Podcast 33: How Perrin Got 6,000 Email Subscribers in 1 Day and Launched

Perrin and I had the chance to sit down and discuss in detail our new business for Episode 33.

In addition, to discussing some of the same information we shared in our last blog post here, we also dug a bit deeper into the story of the product, how Perrin generated initial buzz, and plans going forward.

The story of how Perrin came up with the idea and how he got over 6,000 people to express interest in the product and get on his email list in 24 hours is pretty remarkable. So, this episode is all about the story of Vylo from idea to launch (which happened about 12 days ago).

Now the hard work really begins where we will need to dig in and continue marketing the product and possibly tweaking our strategy slightly to make it as profitable as possible.

Overall, if you have ever considered creating your own product, and specifically a software product, then you will hopefully find some interesting ideas in this episode. And of course if you want to check out Vylo, you can go to

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Thanks again!

Vylo Case Study

By Spencer Haws
June 14, 2014 | 9 Comments

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I’m following Vylo from the beginning and It’s a great idea. Keep going Perrin!

Alistair Cochrane

I don’t anything about gaming, things peaked for me with Mariokart on the SNES…

Is there any potential games could link to Vylo from within the game?

Maybe this is one of these things that you just need to grow users and then worry about making money later. Seems to have worked for Facebook 🙂


Great suggestion for using Long Tail! This could be a good start for small niche website owners who need traffic.


Hi guys, quick question would you divulge any more into the financial aspects? I am considering a venture with software and interested in the kind of prices charges by the decent developers and designers you utilised. Best of luck – please keep the Vylo updates coming!

Spencer Haws

A decent developer is usually anywhere from $65/hr to $200/hr+


I listen to a lot of podcasts, and whilst yours might not be the slickest in town, I love it. Don’t change! I love it because it feels honest and this episode really personified that. We learnt not only about the ‘super-psyched totally pumped’ success that other podcasts are just too full of, but a real story of the challenges involved in starting out with a new product. It’s so much easier to relate to than uber success stories. Hopefully this will go on to be one of those, but following it from inception through growing pains is way more engaging. Including numbers and finance makes you guys trustworthy.
Thanks for this podcast and best of luck with both future podcasts and with vylo.

Spencer Haws

Thanks so much for the feedback…much appreciated! We try to say it like it is on the podcast, which I agree is different from those only sharing success stories.


How’d the post on Reddit go the other night?

Did you get some good feedback?

Spencer Haws

Well, it had some hiccups…but we still managed to get some nice traffic. We’ll have to do a follow up post with the details.

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