Merch Informer Review: Maximize The Potential of Your Amazon Merch Business

By Christopher Jan Benitez |

Merch by Amazon, also known as Amazon Merch in some circles, makes it easy to sell shirts online. The platform allows users to upload shirt designs and sell them at no cost. When customers order, Amazon handles the printing and back-end logistics while you get a commission for your effort.

It's a zero-risk but possible high reward business.

It's easy to see why so this business opportunity draws the attention of many entrepreneurs.

However, your work is cut out for you. The t-shirt business is a saturated market. Also, the bulk of your income will depend on the volume of shirts you'll sell.

According to Chron, the average income for a t-shirt designer is $39,000 (as of 2013). But if you don't know how to find the right designs to create, you're in for a world of hurt.

But there's no need to worry. There's a way to find the most popular shirt designs on Amazon and draw inspiration from those. Alternatively, you can find underserved niches and dominate there.

What tool can help you assess the t-shirt market on Amazon? Merch Informer.

In this Merch Informer review, you'll learn how to unearth the best-selling t-shirt designs on Amazon, so you can make informed decisions before launching one of your own.

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Merch Informer Overview
  • Ease of Use - 80
  • Stability - 90
  • Customer Service - 90
  • Price - 95


Merch Informer is one of the few tools dedicating to making the most out of your Amazon Merch business. You can get a 360° view of your industry and competitors to help you make informed decisions. This way, you can choose the right niche and create stunning t-shirt designs to make profits! Try Merch Informer Right Here – Sign Up for a Free Trial Account!


  • Everything you need to make money from your Amazon Merch business is here.
  • Subscription packages are affordable considering the number of features available in each.
  • Exclusive and useful resources for paying members make Merch Informer even more valuable.


  • The Newbe plan is almost useless due to the unavailability of product and keyword tracking. 
  • Free trial requires you to hand over your credit card details. Some might not be comfortable doing that given that they're unsure of the product in the first place.
  • Merch Informer is a plug-and-play type of tool. You need to learn the intricacies of its features by talking to the community and support staff. 

What Is Merch Informer?

Merch Informer helps you find profitable niches to sell on Amazon. They filter through Amazon's databases to give you the most up to date market research.

Using Merch Informer will allow you to find niches that are over and undersaturated. This can save you years of effort (and a ton of dollars).

Merch Informer will also help you design the t-shirts you want, create more unique designs, and upload the designs to Amazon. Once your designs are published, Merch Informer ensures that you aren't violating any trademarks. They keep an eye on your merch and related keywords to make sure that you're never infringing.

In short, Merch Informer helps you sell more, make more, and protect yourself on Amazon.

How much can you earn from an Amazon Merch business?

As previously mentioned, Amazon Merch works on a commission basis. The amount you earn will depend on how much you set your price. Setting the price above $20 will bring in more money than shirts that are sold at $17 or $18.

In this 7-month Amazon Merch sales report, it's shown that a seller can earn $270. And that's after having little to no sales in the first three months.

But perhaps the biggest Merch by Amazon success story was told via Reddit.

Two guys in their 20s earned $150,000 selling shirts on Amazon. Neil Lassen from Wisconsin and his partner Todor Karlikov of Bulgaria worked together to create a t-shirt empire. The moment Neil heard of Merch by Amazon, he lept at the opportunity. He knew nothing about designing shirts but taught himself how to.

Now, the duo is often cited as an example of how Amazon Merch can change one's life. Their story was even picked up by CNBC.

So what did Neil and Todor do with all that knowledge they gained from working on Amazon Merch? Well, they created Merch Informer.

That's right. Actual experts in the field developed Merch Informer. They know what information sellers need access to. Merch Informer's UI is designed in a way that it makes it more convenient to browse through all the Amazon offerings. And for those who know the pain of manually researching the competition love the idea of seeing everything in one glance.

How can Merch Informer maximize your profits?

As we've established, Amazon Merch lets sellers put up shirt designs without the need for actual inventory. So it's a pretty level playing field for anyone who'd like to try selling shirts. That's why gaining any advantage over the competition will help you perform better.

So what can Merch Informer do for you?

Merch Informer uses Amazon API and is divided into three parts. There's the web app, then the browser extensions, and the designer. In a sense, Merch Informer is a collection of tools.

The Web App

The web app is arguably the most crucial aspect of Merch Informer. This is where you do product research and plan your designs. The web app is linked to Amazon's API and has several features that make it very powerful. It's simplifying the entire process of competitor research.

