Niche Site Project 3 Update: January and February 2017 Report

By Spencer Haws |

Welcome back to another update for Niche Site Project 3!

Can you believe that it’s already been over a year since we started the project?  So much has happened in the past year, and I know so many of you have had some cool successes with your own niche sites.

Below you will find the reports from Samara, Colleen, and Ryan.

Before you dive into those updates, I’d like to share some of my thoughts on plans going forward with the project.

I stay in closest contact with Samara of course, since I am her coach.  And I know that she is a work horse!

Samara has put in significant effort (when she has time) and I think that is why her site is doing the best out of the 3.  You may also know that she has a young child, and one on the way!  Yep, Samara is just about to give birth any day now to baby #2.

So, while her effort is there, sometimes she’s unable to put in the time with everything she has going on.  Having said that, she now has a site making about $200 a month; whereas before she had never been able to make any money online.

It’s not the huge “make it rain” kind of money we were all hoping for, but it does prove that money can indeed be made with niche sites.  For someone that has never made money online, to having a site she could sell for around $5000, I would call it a nice success story.

Colleen has also put in a lot of effort and I know that now she is traveling the world, running a web-design company, and I’m pretty sure has started a separate site that she is keeping on the down-low.

I actually think if she went back into her site and monetized better she could double or triple her earnings.  From what I can see, very few of her articles even have ads or affiliate links on them.

If it were me, I would be adding at least Google Adsense,, or Amazon Associates ads to possibly each page.

Ryan unfortunately, has just been so busy with multiple jobs from the very beginning, that his site hasn’t taken off.  However, he did get his first sale…woohoo!

Going Forward

This will be the last “regular” update for Niche Site Project 3.  The students have all the basic lessons they need, they just need to go back and apply the lessons that we already shared (over and over again for each article).

I think I will ask for another update in 6 months or so, but that may be it for the project.

So, with that, here are the latest updates from Samara, Colleen, and Ryan!

Samara Update

Hey everybody!

I hope everyone is making lots of progress and watching the money roll in! Unfortunately, that’s not the case with Tiny Fry lately.

I’ll be perfectly honest with you guys. I’ve been working a lot on my site and lately I’m very frustrated. I’m just not seeing the results I expected I’d see, especially after a year.

At this point I thought I’d be sleeping on piles and piles of $100 bills. More accurately, I’m sleeping on three $100 bills, because that’s how much I’ve made on Amazon these last two months ($121 in January and $179 in February, to be precise). Not exactly enough to cover my mortgage, or daycare payments, or utilities…

Maybe I’m being impatient. I definitely have good days, when I wake up and think to myself, “This is totally going to work out, I just have to keep at it”, and bad days, when I’m utterly exhausted and publishing a new blog post at 2 am, and I think to myself, “Wait… why am I doing this again?”

You know what frustrates me the most is that I feel like I “sold” my family on the idea that I’m not going to be around as much because I’m going to be pouring all of my free time and energy into building this website, but it’s going to be amazing and we’re all going to benefit from it. And I feel a little bit embarrassed to not have delivered on that promise.

I spoke to Spencer about all this, and we discussed the possibility of selling the website. But, at the moment, I’m not ready to throw in the towel. I suspect that self-doubt is just part of the process, and as they say, the path to success isn’t a straight line. And maybe I’m being too negative. Before this project I had earned a total of zero dollars from my online experiments so, comparatively, I’m killing it!

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So what have I been up to? I’ve mainly been trying to publish as much content as possible. I found a bunch of decent writers on Craigslist, and I’ve been publishing at least one article a day, sometimes two.

I have been doing very little backlinking. Every once in a while I’ll reach out to a few blogs to see if I can score a guest post, but the truth is that I have been dedicating 99% of my time to content creation. I have 137 posts up at the moment, and more in the pipeline.

Traffic continues to either increase very gradually or hold steady, which I feel is a good sign.

