SamCart Review: Say Goodbye to Cart Abandonment With This Checkout Platform

By Christopher Jan Benitez |

Cart abandonment is an issue for e-commerce sites.

About 70% of users on average abandon their carts for a myriad of reasons.

Now, as an online store owner, it's easy to lose your minds and claim that the sky is falling. However, that won't solve the problem at hand. Instead, you must find a stopgap and prevent more people from leaving without purchasing.

A possible cause of cart abandonment is a clunky, disorganized checkout process.

Does your current checkout process require users to enter their billing information more than once?

Do you have a variety of payment options available?

Whatever the case may be, it's a problem worth investigating. Go through your own checkout process and see where your customers are calling it quits.

There's a chance that you need to rework your checkout process to increase your conversion rates.

Among different online checkout platforms, SamCart might just be the product that can help you meet that goal.

In this SamCart review, find out what SamCart can do and how it can stop cart abandonment through a conversion-focused checkout system.

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SamCart Overview
  • Ease of Use - 95
  • Stability - 95
  • Customer Service - 85
  • Price - 90


SamCart is the best checkout page builder for your online business, hands down. Create checkout pages using beautiful templates, keep track of their progress, and generate more sales using upsells and funnels. Sign Up for a 14-Day FREE Trial of SamCart Right Here


  • Design checkout pages from 18+ templates so you don't have to design from scratch. Perfect for non-designers.
  • Funnel creator is a game-changer! Create drip campaigns to upsell your other products to customers and maximize your sales.
  • Scale the performance of your checkout pages using different metrics and variables. Improve your pages according to the provided data.


  • Templates can be limiting to some. Also, there's no way to create a checkout page from scratch.
  • Payment gateways are also limited to PayPal and Stripe. Other sellers looking for more processors may have to look for another software.
  • Reaching out to onboarding specialists is difficult.

What checkout process is right for your business?

Before we begin with the review, ask yourself this question first.

You also might want to mull over these stumpers as well:

Too many questions, so little time!

So instead of taking in all these questions, let's cover the elements customers look for in a checkout page:

Order summary

Arguably the most important part of a checkout page. An order summary gives you and the customer a breakdown of the transaction.

It needs to be transparent and detailed so customers would learn to trust you as an online vendor.

It's common practice to add an image of what the customer is buying. This helps the customer verify his purchase much faster.

Depending on the product, you want to add details like the size of the product, the quantity ordered, and other information that might help the customer verify his purchase.


Customers spend more time on their phones than on a desktop computer. In 2018, 52.2% of website traffic was generated through mobile phones.

Your checkout page should be mobile-friendly as well. The customer experience is the priority and should never take a backseat. If the customer does not like the experience, the likelihood of that customer coming back is almost nil.

Being mobile-ready means more than a checkout page being able to load on smartphones. You also have to check for the font and font size. Are the words still legible from a respectable viewing distance?

Also, how long do images take to load? And when they do, are they large enough for customers to see?

These things and more can affect the mobile-friendliness of your checkout page.

Billing and shipping

One of the tougher asks we do to customers is to provide their billing information.

Customers hesitate filling it out the first time. Now imagine having to do it more than once. The ideal scenario is for customers to fill it in once and forget about it.

Simple layout

You want to use a simple layout. One that's clean and easy to process. The checkout page is the last barrier to finalizing that sale.

There should be no confusion beyond this point. A simple, clean layout can guarantee that customers won't be confused at this very crucial point.

Limit your questions

Why bombard your customers with so many questions before checkout? Only ask for the important details. You want their personal information (name, shipping and billing address, email, and contact number).

Then you want to ask for what mode of payment they'll be using. That could be COD, debit or credit card, PayPal, Stripe, or others.

Does SamCart offer everything necessary that users expect from a shopping cart?

Short answer: Yes, it does!

SamCart addresses all questions in this nifty shopping cart platform. Using it correctly should help you eliminate bottlenecks in the buying process and increase your sales.

The tool allows you to create a checkout page with custom branding. It also a number of templates to choose from so you can create a checkout page in a few clicks. Plus, you can add testimonials, encourage upsells, and more.

But what else does SamCart offer?

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Order bumps

You can encourage customers to add more items to their cart while they're on the checkout page. It's a great way to squeeze in one more sale before the customer makes the payment.

