Podcast 2: Chris Guthrie on Buying and Selling Websites, Software Development, and More

Podcast 2: Chris Guthrie on Buying and Selling Websites, Software Development, and More

I recently did an interview with Chris Guthrie to discuss some of his early online ventures and some of his recent successes.  In this second episode of the Niche Pursuits podcast, I discuss how Chris went from being fired from his full-time job to selling a website for six figures just a short time later.

Chris is a great example of someone who took the time to build a large authoritative website, monetized it with the Amazon Associates affiliate program, and then sold that site for a healthy profit.  In addition, Chris also shares some of his early website ventures and some of the lessons he learned along the way.

Finally, Chris also goes into some details about his current business of buying and building up existing websites.  He shares some specific examples of sites you can go and check out the whole way through.  In addition, he also provides some insight into the projects that he is currently working on and has planned for the near future – including building more software tools.

Here’s a few of the topics and sites mentioned on the podcast:







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12 Comments for this entry

  1. Riley says:

    Hey Spencer, checking out the podcast now! Thanks! I’ve gone about website flipping before as mentioned here, and it’s extremely lucrative. The problem is on the public market much of the low quality stuff has caused a depreciation in high quality sites. So if you’ve got something high quality make sure to stay on the private market!

  2. Arbel Arif says:

    Great Interview, Thank You Spencer…
    Congrats on the new podcast :-)

  3. semmir says:

    hi spencer
    out of the topic question here? shall i do keyword research in this week? or shall i wait like a week or so? so that google algo change gets stable.
    i am asking this because i am seeing amazing things…..
    one keyword is 2900 usa searches per month, high adv comp, 1.6 cpc, guess what ranks 3rd ,….a blank domain with no content. and i have seen this thing in others as well.
    thanks bye

    • Spencer says:

      Yes, I would continue to do keyword research. But I would perhaps hold off on agressive link building until the dust settles a bit.

  4. James says:

    Great interview Spencer. Keep up the great work with the podcasts. You are on a roll now!

  5. Good stuff Spencer, it’s always interesting to hear how people get started making money online.

  6. Josh says:

    Always nice to hear about the roots of successful marketers. I completely agree that focus is the key and you gotta love what you’re doing, otherwise it gets old fast and it becomes hard to succeed.

    I also like that he mentions that he feels he’s failed more than most, but his failures led to his success. I feel the same way about a lot of my shortcomings.

    Anyway great podcast! Looks like I have yet another person to add to my listening list :)

  7. aaron says:

    Just want to point out that site buying is not as easy as it seems.

    I have been buying websites since a couple of years old and there are many unexpected twists and turns that one needs to be prepared of.

    Can you imagine buying a site before the latest google update and finding all your traffic disappeared the next day?

    Such risk is but one of many and we should make it as clear as possible before encouraging anyone to consider such an investment.

    I know where Chris is coming from as he has a course to sell but everyone should exercise extra caution.

  8. Bryan says:

    Hey Spencer, awesome series, I like the podcasts! im actually kind of interested in buying an existing website, and then trying to ramp up the income.

  9. Adi says:

    I don’t really think it’s a bad thing if people go ahead and try to copy/outrank you. It’s just in any other business.

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