP 3, ha-ha! 😉
BTW, you won’t earn a penny from your aPennyShaved homepage, because all Amazon links do not contain your tracking id in it. 😉

Spencer Haws

Wow, lots of people already in this niche…very interesting. And yes, we know that the affiliate links are not active yet…Perrin is setting that up this week.


Good work Spencer and Perrin

I have a Question how many article should be on single keyword 1 article for 1 keyword or many article for 1 keyword ??

John [email protected] Zone

Great jobs guys.

The site is looking great and as i see it already has lots of content in it so everything looks like its going in the right direction.

Also it looks like the competition got a bit harder now :).After seeing the site and all the process it makes me think on doing an amazon site too.Never tried anything with amazon so far.

Thanks for the update and keep up the good work guys.

Matthew Allen

At the risk of being flagged for spam – I’m going to drop a few links in this comment to help you guys out.

First one is for anybody who produces review sites or even just review posts on a blog. Larry Deane figured out a way to increase his conversion rates by 15% recently, just by some simple layout changes! –

In the video, Spencer seemed a little stumped as to how to find relevant blogs/site to comment on and build relationships with. Here are two resources that I use

Lastly, I also started a razor site just last week!! You gotta be kidding me! haha Luckily, I didn’t plan to put very much work at all into it. I’m only experimenting with it by going after extremely low competition keywords that don’t get very many monthly searches – and using all outsourced content.

Your site looks awesome though Perrin. Love the header graphic. Great work!


Those are awesome resources. Thank you!


Hey Thanks for the share to the Side Income Blogging site. I also think its extremely important to make sure to test. I didn’t notice what testing software he used. I’m likely going to give Optimizely a shot – but guessing isn’t testing IMO.

Thanks again!

Garrick Dee

This is great stuff, love the logo Perrin, will be watching this project closely. Best of luck!


Looks like you have enough existing competitors in this niche!

And there’ll be a slew of copycats also in the coming few weeks!

This is why I read all your posts Spencer 🙂

Lalit Burma

Many copy cats are outranking him in his previous campaign


Does the site have an amazon disclosure I cant find it anywhere?


That’s on my To-Do list this weekend. 🙂

The affiliate links aren’t active yet anyway, so we should be good.

Spencer Haws

Right now there are no amazon assoiciates links on the site, so no need for the disclosure. We will be adding both soon.

Ryan Cote

Catchy domain and great logo. I love the clean, simple look! How come you’re not putting the main keyword at the start of the title tag?

Mitchell Du

Perrin,Great Work! Just a quick question: did you get your Amazon affiliate account approved before you built this website or after? I applied for an Amazon affiliate account for a brand new website but got rejected.


Hey Perrin, just get ready for all the copy cat sites that you will be battling with!!! Ha


Lol. I know! There are already several here with us!

Really, though, even if we all choose the same primary keyword, there are hundreds of longtail words in the niche, so I think there’s room for all of us to make a bit of cash. 🙂

Spencer Haws

The reality is that the copy cats really don’t matter; there’s already lots of people in the niche as you can see…any niche you go into has competition.


congrats. You did a great great job.

Your new site is very well designed and the content is high quality. The design is clean and colors are very well mixed.
I think you will have great results.

Thanks to Spenser for sharing his knowledge and for creating this project.

I look forward for the next one.
Weren’t you thinking to have some rest, were you?


Haha. I wish! I would love a nap or something lol.

I’m going to chill out this weekend a bit, I think. I’ve been writing about 2,000-3,000 words a day in addition to my regular 9-5 job. I love writing, but it’s still exhausting!

Spencer Haws

Thanks Paolo!


Great work Perrin, really digging the site!

I absolutely cannot wait for what comes next, as I’m fairly confident to get a site up to the point you’ve got it, but always fail super hard at getting it ranked. Can’t wait to see how you get it up there in the serps!

Good luck!


You and me both! lol.

But I’m confident we can do it this go-round. 🙂


I presume you’re targeting the US as the UK grooming industry is fiercely competitive, especially for double edged safety razors, and straight cut throat razors.