Merchant Search

This tool lets you search Amazon for the top 100 shirt designs sold by a specific brand. This gives you an insight into how the top players in the field are performing. Being able to peek at their numbers might help you figure out the best strategy to pursue moving forward.

Product Search

This feature lets you browse through Amazon itself or just its Merch section. Why is this important? This enables you to see what designs pop up based on keywords you input.

If you were to do this manually, you'd have to open numerous browser tabs which is a ridiculous way of doing things. Merch Informer displays all the results in one screen.

So if you were to search for cat shirts, you would have a glimpse of what designs sellers are uploading. You can also assess which cat breed tend to be featured more, which sex the shirts appeal to, or the price people are willing to pay to own one.

Keyword Finder

Merch Informer also has a keyword finder tool. Have you ever find yourself running out of Amazon keyword ideas? Keyword finder can get you right back in the game. It presents you with long-tail keyword suggestions for keywords you specify.

Not only do you find possible shirt ideas, but you're also able to see how popular the keyword is as well as the competition for each keyword.


This feature is meant to store all the shirt designs that grabbed your attention. However, some users have used it to scout competitors and save their designs for reference. How you use Favorites is entirely up to you.

You can organize your Favorites by category. So one niche can have its folder. This replaces logging interesting shirt designs in a spreadsheet.

Advanced Competition Checker

This feature gives you a better grasp of how competitive a keyword is at a given time. Keywords are graded A to F. An A rating means there's barely any competition and investing in that keyword is a good idea. Get an F, however, and you're bound to run into heavy competition.

The Advanced Competition Checker, when used correctly, can save you from committing to keywords that wouldn't produce profitable results.

The Browser Extension

The shirt business can be tough to navigate without the proper tools. For example, all shirt designs should pass Amazon's copyright parameters. If they don't, you'll find yourself in hot waters.

browser extension

The Merch Informer browser extensions can help you avoid trademark issues among other things.

MI TM Protection

Lets you check the words and phrases you use to see if they infringe upon trademarked terms. A much-needed security check before any design is uploaded.

MI Lister

Lets you list pages through profiles and hotkeys. You get to upload multiple shirt design variations in bulk. That means less time to edit colors or set up different prices. The hotkeys will make you more efficient.

MI Book Hunter

This extension takes search off Amazon and into posts from 14 different marketplaces. You'll be shown popular posts from known influencers, ads, and the like.

You'll see images used, the text, likes, shares, and comments and can be downloaded as a spreadsheet.

The Merch Designer

Merch Informer goes above and beyond providing vital information. They also give you the tools to create shirt designs even if you have little to no graphic design experience. It's a simple tool that lets you insert graphics and text and stylize them to your liking.

merch designer

With the Merch Designer, there's no need to spend money on expensive graphic design software. Plus you can roll out designs quickly whenever you find keyword opportunities.

If you're ready, you can click here to start maximizing your profits with Merch Informer

Earn more and work less on your merch with Merch Informer

A step-by-step guide on how to use Merch Informer

After signing up for Merch Informer, you will gain access to all the tools that come with the plan. We'll use these tools to do our research, validate our findings, and come up with the design from scratch.

Step 1: Finding a niche

Sign in to your account, and you will be brought to the dashboard. Right away, you'll find video resources to help you make the most out of your subscription.


Hover over to the left-hand side of the screen. You'll find all the tools we've discussed earlier including Product Search.

product search

Type in any keyword you fancy and start your research from there. Merch Informer will take a few seconds to process your query.

You will then see data that shows the total results for the following:

Scroll further down, and you'll find a list of products related to your category together with a nice summary of relevant information.

product search results

Side note: If you want to check a shirt for trademark, there's a button that will easily let you do that. Click the Trademark Check button and it will bring you over to where it will check the shirt for possible legal issues.

But to find the real profitable niches, you're going to need to think of a category — nothing specific for now. Something like pets will do. Then you will need to head on over to Merch Hunter.

Merch Hunter will show you the top 100 keywords for any keyword you provide.

merch hunter

Under Search by Sales Rank Range, you may want to go 100,000 – above to yield more realistic results.

If you searched “pets,” you will see the top-performing shirts in that category. From here, you can check which ones are more popular. Are you getting more cats than dogs? What breed is getting more attention? What breed is underrepresented? Where is the opportunity?

Once you find what that list is missing, you jump right back to Product Search. Here is when you dive into niche keywords. For example, you can try terms like Pitbull Dad and see what kind of results come up.

