Niche Site Project 3 Update for July and August 2016

By Spencer Haws |

I know that many of you have been anxiously awaiting the next update for Niche Site Project 3, so I’m happy to share with you the update today!

If you recall, it has actually been two months since the last update in June.  Part of the reason we waited 2 months between updates is because, well, stuff happens…but part of the reason is by design.  I didn’t want to push for an update too early, since the sites are so young and not much is happening each month.

However, after a couple of months, Samara, Colleen, and Ryan and starting to see some great things with their sites.  Below you will find their individual updates as well as traffic and earnings stats.

Hopefully this quick update inspires!

Update From Samara –

Hey everybody!

It feels like ages since my last update. I hope everyone had a nice summer and is working hard on their niche sites.

I have been pretty busy with Tiny Fry.

July was actually a complicated month as I spent 3 weeks traveling to see family I never get to see, so I didn’t have a ton of time to dedicate to my site. But in August I’ve tried to haul out the big guns.

As you guys know by now, Spencer is a firm believer in constantly publishing quality content, so that’s what I’ve been trying to do. In July and August I published a total of 20 articles. This has been a mix of affiliate and non-affiliate content, interviews, Q&A-type texts, and I even started a section on my own experiences with my daughter.

I have been busy working on those articles and doing the subsequent outreach, and also trying to keep Tiny Fry’s social media accounts as active as possible.

As I’m so focused on content, I’m letting backlinks take a back seat and just aiming to get a few each month (as is part of the strategy). This summer I landed about 7 guest posts, most of which are still pending publication, so it will be interesting to see what kind of boost I get from those once they’re live.

I’m seeing a steady increase in organic traffic, as you can see from this screenshot. August traffic was more than twice that of June, so I’m pretty pleased about that.


(Spencer’s Note: Look at that growth in organic traffic month after month!  This is an awesome growth curve and I expect it will continue.)

I had a record month on Amazon in August, earning $68.60, while July was quite dismal, with just $6.03. But that takes my summer total all the way up to $74.63.

According to Google Search Console, I’m ranking on the first and second page for a good number of keywords, which is very exciting.

All in all, I think I’m definitely on the right track, and with time I’ll be able to grow Tiny Fry from something tiny into something quite big!

Update From Colleen –

Hi NSP Followers!

As the summer is winding down, so has my traveling and link building strategy. I’m back in the U.S. and really knuckling down on my website. It’s a little difficult to stay focused when you’re traipsing across foreign lands! Now that I’m no longer eating my way across Europe, I’m able to get into full Coustii mode!

In the past couple months, I’ve switched from linkbuilding and focused on building a bigger, badder site! I was really proud of myself when I saw my Moz Domain Authority score jump to 28! Woo! It was a little difficult to switch gears though. I had to think all the way back to January when I first started doing keyword research for Coustii. I have been in link building mode for so long now that I had forgotten Perrin and I’s process. Thank goodness I took notes and our podcast is still up on NSP!

I have to admit that not only was switching gears difficult, but hard for me to get motivated. I’ve really enjoyed virtually meeting a variety of people through my outreach campaigns. I have a couple webmasters that I keep in contact with and we share vacation photos! Other than doing more writing and keyword research, I’ve created a Facebook page for Coustii, which I invite you to follow!

For the “numbers people” out there, here are my latest stats. In the month of July I had almost 2,000 sessions. In August, I was able to grow a little bit more and hit about 2,300 sessions. In July my organic search traffic was 900 and in August it jumped to almost 1,400! Of course, these aren’t jaw dropping numbers, but I’ll take every ounce of improvement I can get!

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I only monetized Coustii back in June, so my numbers were at 0 at the beginning of the summer. I’ve had a bit more hits in the past two months. My total earnings are about $43. I know, I know, don’t go spend it all in one place, right?

I think the biggest realization for me since our last update, is that these things take time. No, I’m not making my goal of $500/month yet. But, I think patience and perseverance will pull me through in the long haul!

Until next time friends!

Update From Ryan

It’s been said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. By this definition, I may be insane. Perhaps by other definitions as well.

As you can see from my screenshots, there’s only very minimal progress here in terms of traffic growth. Impressions are slowly on the rise, but not to the degree that traffic is seeing a major bump from them.

