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Niche Site Project 2: Income Report and Podcast for January 2014!

Niche Site Project 2: Income Report and Podcast for January 2014!
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Want to learn step-by-step how I built my Niche Site Empire up to a full-time income?

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The January income report for aPennyShaved.com is here!  This is one that I know a lot of you have been anticipating, because of how well the site did last month.

After earning over $650 in December, the big question was whether December was so big mostly due to Holiday shopping.  The clear answer is NO!  January was a much bigger month, and Perrin and I attribute that to simply getting more pages indexed and ranking in Google.

Newer sites can take a few months before Google starts ranking all the long tail possibilities.  And January was the month that aPennyShaved really started to do well in Google.  Below, you can see the full income report along with Perrin's thoughts.

However, this is a special occasion because in addition to just the normal income report, Perrin and I also recorded a podcast to review the entire project!

This is meant to be the final official coaching call for Niche Site Project 2.  This podcast/coaching call is the culmination of the entire project…so we hope you listen!

On the podcast we cover many things that are not covered in this post.  Overall, we review:

  • How well the site had done in January including income, traffic, and more.
  • Why the site is doing so well
  • What Perrin thinks about the whole project
  • Details on where traffic is coming from
  • Rankings of keywords
  • Coaching going forward
  • The strategies that have worked for this project
  • And much more…and overall in-depth discussion of aPennyShaved.com and why its so successful

Overall, I'm excited that we have well exceeded our goal of earning $500/mth from the niche site.  The niche site project 2 has been a huge success, and this post and podcast are a bit of a celebration of that fact.

I'm going to let Perrin take it away from here and share all the specifics for this January income report.

Perrin's January Income Report for aPennyShaved.com

Howdy, friends. It’s that time again: time to share how many greenbacks aPennyShaved brought in this month. And I think you’re going to be pumped about this one because I had a record month!

Let’s get to it.


In the December income report, I shared that I’d made $659.41. I was totally blown away by the success in December; remember, in November, I’d only made about $40. However, I knew that Christmas helped a lot, so I was very curious to see how (or if) the site would grow in January.

I figured there would be a slight dip in January – in both traffic and earnings. So you can probably imagine my surprise when I started to see a hockey stick in my Amazon Associates account. The sales just kept going up. Eventually, I was average $30-$40 per day. And, around the third week of January, I hit the 8% Amazon Associates commission threshold, which gave me a significant boost. So what did I end up with? Take a peek.

Amazon Income Detailed
Click to Enlarge

In January, I earned $1,391.97! That came from 872 items shipped, and my commissions are 8% of $17,706 of revenue that aPennyShaved brought to Amazon. That’s totally insane! I more than doubled my money, which I certainly did not expect.

Needless to say, I’m super, super happy. If you’d told me four months ago that I’d have a site making over $1,000 per month before Valentine’s day, I would have told you that you were crazy. But here I am. So that’s the good news.


So what about traffic? If you’ve been following the project, you’ll know that I set a rather lofty goal for this month. I wanted to get to 1,000 unique visitors per day. As it happens, I hit that pretty much right after the post was published, and I’ve been averaging 1,000+ visitors per day since. Awesome, right?

Here’s the data.

GA Data
Click to Enlarge

The spike you see there was the last income report, which usually gives me a bit of a boost for the rest of the week. After it died down, however, I was very happy to see my traffic even out and settle into the normal ebbs and flows of weekly traffic trends (slightly more traffic on Monday and Tuesday, etc.).

I was even more encouraged by the data from Google Webmaster Tools. Last month, I’d gotten 90,000 impressions from about 1,400 queries. This month, that’s increased substantially. Check it out:

GWT Summary
Click to Enlarge

That’s a pretty sharp increase in numbers. I’m now getting 248,000 impressions from 4,437 queries. So, the site is definitely settling into a very good rhythm, and it seems obvious that Google really likes the site. I mean, that is a lot of long-tail traffic. It also goes to show you that long tail keywords really do end up making up the bulk of your traffic.

All of this has come totally naturally, of course. I didn’t target 4,000 keywords. That traffic is just part of the natural writing process. It’s really cool to watch, really. As a site matures, it starts to rank for all those little longtails. And that’s when it really starts to grow. Still, I’m very excited to see these kinds of numbers. It’s super, super fun to watch the site grow!


Like I said in my last post, I’m not too worried about my rankings – except for my two primary keywords: “best safety razor” and “best electric shaver.” So, I have been keeping an eye on those, and both have seen a bit of movement.

In December I was ranking #2 for my primary keyword, “best safety razor.” Shortly after I published that report I jumped up to #1, finally beating a LifeHacker article I’d been trying to beat forever. I was so pumped! But not for long…

A few days later, I dropped to #3 – ha. I was like, “huh?” I talked to a bunch of colleagues about what could have possibly caused me to drop like that. What we finally decided on was that a few of my Rank Hero posts dropped off the front page of their blogs, giving me slightly less authority (but still a lot).

Weirdly, this was kind of encouraging. Why? Well, mostly, it re-affirmed the strength of both my site and of the Rank Hero network. It means that pairing a well-built, well-written site with a ultra-high-quality, ultra-safe network like Rank Hero works very well as a long-term strategy. Remember, I didn’t even have a lot of Rank Hero links. I only had five. So, even though I dropped, I was pleased.

There’s some good news, too! For my other keyword, my rather lofty one, “best electric shaver,” I moved from #12 to #10. So I’m on the front page! I haven’t noticed tons of traffic or anything, but I’ve noticed a bit, which is very cool. This is probably the product of the site’s age, we think. So, it’s also an awesome sign that the site’s doing well.

What have I been doing? What’s boosted the site?

