Podcast 35: How to Make Over $10,000 Per Month from 1 Site with Hayden Miyamoto

By Spencer Haws |

I started the NichePursuits podcast just over 2 years ago.  The most popular episode since the inception of my podcast has been  episode 9 with Hayden Miyamoto recorded just over 2 years ago.

At the time, he was making over $30k per month from his small niche sites.  However, a lot has happened in the past 2 years and his strategy has changed dramatically.

Today I am publishing an interview I did just a few days ago with Hayden Miyamoto from  If you want to catch up on the all the history that Hayden has here on, you can see the 3 previous podcasts and a webinar we have done together here:

So, why did I bring Hayden back for a 4th time on the podcast?  Well, not only have his episodes been the most popular, but a lot has changed over the past year or 2.  Google and the niche site landscape are rapidly changing, and so the advice given a year or 2 ago are not as applicable anymore.

In fact, Hayden has changed up his strategies a bit and is focusing more now on building out larger sites.  One of his sites is now doing over $10k per month!  So, I wanted to bring him back on to discuss what has changed and what's still working for him.

In addition, Hayden is opening up another internship for those interested in learning from him.

Notes from the Podcast Interview

To get all the details, please listen to the entire interview below with Hayden, Perrin, and I.  However, I also wanted to share the main points that we covered in the notes here.

So, what's new with Hayden's niche sites?

First, Hayden is making some smaller sites now only to test if he has a potential market that he can grow into something much larger.  No longer is he building thousands of small sites.

Why Larger Sites?

As Hayden says, “Micro Sites are dead” because of:

However, overall Hayden is still using similar process for keyword research, he is just working on larger sites.

One of the benefits of building larger sites is that they can get higher multiples when selling, not just through Empire Flippers (where all sites are listed at 20 times monthly earnings; a very healthy multiple).

The Google sandbox seems to only exist for higher LMS keywords:

Link Building and Google

Nothing has changed for off-page link building. The strategies of using expired domains and PBNs is still his strategy for getting links.

However, it does take more links.  Previously a PA of 30 type term took 30 links; now its taking closer to 50 to rank.

Where is Google giving more weight to?

Hayden's Recent Site Success

Hayden and his partners recently sold a site through for $16,000.  The site was making around a $1,000/month at the time.

Now Hayden and a partner are building a larger site in the financial niche.  He is planning to get the site in Google news.

For this financial site they are developing out about 15 silos per month; each silo is about 7,500 words.  They are finding silos through keyword research.  (Silos are just categories; you can use WordPress categories to create a new “silo”).

The total monthly revenue of the financial site is currently low 5 figures; over $10,000/month.

How is Hayden able to create so many sites on his own?  Well, he has lots of help through partners and interns. His average cost per article is only around 6 or $7 for a 500 word article.

Hayden's Internship

We also discussed Hayden's internship that he has been running.  What is the internship all about?

The next internship begins July 21st.  To join, you need to send in a basic application and Hayden will get back to you.  There is a refundable deposit, just to make sure they get serious people.

You can apply for Hayden's internship right here!

Hayden has created a special page just for NichePursuits readers!  Go to this link, and you will land on this page:


Once you submit your name and email, the next page will give you a couple of options for internships and how to apply.

Hayden's Retreat in Mexico

Hayden also recently held an entrepreneurship retreat in Mexico (where he lives).  This has got him excited to have more people come down and build a larger community of entrepreneurs.  In fact, a few partners are moving down to Mexico to continue working together.

Through Hayden's partnership's he is working on larger business projects; many of which started at his retreat in Mexico.

My Thoughts on the Interview

Overall, I really enjoyed having Hayden back on the show.  It was interesting to hear how he has changed his strategies a bit for building out sites; but that the core of keyword research and link building are still essentially the same.

In addition, hearing about his larger site making over $10,000 per month has Perrin and I thinking about sites that we can scale or other larger niches that we might be able to go into.  The SEO landscape is constantly changing, so it was great to hear from Hayden what he and his team are doing.