I’ve added Native Shopping Ads to all of my key posts, and I’m in the process of applying to other affiliate programs with a view to diversifying my earnings.

I’ve also added a few more subscribers to my email list, and I plan on organizing and resuming my newsletter this month.

I’m still dragging my feet with social media, which is probably a mistake. I know I should try and harness Pinterest, for example, which could definitely be an interesting channel for driving traffic to Tiny Fry. I’ve added that to my lengthy to-do list!

That’s all I’ve got to report at the moment. I hope everyone following along is having a ton of success, and for those of you who aren’t, I hope you still hang in there!

Colleen Update

The New Year has been busy already, which means both good and bad. Good, because things are going well, but bad because I haven’t spent as much time on Coustii as I would have liked. I had the hopes of starting the new year with loads more content and link building, but things got pushed aside all too easily. I’m hoping to kick back into gear next month.

In January I had 14,300 sessions and made $114.

In February, I ran into a reporting issue with my Google Analytics. At first I thought maybe I got hit with the Fred Algorithm Update and I almost had a panic attack, but turns out it was just an authentication issue. Now the traffic is reporting again!

I made $71 in February, a bit lower than January, but I’m not surprised after the cool down of the holiday shopping. I’m hoping that more content in the next couple months will start to show some results.

In February, I was able to meet Samara in Madrid! It’s weird meeting the competition in real life, especially after hearing her voice so much! We had drinks and shared our experiences. Samara and I exchanged some tips with each other (don’t worry Perrin, our secret strategies are under lock and key). It’s was cool to meet Samara and get to know her better!

Ryan Update

Well, it took a year, folks.

It took a year for me to finally make a sale! I knew that I would eventually, but at the same time, I had my doubts. Yet it happened, and I’m a little embarrassed to say that I was probably way too excited about .72 cents.

Truth be told, the excitement lasted all of one day. When I didn’t have another sale the next day, I realized that I still had a TON of work to do. Here’s my Amazon stats from the rest of those two months:

Honestly, I didn’t do that much actual work through January and February. But the work that I had put in previously was finally starting to pay off.

It was weird… it was like Google finally recognized me all of the sudden, and since then my stats have just continued on an upward path. My Google Analytics doesn’t show anything too crazy for these two months. Just a slow crawl upwards…

But when I look at my Search Console stats, it becomes much more clear that I’m heading in the right direction.

I can only attribute my small success these two months to good content, and good SEO. Because I did no outreach, and I also posted no new articles.

Google just keeps pushing my position up and up, so they must deem my articles to have value.

So that’s all good. I just need to scale it up… way up… like I’ve been saying forever. I’m going to get there eventually. I really am.

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By Spencer Haws

Spencer Haws is the founder of After getting a degree in Business Finance from BYU (2002) and an MBA from ASU (2007) he worked for 8 years in Business Banking and Finance at both Merril Lynch and Wells Fargo Bank.

While consulting with other small business owners as a business banker, Spencer finally had the desire to start his own business. He successfully built a portfolio of niche sites using SEO and online marketing that allowed him to quit his job in 2011. Since then he's been involved in dozens of online business ventures including: creating and exiting Long Tail Pro, running an Amazon FBA business for over 3 years and selling that business, founding, and co-founding You can learn more about Spencer here.

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Hey Spencer,
I have started my first site with NSP 3.0 (on april 2016) and it was my trial and learning project. But this site is doing very well. $542, $629 and $1100 are last the 3 months (jan, feb, march) earning from this site. I have learned a lot from NSP 3.0 project and you. Thanks for showing us the right direction. Please keep us on your guide always. Thanks a lot.

Spencer Haws

Glad that you were able to get so much by following along with Niche Site Project 3…congrats!


I honestly would have expected a higher revenue, hopefully it will increase in the next couple of months ( especially if we take into account the time and work invested ).
Congrats to Ryan on his first sale, it’s an important milestone on his journey.
I got inspired in creating a niche site myself ( I will also document my journey ) and I like the information you provide, Spencer.
For a beginner like me, they are huge help!