Most of the site’s revenue and traffic increases have been related to the new content I’ve added, I think. I hired my brother to write a bunch of new articles (we added 15-20 articles last month or something), and we’re coming up on 40 pages of content total, which I’m really excited about.

As a very, very rough estimate, each new piece of content seems to bring in around 20-25 new visitors per day once it settles in and Google decides to rank it. This is just keeping with the same old strategy: getting to 50 pieces of content before stopping and letting the site ride.

Other than that, I haven’t been doing much. I haven’t been link building at all, and I don’t plan to do any more. However, I did get another link from my previous round of link bait a long, long time ago. Remember that? It’s still working for me!

What’s the plan now?

After I get to 50 pieces of content, I’m going to take a bit of a break. I’ve already started on my second site, and I’m just kind of barely almost starting to see it rank, so I’m throwing a little more of my weight behind that one.

I did, however, add a Facebook like box to the site. Building an audience on social media is something I’d really like to get better at. So, I’m starting to experiment with Twitter and Facebook. I have very little to report on that, but I’ll certainly keep you guys in the loop.

That’s it for me! Thanks again guys, and this time, please indulge me: How are your sites doing?

Listen to the Podcast Here:

Play EpisodeDownload MP3

Yes! I Love to Learn

Want to learn step-by-step how I built my Niche Site Empire up to a full-time income?

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174 Comments for this Post

  1. Will


    Well done Perrin that is awesome

  2. Pratik Unadkat

    Pratik Unadkat

    Commenting first! I am so excited to read this (haven’t yet, I thought to jump into comments first while I hold the excitement haha).

    Let’s see what you have got this month up, Perrin! 🙂

  3. Asif


    Hello Spencer,
    Impressive like every month.
    I have been reading your blog since the day I landed on it from search engine.
    It has been motivational factor to start working on a blog which was being ignored for years.
    Perrin is a real gem you’ve got there.

  4. Pratik Unadkat

    Pratik Unadkat

    Just finished reading it. Excellent report. A big and sweet month indeed. A hearty congratulations to you (Perrin) and Spencer – amazing stuff. 🙂


  5. Manita


    I just finished reading the post and I just want to say well done Perrin and Spencer. I could not wait to see the income report for this month and all I can say is WOW! I am working on my own niche sites as well and I can’t wait to see some success. Thank you for sharing. I am super excited for you Perrin!

  6. Ryan


    Wow, Perrin! That’s really impressive.
    I’m inspired to keep improving my own sites and start up new ones.

  7. Nick Clark

    Nick Clark

    That’s great news, congratulations to the both of you!
    I also noticed my earnings (although AdSense) increased during December, then even more so in January.

    It looks like February is going to be even better still! Exciting stuff.

    Makes me wonder what you’ll be earning by next Christmas!?

    • Spencer Haws

      Spencer Haws

      Definitely, hope your site continues to grow!

      • Dhruv


        That’s the perfect way to BLAST NEW YEAR!
        Congratulations 🙂

        Can you please share which link building strategy you followed? You have shared quite few articles and I don’t know which one was effective!

  8. Fetch Bargain

    Fetch Bargain

    Gud to hear ur success Perinn

  9. Rahat


    Wow man, congrats

  10. Tung Tran

    Tung Tran

    This is insane !!!

    Congrats Spencer and Perrin on the massive success of this NSP 2.

    I have to say that the content quality of the site is very high and that would be the main cause for the success of the site I think.

    This is very inspirational!

    My public site earned only $14 last month but the rank is improving so I expect a higher earning this month.


    • Tung Tran

      Tung Tran

      I just noticed that you got only 4% bounce rate… lol… you content is f*** good Perrin

      • Pratik Unadkat

        Pratik Unadkat

        Damn, haha. I missed that too. That is insanely amazing. No wonders Perrin you are scoring big and you do deserve that!


        • Roberto


          Whoa! That’s crazy!

      • Perrin


        Ha. Good content = $, man. My brother is doing most of the writing now, but I edit extensively. It’s worth it!

        • Jason


          Holy crap. A 4% bounce is ridiculous.

          Not surprising given the quality. From the get go, each of your articles starts with a strong intro paragraph that draws you in. And the formatting of the entire article looks clean and very easy on the eyes.

          It makes a lot of sense focusing so much on content. After all, you’re trying to convince the reader to make a purchase.

        • Steven


          Perrin, you should write a post about that. How to write a piece like that?

          Since you’re quite new to niche site building, we’re amazed by your great outcome.

        • Perrin


          Sure! Writing is my thing, so I’d be happy to. 🙂

    • Perrin


      Thanks! Congrats on the $14, too. That’s the beginning of the snowball!

    • Spencer Haws

      Spencer Haws

      Yep, Perrin and I are very happy with the way this project has worked out. Its always much more difficult doing things publicly.

      • john


        Hi Spencer,

        Perrin earned $1,391.97 for January, with the monthly search volume of 27,000 and additional pages every month and hopefully each pages rank well, will his earning grow vertically?

        —— Vertical Growth —-
        Like this 2014 earnings will be
        Jan = $ 1,300
        Feb = $ 2,000
        Mar = $ 3,000
        Apr = $ 5,000

        — Horizontal Growth —-
        Like this 2014 earnings will be
        Jan = $ 1,300
        Feb = $ 1,500
        Mar = $ 1,200
        Apr = $ 1,800

        1. will his 1 niche site earn $5,000 per month ?
        2. or he has to make 3 niche sites to earn $5,000 per month?

        1. and base on your experience, how long will a buyer replace and buy a new tool / hardware such as electric shaver ?
        2. how long will a buyer replace and buy a new survival knife ?

        • Spencer Haws

          Spencer Haws

          We will find out in time to all of these questions 🙂

        • john


          ahh yes hahaha … ill be visiting here especially the monthly report …

  11. Jason


    Nice! Hitting the 8% commission cap and breaking 4 figures is awesome. What’s awesome is that you did it after December so you know it’s not just a holiday sales spike.