1-click upsells

You can add an upgrade option for customers. You can promote a premier product on the checkout page to compliment the products our customer is buying. You can make three times more than the original selling price if you play your cards right.

A/B testing

Having the ability to see which landing page design works best for you is not something you should take for granted. SamCart lets you test designs so you can figure out which one works best for you.

Payment plans

You have the option to provide customers with a payment plan. This allows them to pay for items over time. SamCart claims that this feature converts 17.8% more customers.

Email integration

Be able to manage your customer email communications with email providers like MailChimp, ConvertKit, Aweber, and others.

Marketing automation

If you use marketing tools like Active Campaign, Infusionsoft, Ontraport, or Hubspot, you can send tags and customer data when customers make key actions.


You can automatically create membership access inside WishList Member, OPMember, MemberMouse, and even Kajabi through Zapier.

Payment processing

Perhaps one of the most important features, SamCart lets you connect to Stripe so that your customers can use all major credit cards. It even allows your customers to make payments via PayPal.

How to set up SamCart for my online business?

SamCart works best for site owners selling digital products like online courses, e-books, and more. They want to put a stop on those high cart abandonment rates.

However, is the tool up for the task?

Let's find out together, shall we?

samcart pricing

SamCart offers a free trial. You need to choose between Pro and Premium to kickstart your trial period.

Once you've chosen either, sign up with your details. Before accomplishing the form, you can also buy SamCart's “Checkout Hacks Report” at a reduced price. We'll get back to this later.

Once you completed your order, you need to create your account login details.

Then you also need to create a marketplace for your business. You can do this by signing up for a subdomain from SamCart.

samcart marketplace

Also, upon signing up, you'll gain access to three courses to help get the most sales from your online business.

samcart library

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Set up your settings

Once you've signed up successfully, you must edit the details of your checkout page. Click on your account menu on the upper right and choose “Settings” from the drop-down menu.


smacart general marketplace

There are different settings pages to choose from on the left sidebar. For now, you'll be brought to the General Marketplace page in the meantime.

From the page, you can edit the following:

Connect to a processor

Next, you need to decide which payment processor to use for your check out page.

Samcart makes it easy for you to set up the processor for your checkout page with help from Stripe and PayPal.

samcart paypal

PayPal is one of the most popular payment gateways in the world. Adding it as one of your processors makes a lot of sense. You simply need to enter your credentials by entering your PayPal API on the form above.

Normally, people use their credit cards to place their orders online. While PayPal accepts credit card payments, some don't want to or can't pay via this payment gateway. Either way, you need to offer another option.

samcart stripe

Similar to PayPal, Stripe is an online payment platform ideal for e-commerce sites. You can set up Stripe on Samcart by filling out the form similar to the one below.

At the moment, only these two channels are available for processing customer payments.

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Create a product

Once you've added your processors, it's time to input your products for sale on SamCart.

Go to the Products page and add your products from there.

Enter the name, price, and description of the product. You can also indicate the payment frequency (one-time, weekly, monthly, yearly, etc.).

This latter option is perfect for people running a paid membership site. They no longer have to send payment requests from members manually. SamCart will automatically gather the payment from your members.

You can enter as many products as you want in this section.

Once you've created one, it's time to edit the checkout page!

From the Details page, below are some of the things you can do:

To set up the design of the checkout page for the page, click the Checkout Design tab.

samcart template library

Choose from the different template for your checkout page so you don't have to design from scratch.

Here's an example of the Showcase template:

showcase template

You can edit the content of the checkout page as you see fit. Below are the elements you can change from the checkout page:

Create an upsell

As mentioned earlier, upsells can increase your sales if done right. Samcart makes it easy to add the upsells on the checkout page.

This tactic is ideal because the person is about to buy a product from your site. You can then add another product that they can add on the checkout page for higher conversion rate!

Now, I mentioned earlier that Samcart offered a “Checkout Hacks” book on the checkout page.

[samcart upsell example.png]

This is an example of a Samcart upsell at work!

It operates on three levels:

To add your SamCart upsell, click on Upsells > Upsells from the menu. The click on New Upsell to create one.

samcart upsell example

Enter the product name and description. Then choose which product where you want to feature this upsell.

Now, I mentioned that you need to play your cards right to get the most out of your upsells. You can't just add upsells at random on all your products. In other words, you need to approach this methodically.

Here are ideas on how you can increase your sales using Samcart upsells:

Create urgency – Mention that the discount only applies for this checkout page – if they don't take the offer, then the product goes back to its original price.