It’s not really surprising when the site is getting neglected by me in the way it is. I have starts and stops, good weeks and bad weeks. Self doubts and encouragements. And everything just gets away from me. I’m sure that some of you know the deal.

I wish that I could tell you that Jake and Spencer instructed me to neglect the site so that you guys could see what it looks like when someone doesn’t follow their advice and doesn’t put the work in, but no, this is just me being an idiot.

For the record, I’m still not throwing in the towel or anything. It’s just more of the same from your favorite delinquent student. I even have a skull and crossbones carved into my desk with a switchblade, and I’m wearing a leather jacket right now. So, it’s really your stereotypical situation going on over here.

Okay, back to reality. Here’s what’s going on with the site in terms of things we can actually look at and analyze.

  • I have nine articles on my site. Yes, nine. I should have had at least that in the first month the site was live. But, that’s where I’m at. Oh sure, I have a bunch of drafts of articles, but they’re not finished. You can’t expect traffic when you’re posting that little. Fact.
  • I was just (in the past week) REJECTED from Amazon Associates for not having any referrals in 180 days. My clicks were actually on the rise (nothing worth writing home about), but they were heading in a direction where I feel I was close to getting an actual sale. I’ll be reapplying shortly.
  • I haven’t done any work on getting backlinks – instead I wanted to focus on content. Well, I guess I’m focusing on neither. So, that’s an ongoing problem.

I’m trying you guys. I swear that I am. You know what’s really weird – I work on my site almost every day. I really do. I sit down, I get an article open to work on, I check my google analytics etc… and the next thing I know, it’s 1am and I have to be up 6.

audience_overview audience_stats impressions

I work my day job until 6pm if I’m lucky (many nights until 8 or 9), come home for dinner and family time, and by the time I get to my computer it’s about 10pm. And I’m beat. I’m not looking for sympathy or making excuses, but it’s a battle that I fight every day, and I’m still losing it.

If this makes no sense to you at all, this Ted video is like a portal into my brain, it’s well worth checking out:

Spencer’s Thoughts

Overall, I’m really proud of the effort that everyone has been putting into their niche sites.

Samara is seeing some nice growth each month from Google traffic and she’s close the to $100/month mark in earnings…nice!

Colleen is gaining some real authority with all her link building, and I fully expect that as the site ages and she continues to add content she’ll keep seeing a nice traffic and earnings increase.   Keep up the good work!

Ryan has made some good progress too.  Yes, its slow…but he is clearly putting in the effort.  I’m sure many of you can relate to the fact that he basically has no time in his day, and he’s doing what he can to work on this niche site.  You all have our support, Ryan!

I wish all the students good luck, I expect great things over the next few months.

And for those of you following along and building your own sites, I hope your journey continues to go great as well!  Feel free to drop a comment below to ask any questions or let us know how your niche site is coming along.  Or you can also join up our private Facebook group for this project and read the progress reports from other people.

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By Spencer Haws

Spencer Haws is the founder of After getting a degree in Business Finance from BYU (2002) and an MBA from ASU (2007) he worked for 8 years in Business Banking and Finance at both Merril Lynch and Wells Fargo Bank.

While consulting with other small business owners as a business banker, Spencer finally had the desire to start his own business. He successfully built a portfolio of niche sites using SEO and online marketing that allowed him to quit his job in 2011. Since then he's been involved in dozens of online business ventures including: creating and exiting Long Tail Pro, running an Amazon FBA business for over 3 years and selling that business, founding, and co-founding You can learn more about Spencer here.

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Good luck Ryan – keep going man!

Kent Chow

It’s a great reality check for those learning and building niche sites in 2016. It’s all about going to be an authority.

It takes time to research, publish content, rank and bring in traffic. I find it’s hard to rank new sites these days.. even after 6-12 months.

I’m proud that I finished most on podcasts when I commuted. I still follow along and implement some coaching call lessons.

Look forward to the BIG shopping season update. Cheers!

