Niche Site Project 3.0 Video Finalists: Vote Now!

By Spencer Haws |

Jake, Perrin, and I have just spent the last few days binge watching over 100 Niche Site Project 3 application videos.

I have to tell you that I honestly experienced a huge range of emotions while watching these amazing videos.  I was laughing, inspired, sighing, deep in thought, laughing some more, and overall wowed.  You guys AND gals really delivered here, and I’m happy to share my findings today.

After receiving so many applications for Niche Site Project 3, I’m finally ready to move this process onto the next step!

I’m very excited to present to you the top 12 video finalists for niche site project 3!  That’s right, I couldn’t narrow it down to just 10, so I added 2 more slots. The best part is that YOUR input has a big say on which of these 12 finalists will be one of our students for NSP 3.

So, before you start watching videos and picking your favorites below, I need to explain a few things.

First, remember that we are picking 3 students total.  One of those students will be picked based on your votes from the 12 video finalists below.  So, one of the applicants below WILL indeed be a Niche Site Project 3 student!

The other 2 students will be picked at the discretion of Jake, Perrin, and I.  Those final 2 students might be picked from the video finalists below, or they might not be.  Make sense?

So, just because your video didn’t make it to the final 12, doesn’t mean we didn’t notice you.  You still might be picked as one of the final 2 students!

Why Were These 12 Videos Picked?

We received some amazing applications…so many of you are AWESOME people!  However, as much as I would like to work with every single one of you, it’s just not possible.  As a result, we had to come up with some criteria for narrowing down the video options that the Niche Pursuits community could vote on.

Some people really put a TON of effort into creating their videos.  We felt like those people that clearly put a bit more effort or creativity into creating their application videos deserved some recognition.

As a result, the applicants you see below were selected strictly based on the quality and uniqueness of their videos.  We did not take the written application into account for these 12 video finalists.

We felt like that was fair.  So, 1 student will be picked based on their video application and community votes.  The final 2 students will be chosen based on their written application and whoever Jake, Perrin, and I feel are the best remaining applicants.

Again, I want to stress that just because your video didn’t make the “cut”, doesn’t mean we didn’t like your video or your application!  The sincerity shown in so many of the videos was refreshing and real.  I am extremely grateful to everyone that stepped out of their comfort zone, pointed a camera on themselves, and hit record.  It’s not easy, and it did not go unnoticed.

Watch the Video Applications for Niche Site Project 3!

So, with those caveats…it’s time to watch some videos!

Please note that these videos are in NO PARTICULAR ORDER.  If fact, I wish that I could randomize the videos for each new visitor to remove any bias that the first line of videos might receive by being at the top.

So, feel free to skip around and watch in any order you want, but I hope that you can watch them all before making your selection on favorite.

[table id=1 /]

How to Vote?

Update: Voting is now closed!

The final criteria for how you vote for your favorite applicant is up to you.  You should NOT vote for the best produced video here; you should vote for the best applicant for Niche Site Project 3.

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So, you might vote based on how well you would like to follow along with the applicant, or which one seems the smartest, or funniest, or which one you can relate to most.  There is no perfect criteria for how you vote.

Just realize that your vote is determining who will be part of a live case study on for the next several months.

Please note: I am allowing you to vote for multiple applicants if you just can’t narrow it down to your one favorite.  However, please realize that as soon as you hit that submit button, you can’t vote again!  I’ll leave it up to you whether you want to vote for just one person or multiple people.

Update: Voting is now closed!

What Does This Vote Mean Exactly?

In the original application process, I explained some convoluted way we were going to narrow down finalists, let you vote, let your votes get someone to the final round, and then maybe pick them or maybe someone else…blah, blah, blah.  It was all very confusing.

Here’s the deal, I’m making this very simple: Whoever gets the most votes in the poll above will be one of the students!  That’s it…the power is in your hands!

I actually believe very strongly in the power of numbers.  As much as I’d like to be a control freak and pick my favorite based on my own criteria; I’m not going to do that.  I trust that the “community” will pick an ideal applicant that I’ll be very happy to work with.