Create a funnel

If you have lots of upsells and want to put SamCart to work for you, then the Funnel feature is right up your alley.

In fact, it's one of the best features of SamCart aside from being a checkout page platform.

What a funnel does is send over your other upsells to customers via email. You can send up to five offers for each funnel. You can also assign downsells if the customer declined your offer. However, SamCart will only run the funnel if the customer bought the upsell for one of your products.

To help you design your funnels for your products and upsells, refer to the video below:

Track your progress

Now that you've been running your checkout pages in conjunction with your site, you need to analyze the performance of each. SamCart offers lots of relevant data to help scale your checkout pages and make improvements.

You can review the sales by product or date. You can also see how many customers have refunded your product.

If you're running a subscription-based business, you can get an overview of your subscribers and see their profiles.

There's also a chance when subscribers don't get to pay on time due to different reasons. That's where the Subscriber Saver (Dunning) feature come in handy. It lets you recover failed recurring payments by customers and allows them to update their credit card info quickly.

As mentioned in the introduction, cart abandonment is one of the trickiest aspects that site owners must undergo. There's no way for you to find out exactly why they didn't complete their order.

With SamCart's Prospect feature, you find solutions on how to get them to clear their transaction with your site. You will get relevant details about people who left their cart out of the blue. This way, you can reach out to them via email and follow up regarding their potential purchase.

Does SamCart support the sales of physical products?


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When creating a product, you can choose between digital or physical product. If you choose the later, it will expand to include this section:

samcart physical product

You can assign a price for each country to cover shipping, handling, and other costs. Make sure to compute for the pricing so you can indicate the correct price for each country. This only applies if you will be delivering outside your locality.

Does SamCart offer the best pricing in the market?

It's really difficult to answer this question point blank as there are lots of factors to consider. At the very least, SamCart provides a high-end checkout platform for online businesses at very competitive prices.

As mentioned, there are two SamCart subscription types: Pro and Premium.

The Pro package includes everything you need from a checkout page. The 18+ checkout page templates make creating one of your product easy. Aside from the features discussed above, you get information of people who abandoned their carts. You can then follow up with their cart – maybe they just forgot or underwent technical issues.

The Premium package includes all features under the Pro plan. In addition, it gives you access to its Subscription Saver (Dunning) feature. You can also become part of SamCart's affiliate program so you can promote the software and earn a commission for every successful payment.

SamCart customer support, anyone?

Pro subscribers can check out the tool's knowledge base or chat with an onboarding specialist to help them set up their SamCart account.

For Professional subscribers, they can get dedicated training materials. They help groom their business towards success using the tool.

Pros and cons of SamCart

Judging from how it works, SamCart looks to be your choice of checkout page for your website.

But before you pull the trigger and make the purchase, below are the pros and cons of SamCart. These should help you understand the tool better and help you make a more informed decision:



Rigid page editor – You can't fully edit the page as it only lets you make changes on certain elements. Also, you can't design a checkout page from scratch – you need to rely on the available templates to design your page. Not really a problem, but some people may want to design with more freedom.

Limited payment gateways – Stripe and PayPal might not be enough for some. Also, not all countries support Stripe, which puts your online business as a disadvantage.

Clunky customer support – While the knowledge base is readily available from their menu, the same can't be said about accessing their onboarding specialists. I tried reaching out to their onboarding service but the site didn't seem to respond to my request.

SamCart review: Verdict

SamCart has cornered the checkout page platform market. There's no one like SamCart, to be frank.

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The closest competitor it has is ClickFunnels. SamCart also has a sophisticated yet simple funnel builder to help you automate your sales. However, it may not be as complex and powerful than ClickFunnels, which isn't a knock on SamCart at all. At the heart of SamCart is its checkout page creator, which is hands down the best out there.

Put Your Checkout Pages to Work For Your Using SamCart Here

If you're a content creator and want to create funnels for your products and upsells, then SamCart is the tool for you. It's easy to set up and has powerful reporting features to help analyze the performance of your pages.

At the very least, you must sign up for a 14-day free trial of SamCart to see what I'm talking about.


By Christopher Jan Benitez

Christopher Jan Benitez is a professional freelance writer who provides small businesses and startups with content that aims to grow their engagement and conversion with their audience. To learn more about Christopher, you can follow him on Twitter.

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