Yep. All my search-volume research is US-based, and the market for DE razors isn’t quite as fierce over here.

Gillian Gaston

Hi Spencer / Perrin

Site looks great, well done.

Can I ask one thing? When I click to read a review, say of the Braun Series 7, the Amazon page opens up in the same window. Unless I use the back arrow, I may not find your site again.

Is this deliberate on your part?



Yep. I’m going to work out the links this weekend. 🙂

Spencer Haws

No, when we actually add affiliate links (they are just straight Amazon links now), we will have them open in a separate page.



for both top kw, the site shows a +500 in serp. Maybe it’s too soon?

Lalit Burma

I am sure those who build black hat links on your is going to be made or may be started to use same strategy again …

What you are going to do ?

Spencer Haws

Lalit, not much that can be done to stop black hats…that’s the inherent risk in these public projects. Luckily these projects are just for fun for me, and my real income is not shared on my blog or my real sites that I care about. So, what happens with the copying and negative seo is not normal for most people building niche sites (or even me on most of my sites), it just happens when you have a popular blog like that lots of people read.

Marc Possoff

Hi Spencer and Perrin. The main keyword looks somewhat competitive? I see there are 2 affiliate sites in the SERPS. I assume since 80% of the SERPS are authority type sites, then 20% affiliate sites is ok?

Marc Possoff

My bad I see you’re targeting the mystery keyword and not the home page keyword.

Spencer Haws

Yep, for sure 20% is okay. Means that small affiliate sites can rank. And to clarify, the homepage keyword is really just a long term keyword that we hope to rank for…the primary (first) keyword we hope to rank for is the best safety razor one.


Hey Perrin, Congratulations, the website is very nice and minimalist and that’s cool!
One question, what did you used for your comparison table?
tablepress plugin? you stylized it in CSS? it look better that what Spencer used before in his site.
By the way, I like that the site is branded in stead of using the keyword in domain.
Good Luck and high rankings! 🙂


Thanks man 🙂

It’s a plugin called Websimon tables. It’s a bit different and does not have a sorting feature, but I like it, and it matches the style of my site better.

Marc Possoff

Hi Perrin got a question. If you want to rank for best safety razor why are you adding content for best electrical shaver?


Hey Marc,

This was covered pretty extensively in our calls. In short, though, since this is a brandable website instead of a simple EMD, we chose a higher-competition keyword for the homepage.

We’ll be building links and stuff to both pages, but targeting the safety razor page first. If we ever rank for electric razors, that’ll just be a huge bonus. 🙂

Marc Possoff

Ok the reason I ask is because electrical razors seem to be the introduction to your site and not safety razors.


Just a quick resource for Spencer and anyone else affected by d-bags making bad links for their sites…I came across this yesterday. Pretty neat.


This is really great if it works. Hope it does! Thanks for the resource 🙂


Awesome! Like others I had been waiting for the site to be revealed and was super impressed 🙂 The clean minimalist design with a killer domain name puts you head and shoulders above the crowd, along with your writing skills you should be set for life LOL

I created a site along with the last case study and it just dose not seem to be taking off any input from the growing community here would be welcome “” I have had moments where it ranks well then dives to the depths again I just cant figure why it dose not stick?


Just from a super quick look, your primary keyword is pretty competitive (KC40) and you only have 25 links pointing to the site.

I say distribute links to some of the less competitive terms and get a few more links! 🙂


Thanks Perrin


Hi Neale,

How long has it been fluctuating like that? Mostly these last few weeks with the google algo changes? I’ve also see a lot of movement.

I just take a quick look and one thing that stood out to me was their if no branding like a header or logo which looked a bit odd to me. Not that that should affect your SEO ranks though.

It looks like you had bought a few expired domains and redirected them to an animoto video on a page that then links to your site. Is that correct? Is there a reason you chose animoto to host these videos rather than a domain with higher DA?


