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Searching for an unbiased and independent FlexOffers review? We've got you covered!

FlexOffers is an affiliate platform for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and digital marketers looking to make extra money from home. It allows affiliates to monetize their website traffic with offers from thousands of advertisers in hundreds of niche categories.

Affiliates can enjoy a full range of features including real-time reporting, one-click offer acceptance, and much more

If you have ever considered having your own side business, FlexOffers may just be an internet marketing solution that will help you get started on the right foot.

Today, we'll guide you through the FlexOffers affiliate network so you can make a more informed decision.

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  • Ease of Use - 65
  • Affiliate Programs Quality - 85
  • Support - 65
  • Account Security - 80

FlexOffers Review Summary

FlexOffers is an established affiliate network that makes it easy for publishers to find affiliate marketing programs to promote from over 12,000 advertisers. 


  • It does not have minimum sale requirements 
  • They offer popular advertisers your audience would be used to
  • Easier to fulfil payment minimums 
  • Good for beginners 



  • Long payment durations
  • Transaction fees on all payment options 

What is FlexOffers?

FlexOffers is a well-known affiliate network that serves as a connection between affiliates and affiliate programs.

You can use FlexOffers to manage and discover affiliate programs, allowing you to quickly and easily promote them to your audience.

FlexOffers Pros and Cons


Perfect for a Lot of Niches

FlexOffers offers many different categories to choose from, making it accessible to the vast majority of affiliates. Whether you're a fashionista or a finance maven, you have choices.

User-Friendly Platform

The website is straightforward to use, with just a few major tabs while looking for advertisers. You don't need to be highly technical to figure out how to include their affiliate links, either. However, in terms of aesthetics, it could be better!

Great for Beginners with Few Traffic Sources

You don't need a large number of followers or page views to be approved. Instead of waiting for more visitors, you can start affiliate marketing using the FlexOffers network right away. This is a welcome benefit for anyone looking to get started!

It's Simpler to Fulfill Payment Minimums

Because you have numerous affiliate programs under the same roof, the payout minimum is more readily achievable. If you apply to several different affiliate programs separately, on the other hand, you must first reach the commission minimum with that single advertiser before receiving your compensation.

No-Pressure Sales Requirements

Some affiliate networks shut down your account if you don't make a sale within the first few months. This isn't something FlexOffers puts on you.

Popular Advertisers

For an affiliate, having popular advertisers on FlexOffers is huge. This means you'll be able to locate items you're used to and want to promote.

It's Simple to Keep Track of Your Affiliates

One affiliate network simplifies the process of remembering numerous logins and passwords. To access your links and reports, you simply need to sign in to one website.

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Average Payout Minimums

You must earn $25 in affiliate sales to receive a payment with a direct deposit. This is higher than some other affiliate networks that demand only $10. However, it is lower than those who demand $50 or even $100.

Long Payment Duration

Due to the net 60 payment terms, it'll take a long time for you to receive payment.

Transaction Fees Are Unavoidable

All of FlexOffer's payment options have a transaction cost associated with them.

FlexOffers Review: Ease Of Use

This is where some affiliate networks soar into the sky…while others plummet to the earth like fiery comets.

Here's what's on the FlexOffers Dashboard Menu:

For one, the color scheme used by FlexOffers on the affiliate page is quite discomfiting.

it's a blackish-blue banner with a black banner underneath it, and then white icons superimposed on top of that.

It's tough to focus on it for a long time because you have so many components piled one on top of the other.

This is one of the least appealing affiliate network dashboards of all time.

You can also take a look at your basic ‘Network Statistics' in this section:

To sum it all up, FlexOffers has some drawbacks in terms of user experience and the affiliate dashboard. But in general, it's simple to use.

FlexOffers Review: How to Become a FlexOffers Affiliate

How do you become a FlexOffers affiliate publisher? The following are the 4 steps involved:

First Step: Verify your email address, set a password for your account, and then click the button “Login.”

Second Step: You will then need to sign in to finish the account registration process, which consists of providing basic, personal, and business information.

Third Step: Now it's time to explain where you want to place your affiliate advertisements and links, or more simply, what your traffic sources are.