In addition, I will just say that I know several people that have participated in Hayden's internships.  They say its a lot of hard work, but you also learn a great deal.  The constant accountability to Hayden and other interns is huge.  However, perhaps the biggest benefit that I've heard from others is the network that you are able to build with like minded entrepreneurs.

In addition to having the chance to partner with Hayden and his team on future projects, you are also able to partner up with other interns that you meet.

So, if you are looking for a little guidance, or at least a chance to form some great business relationships, you can apply to Hayden's internship starting in July right here.

Listen to the Podcast Here

If you enjoy the podcast, please leave a rating on iTunes right here.

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By Spencer Haws

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While consulting with other small business owners as a business banker, Spencer finally had the desire to start his own business. He successfully built a portfolio of niche sites using SEO and online marketing that allowed him to quit his job in 2011. Since then he's been involved in dozens of online business ventures including: creating and exiting Long Tail Pro, running an Amazon FBA business for over 3 years and selling that business, founding, and co-founding You can learn more about Spencer here.

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Hi Spencer,

As always enjoy such inspiring information.


Dev Pandey

Hi Spencer,

Nice article..Thanks fro sharing this wonderful post!!!

Such article are very inspiring. It really motivates us to see people again reaching heights after really tough times..

Spencer Haws

Thanks Dev!


I am excited to hear your new podcast.Internship is very unique idea to get real knowldge from such an expereince marketer.Thank your for such a quality information.


Already download the podcast, will come back to comment ..


Thanks for the share ! Nice to discover a guy like that !

Tarun Singh

Hey, I have one query. What are LMS keywords?


If I may, LMS refers to local monthly searches.

Tarun Singh

Oh thanks !


hi speencer i am using related forum links and using generic/brand anchor text along with some guest posts in related blogs
do you think that forym links are still safe or not

Spencer Haws

Forum links can be okay, but only if you are really participating there, and not just trying to get links.


Dear Spencer,

It is useful article. Can someone else help me to create a niche site? I love it but I don’t know how to start.

Joe Magnotti

Thanks so much for the mention Spencer, glad we found a home for that site.

Spencer Haws


Goran Gligorin

Another great podcast Spencer!

I really love when you have Hayden on. He purely practical and not so theoretical as some other people in the industry. I love that kind of approach.

Hope you have Hayden on soon.



Very interesting podcast, Spencer – I enjoyed listening to what changed/stayed the same for Hayden.

I must say, that’s a heavy ton of content he commits himself to push out each month – talk about scaling 🙂

With being relatively new to niche site building and still focusing on generating a decent income from my first sites, I found the part where you guys talked about the sandbox and how it takes a site a little longer and more links to rank, very useful.

I was starting to wonder if I’m doing something wrong with this one site as I have a HOTH package done on it as well as around 12 relatively high metric expired domain links pointing to it and I’ve been sitting on the second page for it’s primary and secondary keywords for a couple of weeks now. It feels as if I just can’t break through that top 10…

I must say that the site is only about two and a half months old now so maybe I am a little impatient. In the meantime I have around 6 or 7 more expired domain links available I can still add so I hope those will do the trick.

Mentioning 30 to 50 links for a PA term of 30 or say to rank gave me much hope and tells me I just need to keep going, I’ll get there eventually.

Thanks again for the podcast! Always helpful 🙂

Spencer Haws

Yep, I would keep going. Best of luck Ruan…and glad you enjoyed the podcast!


My success has been similar to Hayden’s. I found it was better to focus on one site with a ton of searches and go for it even though there is a lot of competition there are also a lot of keyword phrases to get traffic from.

The other long term secret is to get involved in an affiliate program where you keep the customers. I rarely do eBay or Amazon sites anymore because I don’t get the opportunity to earn future commissions off the same customer. Otherwise you will be playing the SEO game for years and you will not win.

Spencer Haws

Great points Brad. That is indeed ideal…owning your list/customers.


I’ve been wondering when you were going to have the SEO gringo back on. I wish he would make up his mind about what works 🙂 I’m starting the internship this month hopefully!


