Ubersuggest Review: Pros, Cons, Alternatives, and Is It Worth Using?

By Colin Linnett |

Are you thinking about using Ubersuggest? In this hands-on Ubersuggest review, I'll share everything you need to know about the SEO software tool from top to bottom.

You'll discover the main features of the SEO tool including the user dashboard, keywords, backlinks, and traffic features. 

I'll talk about the related features for each of the main sections, the price, user support and let you know if the software is as good as people say.

By the time you have finished reading, you'll better understand whether the SEO software is right for you and your business.

Sound good?

Great, let's get to it.

What Exactly Is Ubersuggest?

Ubersuggest is an SEO software and marketing keyword tool created by Neil Patel. The software has a vast database of keywords and content suggestions that can help you and your business rank better in the search engines.

You can keep track of your own and your competitor's website, receiving updates related to the SEO performance of how your site is ranking. 

However, this is just the beginning of the features you receive using the software, and the SEO tool comes with many other valuable features that claim to give you an edge over the competition.

The Benefits Of Using Ubersuggest

There are quite a few benefits of using Ubersuggest, and we'll touch on them in this Ubersuggest review, but first, here's a brief list of the standout benefits for the software:

Ubersuggest Main Features

Ubersuggest features four main categories:

Each category has various sections that provide a different feature for the software. For example, the ‘Dashboard' category has multiple sections for ‘Rank Tracking' and ‘Site Audit.'

I'll walk you through each section below and explain what they do and how they work.

Let's start with the user dashboard.

Ubersuggest Dashboard

Ubersuggest Dashboard

The first thing you will do when using Ubersuggest will be to fill in the details on the user dashboard. Then, depending on the plan you have, you will add various websites, organic keywords, and projects to the dashboard.

You enter your website URL and select the number of keywords you want to track. Then, connect your Google Search Console to your account. This enables you to track your progress and receive insights.

Once you have added the details for your site, the dashboard will update and display metrics for the number of backlinks, traffic numbers, and keywords you're tracking. 

You also get a search engine optimization (SEO) score and a breakdown of any SEO issues your site displays.

These are all displayed on the main dashboard page when you log in.

Rank Tracking

Ubersuggest Rank Tracking

The rank tracking section displays information in more detail for the projects you have entered into the dashboard. In addition, you get updates on the keywords you track and receive data via charts, which show whether your ranking has gone up or down.

You can export your information into CSV files, change and add keywords, and track by country and date range.

The rank tracking section is a detailed page for the keywords and projects you have entered into the software.

Site Audit

Site Audit Test For Speed

The Site Audit is the final section under the dashboard category, and it's a helpful feature that health checks your website for critical errors, warnings, and recommendations.

You enter your website URL into the search area, and the software will fetch the data needed. It takes around ten minutes to perform the test. When finished, you will receive a report displaying the SEO health of your website.

A cool thing about the Site Audit feature on Ubersuggest is that you can click on the SEO issue, and it will tell you how to fix the problem you have. 

The software gives you a difficulty score for fixing the problems. In addition to this, you get a speed score for desktop and mobile versions of your website.

Ubersuggest Keywords

Keywords Overview

The keywords category for the tool breaks down into five main sections. Each section performs a different feature for the SEO tool.

Let's take a look at each one.

Keywords Overview

The keywords overview area allows you to enter a keyword into the software, and it will come back with a detailed breakdown of the keyword.

The image above features the top of a report when entering the keyword ‘surfboards' into the tool. You get the following breakdown of metrics and information for the keyword:

You also receive an estimated number of backlinks a web page has in the top ten on Google for this keyword and the average domain authority score.

A little further down the report, you get the graphical view for desktop and mobile traffic and the number of people who click on the search results. It also gives you the age range for people searching and a range of related keywords to the main keyword.

You can select the tabs that offer related words, questions, prepositions, and comparisons for the keyword you enter to receive more keyword suggestions.

Keyword Ideas

Keyword Ideas Overview

This section provides you with information for the keyword and finds more keywords related to the main keyword.

They are given an SEO score from 0-100, with 100 being the most difficult. You can filter the results for easy, medium, and hard. 

The score for keyword difficulty is:

If you click on the keyword ‘search results,' you are shown the top ten pages for the keyword. This page gives you the estimated traffic the site receives, the number of inbound links, domain authority, and social shares.

You can copy the results to a clipboard or download them into an excel file.