Spencer Haws

Glad that the project inspired you!


Seems like not great results all around.
More content promotion is needed.

Spencer Haws



Have to be honest, these results are pathetic.


Imagine if you guys would have used PBNs…’d be killing it right now :).

Have to agree with Jack, pretty poor results. I can’t imagine making $.72 in for one years worth of work.

Mr. Moneyface

Wow, this project was a complete disaster, especially considering they would be even worse off without the link juice and free traffic from Niche Pursuits. It really makes you question the viability of the niche site business in 2017.


Yes it does.

Spencer Haws

Considering how many people built successful sites by following the coaching calls and exact steps of this project, I don’t consider it a “complete disaster”. Tons of people now have sites making $500 or $1,000+ a month because of this project. Unfortunately, I can simply share the steps, I can’t pick and choose which followers will be successful.




Niche sites are still a good business model, but these three case study participants just did not have the motivation and/or skills to get results.


Now that’s a bit harsh. Ryan aside, the fact that these sites are quite profitable means the steps can be scaled. This is no small achievement. Yes there are people making multiple times what these guys are.. but do not underestimate the potential these guys now have


I think we can all agree that the results are not what one would expect over 1 year into the NSP. However, that doesn’t mean it is a failure by any stretch. I think it is worth looking at potentially changing you definition of success. I’m sure all of you have learned a lot during this time. How can you look at this time you spent through a different lens to determine successes other than monetary value on a per month basis?

-Have you learned a lot about keyword research, wordpress, marketing, developing content, outreach, link building, SEO, etc.? You now have over a year experience with these skills. Is that valuable to an employer? I can tell you if you search job boards they are. (I realize the idea is “work from home”, but would it be the worst job in the world working in digital marketing/SEO and having websites on the side?)

-Can you market yourself and these skills in the gig economy?

-Could you take what you have learned and purchase a website you know isn’t monetized properly and apply what you have learned to increase earnings on websites that are currently already profitable?

-With your knowledge and experience could you repeat what you have done in less time by outsourcing almost all of the work? Or do it yourself and have a site up and monetized in 3 months in a completely different niche? Having multiple sites earning $200 starts to add up.

These are just a few thoughts that come to mind reflecting on the past year. I think by answering these questions and others you can find a decent level of success in the time you spent learning niche sites. Thanks for putting yourselves out there and letting us follow along.

Spencer Haws

Well said.


Have you learned a lot about keyword research, wordpress, marketing, developing content, outreach, link building, SEO, etc.? You now have over a year experience with these skills. Is that valuable to an employer? I can tell you if you search job boards they are. (I realize the idea is “work from home”, but would it be the worst job in the world working in digital marketing/SEO and having websites on the side?) – I am also building a niche site, I have two years till the deadline I’ve given myself to resign from my work abroad so I can be with my family in the Philippines. This is what I am planning to do, that if after 1 year, my niche site is not yet earning full time income, I will start looking for an online job, related to what I am doing, so I can earn from home with my family, work on my website on the side, and also learn new things by working in someone’s else business. Thanks for the update

Usman Ghani

This kind of projects are really inspiration for beginners like me , my travel blog is 2.5 months old with 15 articles, I am planning to add affiliates links now.

Spencer Haws

Sounds great…thanks Usman!


It’s really a shame that things aren’t looking rosier at this point in time but it’s definitely a symptom of no link building. I really wish the NSP covered more link building. I wouldn’t class the project as a fail at all, in fact I was inspired to create my own site from the coaching calls and I’m pleased to say I’m earning $3000 this month from Amazon. (Previous months around $1000 per month. My site just 1 year old and I’ve just started my second site. My key to success? Pretty much to a t what’s been taught in the coaching calls but I’ve been hustling guest posting and infographic promotion. I have about 90 backlinks. It’s slow, but it works. My advice for the students are : links links links! Don’t give up!

