Podcast 40: How a Basketball Player Built a Huge YouTube Fan Base and a Growing Business with Dre Baldwin

By Spencer Haws |

Recently Perrin and I were able to sit down and interview Dre Baldwin of  I'm excited to bring this interview to you today, because well, its different!

Dre is not your typical niche site builder or affiliate marketer (like almost all of my previous guests).  Dre is actually a professional basketball player!

I'll let you read or listen to his entire story below, but he worked his way from basically not playing much in high school to eventually playing professionally overseas quite a bit.

However, the moment he decided to put one of his highlight VHS tapes from a training camp onto YouTube changed everything for him.  People started to find his videos and he continued to add more, until eventually he decided to start adding daily basketball tips and training videos. (Here's his YouTube channel).

His audience has grown tremendously, and he's been able to build a significant business out of his fan following, brand, and marketing skills.   I think there are quite a few takeaways for others looking to build an audience and increase the reach of their own brand.  One of those lessons is consistency – producing great content on a regular basis is a big reason for Dre's success.

I also want to highlight Dre's Kickstarter campaign right here.  His fans want to see a one-on-one game with Dre, so lets help them make it happen.

Perrin and I really enjoyed interviewing Dre, and I hope you enjoy listening to the podcast as well!

Dre Baldwin Interview

The full audio interview is below; however, I went through and typed out the major questions of the interview along with Dre's answers:

What is Your Background and What Led you to becoming an Entrepreneur?

Dre Baldwin is from Philadelphia, PA and has always been involved in sports.  He tried playing baseball, football, and other sports.  But basketball was the easiest to pick-up because you didn't need much equipment and you could practice by yourself.

He realized that if he kept practicing, even just by himself, he could get better by himself.

By 9th grade, he decided that basketball was his sport.  Unfortunately he got cut on the first day of tryouts.  He went back to try out for the high school basketball in 10th and 11th grade, but he got cut during tryouts again.

Finally, he made the team his senior year in high school; but only averaged a couple of points a game.

The he walked on to a Penn State branch school and then got recruited to Penn State Altune.  He played there for a couple of years, but got kicked off the team as a senior.

He played intramural basketball as a senior and they won the championship! He decided he wanted to continue pursuing basketball, but wasn't getting any bites from NBA teams.

He then went on a stint of a few different jobs including Foot Locker, Bally Total Fitness, and others.

First Video

Finally, he decided to drive to Florida for a basketball exposure camp in 2005.  He played extremely well at the camp and got great reviews from scouts.  But even better is that he got a lot of great video footage from that camp.

He took that VHS tape and starting sending teams copies, and he got an agent.  In 2005, he got a call from a team and signed his first basketball contract to play in Lithuania.  He ended up playing in 8 different countries.

He came back and worked as a overnight restocker in a grocery store.

Then he got a call from the Harlem Ambassadors; kinda like the ghetto version of the Harlem Globtrotters.  He also played basketball in Mexico for a while; and then Montenegro.

Discovering YouTube

This entire time, he still had that original VHS tape from his first basketball camp in Orlando.  He decided he need to keep that VHS tape in a safe place.  He discovered Youtube, and decided to just put the video on youtube as a backup; just so he wouldn't lose the footage.

He didn't expect anyone else to watch the video on Youtube.

However, people DID watch the video and started leaving comments for him to show additional basketball drills. He then started having his girlfriend video tape his practicing and being in the gym.  He would upload the videos to Youtube and people loved them!  He got more and more feedback and people asking for more basketball tips.

He wasn't very ambitious about posting videos at first, they would sit around his house for months before he would post them.

Daily Videos

After he saw a few of his early videos start gaining traction, he decided that he would start posting DAILY video.  He would post basketball tips.  He figured that after 30 days he wouldn't have any other daily videos to post, that he would run out of ideas.

That was in October 2009.  However, its now July 2014 and he has been posting daily videos all along the way.  So, for 5 years he's been able to build up a huge library of Youtube videos and has built up a big audience.

His Youtube channel is:

He has over 87k subscribers (at the time of this post).

He gets between 15k to 40k video views per day.  It just depends on the Youtube algorithm changes.

Why have you been so successful on Youtube?

Dre's brand has become a daily basketball guy.  He's built his brand on consistency with basketball and videos.

What other Marketing and Strategies have you Used to build your brand?

Sometimes you have to sell yourself.  Be willing to reach out and connect with other influencers in your market.

How did you tactically reach out for your YouTube Videos? had a contest for best user basketball videos.  He would submit some of his crazy videos each week, and sometimes he would make it to the top videos page on  The brought a lot of exposure to his Youtube channel.

One of his videos reached the top 5 videos of the year.

What doors has this opened up for you?  (Have your subscribers translated into a real business?)

He realized that alot of people started asking about the motivation.  People wanted to know how to mentally stay motivated.  Dre started making a mental motivation video once per week.  People responded enthusiastically, and he has grown this side of his business.

So, he's now pursuing getting his public speaking career started.