So, the applicant with the most votes above; gets a spot as a student.

The final 2 student slots will be filled in a more control freak manner by Jake, Perrin, and I. 🙂

When does the voting close?

I am going to leave the voting open until next Wednesday, December 16th.  So, start voting now, and then go recruit others to vote as well if you really want to help your favorite applicant out!

A Few Final Thoughts…

This has been an amazing process so far.  Seeing all of your really great application videos and getting to know many of you on a more personal level has been eye-opening.

I will also let you know that Jake, Perrin, and I are negotiating who gets “dibs” on some of the other applicants that you don’t see in the videos above.  There are some REALLY solid applicants that didn’t make this top 12 video selection.

You can see all of the applications videos on YouTube by searching: “Niche Site Project 3 Applicant” (or clicking here).

Finally, I’m excited to start the project soon and to share the coaching process publicly with everyone here.  Yes, 3 people will get personal coaching; however, the idea is that everyone that follows along can be learning the exact same things.

I expect to reveal ALL 3 students next week sometime; a day or so after closing the voting.  So, hopefully by next Thursday I’ll have a blog post up revealing not just the winning video applicant, but the other 2 students as well (chosen by Jake, Perrin, and I).  Next week will feel like an early Christmas with all the anticipation and big reveal! 🙂

As always, if you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.  I look forward to the discussion.

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By Spencer Haws

Spencer Haws is the founder of After getting a degree in Business Finance from BYU (2002) and an MBA from ASU (2007) he worked for 8 years in Business Banking and Finance at both Merril Lynch and Wells Fargo Bank.

While consulting with other small business owners as a business banker, Spencer finally had the desire to start his own business. He successfully built a portfolio of niche sites using SEO and online marketing that allowed him to quit his job in 2011. Since then he's been involved in dozens of online business ventures including: creating and exiting Long Tail Pro, running an Amazon FBA business for over 3 years and selling that business, founding, and co-founding You can learn more about Spencer here.

Want to learn step-by-step how I built my Niche Site Empire up to a full-time income?

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🙁 I did not make it to the finals. Sigh…

But I did predict one of the videos above will be, so I voted for it 🙂 I think it’s the best applicant.

I’m not going to reveal my vote though, I don’t want everybody to hate me 😀

All the videos were absolutely great though ! It took me a while to watch them all 🙂

Thanks Spencer, Perrin and Jake ! I’m sure you guys will get the best possible students !

Spencer Haws

You had a great video as well! Honestly, there were at least 5 or 6 other videos that were just outside the top 12…that could have been included. There really were SO many excellent applicants. Thanks to you and everyone!


Thanks 🙂 Keep up the good work.


Congratulations to the above 12 finalists, there are some really creative videos in there! Best of luck!!


Some real quality videos in there, I’m glad the people who put so much time, effort, and thought into these are being rewarded.

Tom De Nauw

Thanks so much Perrin, Jake and Spencer for the nomination!!!!!!!!!

I’m a bit out of breath from jumping up and down of excitement, haha!

Check out my QVC parody video, and give me vote if you liked it 🙂

Cheers guys!


Had so much fun watching your video man! 🙂 Good luck!


Thanks! At least if I don’t make it, I got to make some people laugh!


Sneaky little hobbitses… (y)


If I don’t make it, I’ll make a 3 minute video saying how somebody stole my precious.

Spencer Haws

Absolutely! I really enjoyed your unique approach…I can relate to your “excitement” over seeing 20 cents in earnings…I still remember those days for sure.


Thanks for the kind words, Spencer!

“I made 20 cents while sleeping, this is awesome!”, after putting in 50+ hours of work into a website, haha.


Totally agree, I made a while 4 dollars so far haha xD


Big thanks to Spencer, Jake and Perrin for selecting my video as one of the 12 finalists. Some top quality videos across the board, so very excited to get through to this stage and the opportunity of being considered for Niche Site Project 3.0. Best wishes to the other 11 finalists and to everyone else still in the running!!

