Podcast 81: A Brief Discussion of the Niche Site Project 3 Video Finalists

By Spencer Haws |

In today's episode, Jake, Perrin, and I sit down and chat about the video finalists for Niche Site Project 3.0.  That's right, Jake makes an appearance for the first time on the Niche Pursuits podcast.

We discuss the videos that we received as shared in the last post.  In addition, we simply re-iterate the process that will be followed to chose the 3 students for the project.  If you haven't voted yet, you can do so right here.

Enjoy the episode!

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By Spencer Haws

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Good thoughts guys !

I hope you guys did laugh at my video 😀

Must’ve been hard to pick from such a big list 🙂


I’m 100% for diversity. But I am offended by Perrin’s statement of “people of color” and “lots of women applying”. Seems really unnecessary to point that out in this day and age.


you must be offended with ” Bad Applicants ” ? Whatever Perrin means about his choice of words does not really matter to me. Though I understand your concern and am not defending Perrin but i believe this is not the place for pointing out such mistakes or un-intentional messages cause I believe it is unnecessary to point that out in this day and age.


Although I was a bit concerned that reactions like this would happen after hearing Perrin’s statement, I’m sure he didn’t mean what you thought. I think Perrin was trying to say that he is glad that the NichePursuits community is diversivying

Spencer Haws

I guess I’m not sure how you interpreted Perrin’s comment. He was just saying he’s glad we received a diverse group of applicants.


Rick, I hear you. I had to rewind the podcast to make sure I heard it right.

But in the end, as a NP community member, I think it was just a horrible choice of words. He could have just said “diverse group”. After you get passed the choice of words, Perrin was making a good point.

Im looking forward to following along the 3 projects! Hope I can keep up with it all.



Great to finally get to hear Jake on the podcast! He sounds like a great guy, relaxed and intelligent.

Also cool to hear my QVC video gets a mention! This sure has been an awesome and humbling experience up to now.

Spencer Haws

Yep, Jake is a great guy…glad to finally introduce him to everyone!

Jake Cain

Hey Tom – thanks! It was good to make my podcast debut.


I say keep bringing Jake onto the podcast! (as long as he enjoyed it) We hear about how much he does all the time, it’s nice to put a voice behind the name.

Jake Cain

Hi Danny,

You’re my new favorite commenter… thanks for the kind words!


I am totally blown away by the magnitude of what these applicants did for their videos. My video look so plain and stiff. If there is a project 4, i will certainly step up my application video. LOL.

All the best in choosing you top 3 applicants. I will be following closely. Big thumbs up to all of you.

I agree with Danny that Jake should join the podcast. Love hearing Spencer and Perrin chat, but Jake does add a refreshing feel to the podcast. Awesome!

Spencer Haws

Thanks Melvin!

Jake Cain

Thanks, Melvin!


I still remember in 2013 I wrote to spencer to say if I can transfer money to buy the longtail PRO at that time, because I got no credit card ATT. But later I could be use a crack version around 2 month maybe, but soon LTP move to cloud version and all things fucked up, sorry I have to use crack version at that time, poor me.

At then, a BHW user recommend me to read spencers site, I am fully hooked by this, I learned a lot I have to say, thanks along the way. I have witnessed the 2 niche site project and read again and again.

Now I got platinum and use it everyday, and planning on my niche sites, nowadays rank a site just like a pain in ass, but I am so happy to see in 2015-2016, spencer can still teach people and loudly say – niche site still working!

Let me see what we can get in 2016 then, Im so eager to see!


Shaun Baird

The anticipation of nsp3 is driving me insane lol!


I’m disappointed that so much emphasis was put on video quality instead of student quality. I understand that this shows drive and hustle, but it doesn’t necessarily equal being a great applicant. Of course this doesn’t mean I won’t be watching, as I’m definitely going to be following along!
Good luck guys

Spencer Haws

I think you are misunderstanding the process. Only 1 of the students picked is based on videos. 2 are based on application. So, much more emphasis and results are based on entire application (2 out of 3 students).

Lisa Pfeffer

I haven’t had a chance yet to take a look at the finalists videos to vote. But, I can only imagine how it would be a tough decision to make after going through 100’s of videos. My video was very blah, but was definitely worth the time to create. Can’t wait to see how Niche Site Project 3 moves forward! I’ll be following along.

Gee, it seems like everyone made it out to Freedom Fast Lane this weekend. Maybe someday I’ll make it there… when the cost of a weekend isn’t my monthly salary LOL!

Spencer Haws

Thanks for the support Lisa!


Hi guys. I’m very excited about the third niche site project! But do you consider dedicating a podcast to your amazon business as well? I am very interested about the steps you made and especially the lessons you learned regarding the validation of the different concepts for selecting the products. Thanks and keep up the great work!

Spencer Haws

Thanks Tobias. I will definitely do a podcast dedicated to Amazon products; probably in jan. 2016.

jenis batu alam

thanks for sharing

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