Hi Fran thanks for taking a look, Animoto allows you to create videos and edit the page text with dofollows, the redirected domains have a lot of relevant vids on youtube thats the main reason I bought them animotos DA is 87 this last drop was on 11/10 pretty much all KWS, the redirects were going to the main domain so I’m waiting on that one…

I themed the site after so thats why it doesnt have a header


Lookup “Google dance”


Thanks Bruno I wish it was just that…

Arbaz K

That’s a completely unique niche that you found. I would have never ever saw it as an opportunity to make money with amazon.
I hope that soon you will be sitting on the top spot in Google and also hope that there is no competition for you before that.
All the best 🙂


If you read some of the comments above, you’ll realize that this niche is filled with lots of affiliates.

There is always going to be competition in almost all niches; you just got to choose the ones that have the least competition 🙂


Hey Perrin.

Congrats on the flying start. It’s a great design and from what I read I like your style of writing too

I’m mega busy right now but had to take a few minutes out to check out the site when I got the email from Spencer.


Perrin – Good job with getting your site going with a wide range of content specific to your niche. I recommend that you personalize the site with an “about” page or a similar page with a story about you, your shaving history, or an anecdote that may or may not be related to your niche. Make it interesting and humorous and people will relate to you better. Otherwise, the site feels rather impersonal and it’s impossible for people who come to your site to know anything about the person behind the scenes who is making these claims about shaving and razors. People love stories and they love to relate information to an actual human being. I think it is one of the main reasons Pat Flynn is so successful.

I haven’t read through all of your content, but if you’re going to recommend things to people it will be better if you give them reviews of products you’ve actually used. Maybe come up with a weekly test and show photos of the before and after images of your own face after using the product.


Thanks, Jeanne!

The About page is a good idea. I’ll probably add that soon. I also really like the idea of a weekly video reviewing a different product or something. 🙂

Spencer Haws

Great reminder!


Perrin, Great Job!!!!

I haven’t been following the project because I’ve been focused on my own site but I just checked out apennyshaved. My thoughts:

-The site layout is very organized and clean.
-Tons of great content…it doesn’t feel “fluffed” at all.
-I love your writing style. It’s very personable yet professional and informative.

Also, even as a female, I found the site useful. The post on “Bald with Beard” will be VERY useful when my fiance loses a little more hair. 😉 I hope you don’t mind someone from here sharing it but I tweeted that article just because it really is THAT good.

I can’t wait to hear updates on revenue, backlinking, etc. Also, thanks for giving us a great example niche site to reference for layout, style, and such.

And Good Luck!!!


Oh man, that’s a big compliment! Thank you!

I really like that style. If I could grow a solid beard, I’d totally do it. 🙂


Congratz on finishing the development of the site Perrin! I think it looks awesome. A clean and clear design that is well appealing and doesn’t detract from the content. I also love the widget with the reviews, that really gives a consumer-oriented look to the site and builds trust. Good luck with the site!


Great post and good luck with the niche…

Spencer any chance you would consider offering a service where you give a site/niche review? I have been plugging away on a niche site and I would love to make sure that I am not going in the wrong direction.

Thanks for all that you do.


Spencer Haws

I wish I had time, but I just don’t have time to add a niche site review.


This was actually one of the keywords I had on my list and I went through other related seed keywords like “best electric trimmer”, ‘best hair trimmer”, etc.

I thought best electric shaver looked very promising too and it was also one of the niches that I was interested in. But it was back when you published a post about eCommerce keywords and seeing most of the results from sites like Amazon and Braun, I freaked out and dropped the keyword.

So I guess I’ll learn more from this Niche Site Project. Good luck to the both of you.

A tip from a noob: I’m not sure if you are targeting a global audience or a local U.S. one but during my research of the keywords, I noticed that it has a huge search volume and a good CPC in the U.K. too.

So once you are done with this site, you might want to create a different site for the U.K. audience (rewrite the articles, use canonical tags, etc.) and probably multiply your profits? 🙂


Hey Perrin and Spencer.

Perrin – I know you said you were having spam issues. Give this plugin a try – It was recommended on a WP forum that I participate on. They said it reduced spam by around 95%. It add’s a simple question for the person to solve (10+2 or something of that sort).

Great site and niche. I actually looked into this one too! Best of luck.