He's also written 3 books.  You can see those books here:

Outside of speaking and books, he is also involved in modeling, selling merchandise, and other ventures.

Is it worth it to diversify, and which of your ventures has been the most profitable?

He enjoys all the different avenues that he's involved with.  So, he sees no reason to focus on just one area of his business.

Would you recommend that others diversify rather than focus on just one business?

You need to look at things on a case by case basis, and how do people view you and your skills.

Dre knows he in the top 1% of all basketball players, but you have to be in the top 1% of the top 1% to be a Kobe Bryant or Lebron James.  So, you need to look at what you really can be that great at.

If you enjoy doing it…then do it!

Can you give us an idea of the type of monetary success that you've had?

Youtube income fluctuates depending on the algorithm.  So, some months are much higher than others.    Some months he makes $1,000 and other months he makes $3-4,000.

The books bring in close to $1,000 a month or so.  He hasn't had any major successes in books, but he's still hoping for that big hit as an author.

What is your future with basketball?

Right now he is 32 years old, so he's closer to quitting basketball than when he started.  He's not sure how much longer he will play, could be a few years.

It all depends on how he feels, its not about age.  The games don't wear you down, its the practices.  When Dre gets tired of all the practices, then he'll be done.  When it feels like a drag and a job; then he'll be done with basketball.

Where do you hope to take your business in the future?

When he's not in the gym every day, and he's able to commit his hours to other places; he'll focus on speaking, writing, training, and other brand building activities.

Where can people follow along with Dre?



Twitter: @Dreallday

Facebook: Facebook/workonyourgame

Instagram: @drebaldwin

Just Google Dre Baldwin, and you'll find everything he does!

Also, check out Dre's Kickstarter Campaign Right Here!

He will be traveling to Austin, TX to play “Smallville” in a one-on-one game.

The campaigns runs until Aug. 17th.

Listen to the Podcast

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By Spencer Haws

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Michael Chibuzor

This is really great. I enjoyed and appreciate how Dre Baldwin diversified his side business. I know that with time he’s going to reap the rewards of publishing a book. I can attest to that myself.

John Zakaria

this is really very inspire success story on YouTube, i really appreciate your efforts Spencer to get amazing success stories here in your blog Thanks Spencer 🙂

Spencer Haws

Thanks John!

oloyede jamiu

Hi Spencer,
Thank you for bring Dre on board to discuss how he built his fan base via youtube.
Its awesome.

Flying Camera

I wasn’t expecting to learn too much from this, since he’s into basketball and I’m into drones. But his techniques for diversifying opened my mind a bit. It just goes to show that we can learn something from everyone!

best instant coffee

Thank you Spencer for this sharing. I am quite amazed to see how well he diversify his income.

comment grandir

Seems to me this would be a great place to start the Income inequality movement the pres is always talking about

Ray Roman

Its great to see such a nice success story. Its not everyday you see someone who can consistently post content to their site lie Dre. I’m sure by know he has it down pat.

Thanks for a great interview Spencer.

tom martin

Hey Guys

i have to say apart from the case study with Perrin this has got to be the most inspiring piece you guys have put out.

I know i may be biased because it focuses on YouTube but i think Dre’s outlook and work ethic are an inspiration.

“Work on your f*ing game” can be applied to most things in life

and Dre if you’re reading this expect an email from me soon 🙂

Dre Baldwin


Thanks for checking out this episode, it was great interview and experience. Feel free to email me anytime and let’s talk!

tom martin

After following up with Dre we spoke and it resulted in this guest post –

Dre is a real inspiration and expert in multiple fields – YouTube especially.

I of course linked back to this interview in the post – hope some Niche Pursuits fans find it useful.

And Good luck with the Book Launch today Dre!

Spencer Haws

Awesome…thanks for sharing Tom!


Hey Spencer and Perrin- Thanks for the great podcast and introducing your listenership to Dre. I’d never heard of him before but I really appreciated his story and what he’s done with his life and business. Very cool story and inspired me to check out his site and videos! Maybe even get a workout program to get back in shape! Great work guys!

Spencer Haws

Thanks CCW…and best of luck!

Jesse Parker

OMG, this podcast was amazing I can’t believe you interviewed Dre Baldwin. I was watching this guy years ago and I’ve always wondered how did he get so famous and what’s his story.

It’s funny how it happened but I was looking for marketing ideas for my blog which is on the same niche and somehow your post popped up on google.

On the marketing side of things Dre is not so much the typical marketer we’re used to seeing but he has various forms of monetization which he utilizes such as youtube, affiliate stuff and even his own products and programs.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks Spencer, this was really inspiring and Dre is definitely a guy we can call learn a lesson from.

Spencer Haws

Absolutely! Glad you enjoyed the podcast…Dre definitely has a great story and tips to share.

Mr Alexander

This is a slightly different episode than the rest but perhaps one of my favourite ones. I like Dre’s attitude for consistency and hard work, overall he is down to earth and authentic.

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