#ThinkOfTheTrees – #SaveATreeVoteForMe

Spencer Haws

Definitely lots of great videos including yours! The power is in the hands of the voters now 🙂


Good luck to you 12!

Would love it if I joined one of you on the other side, nevertheless, good luck to all remaining entrants also…anyone could be chosen!


Love it! I look forward to watching them all and voting.

Spencer – you’d mentioned somewhere previously (I think; or I’ve made it up) that maybe we could have a group for those of us who are actually going to follow along and start a site along with NSP 3.0? There’s the applicants who weren’t successful, along with those who – like me – couldn’t apply for one reason or another (time, in my case).

I would love to be part of a group (whether FB, a forum, Ning group or somesuch) where others who are also going to start a project along with you guys can hang out. I plan on starting something, and would love to be part of such a group. What do you think?


Couldn’t agree more Steve with having a Facebook group specific to this challenge.

Spencer Haws

I am not sure of the plans, we very well may still have some sort of FB group or other place. If nothing else, there will at least by the comments section here on the blog.

Shaun Baird

Ive voted for a couple I really like (Joey Barkley (AND partner :-)) who made me laugh and a couple would be interesting to see how much more can be achieved…. and also for Josh W “applicant 777” as he comes across well with his clear speech 🙂 Good luck guys. If I do or don’t get picked as one of the other two then great either way. Looking forward to following this. (pick me pick me pick me :))

Josh W.

Hey Shaun,

Thanks for voting for me. Much appreciated.

Spencer Haws

Thanks Shaun! You were indeed another solid applicant; so many great people to choose from.


just voted 2 women… would like to see some motherly touch on niche site building


Hi John, Thank you for your vote. I really appreciate it.


you’re welcome… i hope you two get picked… building niche site really is fun and receiving monthly amazon check is more fun and it helps to pay extra monthly expenses……. love your video


I appreciate your support. I have never built a niche site, nor created any business online, so this is definitely a new adventure for me. I would love the opportunity to have someone mentor me through the process and if I don’t win I will definitely be following along and learning with everyone else. To go from having zero online experience to succeeding and helping other’s would be a dream come true.


way back nov. 2013, i did not apply nor win… i just listened and read.. being here in nichepursuits makes me a winner already and you should feel the same way.. being here is already a sure win… just follow Spencher’s works and guides, he loves to share and make us all winners… congratulations for become one of the winners here ..


That’s very encouraging. I have listened to all of the Podcasts from Project 1 and 2, I read all of the posts, and I’m looking forward to being involved in Project 3 no matter what happens. I’ve tried my hat at many businesses and haven’t had much success with them so I am ready to learn all that I can to make an online business for myself and my family.

Spencer Haws



Thanks so much for your support John! I agree, it would be great to see a woman participate in the project, although I am clearly biased : ) And you’re absolutely right about Spencer. He provides immense value to the community and, as his followers, we are all winners.

Ryan Spadafora

Wow. I’m very humbled to be among such great videos. A HUGE thank you goes out to Spencer, Perrin, and Jake, but also anyone who voted for me – I won’t let you down! Best of luck to all the applicants, including those outside of these 12 videos!


Made my vote for Ryan Spadafora!


1)He is working full time which means he cannot do this full time like many other applicants and this relates to me as I also work full time. I want to see if a site built with one of the 3 coaches can replace his full time income within 2 years.
2)He has already proven that he can work hard. He gets up every morning to go to a job (which he does NOT hate) and earns a living to support his family. I think this challenge will motivate him to achieve success beyond his $40,000 a year job (stated in the video) which is considerably more than the average “Joe/Jill” makes at minimum wage. If he can do this, then the average “Joe/Jill” will certainly see that these results are attainable.
3) Easy to listen to.
4)Even though he has a graphic design background, his background in creating niche sites is minimal. This would mean he would need to take it step-by-step. Many of NichePursuits visitors come for just that reason: a step-by-step system.

