Where’s the Real Money? Google Adsense vs. Clickbank

By Spencer Haws |

Ever since I started to publicly share how I build niche websites and monetize them primarily through Google Adsense, I have received lots of questions.   In fact, many of those questions come from people that want to know if its really possible to earn good money through Google Adsense.   Many of them have read that is a much better place to earn commissions and have also read that Google Adsense pays poorly and that its extremely difficult to make any real money there.  So, in my post today I want to tackle some of these questions and determine where the “Real” money is – Clickbank or Google Adsense?

Before I dive into some of the numbers, I want to CLEARLY state that no matter the outcome here – either method could be the best option for YOU!  Depending on your site, the topics or keywords chosen, and many other factors either one of these monetization methods could be appropriate for you.  There is no one size fits all answer here – it all depends.  However, I thought it might be eye opening to some of you to share how much money is really being made with both of these ad networks.

The Clickbank Money

First lets take a look at  This is highly touted in the Internet Marketing community.  For this reason, you are probably familiar with it and hear good things about it.  Personally, I don't have a lot of good things to say about it.  There is a lot of junk sold there and a high percentage of the products are over-hyped.  Despite the low quality products sold there, there IS a lot of good products sold there and you can still make money selling these quality products.  In fact, I may be selling a product soon through Clickbank – so I don't want to give the impression that everything is bad there.  You just have to be careful.

Anyway, Clickbank is a private company so we don't know exactly how much money is coming through their network.  In fact, outside of the close knit community that we have hear in the internet marketing arena, very few (if any) people have even heard of Clickbank.  They are not a very big company overall (I will demonstrate this in a minute).  In fact, they don't even have their own Wikipedia page.  (My own high school has a Wikipedia page – just kinda shows you how small Clickbank is).

However, despite being private – Clickbank is kind enough to share on their homepage how much money that have paid out.  As you can see from the screenshot above – they have paid out $1,815,307,083 at the time of this post.  No doubt this is a lot of money – almost $2 Billion.  However, you have to also realize that this is the amount they have EVER paid out.  Clickbank was founded in 1998 according to their company overview page.  So on an annual basis – they are paying out $151,275,590 (Divided total by 12 years).

Its unclear if this $151 million per year “paid out” is how much product creators get through clickbank in total – or the actual commissions paid to affiliates.  I would assume its the total paid for the products on clickbank – so the actual amount paid out in commissions would probably be 50% of this.  However, we will use the $151 million per year to compare to Google.  So in summary, the size of the Clickbank pie is $151 million per year.  Sounds pretty decent right?

The Google Adsense Money

Now we turn to Google which IS a public company and so we know EXACTLY how much they pay out in Google Adsense every year.  This information is publicly available on their quarterly and annual financial statements.  So, I did a little digging and pulled up their most recent 2011 Quarter 1 Income Statement – right here.

If you look at the costs of Google, you will see a section called “Traffic Acquisition Cost”.  This is how much Google is spending on Google Adsense.  In other words, this is how much all of the website owners with Google Adsense are making in income from Google Adsense.  Make sense?

You also have to realize that these numbers are in “millions” as noted at the top of Google's income statement.  In other words, for the year 2010 Google paid out to Adsense publishers at total of $7,317,000,000.  That's over $7 BILLION!  In Q1 of 2011, Google paid out over $2 billion – so if you multiply that by 4 (to get a projected full year) – you can see that its safe to say that Google will be paying out over $8 BILLION in Google Adsense. (To be fair – $337 million of this first quarter number was not Adsense – but payments to other Google partners – see explanation here).

So, Where's the Real Money?

I think its obvious that the real money is with Google.  They pay out over $8 BILLION a year and Clickbank has only paid out less than $2 billion EVER (in over 12 years)!  Comparing Clickbank's annual payout of $151 million to Google's Adsense payout of $8 billion is not even close.  Clickbank only pays out about 2% of what Google pays out each year – according to these numbers.  So, the Google Adsense “pie” is so much bigger than Clickbank that its almost laughable.

This is why I have never understood why people are surprised when I tell them I make good money with Adsense.  The pie is bigger, there is more money to be made, and its an easier sell!  (I get paid for clicks not actual sells).  Anyway, I could go on and on here.  Google Adsense has a wider array of keywords that can be targeted than Clickbank by far as well.