    Congrats sir and good luck on site number 2. Looks like this one will already be fairly passive for you.

    • Perrin


      Thanks! Yep; I’m still adding content, but this one is almost at the auto-pilot stage. I’m actually earning less in Feb because I lost a few links, so I may do just a bit of link building. Who knows.

  12. Patrik


    Perrin, how are you engaging tax issues after you receive your income from amazon or other income sources?

  13. Roberto


    Over $1000 a month in January… which is the supposedly the weakest month in terms of earnings for most products.
    You really have a great site up and running!

    I’m into my third month and sold my first 3 products, so cool!

    • Perrin



    • Spencer Haws

      Spencer Haws

      That’s a great start!

  14. Josh


    Awesome job Perrin! Congrats on breaking the $1K threshold, and hopefully it just keeps going up. I am going to refocus and work more on the first site I tried to rank, and see if I can’t get even 10% of the success you’ve gotten. Best of luck with everything you and Spencer do this year!

    • Perrin


      Good luck man! Remember, this is an awesome place to ask Qs. 🙂

  15. marc


    great results guys! was wondering how much of the 36k visits comes from search engines? i’d imagine a good chunk is referral and direct traffic from the case study?


    • Matt


      I’m guessing its around 20k new visits via search engines.

      • Perrin


        About 27,000, yep.

  16. Adrian


    I saw you use a lot in your article links to other websites, doesn’t this affect your number of visitors who would arrive on Amazon?

    • Spencer Haws

      Spencer Haws

      Maybe, but probably not. Outbound links is a good thing for SEO – I highly recommend lots of outbound links to authoritative sites; it helps google know you are a good resource and rank you higher.

    • Perrin


      Also, judging by my heatmaps, no one is clicking on those links, so if there is an effect, it’s minimal. 🙂

  17. Phil


    Hey you two,

    that’s amazing! My main amazon project is still hovering around only $70 a month, but I hope to increase that soon!

    Thanks for sharing,


    • Sheyi


      That’s $1400 goldmine for you there if you decide to sell – think about the empire flipper guys though or let’s say $700 if selling directly on Flippa. Why not flip so you can have enough money to invest on another project.

      • Matt


        Bad karma….I hate to say it, but it’s only a matter of time until negative SEO….which sucks, but I’d be suprised if some a-hole doesn’t try to bring it down.

        I wouldn’t feel right about selling a site that you know will get hit.

  18. Suresh@best fixed blade knife

    Suresh@best fixed blade knife

    This is awesome guys. I really believe the way of earning from niche sites only your public sites.

    Good work and all the best to both of you for your 2014 successful year 🙂

  19. Goran Gligorin

    Goran Gligorin

    Wow, that’s just crazy!

    Amazing results. My site’s earnings went up too, but am nowhere near what you guys are doing.

    I would just like to ask if you’re internationalizing your amazon affiliate links? I’ve done this at the start of the month and my earnings went up significantly. I’m still in the process of writing my income report on my site, but only about 48% of was Amazon.com. Amazon.co.uk brought in 39% and the other 13% were .ca, .de, .fr and .it.

    I recommend you look at the countries you’re visitors are coming from and if traffic’s high enough, internationalize your links. As you can see I was leaving more then 50% of my earnings on the table. I’m mostly using my own implementation for redirecting visitors to their local Amazon, but have a fallback to A-FWD if my software doesn’t have a rule for a specific country.

    Hope you do this and report back.

    Cheers, Goran

  20. Mitko


    Congratulations, Perrin!

    I’m absolutely blown away from the focus you’ve put to build aPennyShaved.com.

    Congratulations to your brother as well 🙂

    • Perrin


      That’s a good lesson, I think: focusing lots of energy into create a quality site can often pay off much better than trying to turn a quick profit. At least that’s my philosophy!

  21. Dave


    Congrats Perrin! The 5+ links you have on the rankhero network, are they pointing to the root or inner pages of your site? Are you using any other linkbuilding methods and did you notice a big increase in serps when you ordered the rankhero links? Is it worth it?


    • Perrin


      Thanks 🙂

      You get two links per article in RH. For all the articles I submitted, one link points to my homepage, and one points to my primary article. You don’t have to do it this way, though. You can definitely spread them out a lot more than I did, though.

  22. Adrian


    Perin, may we know what is your conversion rate?

    • Perrin


      About 6%

      • Rob


        6% of all visitors? Or once they hit the Amazon page?

        Great job. Very inspiring.

        • Spencer Haws

          Spencer Haws

          6% of all amazon clicks convert.

  23. Sharon


    Congratulations Perrin! It’s so exciting to see your site doing so well. I’m struggling a bit with my site. Adsense approval took ages but the ads are finally showing and I’m doing a bit each day to build links, but my site isn’t ranking with Google. I’ve got 12 pages of really good content (articles of 800+ words) and It’s been live for over a month now but when I check the sites rank through Long Tail Pro it comes up as 500+. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.

    • Perrin


      It’s hard to say without looking at your site, but when that happened to me, I was missing good, authoritative outbound links. So, try throwing in 3-5 links to high-authority sites, like Wikipedia, etc. in every single article.

      Hope that helps!

      • Sharon


        Thanks Perrin – I’ve got a few of those but I’ll throw in a few more!

    • Spencer Haws

      Spencer Haws

      Build more quality links; make sure you have lots of good outbound links from your articles.

  24. angelkelly


    Congrats buddy. 4 figures earning after only 4 months. Very impressive!

  25. Romain


    And to just think I thought about creating a safety razor site 2 years ago… But decided not to because, by my analysis, thought it wouldn’t make more than $100 a month!