– Grant


What’s funny is I have an old site that I barely did anything with that is in a VERY similar niche (similar KW). Great…more competition 🙁

J/K – hopefully a rising tide lifts all boats.


Cheers to that 🙂


Great stuff, will be good to see this project to the end, just like the Knife site. Site looks cool…I think you may have forgotten to “no follow” the Amazon links.

Troy in Las Vegas

Where is the best place to put the Amazon (and others) disclosure? In the past I have put it as a sub page of the About page.

PS- How come you did not call me while in Las Vegas SPENCER? I woulda bought you lunch. 🙂

Spencer Haws

I use a Privacy Policy page and include the Amazon Affiliate disclosure. We missed out for lunch I guess! I’m heading on my plan home in just a few minutes…

Troy in Las Vegas

Yes, I now notice your Privacy Policy page. It just gets tricky when there are different requirements for different entities. I may have Amazon and AdSense as well as an affiliate all on a site and each has specific terms.
I suppose setting up a single template and using it on all sites is the way to go.

Fred Owusu

Congrats Perrin,

You definitely are the right guy for this project. You were committed and with that comes great success. I believe you will get there. You have a great teacher/mentor right beside you man.

The site looks sharp and clean… perfect actually!. I can not wait to see the back-linking strategy you guys take.

There are plenty of keywords out there. LTP definitely is the best keyword research tool I have ever encountered. HANDS DOWN! Thank you Spencer!

Spencer Haws

Thanks for the shout out Fred…feel free to tell the world! 🙂


Nice work Perin.
The header seems very empty. I would add a slide on the left and the logo on the right.

Also I would change the black color. I’m associating it with pain when shaving.

Anyway I like the layout, the font you have used and is easy to read.


Probably going to stick an ad up there 🙂

Casey Dennison

Nice stuff, Spencer and Perrin! I actually sold a site on Flippa (last year) that was ranking for “best electric shaver”. Can’t wait to see read the next post!



Haha. Nice!


Spencer Haws and perrin,

so i watched the video and its great information. and read the post all info was great but i think you are missing and i hope Spencer please make a post about this, but where is the info about how to out source your articles? for all these that are non writers. also where to outsource and how much to pay for an article?

thank you for listening


Congrats Perrin! I love the “Best Safety Razor” keyword choice but I do have a question about your “Best Electric Shaver” keyword choice. When I type that into Google Keywork Tool it shows 14,800 monthly searches…isn’t that higher than what’s normal? I think Spencer’s Survival Knife site was 5,000 monthly searches. Also, all the sites that pop up on the front page of Google for “Best Electric Shaver” all look pretty authoritative. Am I missing something here? Thanks!


Yep. It’s super competitive. If we EVER rank for that keyword, it will be a total bonus. We’ll be trying to rank for other keywords first, though.


Awesome I really love this Nice Site Project and looking forward to the linkbuilding process !!! 😀

Perrin, was this amazing logo a fiver gig?



It was my amazing friend Suzy (from We traded skills: she did my logo, and I did her keyword research. 🙂

Mitchell Du

Hi Spencer or Perrin! Just a couple of quick questions:

1. Can we use the same Amazon Affiliate account for multiple review sites?

2. Did you have your affiliate account approved first before you built these sites or after?

Recently I applied for Amazon affiliate account for a brand new site but got rejected. 🙁

So your answers are very appreciated. Sorry for asking same question again because I didn’t get answer.


Thank you for revealing the niche. Great research on the keywords! Kinda interesting approach on the domain name, because domain itself didn’t contain the keywords. So this means the ranking has to be based on content only, not a EMD benefit which is kinda good!

I can see there is definitely some room ranking for “best electric shaver” keyword. BIG BIG BIG money maker for this keyword, 14,800 average monthly searches! Even though the competitiveness on LTP shows 42, but I can see that the some top 10 results are fairly weak.

1.Some new sites only 0.1 to 0.4 months old. Meaning new created sites can be ranked easily.

2. Low PA and DA.

3. some sites lack of link juices ( This can be beat by firing some relevant expired domains)

4. Low indexed number on niche site:
meaning you don’t need a lot articles to rank, by providing more and better content, it is definitely possible to outrank it.