Despite all of this, I will still make it CLEAR that sometimes Clickbank will be a better option for your websites.  It all depends on the topics you cover, what you are selling, and your overall strategy.  It all comes down to testing and trying things out.

However, if you are ever wondering where the REAL money is in internet marketing – its pretty clear that there is WAY more money being spent and made with Google Adsense – its not even close.

Anyway, feel free to leave your thoughts below – hopefully I didn't bore too many of you will all the financial numbers!

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By Spencer Haws

Spencer Haws is the founder of After getting a degree in Business Finance from BYU (2002) and an MBA from ASU (2007) he worked for 8 years in Business Banking and Finance at both Merril Lynch and Wells Fargo Bank.

While consulting with other small business owners as a business banker, Spencer finally had the desire to start his own business. He successfully built a portfolio of niche sites using SEO and online marketing that allowed him to quit his job in 2011. Since then he's been involved in dozens of online business ventures including: creating and exiting Long Tail Pro, running an Amazon FBA business for over 3 years and selling that business, founding, and co-founding You can learn more about Spencer here.

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Alpaca Farming

Hi Spenser
I wholeheartedly agree with your conclusion-Clickbank does not hold a candle to Adsense.

And Adsense offers much more opportunities because you don’t have to sell anything-just provide information..

Alpaca Farming

Adsense rocks..and you don’t have to sell anything. Clickbank is full of crap with ropey affiliates too pretending to offer expertise in areas that they shouldn’t touch with a barge pole-eg Hemorrhoids


Agreed 100%

Zero Passive Income

Spencer! I love this analysis. Great perspective from a finance guy who can actually look into the companies and the numbers. thanks for sharing!


Hey Zero – I have to put my finance degree to use somehow right?! That’s what I love about public companies is that you can really see where the money is coming and going. In this case, I’d much rather have a piece of the Google pie.

Jacob Malatji

Hi Spencer

There are so many people coming out telling how much they are helping people to make huge sums of money on the internet more especially around google and clickbank. A lot of things they say are highly questionable and suspect.

I do not have a website but believe that there are opportunities to make money on the internet even though I do not know how. I trust that this is your area of expertise.

How can you help a guy like me to start making some money from google with a tight budget?

Jacob Malatji

Spencer Haws

Read these case studies, that’s a good start:

Alessandro Zamboni

Hi Spencer, this is another “zen pill”, and I share the final results with you. Adsense is a lot more profitable than Clickbank.
I’ve also seen a decrease of quality in the products released under Clickbank.

So I will continue to approach Adsense in my new website and blogs.

Thanks for letting me know!
See you soon,
Alessandro Zamboni


Yep, the quality of products on clickbank can be real hit or miss. Makes me second guess whether I should even list my own product on their. As I mentioned, Google adsense is not right for EVERY site however, you need to determine your own strategy and what’s best for your business.


Hi Spencer!

You’re totally right about CB and adsense. I tried to build several sites around Cb products (highest popular in CB now) – well the conversion rates just suck, the competition is crazy and google seems not to favor these niches as sites go down in serps for months…

adsense is a passive income and that’s daily income


I think that’s the biggest problem that many people have is they don’t realize how low the conversion rates can be when selling a product. They calculate out a 1% conversion and think they will be rich. I don’t think 1% is even close to realistic for most people.


I agree with your clear statement. My conversion rates also very low. I think I will just concentrate on adsense sites.


Please can you let me have info on how you make money on AdSense?

Carl Pruitt

Great analysis. I’ve always been a big fan of Adsense. I know it’s possible to make a lot of money selling your own products, selling affiliate products etc., but with Adsense there just seems to be less hassle involved. No one ever tries to contact me for customer service issues as they often do with any number of affiliate promotions, and never hear from anyone who thinks I endorse the products in the ads.

Nice and simple. Build the site, post the content, catch the traffic, collect the check.


Yep, this is one of the biggest benefits of Adsense – its just a click and there’s no hassle!


I agree adsense is where it’s at, but I also like your point of testing & trying out different things. I have adsense sites that also sell clickbank products as well as shareasale and other affiliate products. I don’t really care where the money comes from, as long as it comes.


True – I’ll take the money wherever it comes from!


To me it’s just easier to make money with adsense. If you have the same amount of traffic, you’d more likely get more clicks, which are free for the visitor to perform, than purchases, which require visitors to fork over their hard earned cash. However, as you said it does depends on the niche and keywords being targeted.


Yep, its all dependent on the niche and specific keywords you are targeting.


