Kartra Review: How to Tackle All Your Online-Marketing Challenges With Kartra Even If You Are a Complete Rookie

By Lucas |

Kartra is an all-in-one, goal-oriented marketing platform, created by Genesis Digital, that aims to center every aspect of the selling process into one single tool rather than multiple platforms.  In this Kartra review, I'll be sharing the specific features and strategies you can use to grow your business using this all in one tool.

So, instead of having multiple online software providers for every task you need to get done, you can use Kartra to monitor everything ranging from list building and automations, to web-design and domain hosting.

Kartra is so much more than just a shopping cart system. It's an all-inclusive, email marketing, list building, web-hosting, business management platform designed just for marketers! It does all these things – and more – while connecting them all together in a single account for you to manage. – source: Kartra

In other words, it is like Click Funnels but taken various steps beyond since they offer many more features at a lower overall cost.

Is Kartra intended for you?

Mostly for marketers, small businessmen and companies, consultants and solopreneurs selling digital products or offering consultancy services.

Kartra is optimized to cover the entire sales funnel, from the squeeze page and email sequences to the thank-you-for your-purchase-page. And it even offers you the possibility of creating a members area with different level access.

If you want to build a sales funnel hassle-free, Kartra can be heaven for you.

However, if your sole intention is to sell a physical product and need to worry about stock and inventory, I would not recommend using this tool at all.

Kartra does not offer any tool to handle stock/inventory and it is not going to happen anytime soon.

Do you need to be a marketing pro to use Karta?

Not at all.

You can be an absolute newbie and launch your campaigns very quickly with this platform. Besides, there is a “done for you” feature, which I will cover soon, which speeds up time considerably if you just replace the template with your own content.

In fact, you may even learn about marketing using the tool if you have never used an email marketing services provider before or designed a landing page on your own.

Why am I saying this? Well, Kartra makes it easier to launch your marketing campaign since you have everything you need there.  

You don’t really need to look outside for solutions, unless you have very specific needs.

If you need to integrate Kartra with another tool you can do it very easily as they offer direct integration with the most popular tools.

There is a learning curve, but only to make yourself familiar with the platform.

Once you spend a couple of hours/days using it, you will find it is very intuitive, easy to use and it works very well.

Plus there is a Facebook group, composed of very serious and engaged professionals, who will be there to help you at all time for every concern you may have.

“The Kartra Difference”

What makes Kartra different from other tools? 

Kartra allows you to get lots of task done quickly, since they are offering all the tools to get you there. But this is just a means to an end.

You are actually using Kartra to make money from sales without the pain of having to deal with tons of different providers. This is your real goal.

And the best way of reaching this goal is by thinking in-reverse.

Remember I mentioned that Kartra was optimized for sales funnels?

Well, if your goal is to sell product A, you will need to think about ALL the steps involved in selling Product A (the funnel, the email sequences, tagging, listing and automations needed to get you there).

Let’s assume, for the sake of this review, that your funnel process looks like this:

  1. Squeeze page
  2. Opt-in confirmation page
  3. Product A Sales Page
  4. Thank-you for your purchase page

(plus lead tagging/listing, email sequences and automations happening in the middle of the process) 

In most cases, the last step is the thank-you page. If you follow Kartra’s advice, you will begin building your funnel from there until the squeeze page (the first step).

While you create your pages aesthetically using the Page Builder feature (there are tons of templates to use in case you are not feeling creative) and linking them, you can also set all the marketing automation for the leads you are capturing. Again: you can use Kartra for this.

This is the power of “Kartra’s difference”, being GOAL-oriented (sales) as everything can happen in one place rather than having to jump from platform to platform and stressing out if something does not work as you intended originally.

And since I mentioned it…

What Can You Replace Using Kartra?

I will keep this section short.

By using Kartra you can replace all of the following:

  1. Domain hosting provider 
  2. Email host provider
  3. Email Marketing platforms (emails, tagging, listing and automations)
  4. Checkout Platforms
  5. Membership Platforms
  6. Analytics

Basically, unless you need to get really fancy, you can use Kartra for all of these things mentioned above.