What you want to do is to check how shirts under this keyword are performing. If most or all of them are selling through, then this niche might be worth trying.

But this is just one way of going about product research. Everyone's got his or her strategy on how to research a niche.

Step 2: Validate your research

Checking your research is easy with Merch Informer's Chrome extensions.

Use MI TM Protection to see if anyone has filed copyright on the words or phrases on your shirt design. Once installed, it only takes a single click for Merch Informer Trademark Protection to crawl through the USPTO database.

Then you can use the Merch Informer Book Hunter to go through other online marketplaces and find which shirts are trending there.

And while the MI Lister isn't used for validating anything, it is still a plugin worth mentioning. The time and work it saves you can't be overstated. No longer do you have to set shirt colors and pricing information every time you upload a design.

Now, you can do all that with hotkeys. Isn't that convenient?

Step 3: Design your shirt

Having the ability to design shirts (no experience necessary) is crucial if you want to compete in this lucrative business. Merch Informer Designer comes free regardless of what tier you subscribed to.

designer dashboard

You can work off of two templates. You have the t-shirt and the hoodie sweatshirt. Click one, and you'll be brought to the next step in the process.

shirt color

In the next screen, you'll be able to pick your shirt or hoodie color. All the colors shown are Merch by Amazon colors. After setting your color, you can choose to go through some of the design templates available.

The design templates are not meant to be submitted as designs to Amazon. They are guides. You apply them over a shirt and move elements around as you see fit. You make all the necessary changes to have the best shirt for your business.


If you need to add images, you can go through the clip art section. All the images there are free to use and are displayed by category. Pick any image you want and resize and reposition the image as you see fit.


Then you have text options. There are different text effects and fonts (there are over 800 fonts in the library) to choose from. Almost every font look modern and sleek.


There are other things you can do with text. You can bold it, underline it, adjust its positioning, go all uppercase or lowercase. The design possibilities are left to you.

Of course, users are also allowed to upload their images if they want. Once you're done with your design, just hit Download to save a local copy of your custom t-shirt design.

download shirt

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Extra membership resources

Once you've signed up for Merch Informer, you will get access to exclusive resources and content. Not only will these give you a better understanding of how t-shirt selling works and how you can improve yourself and play on the same level as experts in the industry.

Merch Performer T-Shirt Academy

The T-Shirt Academy gives you a roadmap you can follow to launch a successful merch business. The academy gives you an idea what keywords are all about and how they affect sales. It shows you where to find customers in the marketplace.

It has all the basic knowledge you will need to get you up and running. But there's good content there for seasoned merch sellers too if you want to improve your chances of landing bigger orders.

Merch Informer Mobile App

Get a leg up on the competition even when on the go. The Merch Informer Mobile App has almost the same features as the web version. But the app makes it so much more convenient.

Get to research on your way to places. The app is fully secure, meaning your data won't be compromised. It's also a great way to organize your long tail keywords or ideas.

Merch Informer customer support

Any feedback you have can be submitted through Merch Informant's Contact Us. But Merch Informer is active on Reddit as well. When their customers post questions or concerns about the product, you'll hear directly from Merch Informer's owner itself.

You can join the /r/AmazonMerch to hear news from the community directly. This group was created by one of the founders of Merch Informer. They do answer Merch Informer questions there such as this one.


There are four pricing tiers. All of which can be paid on a monthly or yearly basis. It's worth noting that paying annually saves you some money.


The main difference in each tier is how many products and keywords you're able to track. So if you end up monitoring a large number of keywords, you may want to switch to a better plan down the road.

The entry-level plan called Newbie ($9.99/month) does not let you track products and keywords. But for $10 more, you can upgrade to the Basic ($19.99/month). The basic plan lets you track 50 products and 100 keywords.

The number of products, keywords, and trademarks you can track only go higher as you switch to the Advanced plan ($29.99/month) and Pro ($59.99/month).

Pros and cons of Merch Informer

So does Merch Informer live up to the hype? Let's see.



Merch Informer review: Verdict

Merch Informer is a must-have for anyone interested in joining the Merch by Amazon business. This tool gives sellers everything they'll need to even the playing field and make some money.

Beginners and experts will find Merch Informer very useful.

Click here to get a 3 day free trial of Merch Informer

Boost Your Amazon Merch Biz Using Merch Informer Here


By Christopher Jan Benitez

Christopher Jan Benitez is a professional freelance writer who provides small businesses and startups with content that aims to grow their engagement and conversion with their audience. To learn more about Christopher, you can follow him on Twitter.

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