Overall i think you are doing a wonderful job Perrin, good luck with the site!



Great job on the site. 1 thing- make sure to sign up for a UK (at least if not others) Amazon Associate Accounts to net the clicks this side of the pond and elsewhere, otherwise the plugin defaults to the owners assocaite tag.

Looking forward to watching how this goes in the current state of Google and Penguin 2.1.




That’s a really good idea. Thanks 🙂


A question to Perrin:

How did you end up with the category names? Did they come after you found the low-competition keywords? Or, did you search for low-competition keywords in these categories?


Category names were a content/usability decision.

I really don’t care if I rank for categories. I’m focusing more on keywords for articles.

What was much more important to me was for a user who comes to the site to be able to easily get where they want to go. 🙂


Great post! I’m particularly interested in seeing upcoming info on Post Penguin link building, considering the damage my site took recently.


Hi great website lay out, it looks way better than what I was able to come up with. I was wondering if I could get some advice. I started a new site less than a month ago, choosing an exact match domain and having done extensive keyword research like spencer suggests. The main page of the site also had the keyword in the title and in the first sentence of content. I created a comparison chart (5-6 links) for amazon and also added google adsense in 3 places (sidebar, underneath post and at the top of post). The site seemed to get off to a great start and I began link building. Last week it jumped from page 4 to page 3 and then to page 2 very very quickly, I was ecstatic. But then it began to fall, it went from #17 in google search to #20 to #22 to currently #26 where its sat at for 3 days. During that time I added 2 new posts to the site and wrote 20 blog comments as well as used social adr for social bookmarks. Google webmaster tools only sees 6 links but Ahrefs sees over 2000 (mostly no follow links that I didnt create) and 19 do follow links that I did create. my question is what happened to make the site fall and how do I stop it and make it climb the serps again. Im a complete beginner at this so if these questions all sound silly, my apologies. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



Hi Natalie,

Had a quick look at your site (assuming its the one in your link):

1. The site was registered first in 2008, so somebody (if not you) will have done some link building in the past. If showing 2000+ links then most likely spam link building by previous owner.
2. Links – looks like you only have low authority (and no follow links) pointing to your site. You will need to build some higher PR/PA links to get it moving in the SERPS. The initial high ranking could have been a “newness” boost. PS: I have used socialadr but not convinced how much value it adds.

Hope this helps


Hi Spencer,

I must say that from all the courses i have bought, your blog has come out the best in learning for me and all for free 🙂 Wish i had come across earlier and not wasted so much money.

I am a recent owner of Long Tail Pro and came across a product and need to ask you something, if you won´t mine.

The keyword is similar to your first project ” best product type” and it has lots of other keywords starting with ” best ”
Like ” best –for kids” ” best– for adults” etc etc.
Would it too much keyword stuffing if i cover all the ” best” keywords on the same site.

I also managed to get two words EMD but with a hyphen.
Would hyphen cause any problems.

I would be grateful for any advice.



Spencer Haws

If the keywords are different enough that it makes sense to write a different article for each one, then yes, I would do it all on one niche site. Having a hyphen is fine.


Sorry i meant to sent the previois message to Spencer or Perrin or both 🙂


So I see you decided to go with a more brandable domain as opposed to a Exact Match Domain. Spencer and Perrin, Do you think it doesn’t matter? I have the option right with my keyword to go with a close match domain or I can pick a catchier brandable domain. What do you recommended? Does it matter?

Spencer Haws

Doesn’t matter too much. I like brandable for a better long term value.


Spencer and Perrin,

During the video when you were showing your site I noticed that there were some pages that had a lot of affiliate links.

I remember that Spencer’s Survival Knife site got hit earlier on with lots of affiliate links on a page. Though I also remember later on he was able to add more aff. links.

Can you guys explain how much is too much affiliate links and why the knife site was hit earlier on but could handle more affiliate links later on.


Great Update Spencer!
Looking forward to see how the site ranking and overall performance in the coming weeks!

Wish you success perrin!