This is why the claim to be an all-in-one solution.

(And they actually are).



In the event of needing to integrate to a third party, you can do it easily. 

As of early May 2019, they are offering the following integrations:


“What should I do if I the app I want to integrated is not listed above?”

You can use Zapier which connects platforms which are not originally integrated using triggers and actions.

Although I won't review Zapier, since it would exceed the scope of this review, I will tell you the following:

I had never heard of, nor did I have any clue on how to use this tool…

However, I managed to learn how to do it by asking other people on the Facebook Group and through some trial and error.

It is very easy, even if you are a newbie.


Kartra's KILLER Features

The following sections include my favorite capabilities, which will allow you to launch your campaign successfully!

Done For You Campaigns

This are pre-built campaings built by Karta. The platform contain several which serve different purposes. Here is The Consultant Funnel and The 4-Vid Funnel I created as an example.

Kartra ‘Book Funnel' Evergreen Campaign

It is based on famous marketer Frank Kern's marketing strategies. The idea behind this brilliant business concept is to offer a cheap front-end offer which probably won't make you a lot of money… at first.

The whole point is growing a list, attracting new leads who will purchase this low-risk offer and eventually sell the higher ticket items.

The power of Kartra not only relies on offering all the tools, but is also providing you with a million dollar campaign at the reach of one click with the done-for-you feature. 

And the best part is that they offer a training to understand how to replicate, and you can access it for FREE here.

This is really impressive.

Are done-for-you campaigns easy to deploy?

Very. You just need to go to my campaigns > campaigns > done for you.

Take a look in the screenshot below:


Are Done For You campaigns useful?

Kindly read this article's headline again. 

Even a rookie can learn how to build a successful sales funnel using Kartra.

THEY ARE SUPER USEFUL. Sorry for the caps. 

The done for you campaign can actually teach you how to do things as you only need to replace the template's content with yours.

You learn the in-depth details of what to do and how to use the done-for you feature in the Kartra Academy, which you can access right now after starting your 14-day-1$-risk-free trial.


[Hidden Benefit] You could even profit out of them!

Few reviewers talk about this.

After using Kartra for a while, and eventually mastering it, you could sell done-for-you campaigns.

Yes there is a market for that.

Campaigns can be shared to other Kartra users, like me (and you, if you start the trial today), who can deploy the campaign once you build it.

To do this you would need to create a campaign first, and add all the assets relevant to it.

Go to My Campaings > “+campaign” (in the lower right corner) and from there you add all the assets you want.

Let's assume you are building funnels for non-fiction authors, you can leverage on all of your work and offer it to authors.

For example, you could charge $250 for sharing with them your campaign assets (the pages, the list, the automations, etc.) so that they can deploy them and save time.

You could even offer additional “done-for-you” services, like re-adapting the campaign for them or managing their whole Kartra system in exchange for a monthly fee.

How cool is that?


Kartra's Professional Membership Builder

This is one is definitely another of my favorite features.

Some of its benefits:

Very easily you can create a membership portal for your users and you can set your payments to charge in a once-and-done basis, per month and monthly installments. You can also grant access for free.

Kartra automatically generates a user login (which is the user's email) and a high-security auto-generated password (which grant access). And all this info is delivered automatically to the member. 

This is the email your customer would receive if you granted access to the membership site:

I noticed I used the word “automatic” several times, which is actually really cool because you can automate memberships very easily.

You can deliver products through memberships, like I do. Or you can also sell a membership which grant access to the content you are selling.

This looks WAY better than just giving away a google-drive link post purchase to deliver your digital products.

Currently, each membership portal has 4 access levels, which you can name as you wish, that will allow you customers to access the content you want them to access

How to build your membership site

Go to my memberships > then click on “+membership”. From there on you configure your membership site, the different access levels and so forth.

I am not going to go in-depth because it exceeds the scope of this post.

However I will show you a quick preview of what you will see on the membership builder tool.

The membership sites are intended to work like if they were a blog page. And they work with drag and drop functionalities. NO CODE REQUIRED. Thanks.