I am not a friend of Ryan’s and I do not know him at all. I was an applicant that did not make the video selection.

I have watched all 12 videos, many were very well done, but Spencer asked us to vote on the candidate and not the video. I based my vote on which one you can relate to most. I can relate to Ryan. Done.

Best of luck Ryan.

Ryan Spadafora

This means a lot. Thank you so much!

Spencer Haws

I agree…Ryan has a lot of things going for him that would make him an ideal student. However, I could say the same about all the applicants. I don’t want to sway any votes…so I’ll just leave it at that.

Spencer Haws

Thank you Ryan…we loved your video/application. This will be interesting to see how it turns out.


I like this. Is kind like the XFactor of niche sites : )


Thought the same thing! Exciting!

Spencer Haws

Yep, maybe I should see how intense I can make this reveal process…haha!

Matthew Rohr

Gratz to the finalists!

Cant wait to see how this turns out!

Another Mike

What really worries me is just how so many incredibly clever and creative people have created these videos. I was kinda believing that people like these would have already cracked niche marketing (using various online resources [such as the previous blog articles here), and that the people who would be applying to be your apprentices would be Joe (or Jill) Average – demonstrating that you could pick one numbskull off the street (well, the web) and make them online $ earning niche marketeers – showing we all have a chance.


Very true Mike. I’m surprised myself seeing all these creative guys videos.


For an opportunity like this you need to go above and beyond to stand out from the competition. It also shows initiative as well. Just because these applications have amazingly creative videos doesn’t mean to say that skill set transfer over to making money online with a niche site.

“I was kinda believing that people like these would have already cracked niche marketing”

That is a massive assumption and not one that I agree with. Sure having creativity and a great video skill set is going to help you but it definitely doesn’t mean cracking it in Niche Marketing. Good luck to all these applicants.

Spencer Haws

The point is not to show that “anyone” could do it. Anyone cannot do niche sites. Only those that have the dedication, know how, and motivation will succeed (like any business). My job is to teach the “know how” skills…the rest is up to individual effort.


Wow! I’m still shaking with excitement and pinching myself as I’ve never done anything like this before and I can’t believe my video was picked. I’m so humbled to be among so many other great videos and applicants. I wish everyone who entered the best of luck. Thank you Spencer, Perrin and Jake for doing this and for picking my video . To everyone else that votes for me “Thank You!”


Your video is on point just like the remaining 11 videos. Sooooo muuuuchhh creativity. Wish you all the best.


Thank you Edward. I appreciate your support.

Spencer Haws

I really enjoyed watching your video…that’s for creating it (with your daughter’s help of course!). Best of luck with the votes.
PS – Go Devils!


Thank you Spencer. We had a lot of fun doing this together. She is one of the many reasons I am doing this.
PS – Devils Rule!


I liked the way you ended your submission video with your daughter! I voted for you, good luck!


Thank you Brett I appreciate your vote. My family is one of the many reasons I am doing this. Showing my daughter that it’s never too late try new things and taking risks is one of the many life lessons I am trying to show by example.


Spencer, you 100% right. I did watch some of the videos on Youtube but didn’t come across these 12 selected videos in exception of just one. 🙂 🙂 They really made me laugh and I enjoyed watching them. So much creativity in these videos that it makes my video suck (feel ashamed and not jealous because these videos really rock). Anyway I guess I didn’t make any of these effects or editing because I’m not the Youtube video editing type and also I thought you needed a straight forward kind of video. Really nice videos with honesty and I don’t even know where to place my vote but will surely vote.

Spencer Haws

Creative videos not required to be a student. 2 of the 3 students picked probably won’t come from these top 12.


Congratulations to all of you! These videos were very clever, I think every single one of those chosen deserves to be there.


Let’s not get our hopes down applicants! Spencer is still choosing 2 more candidates for coaching.

