Thrive Architect Review: The Only Content Builder Your WordPress Site Needs

By Christopher |

Content is one of the building blocks of your online business.

You connect with your target audience not only with the quality of content you create, but also how you present the content on your site.

If you can’t showcase your web content the way that your audience wants, then it ultimately doesn’t matter how good your content is!

There are lots of factors that visitors consider in helping them decide whether to stay or leave your site. It is important to check off all those factors to ensure that people remain on your site to read and engage with your post.

At the same time, revamping your site to serve your visitors better is a time-consuming process. For content creators without any design experience, a site overhaul is the last thing you need to worry about.

However, all those problems go away if you use Thrive Architect, formerly known as Thrive Content Builder.

In this Thrive Architect review, you will learn if Thrive Architect is everything that you’re looking for in a WordPress content builder plugin. I will discuss the different options of the tool, as well as its pros and cons. At the end of the review, you will have a better understanding of what Thrive Architect can do, so you can decide on your own whether to use it or not for your business.

Check out Thrive Architect here!

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Thrive Architect review: what’s the tool about?

thrive architect

Thrive Architect is a WordPress plugin that works as a WYSIWYG editor to help you design your pages with ease. It is part of the Thrive Themes suite of WordPress tools to provide your audience with a seamless way to present your content for increasing your conversion rate.

In fact, the latter is a hallmark that separates Thrive products from the pack. It’s not enough that your online business has a beautiful website. It also needs to be functional for your visitors, so they know what to do when they browse your site pages. They can then ask their inquiries about your products and services and place their orders much easier. As a result, you can scale your growth much more so you can grow faster.

At the same time, it is just as crucial that you can create compelling content right off the bat. Not all content creators have the gift of design. They can craft killer content but their lack of design skills will kill the chances of their content from converting visitors into clients. Therefore, creating a content layout or format to help you communicate your ideas properly can be the difference between a successful business and a floundering one.

Thankfully, content builders don’t get any easier than Thrive Architect

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Below are some of the options that make Thrive Architect arguably the most sought-after content builder in the market!

Features of Thrive Architect

Drag and drop elements

drag and drop editor

Thrive Architect lets you insert a variety of elements on your site page without any coding necessary. Just drag the element that you want to add to your page and click on each to edit as you see fit. 

There are two element groups that you can choose from the content builder: foundations and building blocks.

The former contains the essential elements normally found in a site page such as paragraphs, headings, images, content box, and more. The latter possesses premium elements that add a unique touch to your content. Below are some of the more impressive elements included in the blocks group.

Table of contents

Create a clickable section at the start of your content so your visitors can jump from their preferred section on your page. The element is a great way to introduce to visitors the talking points of your content at the start before they can start reading.

Click to Tweet

Turn memorable quotes in your content into tweetable ones. Clicking on them lets you share them on Twitter and increase engagement with your page. You can also turn one-sentence summaries of your subheadings into clickable tweets.

Lead generation

Place opt-in forms everywhere within the content to build your email list. You can customize the appearance of the sign-up forms and integrate with the top email marketing tools. The opt-in form you will include in the content will serve well as your page’s call to action.

Social shares

Make it easier for people to share your content on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, among others. Add the buttons at the beginning and end of your content or places that your visitors can easily see them for better chances of getting it shared.

Countdown Timer

If you’re running a limited time offer, use this element to display on the page as a reminder for your audience to decide soon before the deal expires. This is a great way to use the fear of shortage and scarcity to make a sale.


Leverage on the power social proof on your page by using this element to showcase positive reviews about your business to visitors. Add images to show the actual people who said the quote for bonus points.

Content reveal

The element lets you hide exclusive content for a certain amount of time you indicate. Use this option to show the price of your product or service to help increase your conversion. 

Instead of downloading separate plugins to access and include these elements on the site pages, Thrive Architect houses all of them in a single tool. More importantly, you can drag and drop the elements anywhere on your page with ease. Focus on creating great content and not worry about the technical aspects of design.

Thrive blog post template blocks

Blog posts do a lot for your business. 

First of all, SEO optimized blog content will help you draw organic traffic to your website. Blogs also demonstrate your authority in a niche, give you the potential to capture visitors as leads for your email list, and can help you get sales or affiliate commissions! Don’t you think engaging and visually appealing blogs should be part of the plan for your niche site?

At the moment, Thrive Architect doesn’t offer full blog post templates, but it does have a handy Content Blocks feature that makes it MUCH easier to build a more interesting blog layout in just a few clicks. 