The categories are the different tabs within your membership, and to each category you can add as many posts as you wish. Also, you could add sub-categories (with posts) if you wish.


To each post you can add the following elements:

  1. Headline
  2. Text
  3. Images
  4. Videos
  5. Audio Playlist
  6. Divider
  7. Button
  8. Download box
  9. Link Box
  10. Important Box
  11. Checklist Box

You decide what kind of access you provide

Look at the following example:

It is super intuitive and easy to control who can access your content.

  1. Standard level can only access: Category 1 and post 1
  2. Pro level: Category 1 and Category 2, only post 1
  3. Elite level: can access all content

You can either hide this categories and post to the users who don't have access, show it to them but  unclickable or display a pop up (to make them pay for that content for instance).


Scale your business with affiliates 

Kartra offers a built-in Affiliate Program Management system.

You can create affiliate and JV promotional page, and integrate the affiliate signup process right into the page.

Potential affiliates can also be screened using customized questionnaires and mandatory terms and conditions.

The tool also gives you the possibility of managing W9s and w8BENs (if required), and easily review and approve affiliates, assign tags and lists to them upon signup for future promotions, and give them a login and affiliate link to get going.

This are other things you can accomplish:

  1. Set commissions by dollar or percentage; by products, product ranges or all products; even by individual affiliates
  2. Set sales threshold milestones and payment milestones
  3. Pay commissions for new email subscribers as well as sales
  4. Pay commissions by PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.Net or Braintree


Templates + Drag and drop builder

Hiring a web-designer is completely unnecessarily (besides, people care more for the value you are sharing rather than how it looks like).

Anyway, Kartra already provides you with dozens of templates to choose from to build your funnel right away.

And after you select your template, you can design it at your will using the drag and drop builder which has a lot of different functionalities.


Kartra is really strong on this one.

Since all is in one place, you can automate everything.

You can find them in My Communications > Communications > Automations

Concierge Services (not-included in membership plan)

You may have already realized that Kartra is very convenient. 

However, you might think is too much for you to handle.

Or you just don't have the time to set up everything right away.

Here comes Concierge Services.

It is a paid-service, officially provided by Kartra and not included in any plan.

When you pay for it ($150), everything (literally everything) is set up for you.

This means, product pages, thank-you pages, squeeze pages, email sequences, tagging, and automations.

TIP: Exclusively for Niche Pursuit readers, I can personally assist you. Just hit me a message in the comments sections.


Additional perks of being part of the community

Kartra’s Private Facebook group

There is a Facebook group you can join right away after starting your $1-14 days trial.

All I can tell you is that it is beyond great, with a lot of engagement going on.

You get the chance of connecting with other Kartra users and marketing professionals who are very willing to share their experiences, provide feedback and answer questions.

Fortunately, the group is well regulated so that you don't have to deal with spam or unwanted promotions.

The Kartraverse

This is Kartra's education portal in which you can access they training sites.

Kartra Academy

This is the learning platform where you can learn everything on how to use Kartra to set up your funnels, but also get a lot of information and tips on online marketing training and frameworks (like Fran Kern's Masterclass: Billion Dollar VLS).

It is brilliant and super useful.

As of May 2019, the Kartra Academy is divided into these sections:

Kartra Kartranaut Training 

The Kartranaut Trainning is a full-overview of Kartra's features and how to use them. 

To be transparent with you, I haven't gone through this training since I found the platform very intuitive to use already.

However, if you feel the need of going step-by-step I am sure you will like it.

This infographic whill show you how it is structured:


Kartra Q&A Tuesday Webinars

You get the chance of having your questions answered by Kartra's team. This calls are held every Tuesday at 1 PM Pacific Time. 

Plans & Pricing Structure

[Last update: May 2019]

After the $1 USD 14 days trial, Kartra offers several plans:






Verdict: Is it worth its salt?

Spoiler alert: it is.

In terms of cost-benefit, few tools can match Kartra.