For example, if you’re using a website, you’ll be asked the type of website you run, your number of visitors, etc.

You must also verify whether you are a coupon site, a comparison site, or utilize pop-ups in your affiliate marketing campaigns.

Fourth Step: Finally, you must authenticate your phone number and the website you stated in your application.

That's all there is to it. Just sit back and wait for them to accept or reject your application, in whatever manner they see fit.

FlexOffers does appear to review and approve even new sites with little content. So don't fret if that's you!

They have extensive information on their support pages about how to validate your free Wix, WordPress, or Blogger blog, which isn't common these days with most networks.

So the FlexOffers signup procedure is a little lengthy, but it's doable.

Finally, you can also earn a commission by referring new partners to the FlexOffers network via their FlexRev-Share program.

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Those who join “below” you become sub-affiliates, thus allowing you to get a cut of every sale they generate.

It's important to note that you're just applying for access to the FlexOffers website. You must apply to each affiliate program separately.

FlexOffers Review: Account Security

FlexOffers deserves a shout-out for requiring two-step authentication as part of the login procedure.

This entails having a code sent to your phone to log in at the start of every day.

Now, while this may irritate affiliates at times, it also provides your account with a degree of security that you don't get on any other affiliate network.

So, yes, it'd be nice if other affiliate networks followed suit, especially considering how prevalent data breaches have become.

However, if you lose access to your phone number, TFA (Two Factor Authentication) will become an issue.


FlexOffers Review: Affiliate Programs Offered

So, is the FlexOffers affiliate network worth joining? What kinds of advertisers do they offer?

Yes, yes, and yes again! The affiliate network is worth it. However, your niche specialty also determines the kind of advertisers you can work with.

FlexOffers has more than 12,000 advertisers in their network, so you'll have a decent possibility of finding relevant offers and lucrative partnerships.

Also, the advertisers on FlexOffers pay a slightly bigger commission than most other affiliate programs. It's a win-win situation.

FlexOffers offers so many categories, including:

Another issue to consider is whether or not FlexOffers offers well-known items that your audience would want to try.

It's a valid concern. I, too, was curious about it.

I discovered that FlexOffers, like other affiliate programs, is made up of a variety of both major and startup brands in various categories like the ones below:

FlexOffers Review: Publisher Support

The old customer support system was a mix of FAQs, and the ticketing system had a somewhat hastily put-together appearance.

I'm not sure if the network considered it adequate support for a FlexOffers affiliate, and if they did, what that entails.

But they've since moved to Zendesk, allowing you to search and find solutions instead of just creating a support ticket.

It wasn't that the ticketing system was ineffective; it just felt like they were avoiding getting too close to publishers.

FlexOffers provides a mailing address and a phone number as well.

They don't give a timeline for when you'll get a response, but most emails are typically responded to within 24

How Does the FlexOffers Affiliate Network Work?

Consider FlexOffers to be a platform for affiliate opportunities.

After you've joined, you start looking for affiliate opportunities to promote. This promotion may be done using a variety of marketing tools, such as your blog, website, or social media platforms like Instagram, and email marketing.

Rather than keeping track of 10 different affiliate websites with various login requirements and payouts, you can manage several affiliate programs under a single roof: FlexOffers.

FlexOffers Review: Generating Affiliate Links

So, how do you go about creating an affiliate link on FlexOffers?

This can be done through the main menu's ‘Links‘ or by tapping on ‘Advertisers.‘ To filter the results, go to ‘Search Advertisers‘ and utilize the ‘Status – Approved‘ sort.

Then, just click ‘Get Links.'


You can also filter the list of creatives by whether they're a banner, text link, or widget, as well as their EPC. And search through your connected advertisers for deeper links and widgets.

I discovered, however, a dearth of advertisers providing deep links, and most authorized advertisers do not provide ad widgets.

Click “View Link” to get the entire HTML code, which looks like this:

FlexOffers even offers a link-shortening service, so you won't have to use third-party solutions.

Generally, you'll like the FlexOffers interface here – it's simple, modern, and does the job well without much fuss.