Dan W

Thank the lord. I’m thrilled to have a Niche 3 Project update. It still confirms the reality of it and the struggle is worth it and I am not insane. My time is limited , so I honestly got my eyes mostly on Samara, excuse me, I mean Samara’s website, because I am projecting to build a site similar in style. With more time in the future, perhaps I can get more involved in all 3 students.
However, I am following intensely, Ryan in spirit because he and I sorta have something in common, called fatigue or exhaustion. Ryan ,you have unfortunately alot of work hours consuming your energy and time. I commend you for not giving up. I have a medical condition that slows me down and I am older, so some days are like “can I just stay awake , please”. I have come too far. The ship has already left port and way too far out to sea to give up. Ryan, you and I might be slow, but determination and a strong spirit will keep us going. Some people run the mile in 4-5 minutes, well there are others that make it in 20 minutes. The 20 minute milers perhaps get to look around abit and see more on their journey!
I thank you for your honesty. I did hear about the Amazon ban ;if you do not sell within the first 90 days of website grand opening. Because I am not a sprint worker here, I think I will have, like 10 posts ready on opening day and go from there. I can’t count on my “catch up mode” anymore. I wonder what the success rate is when one reapplies to Amazon after a 90 day ban.
As a side note, I now have a ton of resources of all kinds of interesting stories. There have been affiliate sites that were up a year before Google decided to rank them on the first page. The owner pretty much gave up until one day he glanced down and was shocked at some earnings and traffic. Other very famous affiliates have failed for like the first five years before earning high, 6 figure annual incomes. My attitude is you follow Spencer Hawes, Brian Dean, Neil Patel, and inspirational stories from Perrin (this guy knows his stuff, to think he was a student like 3-4 years ago) and the posts of success on; succes is inevitable if you keep working on it. These updates are fabulous, by the way! Thank you Spencer, Samara, Ryan and Colleen!

Spencer Haws

Yep, takes time to learn the ropes for sure. Thanks Dan!

Papia Sultana

I get inspiration from this article. Thanks for sharing the update.


Congratulations to all 3 of you! It’s so fascinating to hear your different approaches and see the results. Ryan, hang in there, you’re doing great- it must be so tough to juggle working and trying to build your site. Im sure there are many Niche Pursuits followers who are in the same boat as you, and so your journey would be motivating them when they might have otherwise given up!


Great work everyone. This is a journey and thank you for sharing yours with us. There are a lot of us who have smaller sites too, and it is encouraging to see the monthly growth. One thing that really stood out this post is that we are hearing about the real life challenges of maintaining motivation and putting in the time. I know this is something I too struggle with, and it is makes me feel better about myself that I am not unique in that way.

All the best,


Spencer Haws

Thanks Leo, definitely had a lot of “real life” moments with the students these past few months. Its totally normal to not be able to focus 100% of your energy on a project.


I’m picking up a lot of sad vibes here, I want to point out some of good vibes on my end. I started building a site around January when niche site project 3 started so that I can follow along. I started to venture off the course and try a bunch of different things and testing different ideas for my site. I have learned a lot from doing this and started to see great results from organic searches.

So far the site is doing very good. I’ve hit the $500 a month goal for July and August. September should hit the same goal, but Amazon has been weird in September (anyone else seeing this?). I have over 120 post so far and I’m working on more. My goal is to have over 200 post by the end of the year.

One interesting thing about this site is that I only have a few backlinks. I try to get more backlinks, but writing post is easier for me.

To be fair, I have no kids, but I do work 50 hours a week (sometimes 60 during the rush). Building sites is really a grind and it does suck. Sometimes I get so sick of writing that I’ll stop for a day or two to recollect myself. I keep pushing myself as I know better things are to come.

Spencer Haws

Great work, Steve-o. Sounds like you are really cranking out the posts. Those that can get up 120 posts in 6 months definitely have the possibility of seeing results like yours.


Great updates!

@Ryan, I hear you. I’m in exactly the same situation. Not sure if you tried these (it works for me) to see if it’s getting better for you:

1) Go to bed early and wake up early to write. You should go to bed early because you have had a hard working day. You’ll get burned out completely if you write at 10:00 PM
2) Use your weekend time. This sounds crazy, but we have to sacrify something right?:D
3) Outsource your content

Keep up good work man!

Financial Canadian

I can totally relate to Ryan. It’s incredibly difficult to find time to build your website while working a full-time job.

When I first starting my blog, I made a goal of maintaining AT LEAST a Tuesday/Thursday posting schedule. So some weeks I would post more, but NEVER would I post less than twice per week.