Thanks for the great info podcast and your blog. You give the business a creditable name with integrity. There are not many like you in the internet marketing business.
That’s why I follow you!

Spencer Haws

Thanks jSmart!


“Just make sure you don’t over use your keywords on-page. Maybe mention it 3 or 4 times.”

I’ve yet to understand fully the process of only having x number of mentions per page for your keywords. This may make the page unreadable. Take my niche site about potty training. I can’t not use those keywords as it’s the main way to refer to the technique. Granted I can alter potty to toilet and training to teaching etc., but there’s only so many times you can do that before it reads terrible.

I’ve decided to not worry too much about too many keywords per page so long as it reads naturally.

Spencer Haws

That’s correct; in your example you don’t need to worry about overusing potty training – just use it naturally. However, if your targeted keyword for a specific post is something longer like, “potty training for 2 year olds” you should not overuse that particular phrase.


Aha, now that makes sense – Thanks for clarifying.

Nana Kojo

Great stuff as usual. One lesson I’ve learnt is to take action and be fearless. Don’t sit there reading all the blogs about entrepreneurship and listening to all the podcast without taking action. You’ll never make money until you take that first step.


I echo jSmart’s comment, thanks for sharing this information. It is incredibly helpful when you are trying to build a site(s) and get them ranking on the first page of Google.

“There are not many like you in the internet marketing business.”

Spencer Haws

Thank you Alan!

Sharifa Sanderson

These are really useful points and I am glad that you made notes available. I prefer being able to go through text. It allows me to scan quickly and find what I want.

I understand your point about making the content readable. Sometimes what I’ll do is reformat an entire sentence using an LSI keyword tool in order to avoid using the keyword. LSIkeywords dot com gives good suggestions.


Always so much to learn from these interviews with Hayden. Super smart and forward thinking guy.

I can’t wait to experiment with his approach for building up huge, high quality sites that can even get on Google News. This is that next step for niche site builders who are used to just targeting small niches.

Great stuff guys! And the entrepreneurship training is quite tempting…


Wow! Fantastic podcast.

I’m truly amazed at the amount of words he pushes out a month.

I’ll be checking out his site more in depth over the next few days.

Definitely appreciate getting such quality guests for the podcast.


Spencer Haws

Thanks Leo!

Quinton Hamp

Anyone know how low of a LMS will Hayden chase for a single page on these sites?


The focus is not on a single LMS term, but rather a collection of longer tail terms (say 110 LMS-480 LMS) that all are semantically similar. Han is here in Mexico working on a tool that pulls these keywords all together, aids in article writing, and takes all the terms and automatically puts them in a rank tracker. I’m interested in comparing the traffic value of content optimized this way vs content not focused on LMS at all but instead on solving problems.

Claire Smith

I enjoyed this podcast. There’s some great info. This is pretty well what we are doing but without the pbns. I find it interesting Hayden is filling silo by silo, as we go wide, for the low hanging fruits first, then fill those categories. It is good to have it confirmed that massive, useful content is the way to go. We are publishing over 150,000 words per month here.

We have found the same on the 4-6 months sand-boxing especially on those sites started later last year. We just keep working away on more content/sites during that time period. Hayden is right, it does tie up capital, but once you get through that first 6 months, you have new sites coming out of the sandbox with increased earnings, while you keep working on new ones. It means you may be looking at closer to a year before getting a solid earnings history and selling, but we can wait if the site is earning well in that second 6 months.

As far as the LMS component of the sandboxing, I agree. It makes sense. I think Google serves up your content faster and sooner when there is very little already written on that topic. This is typically on extremely low search volume phrases (that have not been deemed worthy to invest content in by IMers) so are low competition. You can spot them, when you see more pages of people asking the keyword question than answering it, in the SERPs.

Spencer Haws

Thanks for the feedback Claire! And the offer is still on the table if you ever want to discuss your business on my podcast 🙂

Claire Smith

Thanks for the invitation Spencer! We’ll see, I am still figuring it out!


