13 of the Best Free SERP Checkers (That are Actually Free)

By Brady Cook |

If you're looking for the best free SERP checker, you probably want to rank high in the search engines.

After all, it's what we all want, yeah?

SERPs may not sound too exciting, but there’s something undeniably pure about them, and they're essential information that we need to study.

Whereas the rest of your digital marketing activities work together in the background, the SERPs are where it all comes together. Only on your search engine results pages (SERPs) can you see what’s working and what isn’t.

That’s why it’s so important to track it regularly. In a world where two spots on a SERP means your organic traffic is cut in half, every position matters.

Drop too far, and you could be out of the game entirely.

In this article, I will show you 13 free SERP checker tools to consider. They're free to use and offer some great features to help you out.

Let's get to it.

Best SERP Checker

Because tracking your SERPs gives you such a competitive advantage, there are dozens of services that can help. The vast majority are paid options, but there are also several free versions. Often, these tools will only provide you with basic tracking info. However, sometimes, that’s all you need.

Unlike other lists you may find, the ones below are free. That means no free trials or “kinda-free” options — absolutely, 100% free.

You may have to set up an account, but that’s the only commitment you’ll need to make.

SERP Robot


SERP Robot offers a paid version, but the free version comes with ten free keywords and serves up ten results every time. The best part is that this data comes to you in real-time, so you know you’re getting only the most relevant information

The other best part? Unlimited searches.

Some trackers limit how much you can search per day, but SERP Robot allows you to search for free as much as you want. That’s very convenient if you’re bootstrapping an agency with multiple clients.

One of the significant downsides is that it doesn’t provide a SERP tracking history. You’ll have to track it yourself somehow (like using the spreadsheet listed below). 

Curiously enough, SERP Robot also doesn’t allow mobile or tablet data tracking, only desktop. Considering more than half of all search traffic comes from a mobile device, I’m not sure why this SERP feature was overlooked.

SEOquake Extension

SERP Checker Tool

SEOquake is not a service per se, but it is a valuable Chrome extension worth a slot on your browser.

For a free SERP tool, SEOquake is amazing. Its primary purpose is to give you a quick look at a website’s technicals: on-page SEO, backlinks, and keyword density, among others.

However, for SERP purposes, it also gives you a quick look at a site’s page ranking for a specific keyword. Alternatively, you can also see how hard it may be to rank for a keyword.

The best part about SEOquake can also be its worst. As a tracking tool, it’s incredibly robust and versatile. For new SEO analysts, though, it can be a little overwhelming.

Still, it’s worth taking the time to learn how to use SEOquake properly. Its non-intrusive nature and quick deployment mean you can use it in tandem with other tools to provide a more comprehensive look.

What’s My SERP

What's My SERP Checker

What’s My SERP is one of the most well-known SERP checkers (hence, the name), but that’s for a good reason: it rocks. 

Here’s a rundown of all the features that What’s My SERP gives you for free:

Seriously, if you only use one tracking tool on this entire list, What’s My SERP could be it. It’s a tool made by digital marketers, and it shows.

And in case the free tracking tool wasn’t enough, you can pay $5 a month to get a few more features, such as more keywords. 

You also won’t need to input a Captcha form every time, which is worth its weight in gold — I can never find all the boxes that have stoplights in them anyways.

Zutrix SERP Checker

SERP Checker

Zutrix loves the number ten. Not only do you get ten daily checks on your ten keywords, but you get ten on-demand updates.

Not bad. I would give those features alone ten out of ten stars.

Just as important, Zutrix offers both mobile and desktop rankings, as well as the basics: visibility, traffic, and position changes. 

The interface is pretty simple-to-use; create an account, and you get started in minutes. 

You’ll then have access to one of Zutrix’s most unique features: Keyword lab. As the name indicates, this is where you can “test” various keywords to see how they would impact your SEO strategy. This is important if you’re about to roll out a new content campaign but are unsure what the results will look like.

Try Zutrix Free Here


Ahrefs SERP Checker Tool

If you’ve been in digital marketing for any period of time, you’ve most likely heard of Ahrefs. “Robust” doesn’t even begin to describe it; it’s an all-in-one SEO heavyweight capable of powering your entire agency.

With that much horsepower at its disposal, it makes sense that they would have a SERP checker. Their free version is available on their website and doesn’t require signup.

The amount of information that Ahrefs provides for free is spell-binding. Domain rating, backlink count, organic traffic, keywords — Ahrefs gives it all away, in addition to SERP positioning and history.

The only drawback is that much of this information is limited to free users. The trove of information described above is only available for the first three spots, and overall, SERPs are visible for the first ten. 

Still, since Ahrefs pulls data from over 200 countries, it's worth using, especially for global SEO campaigns.

Try the Ahrefs Serp Checker Here



On the surface, SERP Surf isn’t much to look at. Its plain white exterior and simple blue boxes are underwhelming, but you shouldn't let that put you off.

SERP surf’s strength is in its speed. All you do is punch in a domain name, drop in a few keywords, and it’ll spit out the SERP results reasonably quickly.

Unfortunately, there’s no keyword ranking history, and it only allows you to search five keywords at a time (most allow up to ten). There’s also no paid version either, so what you see is truly what you get.

Keyword Rank Checker (From Search Engine Report)

SERP Checkers Tool

Keeping with the same minimal design, the Keyword Rank Checker from Search Engine Report is another worth considering. 