I’m happy to say I’ve maintained that goal and it’s probably the main reason my site continues to grow.


Ryan’s story is a little sad , but I have a suggestion :

I’m sure you don’t work on Saturdays and Sundays , why not spend most if your weekend writing content ahead of the week (let’s say 2 or 3 articles ) , so that you then focus on link building during the week?

This is the strategy I’ve been using , and its working pretty well for me.


There is also the family factor. For many people trying to have a healthy family life, weekends are even more loaded than weekdays. There is shopping, then at the park or at a kid’s party, meal preparation and thousands errands to do.
Keep up the good work Ryan!


Sorry to be harsh here, but Ryan isn’t doing good work. He has written 9 articles in how many months? And done nothing else. That’s a joke.
Fair enough if he’s got zero commitment to following through on building a website, the same goes for many people. But he should have been straight about this from the start and then somebody else could have got the benefit of the coaching.

Dan W

I disagree. Working hard long hours on the job, family commitment, different people handle the fatigue factor differently. We are not all the same. Even if Ryan proceeds at a pace 50 percent slower, eventually he will still attain his goal of 50 or 60 posts. I think it is good to have a student such as Ryan to demonstrate a situation that other people are in the same boat. The purpose of this project is to teach, teach about AM , and also about the struggles to reach goals in the process. Ryan, I got your back , buddy. Keep going at your pace for whatever makes you feel comfortable. You have to take a break sometime, too.


I agree with Neil. Ryan is making a ton of excuses and it’s getting old. With only 9 articles written, he is wasting the coaching opportunity. Maybe he could drop out, and someone from the facebook group can get coaching from Jake.


I agree with Neil too. Ryan clearly isn’t motivated enough to make it work. Unless he has a serious attitude change he will never be successful with his niche site.

So what if he has a long work day and family so has hardly any time. Pretty much everyone else is in the same boat as him. This is just an example of someone who just doesn’t have the motivation to do it – I think it is better to admit that to yourself than to continue making excuses and wasting even more time doing nothing.

I followed along with this niche project and started my own. I have made more than all 3 of them. I have more content and have outreached more though. And YES I did it while juggling a family and job.

I noticed others in the facebook group have been more successful too.

That’s kind of disappointing really because you’d expect though who are getting one-on-one coaching to do a lot better as they have that.


I know SEO needs a certain time.but I really think it’s not worth trying.Maybe I really don’t fit in this industry.I find these students pay so much, but their income is only a few dollars a month.I think if they’re going to be a part-time freelance on odesk o other sites.They can also earn more money than this.Please don’t misunderstand me, I don’t have any ill will. I am very friendly.Maybe just SEO doesn’t suit me.!Thank you for your share,I don’t want to build any niche site.But I will always read your article.I like your article.


Reading these updates make me wonder…
If you ran a ‘niche site project 4’ with someone working on a site full time, where would they be at in the same timeframe?
Seems it takes a real huge amount of time to get success alongside a day job but, if you could quit for one year and solidly focus – like a full time job – on building out a niche site, could you avoid ever having to go back to work..?


I would be interested in seeing something like this too!


I second this. What if one saved a good sum of money that would last them a year and cover the costs of building a niche site during the same timeframe and then quit their day job to focus solely on building a niche site, would it be possible to never have to return to a 9 to 5 job again?


I’m doing exactly this. I’ve quit my job and now focus on making websites right now.


How’s it working out for you Steve-o?
Are you having more success than the three in this experiment?

Robin Eyre

There’s some great work there. Well done. Keep your chin up Ryan. Keep going!


Great work Spencer Haws. I started working for a niche site 6-7 month back but didn’t rank. I inspire reading post, I will start again my journey.


Spencer, can you give some explanation as to why this NSP hasn’t seen the earnings and traffic as quickly as yours and Perrin’s?
I’m sure these guys are working extremely hard however I just wanted to know whether you think google has changed since then or do you think it’s just the market’s that they’re pursuing.

Spencer Haws

A few years ago (when Perrin and I did NSP 3), it was easier to rank a site quickly. Google is always changing.

Becky Flanigan

I have to be honest, I was hoping earnings would be higher after 6 months. Just use a PBN already! 🙂

Dan W

Hi Becky. It appears to me , a proper execution of a PBN these days, is so much work and dollar investment, one may as well just put the time in to white hat link building, seo, and create the 100 posts.