I was thinking of you the whole time I was listening to the podcast.

With your massive posts I have a feeling the amount of on-site content is about the same between your sites and his.

Claire Smith

Hey Quinton,
I couldn’t write all my content myself! But I think embracing content, and realizing the more words you publish, the more you earn is totally worthwhile.


Hi Claire,

Excellent points. Send me an email if you’d like to compare notes in more detail 🙂

Claire Smith

Thanks Hayden,
That sounds like a great idea.


Learnt quite a lot. Thanks Spencer!

Josh Shogren

Great podcast and I took a lot away from it. looks awesome and I will be utilizing this with my current niche sites. Good luck Hayden with future business!

james mccallum

Thank you Spencer, another great podcast.

Enda McLarnon

So are you thinking of setting up your own internship? If you are, more than happy to work my ass off doing tasks, and learn as I go.

Spencer Haws

Not at this time; but perhaps in the future.


Hi Spencer,
Been awhile since i posted a comment but i still read your blog regularly. in fact i dont think i missed a post and i hope you do well with the 2 sites you bought. This podcast with Hayden got me thinking about what would be the most cost-effective strategy for testing out new stes/niches in combination with the 4 to 6 months sandbox hayden mentioned?

Build them out and wait till the home or other posts/pages keywords start to show up in the serps at a certain range without backlinking it. OR would you start building backlinks to new sites right away and thus invest more time and money before you get a chance to see if it has potential to go anywhere? I mean, to me currently, my main backlinking stratety consists out of buying monthly subscription packages which range from 80 to 250 dollar a month per site. Not very enjoyable if you have to pay for 6 months in the sandbox. especially for multiple sites. but then again maybe theres no way around it?


Hi Spencer,

Thanks again for this Podcast it opens my eyes about the latest things happening in the world of SEO and niche websites.

I have a question about sandbox when you can say that a specified website is under sandbox? It’s when you do not see the site in the top 100 SERP, or when you are ranked let’s say in the top 5 pages in Google, but you are not hitting page 1?

I have a site on page 5 that have 5 months is it healthy for this site knowing that all backlinks are not coming from PBN just blog comments web directories, and some YouTube videos.



Hi Specer, Been a while since i posted a comment but i still read your blog regularly. in fact i dont think i missed a post and i hope you do well with the 2 sites you bught. This podcastwith Hayden got me thinking,… what would be the most cost effctive stategy to try out new sites/niches in combination with the 4 to 6 months sandbox Hayden mentioned.

Build them out and wait till the home or other posts/pages keywords start to show up in the serp at a certain range without building backlinks to them OR backlink them right away and thus invest more time and money before you get a chance to see if it has potential to go anywhere? I mean, to me currently, my main backlinking strategy consists out of buying monthly subscription packages ranging rom 80 to 250 dollar per site. Not very enjoyable if you have to pay for 6 months in the sandbox, especially with multiple sites.. but then again, maybe theres no way around it?


Yes, I’m with you we want to invest, but it’s a little obscure to take a decision, especially if you don’t know if the site is a winner.


“There is so much competing information on silos. I can’t seem to get a definitive answer for any of the following questions. Can you guys help?
In the simplest possible terms, what is a silo?
Can a silo simply be a category in WordPress?
In the age of WordPress, are silos still relevant? Is it worth pursuing?
Posts or pages for a silo?
At the tactical level, how do you structure a silo?
Thanks in advance!”

This was Perrin asking about what siloing is on Reddit. Seriously? I just realised that I outgrew your website.


Great post as always.

Afew thoughts / questions – I would love to get a reply:

I have a question about the RPM: Does he really target RPM of $100 ? This should be in extremely competitive niche with extremely high CPC keywords – isn’t it ?

Isn’t it against all the concept of niche websites – finding niches where you can easily get rankings ?

Maybe this can explain the fact that he needs more links ?

