My Google Adsense iPhone App is Complete!

My Google Adsense iPhone App is Complete!

After several months, I can finally say that my iPhone app is complete!  I got the approval email from Apple late last week telling me that the app is approved and ready to be sold on the App store.  I am going to release it for sale on May 28th – 2 weeks from today.

This has been a long time coming as most of you are probably aware, so it feels GREAT to finally have it completed! As I have revealed before, this is an iPhone app that allows you to check your Google Adsense earnings quickly and easily.  In addition it has a unique feature that incorporates sounds (via push notifications) that I hadn’t revealed up to this point.  Well, now you can see exactly what the app does on the Ad Alert App website here!  I have a cheesy video of myself up there and everything…you don’t want to miss that!

My iPhone App Timeline:

I also want to review with you the steps that I have taken to lead up to the app getting complete.  Here’s a quick time-line of everything I have done.

As you can see, its been a very long process.  I originally started thinking about building an iPhone app just a little over a year ago.  However, with the fact that I have been working on other parts of my business and that I changed App ideas about half way through, it took much longer than it needed to.

I really didn’t start working on the current Ad Alert App idea until December of last year; so its been about 6 months in the making.  However, I could have completed this project much quicker if I had been focused a bit more on it and knew some of the “ropes” a bit better.

Overall, I am very happy with the way the app has turned out, and I’m excited to finally get it up for sale in a couple of weeks!

Again, if you want to see exactly what my new iPhone app does, you can check out the demo video I created at right now

I would love to hear your thoughts, comments, or questions that you might have on the project of mine.

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20 Comments for this entry

  1. Alex B says:

    Congratulations Spencer! I’m so happy for you — great job! I wish you much continued success!

    All the best,

  2. Spencer Haws says:

    Thanks Alex, its been a fun ride so far!

  3. Dennis says:

    Wow, great job! I wish I had an iphone, but I’m stuck with a windows 7 phone for the time being (maybe 3 decent apps total, doesn’t even have AIM). I will certainly download when I change phones, however.

    You should create a keyword research app for phones. I’m sure it would be a lot more complicated but how cool would that be!

  4. Adam says:

    Really neat, Spencer. Awesome to see it in the final version.

    Any thoughts of releasing a similar app for Android phones?

  5. Dave M says:

    Do you have any tips you would share with someone looking to Elance/Odesk for iOS developers?

    • Spencer Haws says:

      I actually have a couple of podcasts coming out in the next week or 2 with Iphone App developers, and we cover this exact topic. So watch for those.
      However, a couple of quick tips are to communicate as much as possible BEFORE you actually hire them to make sure they understand the project and that you can communicate well.
      Also, don’t just look at price. A more expensive developer is usually a better developer and can be cheaper in the long run with less bug fixes etc. However, there are lots of less expensive developers out there that are also good. So be sure to read reviews and do as much “background” work as possible.

  6. Hey Spencer,

    Really looking forward to seeing how well you will do with this app! I have a few questions for you if you don’t mind:

    Is there any rhyme or reason as to why you chose your release date?

    Are you planning on doing any marketing for this app to go along with the website? Is this going to be a topic for a future post? :)

    Thanks and best of luck!

    • Spencer Haws says:

      Thanks Thomas!
      Yes, I picked the date based on feedback I’ve received from other developers. Sunday/Monday is supposed to be the best time to release apps.

      Yes, I am doing some marketing. Most of that you are witnessing first hand! This blog post, facebook posts, and other things so that at least everyone that is part of the NichePursuits community is aware of its release.

  7. Michel says:

    Great app idea! I have a question about Google, do you know if Google allows to access Adsense data via such an app? Could there be any risk of using it, that Google might close my account because of “weird” accessing behavior (like if the app pulls data every 10 minutes, which doesn’t look like a human is naturally doing it)?

    Thanks for your answer. And all the best for your app sales! Looking forward.

    • Spencer Haws says:

      Yes, Google allows this. In fact, its using their API which is specifically creating for accessing adsense accounts. Also, there are many other apps and programs that programatically access adsense accounts so this is nothing new :).

  8. Youssef says:

    Good job Spencer on following through and actually finishing what you’ve started. Too bad you can’t use your own app though ):

  9. Love your stuff, but I guess I’m lost here on this one Spencer. I don’t see the relevance. It only takes a second to bring up a browser window and see your adsense earnings directly from Google (which keeps you logged in). Plus, it can give you so much more data right at your fingertips. So why would I spend money on this app when all the info is free?

    • Spencer Haws says:

      Hey Richard, great question! First of all, I agree if the app only allowed you to check your Google Adsense earnings – it wouldn’t be very appealing. Perhaps you missed the unique feature?

      However, having said that, there are several iPhone apps that ALL they do is allow you to check your adsense earnings and they do pretty well – so there is a market there.

      But the real selling feature of my app is that its different! It allows your phone to make a “chaching” or other sound hands free every time you earn $10 (or any specified amount) in Google adsense. Its a fun app that lets you know when you’ve made some money without even checking your Google adsense account!

      Be sure to check out the demo video linked to in the blog post.

      • Andre Garde says:

        Haha, awesome! You really did add that “cha-ching” feature. I remember requesting that as a joke a couple months back.

        Even if there are other apps that are similar, this one is a stepping stone for more to come, I assume?

        • Spencer Haws says:

          Hey Andre, yes I remember you requesting the feature. However, actually this was the core idea from the very beginning – I just didn’t want to reveal it until the app was complete. I want to see how this app does and then yes, I already have a couple more ideas…so there could be more in the future!

  10. congratulations Spencer. all the best with your app.

    have you given thought to how you will promote the app, especially now days with an ever growing number of them?

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