One Little Web Review: How to Analyze Links from Agencies Before You Buy

By Spencer Haws |

One Little Web is a reseller-friendly SEO & content services owned by Sujan Sarker. Today, I'm sharing an interview that I recently did with Sujan. 

As you know, backlinks can be a big help to your site, if done properly. 

If you get excellent links and you see your traffic soar. Get a backlink penalty and watch all your traffic and income disappear almost overnight.

With such a fine line between success and disaster, you shouldn't take outsourcing backlink generation lightly.  So, during my interview, I specifically ask Sujan what type of due diligence potential customers should take when analyzing link building services of agencies.

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Importance of High-Quality Backlinks

Whether you are building a website for passive affiliate income or a local business website, you can't overlook backlinks.

Search engines such as Google view backlinks as votes of confidence. The general theory is if you have more “votes”, the more likely you will show up higher in the search rankings.

By having more backlinks, there is a good chance Google will find your content quicker.

I've placed an order with One Little Web in order to test out the service for

One Little Web has years of experience and a reliable team. With 50 full-time and freelance employees and over 300 SEO clients.

Their specialty lies in link building, and they have some interesting case studies that indicate that they are doing it the right way.

One Little Web Case Studies

In one case study, One Little Web helped a local business increase its organic traffic by 60X.

one little web results

Another case study for an affiliate site One Little Web grew traffic from 180k to half a million visitors per month.

One Little Web results

Guest Posts and Authority Links

One Little Web has two primary service offerings. Authority Backlinks and Guest Post links.

Authority Links:

Guest Posts:

To start, I did a DA 50+ Guest post Backlink and 1 PREMIUM Guest post Backlink.

To get case study worthy results, I know I'll likely need to upgrade to the bulk or monthly packages, but by testing the waters, I could see exactly the quality that One Little Web has to offer.

One Little Web Platform

When I first created an account for One Little Web, the platform was easy to use and understand.

Pricing and packages are transparent and make it easy to order additional content.

The ability to see all my orders all at once was also helpful.


Submitting Backlink Requirements:

After I completed checkout, you simply go to “Start Order” within One Little Web.

On this page, you will input the DA/Traffic, Anchor Text, and Target URL.



One Little Web gives you a lot of control when it comes to selecting your links. In the event you ordered multiple backlinks you'll want to specify which packages are assigned to the specific keywords. 

An example of this would be if you purchased a DA50+ and a DA40+ backlink. You could specify you wanted the keyword “How to Level a yard” to receive the DA50 backlink and your next keyword to receive the DA40+ backlink.

Anchor Text:

The clickable words that make up a backlink within a post. You'll want to include natural-sounding but also keyword-relevant Anchor Text.  (Based on your entire link building strategy, you may also want to include non-keyword anchor text).

Example of Keyword Anchor Text: How to level a yard
Example of non-keyword anchor Text: Click Here to Learn More

Using tools like Ahrefs, you can view what anchor text you currently have.

If I visit the North Side Tool Rental blog I can confirm the link is in fact pointing to my page. 

In this scenario, I only have one backlink going to this particular page, so when choosing which Anchor text to have One Little Web use, I have plenty of options.

To keep things simple, I will use the keyword. “How to level a yard”. 

Target URL:

Your target URL is the page you want the guest post or backlink to link back to. One of the biggest things you want to be aware of here is relevance.

Google values ​​relevant backlinks.

If a Sports Website has backlinks from two pages, one about cats and one about Professional Athletes, the latter is most likely the most valuable.

Since One Little Web tackles the guest post backlinks for us, most of the heavy lifting to find a relevant backlink is done by their team. Finally, once all your information is added, including any additional notes, you'll click review and start order.

One Little Web is now off to create the backlinks. I'll update this post once we have the final product for you to review.

Turnaround Time

Good things take time. The turnaround time is typically between 20 to 25 days. The team at One Little Web is a bespoke service. Each order is customized for that particular request and site.

If you need quick links, One Little Web is probably not the best option, but a 20 day turnaround time is quite acceptable if you want quality links.

UPDATE: Less than a week from submitting I received an update from the One Little Web team. They found 2 domains suitable for my guest posts. They are shown below. 

30K+ Traffic Order >>> – DA=25 Traffic=34k+
DA50+ Order >>> DA=60 Traffic=20.1k+

Approving the Domains

I'm hopeful that I'll see good results, even when it will likely be a month or two before seeing the results.

One Little Web allows me to approve or deny each domain, before they build the link. If I don't like the site One Little Web will create the backlink on, I can deny it and have them find a better fit.

I can feel confident that One Little Web won't add the backlink I purchased to a spammy or PBN site with the additional control.

Other Key Quality Measures from One Little Web:

  1. Secure websites with HTTPS
  2. Niche-specific websites with strong organic traffic
  3. No prior history of Google penalty
  4. No “Write for Us” page
  5. Not a Link-Farm or a PBN

One Little Web Backlink Strategy

One Little Web's backlink strategy focuses on Domain authority AND traffic.

Just about any linkbuilding service will offer a domain authority guarantee, but the traffic metric is semi-unique. (There are definitely others that offer a traffic metric as well, but not all).

Backlinks from high traffic pages have a few benefits according to Sujan. Not only could you get a little referral traffic from these high traffic backlinks, but according to Sujan it's been high traffic pages tend to have more SEO value when compared to similar DA pages with no traffic.

How to check backlinks

There are a few ways to check for backlinks. The first method only works for websites that you own personally or have access to the backend.