Love the way your site looks. It’s very clean-cut. (oh man bad joke)

The concept is awesome because you can get into so many avenues with it.

For example, you can rock after shaves, shaving brushes, different blades, different shaving soaps, straight razors.

There is a lot of wiggle room for you with the niche you have chosen.

I actually shave with a safety edge razor, and I would never go back.

I’m not a huge fan of electric, but they seem to work for many people so.

Really looking forward to how you are going to expand your site Perrin. A lot of possibility.


Hi, Spencer and Perrin—

Excellent post, excellent video, excellent website. Looking good!

The more I think about the product you’re reviewing, the more I like it. When you consider that of alllllll the people in the world, a little less than half could use the items you’re reviewing—that’s pretty decent! No wonder there’s competition!

Perrin, in the video, you asked about finding blogs. I’ve had good luck with ” + directory”. This does three things: 1) it helps me find sites/blogs that might be related to the niche I’m writing about; 2) it sometimes provides actual niche-related web directories that I can submit my site to, and 3) lets me find sites that I can scan for finding expired domains.

All in all—glad to see everythign is coming along so well!



Sorry, for whatever reason, a word got removed from my post—what I search for is “keyword + directory”.



Well done guys ,Perrin your site is very impressive, this project is really informative Spencer, thanks for sharing.

I’ve a quick technical question if anyone can help…

In the video at 31:45 Spencer says he normally adds a www. to the wordpress url field in the settings-general tab in wordpress.

I’ve experimented with a few wordpress sites and I always have issues with this.

Normally what happens is I add the www. then save.

At this point I’m brought to the wordpress admin login screen,
I try to login but it doesn’t recognise my password.

So changing these fields, either the wordpress address or site address can cause issues and there is a wordpress help page with solutions to fix the issues but I’m wondering if I’m missing something simple.

I know it’s no big deal but I would rather have the www appear before my site name in the url bar.

Any ideas much appreciated.



Spencer Haws

You have to change to www in both fields. YOu will be logged out first, because the URLs have changed, once you login again, you should be all set.


Thanks Spencer, worked perfect !


Hi Spencer,

Wonderful learning for all of us, thank you.

Just to clear a doubt. If i am not mistaken, in one of your calls with Perrin you mentioned to promote the secondary keyword to start with, as it was easier to rank.

I was always under the impression that the initial link building should only be done for the route domain, i.e the home page and not the inner pages. But in this case, would you be suggesting to build links to the inner page first?



You should never only build links to your homepage. Does that look natural?

I try to do a 50/50 split.

Spencer Haws

That’s correct, inner page first.

Daniel Hicks

Great Looking Site! Love your niche pick, I became a safety razor fanatic about a year ago. I love the fact I can buy 100 blades for about $20-25 and shave for about a year. Kick the $25 month 4-blade systems.

Interesting to see if Google loves the site though — upto 30 Affiliate links per page and links on almost every page seems a bit heavy on affiliate linkouts to one site. Just me, but I would let some of the informational stuff like beard guide link to internal pages that provide reviews and linkouts so at least a percentage of informational only pages.

By the way If you try the Safety razor kick I love the Proraso After shave and soap products and would highly reccomend them.


I have a quick question for Perrin.

When you wrote your articles, were those just based on the KW’s you chose and then wrote an article for each one? i.e. “how to use shaving cream”

Then for the reviews of each item (Amazon items), you wrote short articles for those totally separately?

Thanks man.


Each review and each post target a keyword from my list, yes. I decided whether to make it a review or post just based on what made sense.

So, for example, “How to use shaving cream” was more informational, so I made it a post. But “Parker safety razors” was about a specific product, so I made it a review.

However, both of those were on my list of keywords.

Hope that helps!


Ah ok. Gotcha – thanks Perrin.

You’ll be getting a shot out to all my tweeps today amigo.

….and the snowball begins.


Awesome – thanks Perrin.

Is there like a specific word count that you were aiming for when you were writing each post/review?

Like is there a good metric to follow for this?


Hi Perrin and Spencer,

site is amazing! I have found having a “generic” Amazon banner at the top turned people off distracting away from the truly great content.

