21 BEST Supplement Affiliate Programs For Health, Fitness, And Lifestyle Blogs

By Peter Karanja |

Are you a health, fitness, or lifestyle blogger looking for the best supplement affiliate programs to join?

In some niches, it can be hard to find programs that both pay good commissions and convert well. Often it's a case of testing out a wide variety of offers on your audience until you find something that just clicks. That's why we created this guide for the supplement niche. 

Here are 10+ supplement affiliate programs I recommend you start with. This review is based on my experiences, as well as those of other top affiliate marketers.

Why Promote Supplement Affiliate Programs?

The supplements niche is one of the most lucrative niches out there. From interesting products to high commission rates, there's a lot of money to be made from the best supplement affiliate programs.

As Pardep Goyal notes, the health niche (food, fitness, wellness, supplements, etc.) is evergreen. It's one of the niches where you are almost guaranteed always to make sales when you do it right.

As you will see in this review, some of the best supplement affiliate programs are for monthly subscriptions. Others are pills that you will always be buying, creating more opportunities for supplement affiliates to enjoy recurring income.

However, be careful when selecting the programs/products to promote (more on this later) since there is a lot of junk being advertised.

10 Best Supplement Affiliate Programs

Here are our 10 top picks, but we've got 11 more listed without an in-depth review below them – make sure to review them all!

1. A1 Supplements

A1 Supplements.

A1 Supplements is a seasoned manufacturer of supplements in the sports and lifestyle niche. Launched in 1999, they have grown in the past two decades from a local distributor in local gyms to become one of the leading online businesses dealing in supplements worldwide. Their products include sports nutrition supplements, herbs, diets, vitamins, proteins, and sports accessories.

To join their affiliate program and market A1 Supplements products, you can join Shareasale or CJ Affiliate (Commission Junction).

Both are great affiliate programs. Better yet, these programs have a wide range of products from other companies, so you don't have to limit yourself to one company. They offer a 10% commission rate, affiliate marketing resources, and a 30-day cookie duration.

Commission rate – 10%

Cookie duration – 30 days

2. FanFuel

fanfuel logo.

FanFuel is another affiliate program built with you in mind. One of the best things about them is they manufacture the products themselves, so you don't have to worry about sharing your income with a third party. As a result, they offer up to 40% commission rates, which is quite impressive. Some of the products they manufacture include supplements for weight loss, skincare, and muscle gain.

What’s more? Their cookie lasts up to 90 days. You almost have a guarantee that the buyer will make a sale within this period. Better yet, they offer recurring commissions on every customer you successfully refer.

Besides offering competitive rates, FanFuel also provides affiliate marketers marketing resources such as images, banners, CTAs, tracking, translation, and anything else you need to succeed. They even allow you to make special requests through your affiliate manager.

While they prefer affiliate marketers with some experience, you could still get approved if you recently set up your website and are gaining some traffic.

Commission rate – 40-60%

Cookie duration – 90 days

3. Vitagene

vitagene logo.

Vitagene is not your typical supplements company. They utilize DNA tests to determine the most appropriate diet, exercises, and even skincare procedures for an individual. Their tests also help determine what nutrients your body could be lacking and recommend the most appropriate supplements—interested in knowing your ancestry? Vitagene also offers an accurate ancestry report.

Recently, they also added Food Sensitivity, Sleep and Stress, and Thyroid tests.

Vitagene runs its affiliate program through CJ Affiliates, offering a 10% commission rate and a 30-day cookie duration. Considering their cheapest package costs roughly $100, making a minimum of $10 for every sale isn't that bad. And if you're a CJ certified content publisher, the rates are increased to 12%. Besides, as mentioned earlier, CJ Affiliate has many other products for you to diversify your income.

Commission rate – 10%

Cookie duration – 30 days

4. Onnit

onnit logo.

Backed by well-known people like podcaster Joe Rogan, Tim Kennedy, and Michelle Watson, Onnit boasts a wide range of products to improve all-around performance. They offer fitness supplements, brain supplements, food, fitness equipment, and personal care items on their site.

Their commission rates are also quite impressive. While some of the programs I’ve suggested offer 10%, Onnit offers 18% on supplements, 10% on food, and 5% on equipment.  As an affiliate marketer, you'll also benefit from their automated retargeting feature that serves relevant ads to customers and potential customers who visited the website within 60 days of the first visit.

And once you have driven tons of traffic and sales to their site, you can be upgraded to the Alpha status. This is a level where you’ll have access to increased commissions, custom landing pages, and even samples for you to test and offer a genuine review.

Commission rate – 18% on supplements, 10% on food, and 5% on fitness equipment

Cookie duration – 45 days

5. Seed

seed logo. 

One of the most sought-after affiliate marketing models is the promotion of high-ticket products. Now, Seed's product isn't exactly a high-ticket program, but the high commission rate makes it one of the most lucrative programs on this list.

Seed is a community of scientists, innovators, doctors, translational storytellers, and thinkers who believe in utilizing bacteria in improving health and performance. Currently, they are only offering one supplement, the DS-01 Daily Synbiotic, which comprises 24 strains of probiotics and prebiotics. This product is meant to help with gut health, digestive health, cardiovascular health, dermatological health, and micronutrient synthesis. And it’s sold on a $49.99 monthly subscription.

To add to their credibility, their chief scientist and the man behind their product, Dr. Gregor Reid, led the 2001 Probiotics United Nations – World Health Organization Expert Panel.

Seed runs its affiliate program through ShareASale, where you can join as a partner influencer and earn 100% commission, or as an affiliate and earn a 25% commission.