Those long form cheesy clickbank pages make me sick. I guess they work, but I’ve never bought anything from them. I’ve looked for products a few times to promote but seems like there is a lot of crapola on there.

I know the how to jump higher guy has made quite a bit off clickbank. Also, the xbox 360 fix products have made a nice amount too.

It seems like the people making a nice amount off of clickbank are the product creators.


Ugh! I hate the long sales page products! It just makes me feel like I’m dealing with some shady guy in the back alley somewhere.

Aguilera Photos

I prefer adsense over clickbank as well and agree with all you said.

Most of my sites are combo adsense/amazon sites. What are your thoughts on Amazon ? Also what do you think of CPA offers on adsense sites or just CPA as the sole monetization method on some specific niches, like dating type sites ?


Amazon can be a great source of revenue. Again the amount of success depends on the specific niche; however, personally I still do better with Adsense. However, Amazon is more of a legit source for income so you can feel good about it.

Again the CPA route really depends on the market you are in. It could be better for your site than any other method.

Jeffrey Trull

This is great, Spencer. Clearly, in your own case, you have proved Adsense can make money. I think that perhaps there’s more of a debate if Adsense is the best monetizaton plan outside of niche sites. There are a lot of bloggers out there that discourage Adsense and instead encourage affiliate marketing of quality e-products you use or selling your own e-products you create. While conversion rate is still a question here, there does seem to be a large upside if you have loyal readers and decent traffic to a blog site.


Jeffrey – very true. I agree that for blogs in particular Adsense is probably not the best monetization method – notice I have no adsense ads on my site 🙂 . There is definitely a much better upside if you have a faithful following that you can sell your own products or affiliate products too. Again, it comes down to testing different methods and finding what works best for your particular type of site.

Boris C.

All those scammy latest offers give Clickbank a bad name and when people get scammed, they start to associate Clickbank with scam. Unless Clickbank start reviewing marketplace offers, they will keep going down.

AdSense would be complete winners if they didn’t deindex/ban their publishers so easily and actually took some time to review their websites and provide support.

Spencer you said:

“Google paid out over $2 billion – so if you multiply that by 4 (to get a projected full year) – you can see that its safe to say that Google will be paying out over $8 BILLION in Google Adsense. (To be fair – $337 million of this first quarter number was not Adsense – but payments to other Google partners”

Can you clarify? What difference is between AdSense publishers and Google partners.


Boris – good analysis. I don’t know specifically who the $337 million went to. This is a statement directly from Google that I linked to which says – “The majority of TAC is related to amounts ultimately paid to our AdSense partners, which totaled $1.70 billion in the first quarter of 2011. TAC also includes amounts ultimately paid to certain distribution partners and others who direct traffic to our website, which totaled $337 million in the first quarter of 2011.”

That’s all the info Google gives us. It goes to some special partner/partners that google has outside of adsense.


Thanks for the research. I will continue to build adsense sites. I never had much luck with clickbank anyway. 8 Billion is some serious money. Definitely more than enough money for anyone who wants to build sites.


Do you have these financial figures for Amazon?

Curious on how Amazon Money would compare to Google Adsense Money and ClickBank Money.


Hazel – great question! Yes, Amazon is a public company so I’m sure I could dig up these numbers as well! In fact, maybe I will do a second post on Adsense vs. Amazon. How does that sound? I won’t look for the Amazon numbers right now, but Im sure you could find their financial statements online if you searched. Hmmm… this might have to be a future post.


I would like to see this as a future post as well – you know what to look for in all that financial stuff better than most of us! Thanks for this great analysis.


Interesting report you have here .


I love adsense…..


Hi Spencer,

I never thought of looking at it like this. With Clickbank it is much easier to find the right product for your niche (if this is wrong perhaps a blogpost how to do this with Adsense is much appreciated).

I think the people who don’t like adsense is that the potential payment per click might be higher with clickbank. (but this is really very relative)

Also the idea (or illusion) of losing clicks to potential competitors by not being able to find a right product on adsense to market to your niche.

Most common argument I read is that you try so hard to get people on your site that by a simple click you loose them for a very low click rate.

My websites are in Running, Cloud Storage and Bags. The running website is not really a niche, nor is the could storage one. The bags however is pretty good (specific bags) and will be something for Adsense and keen to give that a go.