(So, hopefully by next Thursday I’ll have a blog post up revealing not just the winning video applicant, but the other 2 students as well (chosen by Jake, Perrin, and I). Next week will feel like an early Christmas with all the anticipation and big reveal! )

We still have 2 chances. I have to work Christmas day so I am hoping to open my Christmas present early. Hint. Hint.

Spencer Haws

Love your enthusiasm, Wendy!


I am beyond excited to be a finalist. What an honor to be chosen and to be in the running with so many other fantastic applicants. Thank you Spencer, Perrin and Jake for organizing this new project, and best of luck to all the other candidates! And to anyone that votes for me, thankyouthankyouthankyou! I promise to share anything and everything so that we all learn together!


I voted for Samara because I think she will provide the best learning experience to the NP community.

She is clearly intelligent, motivated, and capable of succeeding. Whatever the reason for her lack of success so far, I’m sure it is the same reason many, many other people are struggling. Maybe it’s an assumption she’s making, a question of hers that has gone unanswered, or something else. A knowledgeable coach could tease out the information she needs, fill in the gaps, and — by sharing it with NP readers — benefits hundreds in the process.

Who wants to see someone who has succeeded in the past succeed again? There are enough stories out there like that already. What would be truly valuable and inspirational is to see someone who has tried multiple times (i.e. Samara) finally get it.

If, during the coaching process, things ‘just click’ for her, they will also click for many others.

Spencer Haws

Thank you Samara for the great video! And seriously, how did get that custom tshirt and onesie printed so quick? Impressive!


Good luck everyone…


Congrats to the video entries selected. I am looking forward to seeing how the voting pans out with this great selection. I am just hoping now my written submission gets a look in. It’s going to be a great project 3 to follow.

Spencer Haws

I can tell you that we have indeed gone through every single written application, so we saw yours!


I was hoping to see someone in the videos who was dirt poor with a lot of motivation…. and seeing this person progress. I was looking for a Rags to Riches story here and did not see a video like this. I did make my vote count by voting based on whether they could have possibly tried cat food once in the distance past….

Spencer Haws

Interesting voting criteria…


Nice….Good luck to you all. I voted for 5 videos. I hope those votes go a long way to helping you guys carve out your niche and squeeze every bit of nicheness out of your experience with the guys at

Have fun – while you work smarter, not harder!


Oh Mah’ Gawsh! I’ve made it into the finals 🙂 Seeing my name on the list with all of the other very qualified finalists was really humbling, and I wish you all the best of luck!

Spencer Haws

Yep, you made it! The video definitely made me chuckle. Thanks!


Oh man, do I regret chickening out now. These applications are great. I’m kicking myself!

I love Ryan’s commitment to honesty and integrity. I’d love to see someone successfully build a niche site from that perspective. It’s something I’ve struggled with too. There are a lot of niche site models out there I just wouldn’t be comfortable pitching because they seem deceitful. I feel the same way about black hat SEO – I want to succeed because I’m really helping people, not because I’m a master at gaming Google. It would be great to see somebody succeed coming from the perspective of pure, upfront honesty. I hope he does well.

Samara looks like a great candidate too. She seems sharp and articulate, and she’s actually tried these things before and failed. If you took her on, I bet it would be a great case study for your readers. If you can show the difference between what she’s doing wrong and what she could be doing right and bring her into profit, that would be a super interesting example. I’m intrigued just by the concept. So far on niche pursuits I haven’t seen many examples of failure, so I’m at a loss as to what mistakes people might make. I suppose that’s not 100% necessary to know, but I sure am curious.

Ah, I wish I’d applied! Good luck to everyone, I’ll definitely be following along.


I can see how hard it is going to be to pick just three, I thought all the candidates were good. I do think though you should pick 3 different skill levels. A beginner, someone who has experience but not a lot of success like Samara and someone who is more advanced and has had some success. 3 new students with different experiences that can showcase what you are trying to teach and then as you do this project you encourage readers to follow along and possibly in the end see if your readers could produce good results too by showcasing some of your readers results. I have heard many of the candidates say that if they are not picked they are going to follow along and get involved with this project too at home. I like the idea of the creation of a community of like minded people who want to do this and by the videos you have a wonderful following from around the world. I like the idea of this experiment you will soon conduct but if you could take 3 different type of students all motivated but at different levels and produce results that would go a long way to show what you teach off.


