This Week on Niche Pursuits: Ezoic Earnings for NSP4 and Link Whisper Updates

By Spencer Haws |

I hope your weekend if off to a great start!  I wanted to provide a few updates so you know what I'm up to…but also hopefully a couple of these things will either motivate or educate you in your own business.

First of all, I haven't provided an official update for Niche Site Project 4 in a couple of months.  The last time I shared an income report was for December here.  I still might not provide a full update for a couple of months. (I like to keep the suspense going).

However, I will simply say that Own The Yard is still going well!  Here's a quick screenshot showing the traffic growth over the last few months:

The traffic has increased signficantly over the last few months, and I expect this to continue as April through August are really the peak months for my type of site.  Google organic traffic is definitely driving most of the visitors to my site.

I also thought it would be interesting to show you my Ezoic earnings over the last several months.


The display ad revenue has been increasing in lock-step with the traffic increase.  Almost $1k in February from Ezoic earnings alone. (You can try Ezoic ads here).

I'm keeping Amazon Associates earnings on the down-low until my next full report – just to keep things interesting. (Don't worry, my earnings are still good there).

With $233 in earnings from Ezoic in March so far (through March 5th).  I'm on pace to do over $1,400 from Ezoic this month!  That actually could be higher as the traffic increases.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that my niche site is alive and well.

Link Whisper Updates

For some reason, I felt like recording a video today…and even allow my web cam to be on.  Enjoy my green sweater.

I wanted to share the latest of what's happening with Link Whisper and the big updates we've been working on.  Check out the video:

Overall, I cover 3 major updates for the tool.

  1. We added a Dashboard that shows Link Stats, Most Linked Domains, and Internal vs. External link chart.  Watch the video to see how you can use these reports to improve your site.
  2. We added the ability to edit your sentences on the fly (hat tip to Gael from Authority Hacker for the suggestion in his Youtube review of Link Whisper).  This feature is coming out in the next week or so.
  3. We also added the ability to add custom links.  Don't want to link to one of the suggested internal links or want to link to an external site?  Now you can.  This feature is coming soon in a week or so as well.

You can grab a copy of Link Whisper here.

Try Link Whisper

Finally, in case you missed it, I just published a podcast interview with Kyle Roof about SEO tests and on-page optimization.

Motion Invest Contest

Oh, and I nearly forgot.  The contest for Motion Invest is still going on!  We are going to be giving away a site making over $200 a month for free to someone.  Go here to enter the contest on Motion Invest.

Hope you have a great weekend!

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