Spencer Haws

Congrats on your success after pretty much following the coaching calls to a “T”! To clarify, the students definitely were asked to build links, some did more than others though. Sounds like you had some great hustle…that’s a big part of success for sure! Jake, Perrin, an I all did a couple of very in-depth calls with the students about link building (including guest posting, infographic outreach and more) that can be found here for anyone interested in reviewing:


I disagree with the negative comments of disaster results, here. Have we forgotten that learning from failure(s) have amounted to huge subsequent successful endeavors and results. Just look at some of the stories of niche gurus like Spencer, Gael Breton, Perrin Carrell and others; they all had initial failures and it became like 5 years before giant success and turnaround occur. Some people will take off quickly due to favorable niche selection and even luck.
It appears to me , for example, Samara has the work done for content; like other comments, moving toward back link accumulation and content promotion is likely warranted at this stage. It has been said that great content today, does not carry unless you promote it. Brian Dean at Backlinko, Gael Breton and Perrin Carrell at and Matthew Woodward are gurus that specialize in expounding this topic of content promotion. Its more work to be done, however, the circle is not complete in niche site success without attending to all major techniques to maximize/optimize traffic and conversion. Spencer gives a huge education on niche site principles; fish around and check out others too, For your particular site, certain techniques like CONTENT PROMOTION can be invaluable to jumping up in scale. Its never a disastrous result at this point, its WHAT CHANGES DO I NEED TO MAKE OR ADDITIONAL TECHNIQUES AND STRATEGIES TO CONCENTRATE ON that one has not been doing.

Thanx to all the students and Spencer for this very educational experience of niche site building. Granted, appreciate the candor from Samara, and only she can accurately decide if perhaps the niche itself was not an optimum choice, a.k.a. sell it! Perhaps a new niche with this experience would yield faster results. There are too many other stories of significant success of niche sites built within the last year. There is always room to look in the mirror, look at your process, re-evaluate what needs to be done at this stage that one has put little effort into. There is loads of information out there on this topic when one feels stuck. I, unfortunately, have concentrated on learning all this information and have not been able to apply enough time to actual site building. However , I feel well prepared if I get the feeling like I’m stuck or standing still. This is the route I chose to take rather than throw up a site and then wonder where do I go from here, if things don’t go well.


This was a great project and I really enjoyed listening to the podcasts. I’ve even re-listened to a few of them 2-3 times because there was so much value out of them. I don’t consider this project a flop by any means! I also think it is incredibly important that someone out there is keeping it REAL. It isn’t supposed to be easy. I enjoyed NP2 (which was my first introduction to the NP team) and, if nothing else, NP3 was a great way to hear about what the current methods are for “websiting” as these things change so frequently.

Spencer Haws

Awesome, thanks for the great feedback Lynne! Everything is very real around here, no smokescreens or tricks. We share what we have. thanks!

Big Alaska

Interesting array of work. I have a site using the same strategies that is just under a year old and even after the recent Amazon update we’re about to break $600 for the month this month. The difference I’ve seen? Even a small handful of links along with the articles being massively long (2,000 words is the low end of average for each of my articles, some are 6,000 words plus). If you get good at picking keywords and write insanely long and good content, it doesn’t take much linkbuilding at all to hit that critical mass. It’s a crazy ton of work, but you have to do it up front with the faith that it will pay off in the long run, IMO. I appreciate the fact this shows wildly different results and yes, the hardest work comes through and ignoring certain steps will slow you down.

Spencer Haws

Great to hear about your success using the same strategies! I agree with your thoughts on longer articles and links; pretty much describes what I try to do.



Thanks for the update! I have to ask though, why haven’t you posted a large article discussing the amazon pricing updates?