It might also be worth adding some ranking outbound links especially manufactures; e.g.

Finally to encourage subscribers I would offer a free report, perhaps a beard style guide?

Best of luck with the site, I am sure it will be a success!



Perrin, thanks for locating the Websimon table. You are right that it’s easy to setup and use.

Also I want to take this time to offer thanks for sharing your thoughts through out the whole process.

Unlike you I’m not a writer. So I struggle putting my thoughts down and quite slow in completing my content for my site.


For sure. I listed a few writing tips earlier in the comments 🙂


Really nice dude! Did you use content providers for the articles and images? Looks really professional.


Nope! I wrote and formatted everything. I do communications for a living, though. 🙂


Just read your Long Tail Handbook and it is fantastic! I learned so much that I might scratch trying to get a website up centering on the Christmas season. I am a newbie and this is my first site plus I am just learning WordPress!

I have one question I hope you can answer. Are all AdSense ads retargeted ads? I absolutely hate these ads following me all over the Internet and do not want to expose my website visitors to them. Is there a way to use AdSense without the retargeting? And what is your feeling about affiliate ads?

If you have already written on these subjects, please direct me to the articles. Keep up the good work!


Hi Spencer,

I found a keyword (“best widget”) where there does not seem to be a lot of competition in the top 10 from e-commerce other than Amazon (the no. 1 result), but there are a lot of informational sites mostly from fairly high PA domains.

How much do we need to worry about competition from informational sites of high PA? I don’t mean Squidoo, but things like (New York Times) articles on Best Widget. I would think those could keep me out of the top 10. On the other hand, an Amazon affiliate site is sort of an e-commerce site, no? And even though Google claims to not want that, wouldn’t Google be able to see it could be helpful to buyers to have a site with both information and Amazon links? I guess my question is mainly about competition from high PA info sites. If someone wants to both learn and buy, maybe they’d be willing to click past the first page of Google?

Quang Nguyen

Hi Perrin, great website and content.

When I move my mouse over the product image on a post, the Amazon box of that product show up. How did you do that?

Marc Possoff

Hi I’ve been doing keyword/competition research like mad in the last month. I found 1 niche that I’m pursuing.

What I am finding is a lot of niches I am researching are having retail sites in the top 1/2, 1-3, 1-4, 1-5. Then affiliate sites, hub pages(and the like) 4-10 positions. I haven’t found 1 niche where affiliate sites are ranking in the top 1-3, 1-4 positions as the top positions are dominated by retail sites. There are al it of Amazon pages ranking though. The retail sites that are ranking are mostly specific to the niche not the likes of Walmart, Target etc. The only more general retail site is Amazon.

What I’m also finding is these retail specific sites page titles aren’t 100% optimized for keyword such as best XYZ XYZ. Also in a lot of cases these specific retail sites have keyword in their description.

With all this being said can these retail specific sites be beaten? Can they be beat with better page titles since most aren’t 100% optimized for keyword(but somewhat optimized in description).

If not then are we suppose to settle for 4-10, 5-10 positions? Or do we keep researching until we can find a niche where we have a much better shot at 1-3, 1-4 positions?

As an example here is a recent SERP…

1- popular retail site in the niche
2- popular known retail site
3- YouTube affiliate video
4- popular retail site in niche
5- affiliate site
6- retail site in niche
7- affiliate site
8- hub page
9- retail site
10- page


Hi Marc,

I would look at how well the other 2 affiliate sites are doing. Are they optimised (title/description tags + URL) for the keyword? How many links do they have (and quality)?

If they have tons of good quality links at the site keyword optimised then position #5#/6 will probably be your “ceiling”. If poor links and optimisation you may be able to beat them but product pages are tough to beat.

Think of how Google is trying to return the search results. If for a strictly product keyword then usually product pages get a boost and this is right if the searcher is looking for a specific product.

Hope this helps!

Marc Possoff

Hi Steve it’s not a product keyword it would be a similar keywords to Perrin’s best safety razor.