I have done a quick write up of these great entries:

Applicant 1: Ryan works at a print shop 40 hours a week on a salary of 40k a year. He loves his job but is looking for extra revenue streams. Great scene cuts with the printing of important aspects of his video.

Applicant 2: Samara has experimented with affiliate sites, ecommerce and Amazon which have all been failures and is looking to turn that around and create an online income to spend more time with her daughter.

Applicant 3: Nathan ‘The Adventure Tour Guide hopeful!’ Currently freelancing and wants to move to a recurring revenue business model spend more time with his 18 month year old son.

Applicant 4: Matthias from Switzerland, entertaining travel style application. Great creativity.

Applicant 5: Australian who loves to travel and has worked in some of the best restaurants in the world and now wants to transfer that work ethic into niche sites. He is even giving up his ski-pass to pursue his training.

Applicant 6: Freelance writer who loves Star Wars and has printed off more than his fair share of resources. It’s time to put that knowledge to practice. “Pick Me Save a Tree”

Applicant 7: Funny application and Joey is currently having trouble putting the theory into practice with Keywords and needs help in implementing keyword research

Applicant 8: James was in the cheese making niche in ecommerce and had some success. He also loves writing and is hoping to learn the latest research in creating niche sites through coaching

Applicant 9: Funny QVC style application Tom is the special offer on QVC and has launched some niche site with good traffic. He is currently working fulltime and fits in his projects around those fulltime hours. Gets excited over every cent made!

Applicant 10: Great animated video, and did very good voice over work. Josh has 14 years of web design experience with 6 years of teaching experience and is a jack of all trades. Josh started his first business in elementary school and is ready for world domination

Applicant 11: Skyler has experimented with websites and domain names but is struggling with traffic. Could use the training to gain the traffic needed and provide a good example for fellow readers.

Applicant 12: Renee has high quality editing on this video. She wants to evolve from a boring home school Mom and become that entrepreneur she was destined to be.


Wow, nice work Jimmy! It’s nice to be able to get a quick summary like that.

Love the fact that you’ve became the “guy in the yellow sleeping bag” in my mind after watching your vid.

I was also very curious in the way you would decribe me, and I’m very happy!

Best of luck to you.

Josh W.

Jimmy – thanks for taking the time to do this.

Spencer Haws

Thanks Jimmy! We were really close to adding your video to the finalists. Loved the suit 🙂


Congrats to the video finalists and big kudos to everyone who submitted an application!

Just wanted to say that even if we don’t make it through, that shouldn’t deter anyone! Mentorship would be really valuable of course, but Niche Pursuits is a rich resource that provides a lot of the tools we need. As Steve and Jimmy said above, there’s nothing stopping anyone from making the most of those tools by following along NSP3 with their own project (that’s definitely what I plan on doing.)

I was starting to feel like that person who’s always coming up with crazy schemes but applying for NSP3 changed my perspective by showing me that there’s an entire community of engaged, motivated, like-minded people out there. Thank you Spencer for fostering the NP community. Really helps keep the motivation up just knowing that there are so many other dedicated people out there.

So no matter which way this thing goes, I hope the take away for everyone is more motivation and determination than ever.

Good luck!


Very well said Cristina!!

Spencer Haws

Thanks so much Cristina! Yes, there are lots of other like-minded people out there :). Thanks for the support!


I am a Ryan Spadafora fan! Fingers crossed!!!

Good Luck to all!

Matthias Koller

I’m amazed!!!

Yes, I’m honestly absolutely pleased and thankfull to be one of the 12 finalists above *happysmiling*!

Thank you Spencer, Perrin and Jake for the possibility and your decision to launch NSP 3.0.