I was waiting for this update to come out thinking a large portion of it may reflect on these changes and how strategies may shift a bit but…nothing.

The amazon changes as you obviously know change the niche site monetization drastically(some for the better and some for the worse). Shouldn’t we be parlaying that into posts like this one?

Spencer Haws

I typically try to stay out of the “news” business. The Amazon change has effected some people, but others not so much. I have a private facebook group here where we’ve discussed the changes on a few different threads: I think that’s a great place for discussions like that. But I have no intention of writing a long article or doing a podcast on the subject.

Kawser Ahmed

It would be nice for people if they would show only the organic visitors to their sites. They are their real buyers. For one year, this success is really pathetic. Better success next months. I would suggest them to strict to their sites, find out their errors and make an action plan based on those findings. Best of luck next time.


What would you say the problem here is, Spencer? If you were to take a look at it from the outside as you did with Ben, what would you recommend to increase Samara’s earnings? Is more link building required? Should her articles be longer? Is it poor keyword research? Or is it just that the traffic is not converting – maybe a niche specific problem?

it does seem to be harder this time around. I started a site at the same time as Perrin’s NSP2 that was making $100 / month after only a few months. I have also been following along this time and my site made $10 last month after nearly a year.

Spencer Haws

I think it needs more links, and a couple of really in-depth articles might help as well. Keyword research is spot on though.


Great Update Spencer,

It brings reality to all this.



Well, I for one want to thank Jake and Spencer immensely for doing this project. I learned a ton. I actually think that it’s good for readers of this site to see some case studies that are less successful. I wouldn’t call any of our sites failures, actually. They’re all seeing growth, and just need a little more tending to (or a lot in my case). My earnings are up 1100% this month! Lol. I know, I know. But seriously, any IM “guru” who tells you this is easy or guaranteed is just looking to sell you something. The real success for me in this project is that I’ve gained an entirely new set of skills to add to my resume – and I’ve already used those to boost my professional abilities. So thank you Jake and Spencer, and all the readers too… this is really just the beginning for me in terms of finding ways to generate passive income. Good luck to all!

Spencer Haws

Thanks Ryan!

Emmett Moore

Great update. Some might say its depressing…but the reality is that internet marketing is tough. But yes, you can make money. It took me about 18 months of solid effort before I got my site earning 2k-3k monthly range.

Zubair Ahmed

Hi Spencer,

I started my first Amazon niche site after I stumbled upon your first attempt at Niche site building and your example knife site. March 16th 2016 was when I launched and in one year, I made a little over $1200 which means I’m averaging 100 a month.

Initially, I had no success until October 2016 but the tide turned in my favor from November onwards where I started making $100 consistently with November, December, and February being my best months with > 250 in revenues.

I had been religiously following the updates to NSP3 and I had high hopes from Samara’s site. I have seen that her site have tons of keywords but I’m a little sad that she is not hitting revenues in excess of 300. I believe one of the reason is that not all of her articles have comparison tables and affiliate links and most of her earlier articles were info types.

I wish all three of them more success and hope Ryan will have better success. His site has good content but I’m not sure why his visitors are not converting.


Great Update! With properly deployed strategies, IM is no harder than it used to be – it just takes longer.

Once you have 100+ articles, some link building can go a LONG way – and there’s no reason both and couldn’t start pulling north of 4 figures per mo with some additional outreach and monetization strategies.


Niche sites are build to make passive income and it depends on project to project that how it performs. It was a complete disaster for this project.

Spencer Haws

There was no get rich quick scenario here, that’s for sure. But plenty have had success due to this project, and these sites are far from done, I still expect them to perform well in the future.


Hi Spencer and thank you for this feedback and all the great contents provided all along this project.

It looks like the 500$/month is a failure for the three competitors here, but it is good to read the comments and see that it has been reached by other guys who followed NSP3. The hope is not dead!

Now one question tickles me : Will you start another project with student(s), like for example NSP4 or something similar but with Amazon FBA?