Ps. great article on my4hourworkweek 🙂



Ralph – Actually Adsense is easier to find a matching product/advertiser because you don’t have to do anything! Google automatically reads what your website is about and matches appropriate ads to your site – its hands free.

Again, I stress that you make good point though. Adsense is NOT appropriate for all types of websites for the very reasons you bring up. Its important to test and find the best solution for yourself. I simply wanted to point out that there is WAY more money being made with Adsense than clickbank.


Sorry if that came as an argument or “attack” wasn’t the idea at all 🙂


It wasn’t taken as one – no worries. I actually think you made some great points in your original comment – thanks for sharing!

Boris C.

“Most common argument I read is that you try so hard to get people on your site that by a simple click you loose them for a very low click rate.”

Start building a list.

[email protected] heartburn cures

Hi Spenser, Thanks for your informative post. Even since I started to follow your blog, I have monetized my blog with adsense. However, I didn’t make any decent money from adsense yet. I have some visitors, but they hardly clicked on the ads. Since you are so successful with adsense, do you mind share your secrets…e.g keyword research, ads position…I also noticed that you don’t sell your keyword software anmore, what keyword software do you use?


My free guide right here: answers most of the questions you ask.

As far as Long Tail Pro – it will be available very soon – so stay tuned! I still use Long Tail Pro for keyword research as do many existing users.


Hey Spenz! Nice analysis. For me personally, they are both lucrative. I make money both from CB and Adsense. It all depends on your approach on how you make money from them. With CB, you have to make sure you have a high-converting product and targeted hungry market. With adsense, you have to have a high-converting profitable keyword (not all profitable keywords/niches are click-friendly) with decent traffic.


Hey Paolo – very true. I totally agree that whether or not you monetize your sites through cb or adsense really depends on a number of factors. You also hit the nail on the head with finding high converting profitable keywords for adsense.


I feel that a mix of adsense and clickbank ads will be beneficial.

carmen barbalace

I think I’ll take your advice and try to build an ad sense site.So far I have only built an Amazon site but have not done much backlinking and therefore have not had much success.I would really be interested in your backlinking techniques.


Carmen – link building is important, but keyword selection is MUCH more important. If you pick the wrong keywords, it really doesn’t matter how much link building you do.

Shae Bynes

I learned that lesson that hard way….my first attempt at internet marketing a couple years back I chose the wrong keyword, spent money on building tons of links and made it to the #3 spot on Google. Too bad only a handful of people actually searched on that term. LOL!

Great analysis Spence….I definitely like affiliate product promotions for the blog and a mix between AdSense and affiliate promotions for niche sites.


Spencer –

There is money to be made in Google AdSense, but I’ve noted in my own experience there’s a lot more money to be made per page if you sell an affiliate product (physical, real product, not a download).

With Amazon and Commission Junction, at least in my experience, AdSense just doesn’t hold a candle on a per-page basis – but to each his own.

I began in AdSense, but definitely won’t continue with them, not after realizing that I was selling ad space to a product that can pay me more in one sale than a month and a half of clicks. I suppose it all depends on the market / niche.


James – that’s great! As I explained, how you monetize your site really depends on what keywords you are targeting. I rarely target physical products (that would be on Amazon or CJ) – so Adsense makes sense. In fact this is one of the advantages of Adsense there are just SO MANY more keywords that you can target when you don’t restrict yourself to physical products.

So, yes, you can make more with Amazon, CJ, or other affiliate networks depending on what you are targeting. I simply wanted to point out that TONS of money is being made with Adsense – much more than people are making with Clickbank.

paula mooney

Yeah, I dislike clickbank and most of the scammers found therein.

I like adsense and amazon affiliates the most… yes please do a post on amazon numbers sometime, especially in light of all the sales tax changes.

I plan to publish my next ebook on kindle as well, not clickbank, because its easy and customers love buying from amazon.


Hey Paula – I will announce it right now…tomorrow I am doing a post comparing Amazon and Adsense numbers! These comments got me thinking about it and so I took a look at some of the public financial of Amazon and well…its pretty interesting! So stay tuned – tomorrow I am doing a similar analysis for the Amazon Associates program! I will definitely discuss the sales tax issues in different states, etc.