Commission rate – 25% as an affiliate and 100% as a partner influencer

Cookie duration – 30 days

6. GNC

gnc logo.

GNC is another supplements company offering a wide range of products for fitness and wellness. These products include vitamins, supplements, herbs, proteins, digestion products, skincare, equipment, and accessories. Started in 1935, it shows that they have been doing something right to last that long.

GNC partners with CJ Affiliates to offer affiliate marketers a way to earn. By promoting GNC's, you'll earn 5% for every sale. You also get to use their banners and logos, which may have an above-average conversion rate than building the designs from scratch.

Commission rate – 5%

Cookie duration – 7 days


bodybuilding logo.

If you’ve niched down to bodybuilding on your website, YouTube Chanel, or social media account, you can promote's products. Their products include proteins for muscle growth, performance boosters, weight management, clothes, accessories, and workout plans.

You can also signup as an affiliate for their BODYFIT program, a monthly subscription program that provides detailed content and workout plans. Impact runs their affiliate product where they pay 8% for new buyers.

But if that buyer returns to the site to purchase through your link, you’ll a 3% commission. And if you run a coupon-only site, you’ll only earn 2%. The commissions may be low for coupon sites and second-time buyers, but they are better than nothing. Too bad their affiliate program is not accepting new applicants for now, but keep checking this page and their site, too, for any updates.

Commission rate – 2 to 8 %

Cookie duration – 7 days

8. Persona (Vitamin Packs)

persona logo.

Also known as Vitamin Packs, Persona is a leading supplements vendor that distributes personalized nutrition supplements based on the customer's health, current medication, scientific studies, and lifestyle. What the user does is sign up on the website, give their details, and after analysis, they subscribe to a monthly supply of the supplements.

So, what’s in it for affiliate marketers? By promoting Persona, you earn 25% for every verified subscriber. It isn’t clear whether you still earn every month the buyer you referred maintains their subscription, but your affiliate manager can give more details.

Commission rate – 25% per subscriber

Cookie duration – 30 days

9. MarketHealth

markethealth logo.

MarketHealth is an affiliate marketing network that allows you to promote a wide range of health and beauty products. Once approved for this program, you get access to more than 200 offers in the sports nutrition, skincare, beauty, and gut health supplements niches.

The commission rates can be as high as 50%, and you get recurring payments on subscription offers. To help increase your conversion rates, they also provide banner ads, landing pages, and an affiliate manager to help you out.

Commission rate – up to 50%

Cookie duration – 30 days

10. Amazon Associates

amazon associates.

Amazon Associates is one of the best supplements affiliate programs to look into if you're a beginner or want to supplement your affiliate marketing income. What I love about Amazon is the wide range of products to choose from. Whether you write about weight loss supplements, muscle gain, or supplements for pets, most of them are on this platform.

The Amazon Associates affiliate network is also relatively easy to join. All you need to do is sign up, get the product links, and make at least 3 sales within 180 days. How hard can that be?

The reason Amazon isn’t a favorite to some affiliate marketers is their commission rates are too low. 1% would be excellent for a start as you gain traffic, but you need a higher commission rate to earn a considerable income.

Another issue with this affiliate network is the cookie period, which only lasts 24 hours. This is quite short, considering some program's cookies can last up to 30 days. If it's any consolation, once the buyer lands on Amazon and buys an entirely different product from the one you suggested within the cookie period, you still get a commission.

Commission rates – 1%

Cookie duration – 24 hours

Other Supplement Affiliate Marketing Programs

Still can't find a good program or want to diversify with more programs?

Here are other supplement affiliate programs you can check out:

What To Look for In Supplement Affiliate Programs

There are too many affiliate programs, making it difficult to choose the best ones.

Here are some of the factors you can consider when selecting the best supplements affiliate program for your audience:

Product Quality

Integrity is fundamental in affiliate marketing. And it's important that supplement affiliates don't just promote products based on hearsay. Conduct intensive research and even test the products if you can.

Promote products you would recommend to people you care about.

Network Reputation

Check what other people are saying about the program.

Remember, for the offers to convert, you also need to do your part.

Audience Desire

What do your website visitors want?

If you’re looking for an affiliate network, chances are you’ve already built an audience and are looking to monetize it.

So, start by checking what products they love and the affiliate programs with those products. If you’ve not built an audience yet, check your direct competitors and what their audience resonates with.

Cookie Duration

If a customer doesn’t buy on the first visit, you’ll need the cookie to last for some time to give them a chance to come back.

Some affiliate networks offer cookie duration of up to 45 days, but 7 to 30 days cookie durations are still ideal.


Check the kind of support that the network provides. Many supplement companies will be partnered with an affiliate network. 

For starters, an affiliate manager is essential for the onboarding process. It would also be great if they offered advertising materials such as banners, landers, customizations, etc.

Commission Structure

The commission rates will help determine how profitable the network is.

You wouldn't want to drive thousands or millions of traffic to an offer, only to earn a few dollars.

It's best to join a couple of networks and promote products with varying commission rates and varying average order values to increase your chances. This way when you get a successful referral, you know which works!

High ticket affiliate programs are always best.

Supplement Affiliate Niche Summed Up

Promoting supplements and other health-related products can be tricky because there are so many different products.

Because of this, convincing buyers is getting harder every day. But as long as you can prove your credibility, pick a handful of products you trust, and create great content, you can make it in this niche.

And as I've said, there are many legit affiliate programs with reasonable rates and high-quality products in the supplement industry. You just have to make sure you partner with a vitamin and supplement company worth promoting.

Lastly, here are some top-earning fitness affiliate programs and health and wellness affiliate programs for more great offers to test with your audience.

Affiliate Marketing

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