More on this below:

Reason #1: The cost of having to pay for the tools separately

These are:

  1. Email provider
  2. Marketing Pages
  3. Shopping Cart
  4. Funnel Builder
  5. Affiliate Management
  6. Video Hosting

Each one can easily cost over $100 a month.

If you do the math correctly that is $600 a month and $7,200 a year. 

Karta in that aspect saves you 84% of the cost.

12 months of Kartra Silver all-in-one software: $1,200

Besides saving you that amount of money, Kartra gives you the functionality of all of them in one place which makes it WAY easier to use.

which leads us to…

Reason #2 Kartra spares you from the hassle

Most probably you are like me: an awful designer.

The good news is that you don't need to be a pro-designer because you can use several templates and the drag-and-drop builder to get your pages designed very quickly.

Forget about hiring a designer ever again. 

You also save the pain of dealing with integrations since you already have everything you need.

In the event of needing a specific integration, you use Zappier and you are good to go without dealing with a programmer or spending too much money on it (believe me, you don't need it).

Reason #3 Kartra simplifies complexity 

Being an all-in-one tool makes it very simple, because you don't have to be hopping in and off different platforms (and hoping that everything works as it should).

Just think of this:

And I didn't stop to mention the research involved in comparing tools since for every tool you have at least two respectable options.

Less is better for you.

The tasks on the above list could literally add up to hundreds of hours a year.

In business time is money, whether is yours or your team's.

Consider the cost, do your own calculations of how much those hundreds of hours would add up to in dollars.

As a business owner, consultant, or solopreneur you want to use the marketing tools and platforms to make money, not just because they are fun.

So why would have six different platforms only to work more, waste more time and earn less money?


How You Can Get Started Right Now

I am going to show you in 7 steps what you can do to start using Kartra and having a fully functional sales funnel TODAY.

STEP 1 – Start your risk-free trial 

It is only $1. How little is that? Click here to begin.

STEP 2 – Create your first funnel pages

My Pages > “+ Page” > choose a template > launch builder > publish page

STEP 3 – Create your first product

My products > “+ Product” > Choose: “Main Product” > Set it up:

STEP 4 – Create your first opt-in form

My Forms > “+ Form” > Name it > Set it up:

STEP 5 – Create your first tags

My Communication > Leads > Tags > “+ Tag” > set it up:

STEP 6 – Create your first sequence

My Communications > Communications > Sequences > “+ Sequence” > Set a trigger > Build emails > complete

STEP 7 – Create your first automations

My Communications > Communications > Automation > “+ Automation” > Set it up:


A single-product, and fully functional, funnel built easily and very quickly.

And I haven't used the done-for-you campaign which would have created a whole marketing campaign in a matter of seconds.

Of course, there are still details that would require some fine-tuning but notice how conveniently everything is placed.

How much time and money would you have needed to spend to create it using different tools just to arrive to the same results?

Remember, the tool should be working for you and not the other way round!



Does it offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes, there is a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, and no Minimums, No Contracts. You can cancel at any time. Even after your 30 Day Money Back Guarantee expires, you can still cancel your Kartra subscription. 

How can I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your subscription at any time, and your billing will stop right after your current billing cycle is complete.

Is this stuff made for techies? Do I need coding skills?

Not at all. The most code-related stuff you would have to deal with is copy-pasting Facebook code or Google Analytics code.

What are the system requirements to run Kartra?

None. Kartra is cloud based and you don't need to download anything. You run everything from Kartra's site. So, All you need is an internet-connected computing device (Mac, Windows, Chromebook, Linux PC, even most of the latest tablets), and a recent version of any of the major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.). 

How good is customer support?

From my experience: excellent. In less than 24 I get my tickets effectively answered.

Is it reliable?

Kartra’s infrastructure runs on the best — top-tier storage and delivery providers including Rackspace®, Amazon, and SendGrid®. This is your assurance that Kartra will be there for you, day in and day out

How can I get started?

By clicking this link.

[end of post]

Thank you very much for reading.

I really hope you found the information in this article useful.

Please let me know your questions and experiences using Kartra in the comments section below.

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