    Congrats on these insane results Perrin. I think it goes to show that taking a more “authority site” approach works best.

  26. Niche Site Project 003 – Frustratingly slow progress

    Niche Site Project 003 – Frustratingly slow progress

    […] juice links if there is something I’m fundamentally doing wrong.  Hopefully someone from the Niche Pursuits community will read this post and offer some […]

  27. Matt


    Congrats you two! Fabulous results.

    I think I need to go back and re-read all the posts for this project. 🙂

    Hats off to you!


    • Perrin


      Thanks dude 🙂

    • Spencer Haws

      Spencer Haws

      Yes you do :). All the nitty-gritty details are there for how we did this…

  28. Lenny


    Well done Perrin and Spencer on this niche project, excellent job 🙂


  29. Franc


    Congrats! That is great news. I am curious, why not use google +, instead of FB?

    • Perrin


      Because no one is on G+. Really, I’d like to learn about ALL kinds of SM. But for now, I’m going where the eyeballs are. 🙂

  30. Matt


    Perrin of the sales that you made, approximately what percent were shaving related products? I always find it fascinating the completely unrelated items that can sell.

    • Perrin


      Almost all of them at this point. 🙂

  31. Ruan


    Man, this is inspiring!

    Whoa! Perin, rightly said, I think NONE of us expected your site to do THIS well after just 4 months. I mean, nothing negative or anything, but we all thought “let’s be realistic? $300 – $700 maybe?”

    Little did we know…

    I have a quick question… On the linkbuilding coaching call, I’m not sure if I missed it or whether it really wasn’t clear – your links, do you build it to the root of your domain or do you try to link to your individual article pages as well? And how much? What is the ratio if that even exists?

    Well, I’m on around 19k words for my first niche site, 4 more articles to go before I start my linkbuilding activities… I’ll be SUPER pumped if I get 50% of your success!

    All the best with upcoming projects!

    • Perrin


      Hey man 🙂

      Quoting myself from an earlier comment: “You get two links per article in RH. For all the articles I submitted, one link points to my homepage, and one points to my primary article. You don’t have to do it this way, though. You can definitely spread them out a lot more than I did, though.”

      On the new sites Spencer and I are building, for example, our PBN articles have one like to the home page and one to any other article.

      • Ruan


        Great, thanks! I am definitely going to utilize RH, if they would be a fit to my niche though… Let’s hope so!

        • Ruan


          Spencer, I’d like to get your input on this as well, if possible please…

          Perrin mentioned the links he got from RH; one to the root and one to the article page itself. What about other linkbuilding strategies one use, like blog commenting, profile links etc. Where does one point these?

          And anchor text – I know in blog comments it’s not that important to use your keyword within the anchor text of these external links pointing to your site, but what about the other strategies? How important is it to use your keyword within the anchor text?

          Thanks in advance for your insight!

        • Spencer Haws

          Spencer Haws

          We covered this in great detail Ruan. I believe there were 4 posts/calls where we talked about link building. Its all here: https://www.nichepursuits.com/niche-site-project-2-overview/

  32. Steve R

    Steve R

    Congrats Perrin,

    From what you have learned with this site, is there anything different you will be doing with your other site/s?

    Are you using the same tables, layouts, EasyAson, theme, etc?

    Are you happy enough with apennysaved that you will use all the exact same techniques with your other sites?


    • Perrin


      Good Q, and this covered a bit in the podcast.

      Nope — not using the same theme. Theme had very little to do with the success of the site. It’s really interesting, actually… I’ve run across half a dozen sites that have copied mine exactly, down to the theme and plugins. None of that stuff has that big of an impact. What matters most (unless you happen to get an terribly coded theme or something) is content and links.

      So, for my new sites, I’m using different themes. Why? Because they are different sites! Branding is more important than clinging to a theme that happened to work once.

      I’m still using tables for sure — they just convert like crazy. However, I’m not adding them in all at once. I’m creating one for my first article and then I’m waiting to see which pages are doing well and going back to add tables to them. Tables just take a lot of time, and I want to be efficient about it.

      Also using EasyAzon. Just makes Amazon links 1,000x easier.


      • HarperMind



        Can you comment a little on what themes you’re thinking about using and why? I assume it has something to do with the ease of use but would love to hear.

  33. Mike


    Wow – what an amazing month! Have been following this since the beginning.

    Question re: your Rank Hero links — about how long after the links went up did you notice a bump in your rankings for your keywords? In other words, roughly how long did it take for the links to provide you the juice where you saw a noticeable spike in the SERP results?

    Awesome success!

  34. Jon Haver

    Jon Haver

    Awesome stuff Perrin, those are some awesome numbers! Best of luck keeping everything going!

  35. Allen L

    Allen L

    That is Crazzzy awesome, Perrin. One would expect to see good production in December due to the gift giving season followed by a slight drop off in January.

    But to see growth for January, and not just a bump is crazy! And it speaks to the quality of your content and the hard work you put in up front in terms of writing your own content to ensure hight quality.


    What are your projections for your second site in terms of ranking and producing a revenue? Do you anticipate these to come sooner now that you have one success under your belt?

    What things are you doing differently with your second site as a result of what you learned from your first site?

    Blessings to you, Perrin!

    • Spencer Haws

      Spencer Haws

      I would say from experience, that one should not expect earnings any faster than Perrin’s site here has done. It takes a good 3 to 4 months before real returns are seen.

      • Codrut



        Although I agree that with new domains, it takes some time… imagine you grab a relevant high authority expired domain name — and post all articles at once — or have 50+ pages of content you drip feed every day… within 2 months with the right link building one who copy Perrin’s model, could generate even more money — don’t you think this is doable?

        What challenges would it be with this model?