Spencer Haws

Yes, $100 RPM is usually high cpc keywords, and often competitive overall niche. However, there are lots of long tail keywords; even in competitive niches that often are not as difficult to rank for. If you find enough of these, then its still possible to have a $100 RPM without targeting all super competitive terms.


Don’t know if Hayden Miyamoto is here to answer this, but

1. Are you trying to rank the home page for your sites?
2. Do you send brand name anchor texts to your category/silo pages and deep links?

Thank you Sir


1) Eventually, but not my priority (becomes a focus later on).
2) Yes, along with long tail anchors.


Micro niche site is dead?
Yaaa it’s answer my question… Now better we spent time on big authority site rather than micro niche site.
Congratz Hayden..


Spencer, thanks again for another great podcast, I listened to many parts twice! You and Hayden always give such great information away.
Great little nugget about SEOlyze – but the whole podcast is pure gold. Thank you!


I completed one of the recent internships with Hayden. It was a good learning experience.

For people on the fence and thinking whether they should go for it or not my advice would be to pull the trigger.

Pros other than listed on the page are

– Structured program
– Guidance
– Questions answered


– While there are no cons in my opinion only thing I would like to add is the post internship stuff is still being worked on – which is OK as I expect that it will be ready before the next batch comes out.

Paid vs. Free

I choose the free option (with deposit). My goal was to keep my expenses low and be sure that the site I make will meet the standards of Hayden & Co. (or else they will reject the site).

This flip side is that the sites you make definitely have strong earnings potential. Hayden & Co. believes that and I do as well post internship. That is why they keep the site.

Spencer Haws

Thanks for the feedback, Rohit! Great to hear that your experience with Hayden’s interships was a good one.


Very interesting podcast, thanks for that!

A couple of questions for you guys,
– Do you only use Adsense or also other advertising channels/methods to get RPM’s of $100 or even $500 and above?
– Could you outline a bit on how many, which and where these advertisements are placed on each page?

It seems like – when targeting the right keywords – these advertising methods can be much more profitable than being an Amazon affiliate. 🙂



This is increadibly inspiring work! It really sheds light on the upper potential of niche sites.

I can’t believe that Hayden is just starting his content strategy and already making that much money.

I started a niche amazon product site about 7 months ago and it topped 4k last month and I was jumping for joy, actually I still am every morning when I check my amazon account.

Now that I have some experience and skill I am rethinking my strategy and maybe should look into adsense style sites.

Great work guys and thanks for all the free content its life changing stuff 🙂

Spencer Haws

Thanks Craig! And best of luck…sounds like you are already rockin’ it!


Hi Craig

Mind if we compare notes to a little more detail. I can do you an email if you don’t mind.

Also doing amazon and Nice to see you rocking



nice post


Hello Spencer,
Thanks for your good write ups.
Please, can I use the links from to promote site selling clickbank products?


Hi Spencer,

Just wanted to say thank you for your hard work and knowledge. Thanks to you, I started a niche website last year 2013 and YTD I average about 1k a month. Now I am looking for ways to improve my website rankings and also generate more traffic.



Hey Spencer, great interview / podcast here.

Wanted to know what was the link for the other podcast mentioned about building a Google News site?

Searched for it but nothing came up.


Spencer Haws

That other podcast has not been released yet. Look for it around July 21st.


OK Gotcha, will do!



Anybody knows what tool Hayden uses for keyword research? Does he focus on one keyword per article or group of keywords? I’d like to know more about his technics of keyword research and sorting. It’s very time consuming task, maybe some tricks:)? Thanks.

Spencer Haws

He uses his own tool that he created, but doesn’t sell. Some of the calculations (but not all) in Long Tail Pro are based on Hayden’s suggestions.


Hi spencer,
on an unrelated note I’m super new to niche sites, and I’m confused about Google add sense. It seems to require 300,000 monthly views to apply, but sites on empireflippers and some of your examples have way less traffic than that and are still getting add sense revenue. Am I missing something?
sorry if this isn’t the right place to ask 🙁

Spencer Haws

Unless they changed something very recently, I’m unaware of that requirement, as its never been the case.


