Youtube Shutdown, Cartoon Niche, and How Google Analytics Impacts Rankings…

By Spencer Haws |

Yesterday, Youtube instantly deleted and shut down a popular online business channel…all without warning.

The Startup Bros just shared, that their channel was shut down and they lost access to all of their videos (youtube just completely removed them). The Startup Bros and well-known for their Amazon FBA and general digital marketing advice.

They had over 30,000 subscribers and now it's completely gone. Read the blog post here for the entire story and what they are trying to do about it.

As they shared, perhaps the lesson is to be careful not to build too much of your business on someone else's platform. If you are a YouTube star, you are one email away from potentially losing your entire business.

Bottom line – use other people's platforms (Youtube, Facebook, Apple, etc) to leverage your own business. Drive leads to your email list or blog so that you truly own your audience.

3 Podcast Episodes a week?

In less scary news, I've published 2 new podcast episodes this week and I have another one scheduled for Friday. The best part? I have several more already recorded that I plan to release at a rate of 2 to 3 a week for the foreseeable future.

Want to listen to these fresh episodes?

– Google and Amazon Love Me, Google and Amazon Love Me Not

– The Downsides and Major Risks of Affiliate Marketing

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If you are interested in joining me on the podcast, I'd love to feature you and your business (no matter how big or small). Get all the details for coming on the Niche Pursuits podcast here.

The Cartoon Niche…

As I've mentioned in a previous email, I'm currently reading “Call Me Ted” (life and business of Ted Turner). I have just 50 pages left and it's an interesting read.

The book demonstrates the power of niches. Ted Turner saw that cable was up and coming (last 70s), but he also saw what other channels were missing.

There was no 24 hours news station. It's hard to believe that this “niche” was missed, but Ted Turner created CNN and quickly became a reliable news source – 24 hours a day.

Later he looked around and saw that no one was really doing anything with cartoons. He decided that why shouldn't kids be able to watch cartoons whenever they want!?

So, he created the Cartoon Network in 1992 and it quickly became extremely successful. Every successful channel that Ted Turner launched came down to finding the right niche and then acting quickly.

He wasn't successful with all of his ventures – he lost big on a few of his decisions (trying to buy MGM is one example that turned out poorly).

But here's what he said about defeat, “The lessons learned by such a crushing defeat would stand me in good stead for the rest of my life. When I suffer a setback, I don't think of myself as losing, I'm simply learning how to win.”

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Does Google Use Google Analytics for Ranking Purposes?

No. And Yes.

Google uses anonymized data in aggregate to help it better understand search trends and more. However, it does not look at your GA and determine if your site should be ranked higher.

Google's John Mueller just shared his thoughts on this discussion today.

Time for Another Niche Pursuits Case Study?

I'm looking for new online business or niche site experiments that I can do that last 30 to 90 days. I just posted this question in the Niche Pursuits Facebook group and there's already some excellent discussions going on over there.

Go ahead and join the Facebook discussion about what Niche Pursuits case studies should be done next right here.

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By Spencer Haws

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