        I don’t see G come and penalize the site because you add hundreds of posts/articles every month, nor you link build/gain – G wants (from day one) large blogs with fresh content, isn’t it?

        So, what would the flaw with this model be?

        • Spencer Haws

          Spencer Haws

          Sure, its a decent idea and could work.

  36. Fred


    Great job Perrin! January was a significant month for me as well. I hope February turns out just as good.

  37. Jaime


    Great job Perrin, I’ve just discovered this site and your story is very inspiring. And thanks also to Spencer, for making all this knowledge available to everyone.

  38. Ather


    Well done Perrin and Spencer! This post is really encouraging for me to keep building niche sites. I hope your earnings only go up from here 🙂

  39. Pedro Guerra

    Pedro Guerra

    Excellent Perrin. Great job. Congrats

  40. Tony


    First of all congrats!

    I checked out Rank Hero but wasn’t sure about the pricing structure.

    I presume it’s $197/months for 5 credits?
    On the site it only says $197 and not stating if it is recurring or a one off payment.

    • Spencer Haws

      Spencer Haws

      Its a per month cost. However, even if you cancel, the links are premanent. So just stay on as long as you are building new links – 5 to 10 link credits per month for the price.

  41. Rahul


    The earning is fine and i knew this site is going to work. However, one thing that truly blew my mind is the bounce rate.

  42. Bob


    Great news! I just listened to the podcast on the way to school and I loved it. Perrin or Spencer can you guy’s talk about your writing process? If that has already been done, can you point me to that post? Thanks guy’s!

  43. Andrew


    Congrats to both of you on the success of the site! Thanks so much for your thoughtful recap of the process and insights on what contributed to the success. Very inspiring!


  44. Darren Thompson

    Darren Thompson

    Great results Perrin – do you mind if I ask what your conversion rate is on traffic with amazon for January ?

  45. I'm amazed

    I'm amazed

    I have to say that I am very impressed with the progress, but not surprised.

    I knew that a big spike upward was coming, and it makes sense that this is the last post. Honesty this is the most helpful series of articles online that I’ve seen.

    I wish there could be a similar project without Rank Hero to see if it’s possible to have that kind of success without RH. But of course, you guys want people to sign up anyway, so I’ts not worth it. I’m just wondering.

  46. Richard @ Tech Toucan

    Richard @ Tech Toucan

    This is a fantastic result! I have a niche site that I’ve owned for some years but never really built any links to. It’s in quite a competitive niche and as a result I don’t really see too much traffic.

    However I’m working on a major revamp (hopefully finished in just a couple of weeks time!) and then some serious link building. With a handful of high quality existing links and an aged domain it should be interesting to see the results!

    Best of luck with your site so far – can’t wait to see what happens this month!

  47. Ugur


    Spencer, Perrin,
    Great job again, well done. Perrin, can you just tell me a liitle more about your backlinking strategy. As far as I can see, you worked on blog commenting a lot. That’s impressive to see how blog commenting is working like a charm, but when done on high pr sites. And you even did not use social sharing much. Other than blog commenting, any other strategy you would recommend.

    I know you are not so keen about niche markets than you used to be, and recommended to go for an authority site in your podcast with Jon, but how is that possible without getting backlinks from your competitors in your niche? For example I am planning to build a site about long tail keyword research which I feel I am really good at, and I also enjoy doing it a lot, in this competitive world, is it still possible to rank in this space?

    I also believe in going for a one authority site, one niche that you passionately love rather than 10 different sites. once you have a high authority, high pr site, than it is easier to get involved in some other smaller niche projects.

    • Spencer Haws

      Spencer Haws

      If you read the posts here: https://www.nichepursuits.com/niche-site-project-2-overview/ ; we had a few posts/calls dedicated to our link building strategy – blog commenting was a very minor part of it.

      You can get links from others in your niche. I wouldn’t look at others as competitors, but friends. Especially in the SEO niche, its pretty easy. Just write a massive/awesome guide to how you do research and then share it with others. If it really is amazing, others will link to it.

      • Ugur


        Hi Spencer,
        Thanks for the heads up. That was my intention indeed, I am already preparing a massive guide, not only for keyword research but also my experiences about local seo.
        When I said competitors, I wanted to mean there is a lot of competition in keyword and SEO space, so ranking is really a pain in the ass, even if you make great content sometimes. You should at least need a friendly hand to get things started.
        Anyway, I have a great idea and would like to share it with you personally when I finish my part on that.
        Thanks again.

  48. Donald Ash

    Donald Ash

    I’ve been following every one of these projects, but it’s my first time commenting, though. Seeing this transition has been enlightening!

    It’s the entrepreneurial skill of a lifetime to be able to provide something of value and position to actually get people to buy. It must be an incredibly liberating feeling just to know that you have the power to do that.

    I really struggle to develop the same skill, but case studies like these give me hope and keep me fighting.

    I don’t even know Perrin and I’m proud of him. Good job, dude! Spencer, I’m so curious to see what this year holds for you. I think it’s gonna be mind-blowing.

    Congratulations guys!

  49. Curt


    Awesome to see the numbers keep climbing, Perrin! I know it’ll just keep growing – this is a good niche to be in.

    Sure the new site will be successful, too.

    Thanks for the updates, Spencer.

  50. Nathan


    That is awesome! Over 1k …I cant wait to get my site to make its first dollar 🙂

  51. Aaron C.

    Aaron C.

    I almost wanted to cry when Spencer said “This is the last coaching call”

    What am I going to do now? I guess I’m on my own.

    Well, sort of. I mean read and listened to every step, every video and the podcast.

    I do have an idea of what I’m doing, but Im still on day 23 of my site. I hope to be making my first dollars and make then making it grow in the next few months like you guys did.

    You have no idea how much value this project has. Really. It took the exact steps from even before making the site up until having a huge success.