Hi Spencer,
Great info here, but really, are the small niche sites dead? I have 3 small niche sites and i am earning 20-30$ from ads revenue from an adsense alternative , so i figured that if from 3 sites i have i earn around 80-90$ monthly what if i created 100 of them? That would earn me 3000$ and more and i am about to make this formula. And maybe add amazon products into my niche sites, i only make them as informational sites 🙂

Spencer Haws

Go for it…you’ll see what we mean after creating 10 or 15… Hayden and I have been building small niche sites for years; the time and energy usually required just doesn’t make it the best venture any more. (When I say small I mean 1 – 10 page sites).


Nyden mentioned magazine style websites. When is it better to use these themes? Only when you have a ton of content? How many articles in minimum? I checked a few magazine themes and liked their design very much. Currently I’m using Thesis theme. It’s need to be customized in order to get something good. It requires to have some knowledge for customization.


SEO LIES TOOL ? what is the exact url for that resource ? at 12 minute.

Spencer Haws

I linked to it in the blog post. Seo lyze

Long Le

Sorry, I think I missed this, but what is he using to monetize? Adsense, Amazon, CPA offers?

Paul christopher

Hello spencer i need help with this.

I bought some expired domains using nohatseo method of snapping them at registration fee. Most have been index after installing wordpress within 3-5days while 1% of them are yet to be indexed.

My question is that i have pointed links from the articles posted on this expired domains on the 1st of this month. Its 11th and am yet to see results from search engine rankings. I noticed that majesticseo and opensiteexplorer has not picked the links yet so am assuming they might have not been picked by google too although the pages are indexed.

On the same day i pointed links from my old pbn to a new site and the sites are seeing results already. That is why am worried.

Does it mean that expired domains takes long to be picked by google and see results (i dont mean indexed i mean backlinks)

Some people are saying maybe because the links i bought are dead or not strong, the domains i got are very good domains with good metrics, even if the links are dead out of 10 at least 1 should be indexed and i should see it on majesticseo or OSE.

Please you have better experience than me you can advice me on the matter. Thanks

Spencer Haws

OSE takes at least a month to show links are usually longer. I don’t know how long Majestic takes, but 11 days is pretty quick. Give it some time. (And Google picks up links pretty quick usually, but won’t show on websmaster tools for several weeks many times).


Hey Hayden,
It seems you focus on the English-speaking/global-US market. As such, it mush be very competitive already.
Would you say it would take less time/effort/nr of links to rank in other language/geography-specific markets (e.g. Spanish in Mexico?
Thanks mate.

Sheppard Winslow

Hi Spencer. Just a question about link building. Say if I want to build infographics, videos and audio as part of my tier 1 links, can i use the same content to distribute it to these sites or do i need to create a unique content for each and every 1 of them?

1 infographic – Distributed to 10 infographic sharing sites.
1 infographic – Distributed to 1 infographic sharing sites.

Which one is better? And does this apply to document sharing sites to?


I think it’s great that you bring someone back multiple times. This way we see the adjustment people make as time goes on.


I agree that micro niche sites are dead, I think with the latest google panda update and it’s new 30 day waiting period they’re trying to kill off those little 5 page sites churn n burners spam to the top hoping they get penalized before ever reaching page 1, you could almost call google a search engine for authority sites now days….goodbye little affiliate marketer…


I really enjoyed this podcast, Spencer!
And I have signed up for one of Hayden’s internships so wish me luck 🙂

Just a technical feedback regarding audio. It seems that background music is faded/cue’d late/early in this track and your voices get behind it for several seconds making that parts hard to listen.

thanks again guys, good work!

Spencer Haws

The audio was supposed to be at same time as voice…on purpose as it faded in/out.

Chloe Stone

Great podcast as always, Spencer!

I think I will definitely apply for the internship opportunity to learn more about SEO techniques.

Thank you!


