Joe Valley’s Strategies and Advice After Brokering Over $100 Million of Online Businesses

By Colin Linnett |

Today's guest on the Niche Pursuits podcast is Joe Valley, the author of the newly released book ‘The Exitpreneur's Playbook.' 

Joe is a business broker and partner at Quiet Light Brokerage. He has been around the online business space since 1997, and on the podcast, he shares the wisdom and knowledge he has learned over the years from selling numerous businesses.

The chat focuses on the central topics of his new book, which helps people who want to sell their online business. He makes some interesting points and offers valuable advice for those wishing to sell their business right now and even those who aren't thinking of selling their business just yet.

Joe talks about selling your business from the beginning rather than when you want to sell and offers advice for getting prepared and ready to make the process smoother.

He shares the five steps for maximizing value and provides strategies for mitigating risk. He believes the steps are crucial for making a sale, multiplying the business market value, and selling your business.

Some of the other things discussed on the podcast include:

Links And Resources Mentioned In The Podcast:

Watch the full interview:


By Colin Linnett

Colin Linnett is a seasoned copywriter and certified content marketer who helps entrepreneurs and bloggers by creating engaging content to woo their readers.

He spends most of his time writing blog posts, emails, and researching the latest marketing trends online.

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