Summer Green

Hi Spencer,

Thank you for this great info – I am just at the beginning stage of monetizing my website, and it is great to learn of other options besides Google Adsense. In addition to Adsense, last week I signed up with Commission Junction (CJ), which is not pay-per-click but on commissions. I have found CJ training videos on their site to be extremely helpful for newbies like me; it’s given me a good understanding of affiliate marketing. But right now as I am trying to learn more about how to increase earnings by setting up Google Adsense custom channels, I’m finding that Adsense is not as user-friendly as CJ. Are there any good books that you can recommend for learning the ins and outs of using Google Adsense? Thank you so much for your valuable information, I really appreciate it.

Summer Green

I am also wondering if it is fairly average to earn only about $1.37 per day on Adsense? I have had Adsense on my site for several months now, and am thinking that perhaps I may be spinning my wheels in the wrong niche! I chose a subject that I personally was interested in, and then applied great keyword density, but the number of visitors to the site remains low. I have applied CJ ads to my site, and looking at my performance report, I have only received 5 clicks total within one week. I will begin my search for another niche – maybe something related to health.


Avg earnings for every site is very different. I have some sites that average less than a dollar a day, I have other sites that average over $50 per day with adsense. Your earnings are dependent upon what niche you are in, how much traffic you get, and how many people click your ads. If you are ranking well for your chosen keyword and you are still not getting very much traffic, then its probably time to try something different.


Yep, CJ is a great network – I have used them for several years. I don’t know of any good books on Adsense. I learned by just jumping in and trying out different things. The best thing to do is test out what works, then use the free search engines to find answers to your questions – or forums can be a big help as well.

More Info

It took me about 1 year before I was earning $10 a day consistenly with adsense. Keep at it, it will eventually come. Just keep building more sites and getting traffic to them.


Hi Spencer, I have seen marketers who built a lot of niche websites and earning thousands of dollars per month from their Adsense.

But one day, all their sites are deindexed by Google. All their efforts have gone down the drain and their income was lost
in a single day.

What’s your take on this? When Google finds out that all the sites(on Google 1st page) are from a single owner and it
deindexed all of them, there goes the income.

So shouldn’t we diversify our business and not fully depend on just Adsense?


Dan – you bring up a great point (and I have taken many precautions which I will discuss in the future) about diversification. However, you are mistaken that you need to diversify out of Adsense or any other monetization method. What needs to be diversified is where you get your traffic. If 100% of your traffic comes from Google THAT is the risk. In other words if I started monetizing some of my sites with Amazon – this does not really diversify anything. The real source of my income is the free traffic that comes to my sites. I could monetize my sites in dozens of different ways, but the traffic all comes from one source. Anyway, hope that makes sense – just something to think about and is a very real risk in this business. (That is why I also have a software product and am developing an iphone app – to diversify my income).


Yeah Spencer, you are right that it’s the traffic that needs to be diversified and can’t depend on Google alone.

But besides getting seach engine traffic, all other traffic methods may need more time and effort and seems difficult to me.

Or do you have other traffic methods which are very doable? And which are the ones you usually use?


Search engine traffic is really the only traffic I target because as you point out other methods are too time consuming, expensive, or take too much effort to be worth. What I am saying is that if you decide to rely on search engine traffic from Google, you are always going to be at the mercy of Google. Unfortunately there is no way to diversify away from this risk with niche websites. This is an inherent risk for anyone trying to build niche websites that they should be very aware of. Google could change their formula at any time and you could no longer be ranking tomorrow.

Now, the likelihood of Google changing everything overnight is very slim because they have built a business on ranking relevant websites. But its a risk nonetheless as they tweak their algorithm.

Jeremy Banks

Great post, I never thought to look at it that way. Another good way of looking at it is that you are selling advertising space which should never go stale. That product you are pitching on clickbank might not be so popular 2 years from now!

I found your blog through Chris Guthries, I make money with adsense as well so I will definitely be subscribing to your blog. P.S do you notice there are more spelling mistakes near the end of people’s comments? Your comment box only let’s me see the first 7 lines of my comment so now I am typing blind, hope I didn’t screw anything up!


That’s the great thing about Adsense is that the advertisers/products displayed are updated automatically – huge timesaver over selling an affiliate product. The comment box can be stretched bigger by pulling the bottom right hand corner.

Seth Hymes

I agree, there is just more cash flowing in AdSense. However I’ve made more money this year from having my own product on Clickbank; it works better than trying to promote somebody else’s product and the payout were conversion is higher.


Seth, you are right – if you have your own product, you can probably do better than Adsense.


i agree with spencer 100%

I didn’t read all of the comments to see if this was addressed already, but don’t you think the reason adsense paid out so much more is because so many more websites are using adsense ?