    No other marketing blog has done that. (At least that I know of)

    You guys rock.

    • Spencer Haws

      Spencer Haws

      Don’t cry :(. Even though it was the last “official” coaching call; I’m sure I’ll continue to share updates and there will be other podcast interviews and videos. Just maybe not all for this specific project.

    • Steven


      I cancel the so-called gurus’ email list, you should too.

  52. Bhaskar


    Spencer congrats, Perrin congrats

    Spencer I think there are going to be waves of appreciation and kudos coming from this project. You are very modest in your approach. That means a lot.

    Even for a casual follower this has been the best live case study on the net in recent months only because you blew it out of the water in January. Had it been a mediocre month it would have been different. Perrin took it from zero to $1,391.97 in four months. That is an incredible inspiration for us all. My guess is there are an awful lot of people who are going to go back and re-read every post in the case study very carefully. Just like like I am about to do now.

    Well done

    • Spencer Haws

      Spencer Haws

      Thanks Bhaskar! Yep, everyone should re-read the posts and watch the videos…every single little detail is there. No one should have any question son how to build a successful niche website; its all documented.

  53. Langoo


    Great results you’ve got there!

    I have been following this case study closely. The RankHero links however seem too expensive to me. +100$ for 5 posts is too much.

  54. Matt


    Something I just stumbled upon after going back and listening to the first few calls is how much Perrin has grown as a result of this experience.

    He just seems SO much more sure of himself in this last episode compared to say the one about finding a niche.

    Sounds like you’ve earned your niche site wings! 🙂

    Cheers to you,


  55. Doug


    Great work guys, love the success you’ve had with this site.

    We all know how big mobile traffic is now and its still exploding.

    I was wondering if you could break down your mobile traffic data for us. What percentage of your overall traffic comes from mobile devices and what percentage of your Amazon orders also come from mobile devices?

  56. Kyle


    WOW! That is awesome! Would love to see how the site ranked without using Rank Hero, but regardless, it’s clear your quality content and website is bringing in the right demographic.

    I am hoping to have similar success with my niche site that I am publicly building at nicheisland.com.

    Great job, Perrin! Looking forward to more!

  57. Nate


    Hey, I started a brand new niche site at the very end of October and it started making money within the first month. By January I made about 2,000 and February should be over 3,000. I have been a marketing student for a long time and I would like to share my knowledge and experience with others.

    How do I move into the market you are in? Do I find a partner that is already doing it? Maybe yourself?

    I also could use some help with growing my website, where do I find a mentor?


    • Spencer Haws

      Spencer Haws

      Starting with a blog is always a good way to build an audience. But there are lots of other ways as well.

      You can always contact people you respect and ask for some sort of partnership/mentorship…doesn’t mean they’ll all say yes though 🙂

  58. Jack


    Hey wow this is pretty awesome Spencer & Perrin. Three of these type of websites and the average person has a full passive income going.

  59. Phuong Le

    Phuong Le

    So inspired that the income is over 1k, beating an authority site shows that google still loves resource niche site.

  60. Alan


    Congratulations on hitting a home run with your first niche website!

    Thanks for sharing this incredibly valuable training on how to create a successful niche site.


  61. Yiannis


    You mention rank hero but on a previous post you said that it is not a legit way to get links anymore.

    Buying links is tempting and a good shortcut to top rankings but do you still believe its a good idea?

  62. Kent Chow

    Kent Chow

    Hi Perrin,

    That is awesome and very inspiring. I was “thinking” the traffic and income may slow down in Jan.

    You beat me $300 in Jan. Keep it rocking in! I hope you would update us periodically how it goes.

    I hope your site doesn’t get hit by the next Google SEO change and have long term income stream.

    I will revisit your coaching posts and pick up some tips for my next one.


    • Spencer Haws

      Spencer Haws

      Congrats on the earnings for your site as well, over $1k is awesome!

  63. TX


    Congrats Spencer/Perrin.

    You guys inspired me to make my first niche site and after a few months I’m on page 1 and earning.

    Lots of hard work, but worth it 🙂

  64. Blaine


    Awesome stuff man, congratulations! You have been an inspiration.

    You may have already answered this Perrin, but I couldn’t find it.

    What anchor text did you use on your rank hero links?

    If you answered somewhere else could you post the link.


    • Spencer Haws

      Spencer Haws

      All varied anchor text – partial match or other phrases mostly.

  65. Andy


    Great job on the site! I have a question regarding the content. Did you publish on the website as you wrote the articles or did you write a whole bunch first then publish them all to the site?

  66. Steve


    That’s awesome, really impressed to hear that you are sending about 50% of your traffic through to Amazon – very impressive.

  67. Salman


    Congratulations ….

    This is truly awesome … I didn’t imagine that the earnings will be doubled in January. It might even have broken the records of Survival Knife Guide, right?

    • Spencer Haws

      Spencer Haws

      Yep, it earned more than the highest month so far on my survival knife site.

  68. martha


    Friends of nichepursuit i need your help pls. I have built a site on december, i did everything as Spencer teaches us, but my rankings is 500+ at google…i keep doing link building every day, but it has shown only one backlink…can anybody advice or help me? i am getting dissapointed 🙁

  69. Codrut


    Well done Perrin and Spencer

    Now, that’s the power of keyword research and having a high quality content strategy set into place from the beginning.

    I think that’s what sets this blog apart from all its competitors.

    Perrin, could you share how much did you invest in content/research overall (both in time and money)?

    Thank you!

  70. Paul Hill

    Paul Hill

    Great figures guys!

