The Ultimate FlexJobs Review: How to Earn Money from Home with Remote Work

By Ashley Simpson |

Are you looking for remote work positions and the opportunity to work from home? In the digital age, more employers are offering remote positions than ever before.

The results for employers are clear: fewer interruptions, more focused worktime, and great productivity from employees. Even the employees can benefit from this new arrangement.

According to research, 70 percent of people believe that a permanent remote position would have a greater impact on their mental health.

The question is: where can you find the best and most qualified job postings on the internet where scammers often abound?

In our FlexJobs review, we will be taking a much deeper look at just what you can expect from this job board and whether it could be the right fit for your skills to help you land your dream job working from home.

Ready to learn more about what FlexJobs can offer your professional experience and job search?

Let’s dive right in!

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  • Ease of Use - 90
  • Stability - 100
  • Customer Service - 100
  • Price - 70


FlexJobs is a great platform for finding remote work positions in a wide variety of job categories. Whether you are new to the world of freelancing or a seasoned professional, you will find plenty of work opportunities here. Try FlexJobs for your next job search here! 


  • Easy-to-use advanced search function
  • Vetted employers to ensure quality job postings
  • Excellent U.S.-based customer service
  • Career coaching
  • Partner discounts



  • No free trial or access to apply for jobs
  • Third-party sites required to submit applications

What is FlexJobs?

Before we get into our FlexJobs review, we need to take a quick minute to discuss what the job platform actually is. Much like other popular freelancing sites, FlexJobs offers a wide variety of job listings for those who prefer to work from home.

For those who have been looking for flexible work schedules and dependable jobs, this job search website could be a great place to start.

They list remote work opportunities and job postings in top categories such as:

You can filter your potential jobs to look for remote work, a hybrid work schedule, or a more traditional schedule that involves coming into the office. There are many opportunities for people who are motivated to find pre-screened job listings from a reputable source.

Unlike some of the other leading freelancing job boards, FlexJobs does charge a subscription fee.

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Is FlexJobs a Legitimate Website?

If you are looking for virtual vocations, you might be wondering whether FlexJobs is a legitimate site before you pay their subscription fees.

No FlexJobs review would be complete without considering how reputable the platform and their job postings really are.

FlexJobs has been helping connect workers with employers since 2007, so there is a lot of history to sort through when it comes to considering their legitimacy.

The good news is that FlexJobs is far from a scam. They are rated as an A+ business with the Better Business Bureau and they have a 4.59-star rating based on their consumer reviews.

Looking at other popular review sites like Sitejabber can also provide great insight into how legit this online job board really is. As of the time of this writing, Sitejabber had more than 7,400 reviews for FlexJobs with an average rating of 4.69 stars (out of five).

While they do charge a membership fee, you can rest assured that your money is going to good use. It is used to screen potential job listings so that you can review only legitimate options and stop wasting your time on other job boards.

FlexJobs Review: Pricing

How much can you expect to spend as a job seeker on this platform? FlexJobs has a great pricing structure that allows you to try out the service for minimal cost.

You can gain access to remote work opportunities with the following membership fees:

When you sign up for longer subscriptions, the price per week for access to their job listings will drop dramatically. There is a substantial difference between the one-week membership and the annual membership ($9.95 vs. $1.15 per week).

Your subscription fee gives you access to a multitude of great features on the site, including:

Is There a Free Trial for FlexJobs?

Do you want to try out FlexJobs to see if it is the right fit for you before committing to a paid plan? Unfortunately, there is no way to try FlexJobs for free as there is with other leading sites.

Without paying or making an account, you can browse through available job postings and remote work opportunities. This will allow you to get a glimpse of what is being offered, but the full details of the job won’t be visible unless you have a subscription.

For example, you can see a short snippet about the job description, how remote the work will be, the number of hours required per week, and the job schedule. However, you will not be able to access the company name and additional benefits that could be yours if you win the job bid.

They do offer a satisfaction guarantee, though. Under this guarantee, you can browse through the job board with access to the full details. If you decide that the service is not the right fit for you for any reason, you can cancel your current subscription.

Ask their customer service department for a refund within 30 days of the creation of your account or renewal to get your refund processed. You can contact customer service in one of three ways:

How FlexJobs Works

At this point in our FlexJobs review, it’s time to consider how the platform actually works for job seekers.

The learning curve for this intuitive website is relatively small, especially if you have ever spent time on any of the other freelancing websites such as Upwork or Fiverr.

Here is a quick breakdown of how it works.

FlexJobs Reviews Posting

According to an annual review from FlexJobs, approximately 20 percent of job seekers have been the victim of a scam stemming from an online job posting. Finding the right virtual vocations can be a challenge as scammers are quite savvy.