For example, if you want to write a list post, there’s an entire “Steps” Content Block template that will give your listicle a consistent look from start to finish. Similarly, for a comparison post, there’s a Thrive Content Block template for a pros and cons list. There are many options here that can make your blogs more visually memorable, and not just a wall of text like the next guy’s!

Landing page templates

Landing pages are critical to how your website generates clients. The purpose of these pages is to attract your target visitors and compel them to commit to your CTA. If your pages can’t achieve this goal, then you don’t get to grow your business efficiently.

It’s not like developing landing pages is easy, to begin with. There’s an exact science to developing this type of pages. Each element inserted on the page accounts for getting visitors to sign up, click a button, or whatever your call to action is. Therefore, you can’t expect increased conversion rates if your landing page design sucks.

If you still find it difficult to create something from scratch using Thrive Architect, you can choose from over 241 landing page templates optimized for desktop and mobile viewing to tweak and edit to your liking!

The best thing about these responsive templates is that they help optimize your conversion rate. You don’t have to worry about creating a mediocre landing page using Thrives Architect. Each template is designed with each element in their right places to help you achieve your goals. All you need to do is focus on creating web copy that will convert visitors into clients. You can add elements as discussed earlier to add your personal touch.

Each template from the list comes in a set. Each set has different pre-made layouts for the homepage, landing page, confirmation page, download page, and video sales page. Choose the most appropriate template from the set for your page and edit as you see fit.

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Thrive Architect landing page templates to choose from

Below are examples of landing page templates available in Thrive Architect:

These are just some of the available templates you can choose in Thrive Architect. Your choice depends on the kind of layout and branding you want for your website. Once you’ve chosen your theme, half of the battle is done! All you need to do is edit the elements or add new ones as you see fit. You can build a fully functional website in a matter of minutes!

Pros and Cons of Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is as powerful as a content builder plugin can get. However, some may not feel like the tool is the best one for them despite its useful options. Below are the potential advantages and disadvantages that may experience with Thrive Architect. Keep in mind the pros and cons listed here may not apply to everybody. Regardless, they are meant to help you get a better grasp of the product so you can come up with an informed decision.

Pro: Easy-to-use content builder

Some content builders have steep learning curves that will take you a lot of time to master. But before you reach that point, you will have probably moved on to a much more intuitive tool to help you build your content and landing pages.

Thrive Architect is a tool that’s ready to use out of the box. Once you’ve activated the plugin’s license key, you can figure things out with the tool yourself. The drag and drop builder is easy enough to use even for non-techies.

If things get too tricky or you encounter problems using the plugin, the member dashboard offers you tutorials on how to use the content builder correctly. The Thrive University is a members-only section of the site that featured articles about using the Thrive Themes tools to great effect.

Con: Template organization needs work

As useful as all available templates are on Thrive Architect, they’re not easily seen from the content builder sidebar. You need to click on the Page Setup at the bottom of the content builder sidebar to choose from the selection of templates. It’s not really a big deal once you get used to it, but accessing the themes could be much easier if there’s a section from the sidebar where you can make immediate changes to your chosen template.

Also, an option to categorize the different templates available is ideal. Lumping the templates into sets is an excellent way to organize them based on their layout. However, if I want specifically to search for homepages, for instance, there should be a way to see them from the templates section without having to jump from one set to another.

As it stands, I need to check all the sets and see which ones I like the best. It would have been much easier to compare and contrast if you can pit templates side by side. It makes the job even more difficult since you can’t preview the template before implementing it on your page.

Again, these aren’t major gripes since I’ve acknowledged how useful the templates are in helping you build your landing pages. But there are kinks that Thrive Architect could improve on to provide an even better experience for users when choosing their template.

Pro: No content lock-in

One of the common disadvantages of using content builders is the content lock-in.

There are content builder plugins for WordPress that discourages you from using a different tool. Once you disable these plugins, the page that you created using the inactive tool will produce ugly shortcodes all over. The only way to get rid of them is to manually remove them from the default WordPress editor to clean up the gibberish left by the plugin. Since the process is time-consuming and excruciating, it would be better to just stick it out with the initial plugin (again your will, no less). 

With Thrive Architect, you don’t have to worry about such a thing. You can create as many pages and pepper it with as many elements as you wish using the plugin. And if you decide to disable the plugin, you won’t have to worry about shortcodes flooding your page. You can expect the page to retain its formatting as allowed by the default editor of WordPress. For instance, the buttons element you used from Thrive Architect will become text links.

Con: No blog post templates

Thrive Architect focuses on helping you build better landing pages. However, it would be nice to have blog layout templates to choose from the plugin. Thrive Architect adopts the theme’s blog layout, which isn’t a problem in itself. Still, some site owners like yourself may want control of their blog posts the same way they do with their landing pages using the plugin.