    I guess you thought about this prior to launch but I love how this site targets a demographic of proven spenders. I have a site in the pets & animals niche which gets very similar levels of traffic to your site but as I have learnt over the last 18 months, the majority audience is teenage girls or people who need to ask their parents to make a purchase 🙂

    Keep it up Perrin and I hope your new site provides equal success

  71. frank joseph

    frank joseph

    This is a very nice income report and nichepursuit picking you from scratch and showing you on how to earn this income is amazing!

  72. Matthew Allen

    Matthew Allen

    I gotta tell ya – this entire project and this post and podcast especially – have added to my own optimism for how well things are going to go for me this year. It’s already going well – but after reading/listening to this – I know it’s going to get even better! Thanks guys!

    This was an incredible case study. Anybody who is struggling to figure out how to build a successful niche site would be an absolute fool to NOT go through this entire case study step by step. The coaching call videos were especially helpful.

    • Spencer Haws

      Spencer Haws

      Awesome – love the attitude, and best of luck Matthew! I agree, all the details are there in the posts and coaching calls…no excuses.

  73. My Monthly Income, Growth and Traffic Report - January 2014

    My Monthly Income, Growth and Traffic Report - January 2014

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  74. Kim


    Hey Perrin,
    Awesome, your success is mind blowing. Can you just explain a little bit more about what you mean by on page optimization – as in the things you would have done differently. New to SEO and just trying to get my head around what you were saying.
    Thanks heaps if you have time to answer much appreciated!!

  75. Phil


    Hey Person,

    What theme do you use on apennyshaved and what plugin for those nice review style posts? Couldn’t find something simpler…

    Thanks Phil

  76. Phil


    SORGT, not hey Person I meant hey Perrin of course 🙂

  77. James


    WOW these are fantastic results! I didn’t think you could still make money online with Niche websites.

    I’ve all but given up on these types of websites. Google keeps penalizing people for creating these types of websites and putting out new algorithms. Its very discouraging with all the work that goes into making these sites.

    I’ve change my focus to blogging and Affiliate Marketing! There is a lot of money to be had there but with a steep learning curve. It’s definitely worth it though.

    Good job Perrin making this niche site work! Very impressed. Hope it continues to make you money online for the foreseeable future.

  78. David Longacre

    David Longacre

    Hey Perrin,

    Been following you for a little bit. It’s so great to see your success in such a short about of time. Especially for a branded website. I have been doing research for a while and couldnt find a niche that I thought would have a good following like you had. Then I looked over some posts and you said to be passionate about your affiliate product. So thought deep and hard about some things Im passionate about. Low and behold I go use long tail pro and found some amazing keywords with low competition. Im not sure if it would be better to use amazon or the third party sites that sell. Its about $100 products. I was wondering to give great reviews. Should I purchase a couple of these products or what is the best way to give an honest review. Just research?

    Thanks for the motivation man.

  79. maxinfoways


    congrats, that’s inspiring income report. In such a short time, amazing!!!!

  80. Robbin


    Hi Spencer,

    Nice monetization you got there. I wish I had the same. I’ve got a niche website in The Netherlands (movies) with over 26.000 visitors the last 30 days and I only have € 60,00 revenue on it through Google AdSense (CTR isn’t that good either) I’ve tried affiliate stuff but people won’t buy…

    Any advice would be most appreciated. Thanks!

  81. George Ihugo

    George Ihugo

    Hi, Perrin ….Congratulations on your success so far. I have a similar website theme to what you have could you please tell me how i can change my font to what you have on your website?

    Thanks alot

  82. Jay


    That’s an amazing uplift in profit Perrin!
    Followed from the start though did have a quick question.
    Last post I believe you showed a heatmap, a lot of clicks were on your top choice, did that equate to selling a lot of them?

    If so, have you thought about swapping it out for a more expensive product?

    How did you choose the product order for your table?

    Did you follow an outline for each article?

    Sorry, 3 questions!

    Keep up the good work!


    • Jay


      Excuse the article question! Just seen the 45 article video, thought there was one. Just couldn’t find it earlier!

      Top Stuff!

  83. Jeffrey Dibble

    Jeffrey Dibble

    Hi Perrin and Spencer,

    It seems your niche project is taking off and making profit. I’ve been following your project from start and what impress me is how you have laid out everything for us to follow and your guidance has been important for us.

    My niche site are making me money but not as much as yours and i’ve few plans to make more money from it.

    Like you, I am going to start a new site and looking forward more success just like you.

    Thanks for the wonderful journey.

  84. Cyrus Rozzelle

    Cyrus Rozzelle

    That’s Great!!!! Thanks For Your Information!!!

  85. Samang Thong

    Samang Thong

    Wow, it is good for you. Congrats Ha

  86. Tiby


    how do you make the bounce rate so low?

  87. Clayton


    These are some great results. I actually have a site in the same niche that is not doing well. Guess I need to sharpen my skills and focus on better content and SEO. It’s been around for 3 years now with little to no sales.

    • Jay


      Shouldn’t that be sharpen your razor. 😉

  88. Doug


    Around the 27:30min mark of the video Perrin mentions his used a blog commenting service from SEO Genius.

    I would like to try out this service as well, but I’ve been unable to locate them.

    Could you please point me in the right direction?

    • Spencer Haws

      Spencer Haws


      • Doug


        Thanks Spencer, I’ll take a look.

  89. Big Dave

    Big Dave

    That’s outstanding, Perrin. You guys and your work continue to be very inspiring. Thanks for laying out the details for us to follow….keep up the good work.

    Perrin, do you think RH made more of an impact on the SERPs of your keywords than anything else? I’m considering testing and reviewing the results of RH on a future blog post and podcast on my site….

  90. Mike


    I have a couple questions, Perrin/Spencer.

    1) Can you talk a bit about your social media strategy. For example, you have 72 Facebook fans for A Penny Shaved. And on that Facebook page, you seem to link to other websites. Overall, what’s your strategy for engaging your readers? Is it linking out to other websites? Is it linking to your own content? Is it creating infographics? What can and do you do to keep people interested on your Facebook page and, ultimately, getting them back onto your website?