FlexJobs does its best to make these potential scams a thing of the past.

They spend a great deal of time researching each company and position that is offered on their job board to ensure that you receive only legitimate offers. They may spend as long as 30 minutes on a single posting.

The amount of time it potentially saves you as a job seeker is substantial, making it well worth the price of the subscription to know that you won’t be scammed.

Search for Jobs

Now that you know each job is legitimate, it is time to actually start the search for a new remote work position.

You can access their job search results without paying for a subscription, so take a few minutes to play around with their advanced search settings to see what is available for you before making a financial commitment.

You can filter through jobs using key criteria including:

They have featured jobs that appear at the top of the results page, followed by the newest listings posted. You can quickly see how long a job posting has been on the board before deciding if you want to apply.

This search function is one of the best features FlexJobs has to offer. It is extremely user-friendly even if you aren’t tech-savvy.

Once you know what you want in a new position, it is easy to see if FlexJobs has that type of work available before you spend money on a membership.

Set Up Your Account

Once you have done your due diligence when it comes to making sure that there are some valid positions that match your skillset, it is time to actually set up your profile. This is what potential employers will see when they review your application.

It is particularly important to build your resume and experience on the FlexJobs platform.

Creating a resume profile is important because it allows you to search for the positions that are best suited to your skills. Completing a resume comes with an array of benefits that can enhance your job search:

You can also take skills tests to prove your abilities to a potential employer and help set you apart.

How to Apply for Jobs

You won’t actually have the opportunity to see full company details or apply for a job unless you spring for a subscription. However, it is important that you know how to apply for a prospective position on FlexJobs as the process is not as straightforward as you might hope for.

On many freelancing platforms, you submit a job proposal or application directly through the site you are on. FlexJobs takes a different approach that is a bit clunkier but still effective.

There are two different types of job postings you might find on FlexJobs: featured employers and external job postings.

Featured Job Postings

After evaluating the job posting, be sure to pay attention to the orange star that is listed above the position name on the advanced search results page. If it has a star and claims to be a featured employer, then you will have an easy time applying for this position.

All you have to do is click the blue Apply button following the description. FlexJobs will send you directly to the employer’s website to fill out their custom application or you may be asked to choose a resume profile.

External Employers

It is worth mentioning in a FlexJobs review that not all job posts originate on FlexJobs. Sometimes, their team of job researchers will seek out potential employers through outside websites and on other job boards.

You will know that these posts are not exclusive to FlexJobs when they lack the telltale orange star and the “Featured” notification.

If you want to apply for a position with an external employer, it will redirect you to the post they made on their company website.

You will have the option to fill out the application or attach a resume. A copy of your resume profile can be downloaded for use with these applications.

What Kind of Work is Available on FlexJobs?

No matter what your field of expertise or level of experience, FlexJobs has a posting that will seem like it has been tailor-made for you. We already touched on how to use the advanced search feature to narrow down the extensive list of job opportunities found on the site.

Job seekers will want to familiarize themselves with this feature, particularly if they are interested only in remote work and being a digital nomad. However, there are many different ways that you might find a work-from-home job or even a traditional job at a brick-and-mortar office.

The first thing you need to do is select your remote work level. If you want a work-from-home job, then you may choose 100% remote work or the option for remote work. Hybrid jobs and no remote work jobs are also an option if these are a better fit for you.

They have an extensive list of categories that you can seek employment in, making this a haven for job seekers who have unique skillsets. There are more than fifty categories you can choose from with subcategories for many of them.

For example, you may choose to work in accounting and finance. Under this header, you have the option of working in:

There is truly something for everyone on this platform with key areas where you can earn extra money such as:

As you can see, there is no shortage of career opportunities available through FlexJobs if you are determined to find a new virtual vocation.

Pros and Cons of FlexJobs

Of course, no FlexJobs review would be complete without taking a comprehensive look at how you can benefit from their job opportunity site.

While there are plenty of positive attributes when it comes to the platform, it is important to take a close look at just how you can and cannot benefit from the job search platform.

Pros of FlexJobs


Perhaps the greatest attribute of FlexJobs is how intuitive it is to use the platform.

The advanced search function is fantastic. It makes it easy for anyone to get started finding positions that are a great fit for their skills and desired employment level.  

Better yet, this function can be used before you sign up for a subscription to make sure the site is a good fit for you.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are a bit hesitant to sign up for a subscription, rest assured that there is an easy money-back guarantee. Cancel your subscription and let their customer service department know that you weren’t satisfied within the first 30 days of signing up. They will refund your payment promptly.