Marc Possoff

Hi Steve the affiliate sites I can beat. My concern is that the 1-4 positions are retail sites(this is prevalent in the niche for related keywords mostly) and 1 YouTube video. So the best I can do is #5 position. Is it worth the effort to get #5?

Are the retail sites considered eCommerce? If so then I won’t be able to crack 1-4 position.


Hi Marc,

To answer your question the best advice I have seen (I think from Spencer!) is that look at how well the ecommerce sites are “serving” that search request.

If the ecommerce sites have really deep URL links to pages with unrelated products then you might be in with a chance – i.e the KW is “best exercise bikes” and the ecommerce sites are showing unoptimised pages with includes exercises bikes (but is not dedicated to exercise bikes)

If the ecommerce sites are in the exercise bike niche then forget getting above them.

I had this experience with a site and could not even get onto the first page (for low search volume) as all the Top 10 sites were ecommerce sites offering the product.

5th position could be okay if your site looked more attractive in the serps (neat URL, title/description tags). 5th position will get around 6% of the search traffic, compared to 32% for #1 posiiton. (source: SearchEngineLand).


Marc Possoff

Hi Stew the eCommerce sites are serving the search requests because they are eCommerce niche specific.


Hey Perrin,

Have you gotten any sales at all from your site yet?


Hi all!

One question: if I want to rank a site in US but my site is hosted in Holland…..could this be a problem?


Stew @ OasisWeb


I’m based in the UK and tried to target the US/ searches.

First attempt with UK-based hosting – no joy. Then I though I would be clever a buy US-based hosting….still no joy 🙂

I also changed the Google Webmaster tools geo setting to US.

I must be possible and many from outside the US have succeeded – I will leave others to comment.

Could you target the Dutch search traffic? It maybe lower volume but “easier”…have a listen to Spencer’s recent podcast with Hayden where he discusses domintaing local Google search (engine) traffic.

I now just target UK.


i would like to ask which wordpress theme you use for this website?!


Best of luck Spencer & Perrin !

Desmond Morris

I really like these case studies. I am trying to achieve similiar goal. Wish you best of luck! 🙂


Hi Perrin,

Awesome job, man! Your site looks wonderful. I just have a few questions for you.

1) So after you wrote the home page and the first secondary article, you then crafted articles on more general topics pertaining to shaving? In other words, instead of immediately writing reviews, you began by writing “How to” shaving articles (like, How to Use Shaving Cream) before actually reviewing the actual shavers as well?

2) As for the content on the site, it looks fantastic. I haven’t gotten a chance to watch the video yet, but have you written ALL of it yourself, or have you begin outsourcing?

3) On your review articles, you have a very cool box that shows that yellow star ratings for the products you review. How is that achieved? Is that a plugin we can download?

4) Can you give us an idea of how many Amazon affiliate links you have on each page? I see that some images are affiliate links, as well?

5) And lastly, can you talk about where you get all of your images? Are they all from And what about the pictures of actual people–the UFC fighter, Walter White of Breaking Bad, etc. Are those more celebrity-driven images allowed for use on your niche site?



I’d like the answer to all of these Qs also! in particular the source of images.

I believe he wrote all the articles himself.

Kyle @ Whales and Business

This is awesome. Excited to see what happens.


I just thought you should know there’s a subreddit with 45,000 subscribers that is a good fit for your website here:


Great job! I’m just stumbling onto this and going through the posts and videos one by one. I noticed at the end of the video, Spencer suggested a couple of ways to search for blogs within your niche for commenting / linking purposes. I wanted to offer the way I do it as a suggestion to others as well. I type in my keyword + “blogroll”. You can usually stumble upon a few good sites that have the blogroll showing the blogs they follow. Typically the good blogs tend to follow other good blogs so I can very easily pick off several just like that.

Keep up the great work!

Suzanne Williams

Thanks for the shout out, Perrin! I enjoyed making your logo. Cheers, to many more!


Just saw this posted on blackhatworld

Some punk was stealing Perrin’s image and asking how to post it on his site. I left him a message stating he should ask the guy he ripped it off from.

Spencer Haws

I think he’s just looking for how to build a table like that, not trying to steal anything. Send him the link to my guide to building tables:

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