The Keyword Rank Checker has all the standard features: spaces for ten keywords and your competitor’s domains, geographic restrictions, and desktop or mobile configuration.

What it doesn’t have is not usually necessary. You can’t track the rank history (which means you’ll have to do it manually), and there’s also no ability to export results. This combination means that doing long-term rank tracking is cumbersome.

Once again, though, speed is the name of the game. The Keyword Rank Checker is fast, efficient, and reliable.

What more could you want?


Ubbersuggest SERP Software

Ubersuggest has been around a while, but it’s had a surge due to a recent acquisition by Neil Patel. It has many features, but its SERP checker is one to take note of.

Unlike others on this list, the interface is bright, slick, and easy to use. It’s incredibly intuitive and beginner-friendly, making it the perfect option for new digital marketers.

As an entry-level software, the amount of info you receive is excellent. Ubersuggest will give you keyword and content ideas, search volume, CPC, and ranking difficulties.

Ubersuggest will track your keyword ranking history if you create an account. The only downside is that you only have three searches per day, whether you create an account or not.

Rank Tracker (From Link Assistant)

Check SEO Rsnking Tool

The major downside to this SERP tool is that you have to download it. You have to give them your name and email address to do that.

Tedious, I know.

But once you do, you’ll have access to more tools and resources than most other paid services. That’s right, not just free SEO services but paid resources.

Here’s a list of what you get for free:

If you can stomach downloading software to your hard drive, Link Assistant’s Rank Tracker should be high on your list. 

Try the Link Assistant Rank Tracker Here

Thruuu SERP Checker

Thruuu SERP Checker

Thruuu has a funny name, but its purpose is straightforward. It has space for up to one hundred pages of search results, with information on article length, meta description, and publication date.

In addition to that, you also can search via desktop or mobile, then export it when you’re done.

Best of all? It’s 100% free.

Thruuu has two significant downsides, however. First, you can’t search your own domain, which limits research. Second, you can only search one keyword at a time.

While it’s not the most robust — Thruuu is still a reliable and straightforward SERP tool to aid your SERP efforts.


SEO Checker Tool

Seobility is another SERP rank checker worth investigating. With space for up to ten keywords at a time and import/export options, it’s handy for long-term research.

Competitor analysis is also relatively robust. You set the primary domain (you), then type in three of your competitors’ domains. From there, you can monitor where you stack up against them over time.

The keyword ranking is similarly stout. Not only can you see where you line up on the SERPs, but you’ll also get information about traffic and paid competition.

Unfortunately, there’s only one search per day for the free version.

Try SEObility Rank Tracker Here

Keyword Rank Checker (From Small SEO Tools)

SEO Software

There is a lot to love about the Keyword Rank Checker from Small SEO Tools.

First, there are numerous features. You can track ten keywords and gain insight into their position, search volume, and search results. Furthermore, each search returns an unlimited number of results.

The only drawback is the lack of competitive intelligence. Most free trackers let you see your domain compared to others, so it would’ve been nice to see that here too.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console

This one could be considered cheating, but it fits the two primary criteria for this list: It’s a rank checker, and it’s free.

Of course, you can only use Google Search Console on websites you own, but the amount of info you get is unparalleled. 

Which makes sense, considering it’s their information, to begin with.

You can see the average ranking of your website, identify the most visited pages (and least), and even determine your CTR. Historical data is almost a given. Everything you want is right at your fingertips.

Think of GSC as the nervous system of your site; you name it, you can learn it. Of course, that means you’ll have to look elsewhere for competitive analysis, but no SEO toolkit is complete without GSC.

What is a SERP?

Now that we’ve covered all the best free SERP checkers, let’s ask the obvious:

What is a SERP?

SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page. It’s what everyone sees when they input a query into Google. The list of results is a SERP.

Why does it matter?

As stated above, where you rank for a keyword is indicative of how much traffic you’ll receive. Rank near the top, and the sky’s the limit. Rank near the bottom, and you might as well be invisible.

Not everyone needs to rank for every keyword, but you need to rank for high-value keywords in your niche. If you sell BBQ grills, for instance, you’ll want to rank for “best BBQ grills.” The affiliate sales off of that word alone could be enormous.

How Can a SERP Checker Help You? 

SERP checker tools are valuable because they allow you to track your progress over time. You can see where you’re at in real-time and measure it up against the traffic you know you’re receiving.

If you’re lower, you can work on your SEO. If you’re higher, write adjacent content. 

It’s all about gaining intelligence on your current positioning, and in SEO, knowledge is everything.

How to Manually Track Your SERPs

If you don’t want to pay for a SERP checker tool and don’t like any of the free resources above, you can do this for free. You may have to anyways if none of the trackers provide historical data.

Tracking your data is simple.

Which One Fits Your Needs?

Determining the best free SERP checker for you is a personal decision. Each has its unique features but seeing how they complement each other is where the real work begins.

As you’ll soon find out, you don’t need to pay a ton of money for features you may not need. Most digital marketers can get started for free, provided they’re willing to put in a little extra time to dig through the free services.


By Brady Cook

Brady is a self-proclaimed efficiency freak with a passion for SEO. Name a side hustle, and he's probably done it: kindle books, Amazon FBA, affiliate sites, even dog walking.

When he's not writing content for digital marketing blogs, he's either hanging out with his family, reading, or on some off-road trail in Texas somewhere in his Bronco.

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