Screened Jobs and Employers

FlexJobs is a great aggregate site for employers who are interested in finding new talent in any given area. While not all jobs are posted exclusively to the platform, it is still a great resource to find jobs that have been thoroughly vetted by their job research board.

You may be wary of applying for jobs online because of the volume of scams that many people fall prey to, but FlexJobs gives you an opportunity to put your mind at ease. They spend valuable time researching every opportunity to give you the best chances of finding legitimate employers so that you can simply apply and put your mind at ease.

Partner Discounts

One thing worth mentioning in a FlexJobs review is that they also offer partner discounts for their members. This can help offset the cost of your subscription with discounts ranging from 10 to 50 percent off goods and services at other merchants.

You may already be paying for some of these services, so the savings negotiated by FlexJobs can be quite beneficial.

Some of their partner sites include:

Great Customer Support

Whether you think you might want to take advantage of their satisfaction guarantee or you need help with setting up your profile, put your mind at ease knowing you are in good hands with their customer service department. They never outsource their relationship with you to an automated system.

Instead, all of their customer support representatives are based in the United States and they earn high reviews from those who have had to make use of the services.

You can contact them through several different methods:

Career Coaching

If you aren’t sure where you are going astray with your job search, then it may be time to register for career coaching with FlexJobs.

You can purchase a 30-minute session where you will work one-on-one with an expert for just $89. Fill out the intake form to give your coach all of the details they need to work with you.

Coaching sessions are from 8 AM to 6 PM Eastern Time, Monday through Friday.

Cons of FlexJobs

No Free Access

The only real drawback to the platform is that there is no way to access the details of a job posting for free.

Unlike many of their competitors, you must pay for a FlexJobs membership in order to apply to a new job on their platform. Once you pay, you can apply to unlimited positions, though.

A free trial, even for just a few days or a week, would be a great feature. However, you do have the option to sign up for just a one-week membership to explore the finer details of the site.

How Much Can You Make on FlexJobs?

Work-from-home jobs are an incredibly convenient option, particularly for those who are searching for the perfect side hustle or who are stay-at-home parents and need a little extra income to help with the bills.

The question is, how much can you realistically expect to make on FlexJobs? Our FlexJobs review will give you the answers!

The good news is that your income is completely scalable based on how much you plan to work. FlexJobs has released a list of work-from-home job titles and their annual salaries (for full-time work). Take a look at what you could average on the platform:

The more you want to work, the more money you could potentially be making on the site. Some of these categories can be quite lucrative if you have the skillset and experience necessary to do this type of work.

Alternatives to FlexJobs

Of course, searching for work-from-home jobs is extremely popular in the modern age. This means that there are plenty of competitors that you may also want to research when considering a FlexJobs review.

Here are a couple of the leading job boards for freelance opportunities and making money online.


Upwork tags itself as the “world’s largest freelance talent marketplace.” Their goal is to connect employers with great freelance talent in a variety of niches.

You should keep in mind that while they do have quite a range of job opportunities, they are not nearly as varied as what you will find on FlexJobs.

Popular job categories on Upwork include:

One of the benefits of using Upwork is that there are no fees for their Upwork Basic plan. You can see the full job board and apply for jobs without paying a dime.

The only time you pay is if you win a contract and have earnings. Payment is done on a sliding scale based on the amount of work you do with a client:

Keep in mind that Upwork does not do the same kind of research featured by FlexJobs for jobs that are posted on their board.

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Fiverr is a little different than both the Upwork and FlexJobs review.

On this platform, a freelancer who is looking for a work-from-home job can list a gig that they are interested in completing and their set fee for the service.

While Fiverr used to only list gigs that paid $5, they have expanded and you can now set whatever fee you feel is fair for your services.

For example, you may write a 500-word blog post for $10 with the goal of getting more recurring work from content creators.

You will find tons of job opportunities on Fiverr in several major categories including:

Much like Upwork, it is free to use the platform initially. Buyers who wish to hire on Fiverr will pay for their order upfront.

The funds are released to the freelancer upon completion of the service. Freelancers will pay 20 percent in fees once they successfully complete the order.

It can take a lot of advertising and hustle to get an influx of work from Fiverr, but it can be quite lucrative once you are an established freelancer there.

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FlexJobs Review: The Verdict

FlexJobs is a legitimate job board that encompasses a wide variety of remote work opportunities for qualified individuals.

If you have been on the fence about leaving your traditional 9-to-5 and didn’t know where to start with making money online, FlexJobs is worth the small investment for at least a weekly membership.

Are you ready to find more work-from-home jobs? Sign up for FlexJobs here!

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