If you are curious what backlinks your competitors are using, use the second to view backlinks pointing towards other sites or pages.

Checking backlinks in Google Search Console

Google Search Console shares data on your website's organic search traffic. It's a free tool to use. You will just need to verify the site is owned by you. Typically you can quickly verify using a DNS txt record or your Google Analytics account.

Once logged in, click “Links” in the sidebar. You'll be able to view the total number of unique backlinks to the websites.

  1. Top Linked Pages: The most linked pages on your website (both internal and external links).
  2. Top Linking Sites: the sites with the most backlinks to your website. You will see the domain and number of links that are coming from the particular domain.
  3. Top Linking Text: the most used anchor text when linking to your website.
    If you're new to Google Search Console, begin by looking at the top linked pages.

Choose one of your URLs you want to review and click on the record.

Google Search Console will take you to a page that will show all the links pointing towards your page.

Check backlinks on third party sites

To spy on your competitors to see what backlinks they are getting, use a tool like Ahrefs or SEMRUSH. Although it has limited functionality Ahrefs does have a  free option to review backlinks. 

Enter a domain or URL and select “Check backlinks”.

You will see the number of backlinks and referring domains (links from unique websites) and the top 100 backlinks.

For each backlink, you will see some details, including:
Referring page: the page linking to the destination.
Domain Rating ( DR ): the power of the website linking.
URL Rating ( UR ): the link power of the web page.
Traffic: The estimated monthly total of the organic search traffic for the linked page.
Anchor & backlink: the anchor text that surrounds the link.

About One Little Web

So what does it take to become great at generating backlinks? Here are a few questions we asked Sujan Sarker the CEO of to see how their backlinking service has become the powerhouse it is today.

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How did you make your first $1 online?

I started making money by monetizing Facebook page visitors by sending them to my website in 2010. I had this fantastic technique of growing Facebook pages for free – I grew around 5M+ Facebook followers to my pages. 

To monetize, initially, I used Adsense and other ad platforms. Later I added Viral Content Monetization platforms, such as Mylikes, BoredPanda, and Brightside. 

I realized all these platforms were paying less to their publishers. So, I decided to launch another platform that delivers a fair share to their publishers. In just three months, we were profitable.

However, Facebook introduced a new policy that page publishers can no longer promote 3rd party content with their payment exchange. So, I had to change the direction of the business. 

At that point, I started with an affiliate website – followed by SEO.

Why did you start One Little Web?

When I got started with our affiliate website, we needed backlinks for ourselves to rank. As the whole backlinking process seemed time-consuming and tiresome, we thought of taking backlinking services from agencies and tried out some of the big names already. 

Unfortunately, we were disappointed for a few reasons:

How did you start your link building strategy?

I had gone through SEO blogs and tutorials to learn the whole process of backlink acquisition from niche-specific blogs. For the next 5-6 months, I implemented the entire strategy by myself with 2 of the team members and secured a couple of hundreds of super-quality backlinks for ourselves. 

At the same time, I was reaching out to the webmasters for backlink acquisition. I was asked to help a few other websites secure backlinks for them as well. 

The initial clients loved their backlinks we provided. 

Some of those websites are still working with us! I saw massive potential in this area, considering that the industry's big players were missing out on some of the vital SEO factors. 

So, I discussed this with my co-founder Tuhin. He is a super-intelligent digital marketer. After we did some homework together, we decided to get started with a link-building agency in mid-2018. 

We had a small team of 5 people with no infrastructure, no functional website back then. We did everything manually initially, and slowly, things started getting into shape as we moved further. 

Now have more than 50 full-time and freelance employees, 300+ SEO clients in just one year and a half. We are securing 500+ niche-specific authority backlinks for our clients every month.

Sujan Sarker, One Little Web

What strategies are working well for you now?

We are A big believer in Quality over Quantity.

How are you building the links?

What criteria should people look at when they are considering getting links from agencies?

You see, in SEO, you chose the wrong link-building service/agency, you lose money, you lose ranking, and countless hours of headaches on top.

The right link-building service provider on the counterpart is your best assistant that is cost-effective, gets you results, and takes away all your headaches.

So, it's better to choose your link-building agency wisely.

What strategies have worked well to grow One Little Web?

Our process of letting our clients approve the domain is one of the features that has been well received and loved by our clients.

When we add other features such as our affordable pricing, trust-worthy backlinks with traffic, complimentary SEO audit, and Search Engine guidelines compliance, it's easy to grow with word of mouth and referral business. 

Ready to start building high-quality links?

One Little Web has agreed to give Niche Pursuits an exclusive deal this week only.

If you purchase a One Little Web DA 50+ backlink you'll get a free DA 40+ free this week only.

FREE DA40+ Backlink with DA50+ order!

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  • You Approve the Domains
  • 1k – 100k+ Publisher's Traffic
  • NO PBN or LINK-FARM. All our guest-post plans guarantee 5,000+ organic publisher's traffic except for DA20 and DA30.
  • Relevant Sites, in-content Links
  • 1,000+ Words Quality Content
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By Spencer Haws

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While consulting with other small business owners as a business banker, Spencer finally had the desire to start his own business. He successfully built a portfolio of niche sites using SEO and online marketing that allowed him to quit his job in 2011. Since then he's been involved in dozens of online business ventures including: creating and exiting Long Tail Pro, running an Amazon FBA business for over 3 years and selling that business, founding, and co-founding You can learn more about Spencer here.

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