Spencer Haws

I don’t have any plans right now to do an Amazon FBA project with students.

Nate Alger

Congrats to everyone on their success. It is a long term play and good money doesn’t show up overnight.

In the case of Samara, it seems as though she should be spending 99% of her time on link building and not content creation. The definition of insanity, after all, is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Eston Swaby

How could i get in on the action? in terms of you helping me to build a niche site and be apart of your projct?

Spencer Haws

You can join the private facebook group:


Thank you for the update Spencer.
Although the result is not perfect, the project shows everything we need to build a niche site.
I think persistence is a very important factor to a successful niche site.
Give it more time, Samara’s site will have a better data.

Spencer Haws



Nice update! It brings reality to all this.


I think that getting traffic is the main thing that they’ve learned from this project… And that is valuable. But remember that Traffic doesn’t equal making money…

In my view I think that the MAIN reason they are not making more money is because they are trying to monetize with Amazon associate program… Which pays cents on the dollar. Why go that route?

I think the students in niche pursuits can make more money in the future if they either launch their own products or promote affiliate products that pay at least 50% per sale.

Also, work on conversion optimization…


I know some of the previous posters remarked on how bad these projects have turned out, but I wanted to offer some constructive criticism and some changes to make that will help the sites pick up steam.

I went to both Samara’s and Colleen’s sites, and the one thing that struck me was how broad their niches are. It would be like if Spencer had started his survival knife site about all knives under the sun instead–chef’s knives, hunting knives, knife sets, etc. I think that’s one of the main reasons Spencer’s site is so successful–he dug down into the knife niche and found a single topic for his website to focus on.

On Coustii, I was kind of confused because there’s information for guitars and ukuleles. Why not focus on just one instrument? Narrow it down to acoustic guitar lessons or ukulele training. It’s also really hard to read the logo on the website (I’m looking at it on a laptop) so at first I wasn’t sure what the site was for. Many users look at logos on websites to confirm that they’re at the place they want to be to find out information, so maybe adjusting the size of the logo would help with that. I was very impressed with the content though, there’s a lot of great informative articles here.

On Tiny Fry, the niche is just massive. There are so many things you can get for kids and babies–gosh, there’s so much stuff for just babies it’s mind-boggling. Narrowing down the niche to something like handmade baby toys might help with conversions. Why try to target gifts, games and gear, along with parenting advice and activities? It seems like a lot of different things going on all at once.

I didn’t go past the fold the first time I glanced at the site. Yes, the picture is cute, but it’s split below the fold on desktops and laptops. The only part I could see was the crown on the baby’s head. It may be confusing for buyers since they don’t know what the purpose of the site is immediately when the window opens.

The parenting advice might do best on its own separate website. I could see a lot of potential for that, especially with the interviews for baby massage, acupuncture, etc. Maybe you could make a site just interviewing baby experts!


Just saying: Spencer, I think you chose the wrong guys for the project. I applied but wasn’t picked and that’s very heartbreaking because I have all the time to invest in yout techniques. I have made some money online and I enjoy reading your posts. Spencer, next time(should there be a next time) please make the right choice when picking your students.

Spencer Haws

As a reminder, we didn’t choose the students, you did (the niche pursuits audience). We allowed the audience to vote on who the students would be.


How long to get 3 that results?
I spend almost 5 months to get it. A little slow 🙁
Thanks for your share, i do exactly your article.

Charlie Klimkowski

I have not finished all the coaching episodes yet… up to the point you talk about links and that you are okay with one being here! 🙂 So.. done! Thanks again Spencer. I don’t know how anyone could figure out this process on their own.


(Spencer, even if you don’t agree with whatever I have to say in this comment, please post it or at least pass it to Samara and Colleen).

Honestly, there is an easy fix to this situation, but I am really curious why no one has pointed it out? (afraid of more competition?)