Becky Flanigan

Depends on if you know what you are doing.


yeah i completely agree with Becky.

Stephen Aidoo

Great and kudos to you guys all. This has really shared some light on my ideas and where i think my site really is. This is an inspiration and a motivational article. thanks spencer and friends.


Building a good niche and if you’re are really good in your niche then probably you can make a money on it just learn SEO and hope you the best your niche 🙂


@Ryan Keep moving forward buddy, don’t ever give up!

As someone who suffered from a lot of the same situations that you are going through, I really encourage you to read “Awaken the Giant Within” by Tony Robbins. It really changed my life.

I think the key to online business is developing the right mindset and outlook for the future, otherwise it’s all too easy to get discouraged.

Good luck!


Hey Samara

I have some great Pinterest boards on which your pics will do really well. Your diy content lends itself to Pinterest. You need to make it easy for me to pin though. Generally I don’t pin content to Pinterest unless the website owner has given “permission” with an installed pin it button.
You are losing out on social traffic without the social buttons. I am happy to pin some of your images. I’ll check back to your site in a few day. Great site…

Keep well…

Spencer Haws

Great tip…thanks Noline!


No disrespect here, but those results are laughable at best. I’m not putting down the idea or the efforts that went into it because I’m sure it was a lot. I’m strictly speaking of the ROI of effort vs. results.

I said it in the last “update” and I’ll say it again. This niche site/publishing “content” bandwagon has long since past. Wake up folks! Spencer, Perrin and the rest of the crew give good info, but the heyday has passed for starting a new niche site that will earn you good cash in any respectable amount of time – and by “good” – I’m talking $500 – $1000 per month+. And as it happens, they got in at the right time. Plus, they have more resources than most of us do.

You want that kind of money, start flipping on eBay or Amazon (not even FBA). Otherwise, prepare to spend lots of time and money to start a niche site or do private labeling.

Dan W

I respectfully disagree. My fears of the death of affiliate marketing did exist exactly as you describe. However , I have done some current research on the internet via case studies and examples that contradict your statement. Perrin Carell, granted a talented affiliate marketer/writer started an authority site 8 months ago and is now earning about $7500 per month{see post–Perrin does guest posting there}. Recent posts on this website for approximately $3000 monthly for sites started a year ago have been published. No guarantees, but there still are success stories based on hard work, proper execution, link building and perhaps good old luck. To say it can”t be done is wrong. Agree, not as easy as it was 5 years ago.


Have to disagree here. Gone are the days of ranking a new site in 1 month and making $500+ within a couple. It takes patience these days which most newbies don’t seem to have (good for the rest of us). Seems like about 6 months is the new norm to start making money on a site. From there, $50/month QUICKLY turns into $250, $500, and $1,000+ per month.

It’s all about putting in a ton of work at the start and going into maintenance mode afterwards while the website “simmers”.

Dan W

Ditto. I could not have said it better. Ivo, you have described the reality of growing a niche site today, perfectly. Kudos!


@ Dan & Ivo – Yes, you have some valid points. However, taken as a whole, it would seem that what you’ve pointed out are really ‘exceptions to the rule’ rather than a typical result.

My point here is more in line with a typical result – an that is, if income of $500+ per month Online is the goal, then there are certainly easier approaches to reach that compared to this niche-blog/pump out content and build links approach.

On a positive note, one thing that nobody can deny is that Spencer doesn’t try to sell you a line of B.S. like a lot of these other online marketing “gurus” who’s real motive is to sell you a system or coaching.

Mr. Moneybags

I would love to see an analysis of earnings with the cost of your time accounted for. It seems like Tiny Fry has probably put 100 hours into something that has earned her $75. Seems like becoming an Uber driver or working a minimum wage job might have been more lucrative. Even if she sold her site tomorrow at 30x monthly earnings, she still would have made next to nothing.


After 2 years, building 5 niche sites I make over 5k a month. I don’t think it is as easy as it use to be but it is doable.

It takes a ton of work, time and a lot of learning to be successful.


I’m surprised that Coustii hasn’t seen a lot more traffic… You know with the backlinks from this site and all, and I’m sure with some of Spencer’s contacts


Hi Ryan, I know how difficult it is and I can totally relate.

