Untouched Keywords, YouTube Redemption, and a Book Recommendation

By Spencer Haws |

Remember a few weeks ago when I told you the Startup Bros Youtube channel got shut down for no apparent reason?

Well, after a few weeks…they got their channel reinstated! I'll share exactly what they did and a lesson in how to deal with companies (i.e. Google) that your business relies on.

Unfortunately, the lessons are not good for the little guy…

In addition, I'll share how one guy and an employee are disrupting the news in Victoria, Canada with “untouched keywords”.

Plus a crane operator is building niche sites!?!

Oh, and of course I have a great book recommendation for you.

Sit back and enjoy some Friday news.

YouTube Redemption

If you write nasty stuff about YouTube, they listen.

Apparently that's how the Startup Bros got their channel back. After getting their channel shutdown for no apparent reason, they wrote an article on their blog about it and starting tweeting about it to get YouTube's attention.

It didn't work…at first.

Their appeal was rejected and the response was, “Your YouTube channel is permanently gone”

Then they tried again a couple weeks later.

This time they wrote a scathing post about how unfair YouTube is and tried to ruffle some feathers. Within 20 minutes of that post, someone from YouTube reached out and started the reinstatement process.

You can read the Startup Bros YouTube story here.

I guess if you have a huge blog and Twitter following, there is hope to get reinstated.

For the little guys?

It may not play out as well.

I'm having flashbacks to when my Google Adsense account got shut down in 2012 and there was NO appeal process.

Still stings.

(Don't worry, I started a new business and got a new account…all is well for me; but the memory is painful).

Revolutionizing News with “Untouched Keywords”

Andrew Wilkinson (of Tiny Capital) is disrupting the news in Victoria, Canada with a daily email.

In one year, they've captured 10% of Victoria's emails – and they are reading his daily newsletter (about local news).

Started with one person writing and a mailchimp account.

Pretty amazing what an idea, execution, and a relatively small sum of money invested can do.

Read the entire Twitter thread for additional inspiration from Andrew right here.

The best part?

He started it in 2019 (i.e. it's new!). You can probably do something similar in your local community.

Driving a Crane and Building Niche Sites!

Adrian Diaz is a crane operator. He is also a niche website builder (but not at the same time).

Adrian's energy and enthusiam are infectious!

I asked Adrian to come on the Niche Pursuits podcast and share how he plans to say “Hasta la Vista Boss!” through his online business.

He's at the ground level making some side money, but he has the drive to go full-time when his side income increases a bit more.

Check out Adrian's full story right here.

Warning, you might feel motivated after listening.

From My Business Bookshelf – Zero to $100 Million

Written in 2008, but the advice never gets old.

Today, I'm starting a new section where I share a book from my bookshelf that I've read in the past. Expect this to happen on a regular basis…so come back next week for more book recommendations!

Ready, Fire, Aim: Zero to $100 Million in No Time Flat, is totally worth the read.

I didn't read it for a while because of how “scam alert” sounding the title was..

But the tips shared are no fluff – it's not all hype.

Learn the critical numbers to growing your business.

The front end / back end method of doubling profits.

Why having Plan B is as important as Plan A.

Michael Masterson has started and grown businesses that are doing between $135 to $300 million a year.

You'll get some serious motivation hearing his stories of growing content businesses. Yep, content!

If you've never read this book and you are an entrepreneur…go read it.


I hope you've enjoyed some Friday news!

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