They do, however, lack the more advanced link-building tools available on other networks like a bookmarklet.

Finding Affiliate Program Products to Promote on FlexOffers?

The FlexOffers search function is one of the more effective ones I've seen with most affiliate networks.

To swiftly filter through the hundreds of alternatives accessible, go to the “Advertisers” tab and then the “Search Advertisers” sub-tab.

The side search bar has the following search filters available:

Users can make use of a range of sorting options within the search, including:

Simply click “Apply Now” once you've discovered an advertiser with whom you'd want to work.

How Do You Make Money with FlexOffers?

If you're not going to make money, then FlexOffers isn't the way to go. Fortunately, FlexOffers advertisers provide a variety of commission options:

Cost per Action

If a specific action, as designated by the advertiser – commonly known as the merchant – is completed, you'll get paid.

This action might be signing up for email updates, using a discount code, or purchasing an affiliate product.

Cost per Sale

You get compensated if a person clicks your link and purchases anything or pays for a service within a specified period.

Cost per Click

This is the simplest way to generate affiliate income.

All that is necessary for you to get paid is for someone to click on your affiliate link, which will take them to the advertiser.

That's all there is to it!

Cost per Lead

Cost per lead is not based on a purchase. If you suggest car insurance, for instance, and someone asks for a quote, you'll receive a commission.

FlexOffers Review: Getting Paid

Now, let's look at when FlexOffers pays their affiliates.

Payment Terms and Options

It's good for affiliates to be able to select their preferred payment method, and FlexOffers provides a lot of options here.

You can opt to receive your commission payment in one of the following ways:

You can also ask FlexOffers to hold your payment until you reach a certain balance or at a time and date of your choosing.

Payment Timeframe

As a FlexOffers affiliate, you'll get paid net 60.

This implies that all commissions you earn in June will be paid out in August, with the majority of payouts made in the first week of the month.

There's also some ambiguity about when FlexOffers pays its affiliates. The homepage states Net 7, but this is just for top-performing affiliates, and the requirements to become one aren't clear.

It is also possible to receive advanced payments from FlexOffers for certain affiliates, which can arrive sooner than the net 60 date. However, you must pay a small network fee (apparently around 6% of your due earnings) to be eligible.

For the time being, just accept that all affiliate payments are net 60 since you must be approved to get their advanced payment option.

Payment Threshold

Before you can get payment from FlexOffers, you must first earn at least $25. There are also charges associated with this:

In addition, FlexOffers affiliates must reach a $1,000 threshold before payment can be made via wire transfer.

FlexOffers Alternatives

Do you want to know how FlexOffers compares to other top affiliate networks? Let's take a look at how FlexOffers compares to its rivals.

CJ Affiliate (Previously Commission Junction)

CJ Affiliate and FlexOffers are the two leading affiliate networks. Here's how they compare.

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Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is distinguished by the following features:

The time frame for generating payments is the same, as payouts are made on net 60 terms.

Join Amazon Associates Now!


ShareASale offers the features below:

There is no obligation for new affiliates to measure up to specific sale requirements. This is just like FlexOffers.

Join Shareasale Now!


Here's how ClickBank does when compared to FlexOffers:

You'll be fined for inactivity. Affiliate marketers are charged a $1 fee if they go 90 days without activity. The fine goes up to $50 per year if you fail to be active.

Payouts are made faster, as they occur every two weeks. You'll get your payment the following Wednesday.

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The Verdict: FlexOffers Review

This affiliate network isn't as big as Shareasale or ClickBank, but there is no disadvantage in joining. If you don't make a sale, you won't be penalized.

It does, however, have a large number of programs for certain niches. However, I'd say if your niche isn't one of the ones listed in this FlexOffers review, it won't be worth it.

So, signing up for FlexOffers won't be a waste of your time. It's one of the better entry points for an affiliate marketing novice.

So in general, FlexOffers offers a huge opportunity for novices who are interested in getting started in affiliate marketing to make good cash.

However, to make money with FlexOffers or any affiliate network as an affiliate marketer, you need to create content and spend time promoting the various offers available to you.

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