Writing the content is THE most difficult thing (at least for me!) and I found out that it took me ages to write each article. I know you are tight on budget but if you have any useless old stuff to sell or ways to get a bit money without loans I suggest you focus on the keyword thing and get some content outsourced.

If you shop around, you can great high quality articles something for about $30 per 1,000 words. I have to spit blood to get to 1000 words and I found out by outsourcing the content worth its value in gold.

Ryan you have reached so far into the NSP 3.0 don’t throw it all out, it’s not worth losing all the progress you’ve made so far like keyword research, settings up the site, getting some content but mainly the MENTAL effort that it took you to reach where you are. Please don’t neglect it man, forget analytics and stuff like that. Just focus on content.


Zubair Ahmed

Good luck to all guys, I know it is quite frustrating when you know you are putting the effort but have not come any closer to your goal.

I started my site in March 2016 and my total Amazon commission now is $110. It took me 7 months to reach here but it feels awesome to see that this thing works and you just need to have a system in place.

I stopped posting articles on my site in July but the site has been passively earning me something, I can only think what I can earn if I post at least two articles every month.

Thanks for the updates and I’ll be following you guys.

Thanks Spencer for getting us all started.


Can you share how many articles you have published so far ? I think greater revenues are a direct result of primarily more content written so I am curious how many articles and how big are they that yo managed to put until now?

Spencer Haws

Great work Zubair!


@Ryan – Dude, you gotta want this. I get where you’re coming from with time. I have a full-time job with a 1 hr commute each way, a wife, and 6 year old triplets (who were 1 when I started building sites).

Personally, I always get the most of my work done on Friday and Saturday nights. Grab a cup of coffee around 8pm and work til 1-2am or until I can’t see straight. When I was first starting, I’d sneak in a couple hours of work on some weeknights after the kiddos were in bed. You could also wake up earlier on weekdays and get an hour in of work if that works better for you than weeknights.

Have a gameplan BEFORE you sit down to work or you’ll end up simply doing non-important “busy work” like tweaking your site design, looking at rankings and visitor stats, checking out Facebook, etc. Write out this plan while at your day job where you probably have a minute or two available at times. I use Trello for everything but do whatever works for you (I wouldn’t suggest multiple apps).

Put TV, video games, and even “some” family time on hold for a bit. Let your wife and kids know what times you need to work. You’re doing this for your family right? Small sacrifices now = big reward down the road. Remember, you don’t have to bust your butt for the lifetime of the site, but you do at the beginning.

Trust me, once you start getting a sale from your site here and there, you’ll want more. This helps a lot with motivation and you’ll actually want to work more. You just need to get to that point.

learn tally online

Thats a wonderful writeup

Thanks 🙂


Well done : Samara and Colleen.
You website is going on the right direction but I think it’s a bit slow.
I started two websites December last year and both are doing well and the traffic keeps growing. Secret? No secret.
My question was before starting both wesbites : Can I start two websites at the same time?
Guess what was the answer from people “Gurus” ?
95% : No
I’m stubborn lol so guess what ?
I didn’t listen to 95% as Napoleon said : If you want to succeed don’t listen to people lol
The results as shared on both links below:

Work Harder : Ryan
Ryan , I suggest you to change your strategy. The best way to get results is change your routine. Work on your website by waking up early!
That’s what I do, I wake up Fresh and Ready to Kick My day.
Another thing I do is : as soon as I wake up I take my pen and paper , yes, I heard OLD SCHOOL but I think it’s more productive, Ryan don’t check your “SMARTPHONE” when you wake up!!!! It will save you a ton of time!!!!!
By the way don’t listen to me if you want lol

Keep it up !!!!



Hey Spencer,

How can you continue to advertise your (still 20% owned) Long Tail Software on this site as it is now REDUNDANT!!!

After the Google update EACH & EVERY adwords account is affected and though you can view the keyword data it can NOT be exported now for almost a month – the new owners are in a complete fix!

You are Extremely SMART to sell off the software when you – God help us!!

PS: Please have the decency to at least publish this comment here (for the sake of FULL disclosure), since the new owners are not doing it on the official site – Thanks.