Gorilla Joe

Regarding niche websites and exact match domains…I found and exact match long-tail low competition keyword that has over 20K searches a month. It has dozens of secondary long-tail keywords that are also low competition and decent PPC that I think have excellent potential to rank 1st page. I’m looking at this as a long term project to build quality content and make it a information site 1st, and then monetize gradually. I don’t intend to blow this by filling it with garbage or trying to make money fast. It’s going to take time to do it right, but I think the potential for the site to be a good revenue source long term is excellent.

I was able to get the .org for less than $10, but the .net and .com are tied up. I inquired about the .com and was told it was for sale for $9000…this opportunity is good but not that good. I checked the .com and .net and they are 1 page garbage sites that don’t rank in the top 100 pages of Google.

Here’s my issue and question to anyone who can answer: What are my risks going forward? I’d hate to spend my valuable time building my .org site only to find someone stealing my concept with the .com or .net domain. Should I proceed with fervor on my website? Thanks in advance.


Love the podcasts with Hayden and your website as you give information that you can actually use and not just theory that you don’t know how to actually implement.

Getting back into internet marketing after I gave it a go for a few months 5 years ago with some success but for some reason I stopped. My friend inspired me after his success with social media (He has multiple FB pages with several hundred thousand likes on each) to get back into it. I’m lucky to have found your site otherwise I would have been making alot of overoptimisation mistakes.


Awesome post Spencer & Hayden

I have had to change my niche site a month program as I was compromising on the quality of sites that I created.

Am currently only focused on building as much as I can chew.

There is no doubt that authority is the way to go.

Is it possible for an authority site to be sandboxed?

Spencer Haws

Sure, I suppose an authority site can be sandboxed as well; but this isn’t as big a deal for bigger sites since you should be in it for the long haul anyway.

Drone blogger

As I’ve said elsewhere, I think the long game is best. I’m currently making around $700/mo from a blog I started this spring, and expect to cross the 1k barrier this month. It took at least 3 months before I cracked $100, though, and if I’d given up in that time period, I wouldn’t have made any money. Patience and perseverance are essential.

Rob from Career Dreaming

I’ve been following your advice coupled with some of the advice that Hayden mentions in this podcast and my site rankings have been going up quite a bit.

Thanks to Niche Pursuits and advice from NoHatDigital, I’ve cracked the top 5 in my first target keyword and the top 15 in my 2nd target keyword.

At this point, I’m just looking to develop more keywords to aim after and move the process forward.

Keep killing it Spencer,

victor chekov

thank you men for this important information 🙂


Thank you very much! I read a lots of your article on this website. It’s very useful and detail for me to start my online project. I bookmared and subscribed from email to update useful articles.

Thanks again!

Mr Alexander

Hi gents,

Another great episode, I was actually 10-15 episodes behind and now doing a marathon to catch up to you, I am already making money from my portfolio of passive making websites and your content is still extremely valuable to me, so kudos to you.

I would like to ask a question from a previous episode that is related to this one as well, you mentioned there that SEO is a social activity and you can actually help each other. Are you able to elaborate on this please? Is it by asking them to link to your site? In your episodes you also mention your SEO efforts and link building, are you able to elaborate on this please also?

1 of my sites is a pure content website and while it has no real presence on Google I was wondering if you can recommend ways to get more exposure to the content that we are writing, and I believe we are putting in the effort to produce quality content, by perhaps submitting them to article directories or something that we would get us further exposure?

I will be submitting further notes after I listen to this podcast in greater detail.

Spencer Haws

I don’t recommend article directories. Reach out to other bloggers in your industry and ask them to share on social media; share their stuff, build a relationship with them. You’ll find some friends in your industry and the exposure/links will come.

Mr Alexander

Thanks for the reply Spencer. In your podcast you also mentioned that you post 30 articles on a website. Do you post them all at once or schedule them in a set interval?

Spencer Haws

regular intervals

Mr Alexander

This was definitely a nice episode. The hard part is taking action, for different reasons. The fact that Hayden is offering an internship program is great because it not only creates a win-win for both parties it also provides us, the aspiring website owners, with hands on experience with guidance.

Great interview.

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