Podcast 76: How Pilar Newman Uses Trends to Research, Create, and Sell Unique Products on Amazon

I’m happy to bring you another podcast interview I did recently with an Amazon seller.

The guest on the podcast today is Pilar Newman. She has been selling on Amazon for about 8 years, and has really honed her skills for finding and selling products through the Amazon platform.

Pilar applies a lot of the tactics other guests have shared in the past.  However, where she is different is how she is capitalizing on trending items that are selling really well.  Rather than selling the actual trending item itself, she thinks of unique items that are complimentary to the trending items.

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As a result she is able to sell unique products, but still capitalizes on the big trends that are taking place.

I think this is such a smart strategy.  Pilar is able to stand out from the crowd by having a unique item; however, she still has the market validation of these related hot selling items.

After recording the podcast, I really did walk away fired up and excited to implement some of the strategies that she recommended. Some of the ideas she talked about really can help open up your eyes to what is possible on Amazon, and in particular how you can create unique products.

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Topics Discussed on the Podcast

If you want to follow along with Pilar’s journey, you can do that at  You can also find her on Facebook at:

I hope you enjoyed the podcast interview!  If you have any additional comments or questions, feel free to leave your thoughts below.

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By Spencer Haws
September 24, 2019 | 1 Comment

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I love that Pilar recommends you think outside the box and don’t follow the crowd – do things that nobody else is doing. I’m so inspired by the DIY tip as I’ve been interested in craft and design since I was a child, so this seems to be a no brainer idea! I’m just wondering how easy this is when you’re wanting to automate the process though? WHO would you pay to put the kits together if you can’t do it yourself?

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