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By Spencer Haws |

A few days ago, I was able to sit down with Justin and Joe from and record an interview.  As you are probably aware, I have been networking with these guys for a long time, but I actually learned quite a bit during this podcast interview!

Not only do they share how many sites they are building each month, but also some very specific strategies for how they are able to accomplish such a task.  If you are at all interested in niche sites, Google Adsense, outsourcing, business systems, the future of search engine optimization, or link building, then you are going to love this podcast!

In addition, we were able to discuss a new project that we have been working on recently called: Niches for Charity.  This is an idea that Justin and Joe had to try and make a real difference in people's lives by giving back.  They approached me a few months ago with the idea, and I was more than happy to jump on board.  We are still in the early stages, but this is definitely something that is on the horizon.  We cover some more details of what its all about on the podcast; but also feel free to check out the site so you can stay notified.

Here are some the sites, products, or other items we discussed during the podcast:

As always, I enjoyed doing the podcast with these awesome entrepreneurs!  I would be interested in hearing your thoughts and comments below.

Finally, if you can subscribe on iTunes here to my Podcast.  If you like the show, I would love any positive ratings…thanks!

Listen to the Podcast!

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By Spencer Haws

Spencer Haws is the founder of After getting a degree in Business Finance from BYU (2002) and an MBA from ASU (2007) he worked for 8 years in Business Banking and Finance at both Merril Lynch and Wells Fargo Bank.

While consulting with other small business owners as a business banker, Spencer finally had the desire to start his own business. He successfully built a portfolio of niche sites using SEO and online marketing that allowed him to quit his job in 2011. Since then he's been involved in dozens of online business ventures including: creating and exiting Long Tail Pro, running an Amazon FBA business for over 3 years and selling that business, founding, and co-founding You can learn more about Spencer here.

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Hey Spencer,

Thanks for having us on the podcast. It’s always great talking with you…it felt much more conversational than a typical interview…that’s probably why you got so much out of us! 🙂

We appreciate it and hope your listeners find it valuable. We’re down with NPP!


It was a lot of fun being to able to talk business!


Nice. These podcasts are awesome and I really like what the guys @ Adsense Flippers have been doing. Just got their niche guide and am totally stoked on it.

Listening to the podcast now…


Thanks, Vin! Hope you like the guide…do let us know if you think there’s anything unclear or anything you’re struggling with.

Love Spencer’s outro music…really upbeat! 🙂


Thanks for doing this podcast. Some really great tips. I’m a newbie so I haven’t flipped any sites yet but that’s my goal for the next few months. Thanks again for the great interview!


Hey Stacey,

It definitely helps to have an audience…but we were getting strong multiples before we had much of an audience at AdSenseFlippers and our flipping strategies and how they apply to Flippa work whether you have an audience or not.

What I WOULD suggest is that if you’re interested in getting into flipping your sites, do become active in forums like Experienced-People, WarriorForum, etc. Get to know some people, respond to comments, and let people get a feel for you…especially in the flipping sections of the forums. That way, when you have some sites for sale you can ask for tips/tricks and also have a way to funnel eyeballs to your auction!


Guys — this was a great, helpful, and informative chat. Nothing like hearing three of the brightest minds in niche websites openly talking shop together — especially the insights into your businesses.


Thanks, Adam!

This interview felt really conversational which I really liked. It’s fun to speak with someone else who knows our business so well and is as open as us when it comes to sharing ideas, strategies, etc. I’m really interested to see where Spencer takes his podcast…we’ve had a great time putting ours out and I’m sure he’ll feel the same!


I have enjoyed the interviews. mostly MFA sites are not working well these days, as it is tough to rank those. But these guys still giving some ideas to follow.


1400 is such a gigantic number of sites to run. It really blows my mind how these guys are capable of handling the whole venture, even with cheap labor at hand.

The most important part for me was everything that emerged during the interview about moving away from Adsense and Google traffic. To my mind, when you get serious about methods to make it big without Google, you can start calling yourself a web entrepreneur.

I’m going to listen for more.


Hey Spencer very interesting to say the least. I just concluded an interview with these guys as well that i’ll be publishing in a few days. The amount of sites they’ve built in the short time is crazy!

Sean Chang

Thanks for this guys!

Really looking forward to following the progress of Niches For Charity. What a great way to give back to the community 🙂


Thanks Sean – should be a great project for sure!


On the topic of other monetization methods, now that you can test new monetization methods, I hope you can give us advice on what ad network is best for what kind of sites. For example, infolinks is best for general info sites. What about food and health sites? Or job and education sites?



Two, well actually three of my favorite people to listen to, all in one podcast? That’s a winner for sure! haha. It truly is a feat to see you guys running 1400 sites, right now we’ve got a little over 20, but we’re definitely growing rapidly and the income is growing rapidly as well. It’s great to actually see results come in! All of you guys are inspirations to our business, and we’ve definitely incorporated a lot of your strategies into our plan. Keep up the great work!


Awesome, Josh!

Interesting to follow along with your journey. Actually…it’s been a while…I need to check out what you guys are up to lately! 🙂

Matthew Paulson

Always love hearing Justin and Joe pontificate. Bring them back for a future episode.


Booyah…thanks, Matthew! Would love to have you on our show in the near future, for sure! Your interview with Tim from the Foolish Adventure Podcast was fascinating for me…would love to dig into the newsletter stuff, that was awesome!


I love the Podcasts, however, im not that big of a fan of the Adsense flippers blog, im not quite sure why, it just doesnt click with me. but listening to the podcast makes me want to check it out again


Hey Bryan,

I hear ya…I get some blogs/podcasts that are recommended to me that just don’t seem to click for me either. What do you think we could improve?

I know our design sucks 🙂 We’re working on that, lol. I don’t think I’m the best blogger either, but I’m definitely working on improving that the best I can…

Luke Clark

Wow what an awesome episode! I love nichepursuits and adsense flippers! What a great combination to hear the passive income and the adsense flipping income specialists talking about what they do! I’ve got 19 niche sites up that I’ve been building manually. Expect me to break out of my shell soon enough with a blog of my own 🙂

Spencer Haws

Glad you liked it Luke! Best of luck breaking out of your shell!

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