Spencer Haws

The software is going through some changes, many users are now on the cloud version (and all new buyers will be). The cloud version provides all the data as before. For existing users on the old desktop version, we are looking into providing 3rd party data. You can read more details here:


Thanks for your reply!

So does this mean the old customers on the desktop version will have to pay more if and when you start providing this 3rd party data?

If yes, why can’t you guys simply migrate all of the existing customers to the cloud version as a goodwill gesture since it is ALL of us who helped to make your software business a HUGE success!!

Spencer Haws

All existing users on the desktop version still have lifetime access to that version, we are not taking anything away.


Did you pay so much more time just for a few dollars a day?Maybe Google has changed its algorithm.The fact is that maybe you spend a year to write articles and build the backlinks,but your site is not ranked ever.I feel like it’s a gamble.Your chip is your time.If you are willing to spend the time in other places.such as odesk and elance.I can assure you that you can get a better income than niche site building project.if you spend all this times on freelancing platform.I can promise you can make at least 20 usd everyday.and you can received the money in short time.but now you spent so much time here,but it is very like gaming.maybe after one year you just made 100 usd.

Bhuboy Villanueva

Really good to see good progress from Coleen, and with Ryan too, where I think mostly people are like in his situation , trying really hard to make time to build a business. Thanks for the update


Рretty! This was an extremely wondеrful article.
Many thanks fоr providing this information.


It’s refreshing to see the other side of the coin. Most of the time all you see in internet marketing is people saying how their students are making $5k a month 90 days later so it’s nice to see the more realistic side of things here.

Good luck guys and keep pushing!


It’s nice to see an update. I’d been wondering how the students were doing because after a few months, it can be tough to keep up the pace, especially when you’re not seeing much in the way of progress. We all need to see the rewards to feel like the effort is worth it.

I’m still working on trudging through when I’m not seeing that effort pay off with even a few dollars. It can be discouraging. On the other hand, it’s only been a few months since I started my site.

I’m so impatient!


Signed up for your Long Tail Pro software and was sent to the cloud version as you call it. It was so slow and clunky that it did not function. Told support and asked for an extension of trial and it was given. Then, when that was fixed, the KC feature stopped working (the whole reason I want the software). Sent another support request venting my frustration and asking for an extension so that I have at least 48 hours with the full working software, and they didn’t respond. Instead, they just canceled my account. Is that how you want a business that you own a share of to treat customers?

Dan W

Well described comment of your negative experience. Hopefully, LTP developers are able to debug and correct all the issues going on, say within a month. Then you can come back and appreciate LTP as it used to be.


Well I can thankfully login to my account now. KC still not working. Still no response from support.

Spencer Haws

Obviously, I hope that the support and new team treats you well. The new team is well aware of issues and are making strides. However, since I sold the company almost 9 months ago, I have no say in the business…so not sure posting comments here is going to help (since the Long Tail Pro team will never see these comments).


You have more of a voice with them than I do. I couldn’t reach anyone, so I went to the only person I knew would actually reply. FYI – still not working, but I finally found someone to respond to me, so fingers crossed things get fixed soon. Thanks Spencer!

Dan W

Justin. Thanx for your comment on your experience with LTP. Did you see that new video of LTP Cloud Version. Gee just imagine if they do get this stuff going 100%. I think they are held up with unexpected server glitches. I have faith they will get it together. Timeframe is not predictable here but I am willing to wait. Kinda like the movie “interstellar”, it was a long journey with some really scary downturns, but human nature prevailed. I got the faith on this one! I am not a developer but just another paying customer who believes these guys are trying hard and will eventually prevail. We gotta support them at this point.


hi.I have checked the Samara’s site backlink profile today.and I found that she didn’t even created any backlinks.You did not let her go to creat any backlinks for her site?But I’ve found that this site is almost 1 years said the sites so young.but I do not think so.I found her site already almost 1 years old.why not go to get some backlinks ?

Dan W

where are you getting that info from that Samara’s website has no backlinks. I check Semrush all the time, she has 9 backlinks????


I have done a research for her site her: yes.It shows her site has about 22backlinks here.but please note.Almost all of the backlinks comes from Low juice blog comments backliks.and Please note.almost all of her backlinks are “Nofollow”.and I found she did not put the keywords properly distributed on her website.please check her homepage title tags.her homepage title tag:”Gifts, games, gear. And more. – Tiny Fry”.home page title tag are top important.I think spencer should said it to her.It seems she want to rank the main keywors “Gifts, games, gear. And more.”sorry for my poor english.I am a chinese girl.