Obviously I hope my video appeals to you, Niche Pursuits Community, as well.
I’d be glad to share my experience as one of the students with you.

Please vote for me!!! 🙂

Spencer Haws

Your video was awesome!! Thanks so much for taking to the world 🙂

Matthias Koller

You’re welcome!! 🙂
You might notice my marketing efforts on Google Analytics!?! People in Thailand really like the idea of NSP 3.0. I arrived after about two weeks in Laos in Cambodia yesterday.

I keep spreading the news 🙂 !!

Spencer Haws

Awesome! Keep spreading the news 🙂


Glad to see a couple of women made the finalists list! Hoping to see Samara make the cut.


Thanks so much for your support Shawna, I promise to pay it forward! Spread the word if you can, I could use some more votes!


“So you’re telling me there’s a chance?” — Lloyd Christmas
Congrats to all who took action and entered! The twelve finalist videos are very well done and deserving of selection, in my humble opinion. I am so impressed with how much content and entertainment the videos display within the three minute requirement. My own video feels endless and clunky by comparison, but I am proud of this novice effort! I’ve learned from these folks and wish them all the best.
Again, I like all of them but I am casting my votes for #5 Thomas Gilpin and #12 Renee because they are admittedly the most like me: inexperienced with online business models but with a strong desire to learn; and their videos are just so dang good! I would enjoy following either of these candidates. Much respect and good luck to all! Finally: Spencer, Perrin and Jake – thanks for the opportunity! Keep doing what you do!

Spencer Haws

Thanks Michael! This has been a really fun process so far, and I expect good things in the near future!


Thank you Michael for your vote and support. No matter what happens let’s follow along on this next journey together and learn all that we can from this amazing group.


I have been sharing this contest and voting link with all my friends and family and am super-humbled by their support.

I would love the support of the Niche Pursuits Community as well. If I am selected for this, here is what I can promise you – I will be a niche idea machine during the initial phases of keyword research!

What that means – besides whatever Niche I select for the project, I will provide you all with a killer list of topics and ideas that you can use for your own Niche sites as you follow through in the process. I will also make sure to allocate time each week to answering questions and sharing as much as possible of our activity and results.

Vote for me – #8!

Kim Smith

Congratulations to all the finalist. I would sure like to learn some video skills from you all. I look forward in following along in these case studies. You all did a great job!


I’ve voted for Samara. She and I are in almost the exact same position, only I was too chicken to apply. Good luck, Samara!


Thanks for your vote Hannah! It would be a dream come true to be chosen and be able to help other people like me!


That’s actually a good database of people the niche pursuit community could use. These people really showed the enthusiasm to collaborate and work on something bigger than themselves. Winners or not, I think the exposure of this post will go a long way for each person who got thier video posted here.
Thanks Spencer.
Can’t wait to see the winners

Spencer Haws

Thanks Andreea, I agree!


Awesome videos. Can’t wait to get started with the three you guys choose!

Spencer Haws

Thanks Gigi!


Wow, and Congratulations to all the contestants, i really liked your enthuiasm and the fact that you actually went ahead and did something, can’t wait to follow along.Really excited to see who gets chosen
BTW when does voting officially end?Tuesday or Wednesday at 11:59.

Spencer Haws

I never set an official time; however, I’m pretty sure I already know the winner :). I’ll likely close it Wednesday morning…I don’t think its going to make a difference when I close.

Lisa Pfeffer

It was hard to choose, but Renee’s video cracked me up! Placed my vote.

Spencer Haws

Renee’s video definitely puts a smile on the face 🙂

Matthias Koller

Ok lovely community.

Let’s face the truth – it’s time to come clear now.

What I need is at least 1000 votes within the next couple hours. We can do that!!!

Go go go :-).


Great videos guys, really enjoyed viewing the creativity and range of entries. It’s going to be a tough decision for the judges!!!

Alex Jacson

thank for your post. I would like to watch video but it is difficult to make it for myself.

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