SEO Bulter Content Review: We Ordered A Post On Snail Food

By Dan Morris |

SEO Butler offers a range of services from guest posts to social signals, but for this post, I'm reviewing their content service.

No doubt, many of you have heard of SEOButler as they've been in the online business game since 2014, albeit under different names. They rebranded as SEOButler in 2017.

The founder, Jonathan Kiekbusch, was a guest on the Niche Pursuits podcast back in 2019. If you'd like to hear more on the history of SEOButler and how they've built their business, you can listen to that podcast here.

We've ordered a post from SEOButler which we'll be reviewing down below, but first, this is what they offer.

SEO Butler Content Services

seo butler review

Because they break down their pricing by content type, when you first visit SEO Butler's content services page it looks like there are a ton of options.

SEO Butler has a post explaining why they use this type of pricing structure instead of the ‘tier' system that they used to have. It's a bit unusual, but some types of content require more work, so it makes sense.

To be honest, I think I like this approach better. When I see a content agency that offers different levels of content quality I feel a bit funny about it. It's like they're acknowledging some of their content is poorly written.

Anway, SEO Butler's content pricing ranges from 7 cents per word to 13.5 cents per word:

HOWEVER, when you order more than 5000 words at a time (which I think most of us do), there is an automatic 10% discount applied. This would take the price of five 1000 word articles from $350 to $315, for example.

Other important points about their content service:

If you have any confusion about what type of content your order would fall under, or any other questions, it's fine to flick them an email through their contact page.

The Content Order Process

seo butler content agency

We ordered a piece of content for Own The Yard (Niche Site Project 4) in order to review the process and quality of SEO Butler's content.

Full disclosure: they knew it was us ordering it for a review – we weren't anonymous! However, I trust that the quality we received is standard for all orders.

We went for the 13.5 cents per word option that includes Surfer SEO optimization.

What we learned was that you need to have your own Surfer SEO account for this option. It doesn't include Surfer SEO credits, but rather, they will create your content in your Surfer account.

You are required to send SEO Butler a ‘sharable link for external writers' from your Surfer account. It is possible to do this with all tiers of Surfer SEO, even the $29 per month ‘Hobby' account.

So, to state it clearly, you need to be paying for a Surfer SEO subscription to make this type of order. And it will use your credits (or ‘queries').

pbn butler

The keyword for our article was ‘what do garden snails eat.'

It's obviously not a super technical topic, but it's still one we want to get right. It requires accurate information so that we don't end up misleading a child on what to feed their pet snail!

Our SEO Butler Content

seo butler content review

You can see and read the finished and published article by SEO Butler here: What do garden snails eat?

My thoughts were that it was pretty good!

My daughters have recently been collecting snails from the garden and keeping them in containers in the house. We've been feeding them bits and pieces of fresh food from the fridge (without doing any research), so it was good to learn more about them!

The article covered everything you would expect it to cover, from what snails can eat to what they should avoid. It recommended some of the best foods for them, as well as how to best prepare it.

I liked that it discussed a snail's need for calcium and what foods are good for providing that mineral. It was interesting to learn that that's what they need to grow and keep their shells healthy.

They also discussed different species of snail, knowing that not everyone is going to have the ‘common garden snail,' and that species vary around the world. The writer also mentioned baby snails and whether or not snails need water.

As I was reading it, it answered most of the questions I had about snails and ALL of the questions I had about what snails eat. Which was, of course, the topic of the post!

Other points:

So that's our piece of content optimized through Surfer SEO.

I also ran it through Market Muse for those who are more familiar with that tool. Here are the results.


Ideally, you want your ‘Content Score' to be higher than the ‘Target Score.' MarketMuse shows you a list of keywords (not shown in the screenshot) that the top-ranking posts for the main keyword include in their post.

This post hasn't scored quite so well using this tool!

Article Performance?

Perhaps the most important test of an article is how well is the content ranking in Google.  At the time of publishing this review, the “snail” article is pretty new.  But it is published live on

The article is currently ranking #14 in Google for the term, “What do garden snails eat?” 

That's a really good sign that the article is already on the second page of Google so quickly.  Typically an article will bounce around for a couple of months before it hopefully starts to climb the rankings.

So, I would say this article has a great shot of ranking on the first page of Google very soon.  Feel free to check in Google and see where it is now. 

SEO Butler Content Review review

Overall, I thought the content was well written:

The other important thing was that it didn't contain any fluff!

You know what it's like getting content back from a writer who was just trying to get their word count up. They can say the same thing in 5 different ways in 5 consecutive sentences!

I'm always happy when I get an article back that isn't full of fluffy filler (now I'm doing it).

Here are the pros and cons of SEO Butler:



I really didn't find any other negatives about the service, keeping in mind we only ordered one article.

SEO Butler has been doing this for almost 10 years, so their processes are fine-tuned and they know what they're doing. They are not a brand new content agency still trying to work things out.

It's worth heading on over to their content ordering page to find out more about the service and to see if it's right for you. Remember, you can get in touch with them if you have any questions.

SEO Bulter's Other Services

buy social signals

SEO Butler is not just a content agency – as you can see in this screenshot.

They can also provide:

Their guest post placements are on ‘real sites,' not PBNs. They are not sites owned by SEO Butler, but sites they have built relationships with. The websites are all vetted for quality.

seo butler coupon

Before ordering you can see the:

And while you cannot see the actual domain name of the site, you can see the site category, whether it's in the Travel, Lifestyle, Automotive, Mom blog, or whatever niche.

seo butler discount code

SEO Butler also sells social signals.

As they state: “A social signal is created when a user shares your given URL on their social media profile. This then creates a social backlink aka a social signal.”

You state what post you want to get social signals to, and it's $14 for 200 shares on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

And lastly, they offer citations.

Citations are mentions of your brand, business, and/or spokesperson around the web. This is often in business directories, social platforms, and other types of round-up listings.

We have NOT trialed or tested these 3 other services of SEO Butler, only their content service. Therefore we can't comment on them other than to say they're there. 

Head on over to SEO Butler to learn more about these other services if you are interested in them.


If you are looking for a new content agency to try out, visit to see if they can help you out.

The content we got back was well written, accurate, and engaging, and we'd be happy to use them again.

Keep an eye on our ‘what do snails eat' post to see how it ranks in the future. It was published mid to late June and is starting to rank in Google.

While a lot of factors determine whether or not a post ranks well, one of them is how well optimized the content is and how well it is structured. Where it ends up ranking is the ultimate test of how good a piece of content is, right?


By Dan Morris

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While his focus has been on niche websites and affiliate marketing, he enjoys dabbling in other online and eCommerce platforms as well.

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