Keywords By Traffic

ubersuggest keywords by traffic

This feature allows you to enter a domain name of your choice and get the top-ranking keywords that the website is ranking for. This feature comes in handy for finding the keywords that the website is ranking for precisely and can help you uncover some hidden gems.

If you select the search result button, you receive the top ten results for each keyword, and like the keyword ideas section, you can filter results and export them to CSV.

Similar Websites

Simalar Websites

If you enter a domain name into the search bar in this section, you receive a list of websites similar to your website. This feature is helpful because you can select the ‘view all' option for each website to see the keywords they rank for and select the ‘keywords gap' option, which shows you keywords that the website is ranking for but your website isn't.

In addition, you also get the number of backlinks and the amount of traffic each website has for the keyword.

Content Ideas

Content ideas from Ubersuggest SEO tool

The final section of the keyword area is the content ideas area. You enter a keyword, and the SEO tool will display a list of the most popular content on the web for that keyword. This is one of the most helpful features that should be mentioned in an Ubersuggest review. 

You get the estimated visitors to the page and the number of backlinks the page receives from other websites.

Traffic Section On Ubersuggest 

The traffic area on the tool has two sections — traffic overview and top pages by traffic.

Traffic Overview

Traffic Overview

Traffic overview is a full page view of the traffic for a specific website or page. You receive information on one page regarding the organic traffic, backlinks, domain authority, keywords, and the most popular content.

You get graphs and charts, and like most features in Ubersuggest, you can filter the information by country.

Top Pages By Traffic 

Top Pages By Traffic

The top pages by traffic display the most popular traffic pages on a domain. There are no charts or graphs, just a list of the highest traffic pages for the website you enter.

If you select the ‘view all' option on the specific results, you will get a breakdown of all the keywords that generate the traffic to this web page. 


The backlink category for Ubersgguest consists of two sections — backlink overview and backlink opportunity.

Backlinks Overview

Backlinks Report

When you enter a domain name into the search bar for this section, you will receive a page of backlink data telling you how many backlinks the web page has.

You get the domain authority, the referring domains, and the number of backlinks. In addition, you can view lost and new backlinks as well as the referring DA (domain authority) range for each result.

Finally, you can view all the backlinks by URL and filter them by follow or no-follow.

Backlinks Opportunity

Backlink Opportunity

The backlink opportunity lets you add a competing domain name, and it will find you backlinks that link to two or more of your competitors. The theory behind this is that you have a better chance of reaching out to them for a backlink if they are already linking to similar sites.

If you click on the ‘top backlink' button, you will receive the URL for the website displaying the backlink.

Additional Features For Ubersuggest

I came across a few additional features worth mentioning in this Ubersuggest review when researching and testing.

Let's have a quick look at them.

Google Chrome Extension

Ubersuggest has a chrome extension that you can install pretty quickly and easily. The SEO extension is pretty good and displays SEO information when searching on Google.

Ubersuggest Support

You get email and live chat support options. I was expecting email support but was pretty surprised and happy to see live chat support was available.

Coaching Videos

There's an excellent onboarding video when you first log in, and there are links to free training videos on all areas of SEO.

Ubersuggest Review Pros & Cons



Ubersuggest Alternatives

Below is a list of alternatives to Ubersuggest:

Is Ubersuggest Free?

You can open an account on Ubersuggest for free, and you will receive three free searches per day. However, you will find it frustrating because three searches isn't a lot, and you'll run out very quickly.

Ubersuggest Pricing

No Ubersuggest review would be complete without talking about price. Pricing starts from $29 per month, and you can get a free 7-day trial.

If you don't want to pay a monthly fee, you have two options — you either use the free plan (3 searches per day) or pay a one-off payment starting at $290 for a lifetime license.

Final Thoughts On The Ubersuggest Review

While researching and testing the SEO software for this Ubersuggest review, I was pleasantly surprised by how well the tool works.

It's fast when performing one report at a time, and the ability to find keywords, backlinks, and content ideas is excellent.

You have excellent support, great features, and a price that's cheaper than most competitors.

The only downside for me to the Ubersuggest tool is the number of projects you're allowed on the basic plan, but I suppose that's a small price to pay for a tool that's inexpensive and full of features.

Overall, Ubersuggest is an excellent SEO tool.


By Colin Linnett

Colin Linnett is a seasoned copywriter and certified content marketer who helps entrepreneurs and bloggers by creating engaging content to woo their readers.

He spends most of his time writing blog posts, emails, and researching the latest marketing trends online.

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