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Podcast 77: How to Hire a Great Software Developer and the Story of Long Tail Pro

Podcast 77: How to Hire a Great Software Developer and the Story of Long Tail Pro

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Welcome to another episode of the Niche Pursuits podcast!  In today's episode, Perrin and I discuss my last blog post about hiring a great software developer for your bootstrapped business in depth.

If you haven't had a chance to read that blog post yet, I highly recommend that you do so here.

These blog posts are part of a 5 part series that I'm doing on how to bootstrap a software business.  You can read part one of the series right here.

Because I've actually been involved in a couple of different software projects, and I highly successful one (Long Tail Pro), I think sharing some of the Long Tail Pro story along the way makes sense as I teach these principles.

In a nutshell, Perrin and I discuss on this episode:

  • Budget needed to bootstrap a software business
  • How I hired my first developer for Long Tail Pro for just $2,500
  • How miscommunication lead to one of the worst dilemmas I've ever dealt with in my business.
  • How my developer held me hostage with some source code
  • How I found my next great developer
  • Strategies to weed out the bad and find the good developers
  • The importance of discussing deliverables before the project starts
  • Advantages and disadvantages of having a tech partner
  • Additional tips for boostrapping

Overall, I hope you enjoy this episode of the Niche Pursuits podcast!

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  1. Roberto


    Great! That was exactly what she needed… 😀

  2. Mathias dos Santos

    Mathias dos Santos

    Hiring a major software developer for the bootstrapped business is not an easy task, but who has a great history certainly will do in front of many.

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