Either ways, if Samara and Colleen want to turn the tide, then focus on these two things,
1) create tons of high buying intent articles – best “keywords” or “keywords” review
2) build a ton of links to these high buying intent articles.

It’s that simple lol. There are so many ways to build links and I would highly recommend Chris from and Gael/Perrin at
(There are some great link building strategies here at Niche Pursuits, unfortunately not being covered in great depth. It’s okay for those with experience, but for those that need a step-by-step game plan, it’s harder to find these stuffs here) Just being honest, Spencer.

I am not going to comment on Ryan’s site since it’s very much harder for him to see any traction anytime soon.

As for Samara, there are a few mistakes that I am really surprised why no one care to point them out.
1) You blindly publish content without actually thinking how you can actually make money from them. In other words, you don’t have a proper monetizing game plan in mind. You publish too many informational content that brings in traffic that doesn’t convert. Always calculate your potential earnings before publishing a post.
2) Publish more commercial content, best “keywords” kind or specific product reviews from now on, seriously.
3) These days, the SERPS are too competitive. You will never rank for a decent keyword without links (unless your root domain is pretty strong). And even if your root domain in strong, you still won’t rank for most profitable buying keywords because they will be dominated with small niche sites that use PBN. This leads me to the next tip.
4) Try to get as much links as possible to a specific buying article. If you really suck at link building, then pay for sponsored posts for god sake. $20 per post on real sites, you just need to scrape them. Get around 10 of these links and you should see positive movement in rankings for that article. You will want to learn more about anchor-text ratios and stuffs before doing it.

If you follow these 4 steps, I can almost guarantee you can double/triple your income within 3 months. Trust me please! I really want you to make some decent money.

As for Colleen, you are doing 60% of the things right. At least, your domain is pretty strong in terms of links wise. In fact, you are in a better position to skyrocket your income as compared to Samara.
1) Your niche is too small, which restricts the amount of products you can actually promote.
2) Having that said, I think you should be able to come up with more best “keywords” kind of articles.
3) If you are running out of buying keywords, then just go broader and target the entire music industry. You will need some time to establish topical relevancy, but as long as you create around 10-20 buying articles which falls under the broader niche, sooner or later Google will categorize your site as an authority on a broader level.
4) Obviously, you can build links. So, just keep building links to these buying articles and your income will skyrocket within 3 months – almost 100% guarantee.

You are pretty close to success. You have to seriously trust me on this.

It’s really as simple as that. All the other suggestions about user experience, logo, design and all that bullshits aren’t important right now.

Now a decent design is important only because you have to build links, you don’t need decent design to convert visitors. If you are planning to pay for sponsored posts, then decent design, whatsoever isn’t important at all.

You only work on design and conversion rates once you have the right kind of traffic – traffic that comes to your site via a buying intent keyword. And understand that high conversion rates do not equal good design. It really depends.

Okay, I sincerely apologize for being harsh or disrespectful. I learned a lot from Niche Pursuits and I really want to give something back. I really don’t know why no one actually care to address the issues both of you are facing.

I hope you guys can make some good money in the near future. Until then, it’s all about scaling. Good luck 😀

Spencer Haws

Hey Shaun, great comment, I generally agree. Everything you said is pretty much exactly what I told Samara 4 or 5 months ago. (Focus on buying keywords and more links). If you look at her site, you will see all the new buying articles.

I know not everything that has been done for this project is not written directly on this blog, but in general, your comment is what we have already been doing and fully expect the site to continue to grow because of it. (I can’t speak for Perrin/Colleen).


Hi Spencer,

I am a fan of 80/20 philosophy.
My learning from this…

20% – content.
80% – content promotion.

This for me is a myth….
Write great contents and the links will come…. Not exactly!

I look at the top dogs in highly competitive niche don’t have many articles.
They have few very well written articles linked by so many followers.

No wonder it is online marketing and not online writing. 🙂
Big income comes from those who market well….

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