Dan W

Why thank you for your reply. Certainly interesting. I have a warning though. I was fiddling around one day and compared information concerning vs Semrush information on Samara’s website. I found SpyFu to be way out of date concerning Samara’s ranking keywords on her website. Semrush was way more accurate and up to date. I have heard that “Ahrefs” is the place to go for accurate complete info concerning backlinks. I have never heard of but I will certainly check it out . Just goes to show you, reading comments, you can learn new things too. I imagine high juice backlinks are not easy to attain in the beginning. Her ranking keywords keep rising, she is up to like 4300 keywords according to Semrush. That is no small piece of change. Eventually Samara is going to break out, I feel. With today’s Google, it takes time, you cannot judge by the first 6-8 months. She has got the worth ethic. Its just a matter of executing the knowledge and patience.


hi Samara and Spencher,

i really envy on how you get 1500 daily visitors, my analytics daily visitors just keep on jumping from 4oo to 600.. it never really went straight up high like samaras traffic… mine is like the teeth of a saw… why is that ? should i delete my pbn links ?


A niche based blog is probably good if you can focus on building link, best way forward to this is guest posting

Kuk result

Hi Spencer,
How do you promote a new content? I mean do you find backlinks for every new content/post?

Nicolai Busekist Ohlsen

I really love these kind of posts. I recently started working on my own niche site in danish, but when I get a grip on how it is working, I will try working a bit with the international market as well. I will probably use Amazons affiliate-program for this – is this something that i recommendable? 🙂

Spencer Haws

Yes, Amazon can be great internationally.


It is a amazing post for update with NSP3.
I am a chinese man and not good at English now,
My fist niche website is begin with july and creat it step by step by NSP3 (Samara parts) , Maybe for my language problem, this website have not enough good expression.But I still get a lot by study with NSP3.
Thank you very much Spencer and congratulations Samara.


Hi Spencer,
Those projects are great. I followed the project 1 & 2, and as far as I know their income was good. I checked on the net those sites, Surprise! They’re all gone! So I was wondering, what happen? Is it a normal life cycle for those kind of sites? Or something else…

Spencer Haws

Go to the project pages for 1 and 2 and read the last couple of updates…all the answers are there.


Hey Spencer,
I love following these updates and I am especially interested in as I would love to see how Samara works on it to make it an authority website.


Thanks… i am really very happy becoz i get ur article but i need more idea for this topic…. Thanks For Your Information….


I really like the ways samara worked for guest post.

I have a question. How much time is needed to take effect on ranking after making a guestpost link?

Browsing Phones

Good piece! There is still a lot of work to do, You really do need a perfect mix of contact and traffic strategy.

Passive Solutions

We are willing to jump in to assist Ryan with sponsored content from Passive Solutions, a new (very soon) to launch content platform. Let me know if you’re interested in a sponsor. Some free publicity would be highly appreciated of course if we come to an agreement 😉


Awesome Article! Engaging i would say! I honestly think there is a way you can go around this. I mean, there are loads of comments and suggestions already. All the very best.


yes true …if we need results on a long term basis , then patience is the key…

Nonye O.

Awesome work so far.
I am a witness to how difficult it can be at the beginning. When I started out, I was at the point of giving up about thrice. I was at a stand still for almost six months.
Toady, I make about $20 dollars every month. So, I have learnt to appreciate small beginnings.
Hang on guys, the sky is the limit.


Good! There is still a lot of work to do


Hi Spencer,

I am so excited to see the Niche Site Project 3 Update for September and October. Do you plan to publish it this week?

Spencer Haws

Yes, just published.

Nicolai Nørby

I quite new to affiliate marketing and niche sites. I have started working on my first site in danish, but when I gain more experiencing i would like to take my affiliate business to an international plan. I plan on using Amazon for this. Thank you for a great article – It really did boost my motivation to work even harder to reach my goals 🙂


Thx for sharing these information to all, do you use rss feed to make backlinks ?
Do you pay attention to backlinks ?


How many hours of work do you spend in a week for your Websites ?

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