    I’m also trying to figure out if the Facebook page is meant to get people back to your website to click on Amazon links, or is it simply for social proof–for you to one day contact a big name Shaving blogger and say, hey look, I’ve got a site with 1,000 Facebook fans, how about we work together, exchange links, etc.

    2) Regarding Rank Hero, did you need to like…sign up to Rank Hero from a different computer than you normally use? Or use a “dummy” email address? I’m just trying to understand if you are proactive in taking any steps to make you more anonymous to Google when it comes to you using Rank Hero, so that you can avoid any potential Google slap penalty down the road? Or is that something you’re not concerned about at all?


    • Spencer Haws

      Spencer Haws

      2. Google has no idea what email you use to login to rank hero. They simply crawl and index sites, they don’t try to learn passwords and emails, etc. You don’t need to take those kind of steps.

  91. Sam


    Hey Perrin–just curious to know if you maximize any international traffic you may receive by using the EasyAzon plugin?


  92. Negative SEO and Expired Domain Networks with Spencer Haws

    Negative SEO and Expired Domain Networks with Spencer Haws

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  93. Tori


    That is so amazing! An inspiration to underemployed people everywhere! 🙂

  94. Noor Azman

    Noor Azman

    i’ve been reading NSP1 and NSP2 for the last couple of days. i must say, you guys have done a great job. congratulation!!

    i’ve been struggling in getting the right keywords. software alone does not provide any guarantee on the success. we also need the “human” knowledge in decipering the information. and this is the power of NSP case study.

    Spencer, i’m ready for the longtail platinum, is there any discount for your blog reader 🙂

    thanks for the sharing

  95. Mike


    Awesome work. My site has averaged $60 a month averaging about 90 unique visitors per day in it’s first 8 months. 20% of those visitors spend more than 3 minutes per session. I have lots of great content I’ve written and photos I’ve taken. It’s frustrating to see a couple of sites in the same niche with product reviews containing regurgitated content and no original photography rank higher. I might be kidding myself but I hope that continuing to write great content and sticking to whitehat SEO will help me overtake the posers.

  96. Hector


    Hi Spencer and Perrin,
    Congratulations on the success of project #2. The only thing that I didn’t see was what one of the site’s post looked like from within the WordPress dashboard. It could be cool to see a post as far as what was done on tags and with some of those other fields that appear with the plugins that you chose. One can never really know how important some of these settings are to cause Google to give ranking juice to a post.

  97. Joshua


    Hello guys!

    This is my first comment on your blog Spencer but I just want to say that I love your site and I have been a long time reader.

    I also wanted to congratulate Perrin on the success of this niche site and it is very inspiring reading all of these reports!

    I have a questions that I am hoping that you can answer for me, I can’t decide which route is the best way to go for my niche site I am starting. I have about 10 keywords that are all related and easy to rank for, should I make more of an authority site and include all of these keywords in my site or create a site for each keyword?

    Some of the keywords get around 5000 searches monthly while others are close to 750. Just to give you an idea of the type of keywords I have I will give you an example.

    Let’s say that my niche is around lawn mowers and then some of my keywords would be gas mower, electric mower, riding mower, mulching mower, etc.

    So you get the idea, what do you think would be the best route to go in my situation? I would love any advise that you have and thank you again!


  98. Tobias


    very very inspiring! I was wondering which rankchecker you use to keep track of all your keyword rankings

    • Spencer Haws

      Spencer Haws

      Long Tail Pro has a rank checker.

  99. Ejemplos de sitios Web que usan la Mercadotecnia de Afiliados

    Ejemplos de sitios Web que usan la Mercadotecnia de Afiliados

    […] Enero 2014: $1,391.97 Dólares […]

  100. Prithvi


    Let me ask a straight forward question about the same. How much credit of this success goes to Long Tail pr according to you?

    I have been researching a bit abut Long Tail Pro and I never tried it, but after seeing a lot of comments and reviews about the same, I can not stop myself from trying it.

    • Spencer Haws

      Spencer Haws

      Finding the right keyword was absolutely critical to the success of the website. We spent several weeks using long tail pro and reviewing keyword options before settling on the right keywords.

    • Eric


      Get LongTailPro! It is an extremely helpful tool.

  101. Stefanie


    It looks like there are around 750 backlinks from 75 domains… that’s an incredible amount for such a new site!

    How many of these are due to your Rank Hero links?

  102. krysta


    where the Feb update and income report? We’re all eagerly awaiting!

    • Spencer Haws

      Spencer Haws

      It was posted about a week ago 🙂

  103. Eric


    Hey guys,

    I recently discovered this blog and am blown away. Spencer and Perrin, thank you for all the work you two have done creating these posts. I think this project is the best thing I discovered on the internet, ever… well next to original Nintendo games playable online. I have been binging on the posts for niche site project 2 for the past week and a half, got the trial version of LongTailPro (which I will buy when my site is profitable), found a keyword, and started a niche site.

    I used an EMD but really like what you guys did with a brandable domain. After I have built links and my site starts ranking, is there a way to change domain names without losing rank or links? I know I can point a domain, but will the new domain automatically have the clout of the old one? Or am I better off just restarting my site with a more brandable domain now rather than changing it later?

    • Spencer Haws

      Spencer Haws

      Hey Eric, glad you are enjoying the site! I remember the day I found that Nintendo games were playable online as well…no blog can compete with that! You may be just fine with your EMD; but you can change the domain name. Do a Google search on how to move a site to a new domain (using 301 redirects).

  104. Introducing Two New Niche Blogging Case Studies

    Introducing Two New Niche Blogging Case Studies

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