Assuming that you are not code-savvy, having the option for a one-column or three-column layout from Thrive Architect would help you create a blog that is in line with their other site pages.

You can still edit the blog content by adding elements using its drag and drop builder. Still, for those looking for a more comprehensive control of their blog, Thrive Architect, unfortunately, doesn’t offer that option just yet.

Pro: Affordable pricing

thrive architect pricing

To get full access to Thrive Architect, you need to pay $67 which includes lifetime updates to the plugin and 1-year support for a single site. If you want to use the WordPress page builder on more sites, you can pay for $97 to use Thrive Architect for five sites and $147 for 15 sites. The payment is good for life – the only thing you need to renew at a nominal fee is the support. However, assuming that you used the tool religiously and took the time get acquainted with its features, you should be fine by not renewing.

In the landing page builder market, Thrive Architect feels like a steal. Most of the website builders available require you to pay annually to use its tools and features. You don’t have that burden with this plugin. After paying, all you need to worry about its creating your websites with awesome content.

If you want to take your website to the next level with the help of Thrive, you can subscribe for a monthly fee of $19/month paid annually. Aside from Thrive Architect, you’ll get access to all Thrive products such as the following:

For this price, you can use all Thrive products on 25 sites. If you need more, you can pay $49/month paid annually for 50 sites.

Check out Thrive Architect here!

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Thrive Architect review verdict

Thrive Architect is easily one of the best page builders for WordPress. At the very least, it should up there as the visual editor of your choice. 

Compared to other landing page builders, Thrive Architect sets itself apart from the pack by branding itself as conversion-focused. Creating web pages with the greatest of ease is what all builders strive for. With this plugin, you can be sure to not only create beautiful pages on the go, but you can also guarantee high conversion rates using its proven templates. As mentioned earlier, there are lots of factors to consider when creating content that converts. A big part of that is how your content is presented to your audience.

What I like about Thrive Architect is how you can edit any content at will, whether it’s a page or post. The design possibilities when creating your pages from the ground up using this tool are endless! If you’re not confident in your design skills, you can simply pull up a template that you can edit, so you don’t have to build the page from scratch.

I do have reservations about the things it doesn’t provide. Building your blog posts using Thrive Architect has its limitations. You can add elements to your posts without any problems. However, I’m hoping for the day when conversion-focused blog post templates are available from the plugin. It can help you create blog posts that not only informs, but also helps bring your audience down your conversion funnel.

Thrive Architect is for you if…

You want the easiest way to building high-converting landing pages on your site. It doesn’t if you have design experience or not – Thrive Architect takes the pain of developing your landing pages and lets you focus on writing your content and growing your business. The drop and drop and click-to-edit features make customizing your site a breeze. Not to mention, the pages built on Thrive Architect load fast and are responsive!

Thrive Architect isn’t for you if…

You manage more than 50 sites. Thrive charges you for the number of sites you plan on using the plugin. If you’re a web entrepreneur and build multiple sites, then a plugin that you can use for an unlimited number of sites is much more ideal. Other than that, there really isn’t much going against this tool.

As it stands, Thrive Architect is almost the perfect solution for all your website needs. It’s relatively affordable, easy to use, and chock full of value – you can’t ask for anything more from your visual editor!

Try Thrive Architect Now

At the very least, you should try the tool out first. Thrive Architect offers a 30-day money back guarantee. This means if you don’t like the plugin within the 30-day period after purchasing it, you can simply ask for a refund, no questions asked.

Click here to grab your copy of Thrive Architect!

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Want to see some other WordPress content builder options? Check out this epic post comparing two of the most popular WordPress builders.

Want to look at a standalone landing page builder option instead? See my Instapage review or ClickFunnels review.

I hope this helps you decide on the right content builder for your business!

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Steve Boyko

Great review – and very interesting! I’ve been looking for something like this to manage my sites, and the price is right.

Were you compensated for this review? Are your links affiliate links? Please disclose if so… it is important so we can judge if there is any bias in your review. It sounds like an honest review but it’s important to be open. Thanks.

Spencer Haws

Yes, there are affiliate links.


I love all the features Thrive architect affords, but for every site I have used it on, it is painfully slow


I have been using thrive architect for about 3 months and built a whole website with it. It is a really amazing page builder.

Their is one big flaw and I’m wondering if you have a suggestion to get around it.

You can’t build any global elements like a header, navigation or footer that gets updated globally. You can make templates and use those, but they are not connected so if you want to change something, you have to make that change everywhere you used that template.

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