Sure, its on more websites – which is part of it. But the money comes from advertisers. So, Adsense pays out SO much more because advertisers are using Google Adsense to advertisers. That’s why Clickbank is not even in the same ballpark with Google Adsense when it comes to amount of money exchanging hands…


Thank you for a great subject and interesting discussion.

Is it possible to apply AdSense, Clickbank and maybe some other advertising program on the same website?

That is If one estimates that it would be useful, or just to test which program performs better?


Hi Spencer,
I am a newbie and just wanted to know….how do you manage 200 websites? And does it require that amount of websites to make the kind of money that you pull in? I hope that I am not treading on thin ice and my questions are not too personal or antagonizing. I don’t mean to be offensive. I’m just trying to learn!

Arryn Grogan

Hi Spencer,

So I’ve been waiting for Google to approve me for Adsense, but it’s been 10 days and it still says my account is pending. How long should this be taking? Do you ever have a problem with this?


It usually takes less than a week. Maybe they are back logged? I’m not sure what to say.


Clickbank now has a Wikipedia page. I think both are great options depending on what you want and your niche

Norbert Pinto

You have been giving good suggestions to many and you could give some to me. I want to know where I could obtain financing as grant, to complete educational upgrade and to release a few albums. I know that there is an amount of risk as usual, but in my case, there is little risk.

Just been paid

I prefer adsense


Also, Clickbank’s stupid CDR:

” Sales made with 5 or more different credit card numbers;

Sales made with two different payment methods (either Visa, MasterCard, PayPal or European Direct Debit(ELV)). Note: PayPal purchases do not count toward the minimum 5 different credit card numbers.”

I’ve made several hundred dollars in clickbank sales but still never been paid because everyone buys the products with PayPal. And then if I dont make any sales for a period of time, they start taking my money.

I get paid every month on time by adsense. Clickbank has yet to pay me.


True, I do both on my main website, which doesn’t have a super high CPC, but overall despite high Clickbank commissions Adsense still earns me at least a little more.


You make a big mistake, because You don´t consider the number of users of AdSense; more advertirsers, more users, the earnings are more spread, but with Clickbank, under the same conditions of CTR you earn more.



I have been using commission junction for 2 months — hundreds of clicks and noting sold – 0 revenue , it depends on your visitors’ budget as welll as what u r selling….
adsense is better i think for most


Is it possible to get a website up to page 1 even if it just has plr articles on it? Can you make decent money from adsense from websites that only have plr articles on it? Will google cancel your adsense account if you only use plr articles on your websites?


I’ve never used PLR articles on my own sites. I don’t think you would do very well and not as likely to rank very well. I wouldn’t do it.


I eventually gave up on Clickbank after spending hours scrolling through poor products to sell on my site. If it is something that I wouldn’t buy then nobody else will either.

If you are looking to make commissions as an affiliate, Commission Junction is far more professional and stricter with what is allowed and what isn’t. Even though there aren’t as many products on CJ, the quality is far better.

I haven’t had time to use adsense yet, my account is pending approval as we speak. It is definitely highly regarded amongst bloggers. The downside with adsense is that they have been known to occasionally block users accounts without paying them. Luck of the draw I guess.

Good article. Enjoyed it.


Great Article, I think adsense is way better then click back… for the simple reason you have to spend money with clickbank to make money as oppose the adsense were you people can just view the advertisements… and you make money.

zugurubari E. nwiko

wow!! what a eye opening article. I will stick to google adsense.


I been through Clickbank a few times and had the same impression about a lot of the products as well. I think there’s some good stuff but you have to dig.


Is it best to have adsense with image ads or text ads on your blog?

Does anyone have visits/clicks conversion that we should be aiming for?

What about positioning of the Adsense? Should that be in a right hand column of the Blog or within the text?


ahmed rafat

agree with you one hundred percent

Akbar Firdiansyah

Great post Spencer, Google really rock 😀

Shaggy Max

You are absolutely right about Google…the pie is bigger. The big G is soooo big nothing comes close. Some balance would be nice. To bet all your eggs in one basket is risky business.

Adrian Rozić

Nice post, but for Adsense money you have to bring 100% more traffic than for Clickbank enarnings. 🙂

Spencer Haws

That really depends on the niche. I can think of hundreds of keywords that will make tons of money with Adsense, but don’t have a single product that you could sell on clickbank.

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