Mr Beast Net Worth (And How He Makes His Money!)

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Mr Beast's net worth is estimated at between $8 million and $25 million.

MrBeast—whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson—is one of the most well-known YouTube personalities today. He has over 92 million subscribers and billions of views across his videos.

MrBeast is currently the highest-earning YouTuber, topping the Forbes list with an incredible $54 million dollars in earnings last year alone.

But exactly how did he make his money?

Let's take a look.

What is Mr Beast's Net Worth?

As we mentioned at the beginning, Mr Beast's net worth is estimated at between $8 million and $25 million. Although his earnings last year were much higher than that at $54 million, he is known for his philanthropy and gives large sums of his earnings away.

He also reinvests a large chunk of his earnings back into his YouTube channels.

The YouTube Star is known for sinking huge amounts of money into his video production. In multiple interviews, Donaldson actually discussed how he puts most of the money he makes back into his channel to keep making increasingly outlandish videos.

During one Christmas video alone he gave away two lavish homes—and this isn't out of the ordinary for his content!

How Does MrBeast Make Money?

If you've ever watched any “social media gurus” or even thought about starting your own business, then you'll likely already have heard that you need to diversify as soon as possible in order to have multiple income streams.

Well, MrBeast is the king of diversification! These are the main ways MrBeast makes his money.

MrBeast YouTube Channels

Mr Beast YouTube Channels

Jimmy Donaldson has several different YouTube channels, including:

Most of his videos are centered around stunts, extreme challenges, and giveaways.

His most popular YouTube video is ‘Squid Game in Real Life', which at the time of writing has over 235 million views. In the video, Donaldson recreates every set of the popular Netflix Series ‘Squid Game', challenging 456 participants to take part.

The winner (whoever lasted the longest) was awarded a massive $456,000! Jimmy also took pity on the participant who made it to second place, awarding them $10,000 for making it so far.

The MrBeast Gaming YouTube Channel is one of the most popular channels on YouTube, with over 26 million subscribers. The channel is dedicated to gaming videos, and usually features Jimmy Donaldson (MrBeast) playing various games with his friends.

Some of the channel's most popular videos include ‘GTA 5 Thug Life' (over 79 million views) and ‘Fortnite WINS & FAILS' (over 54 million views).

So How Much Money Does MrBeast Make From YouTube Ads?

It's incredibly difficult to predict how much a YouTuber makes from their channel because it depends on a number of factors.

First of all, the advertising rate varies wildly. Some topics will naturally attract a higher advertising rate than others.

However, YouTubers are also paid more if a viewer clicks on the ad or watches the entire ad instead of skipping it.

On top of this, the price of advertising varies throughout the year. Understandably, November and December are usually the most expensive months for advertisers and the most profitable for YouTubers in Western cultures.

Social Blade is a website that analyzes YouTube channels to see how well they're performing. It also gives a rough estimate of how much they think the channel is earning in ad revenue.

On MrBeast's main channel alone, Social Blade estimates that he's earning between $68,000 and $1.1 million every month.

Other YouTubers have mentioned that the Social Blade figure is quite accurate when compared to their own analytics so it's a good way to get an idea of earnings.

Having said this, it's important to point out that advertising revenue isn't the only way that MrBeast earns money from his channel. The famous YouTuber has been known to partner with some of the biggest brands like Honey and TikTok.

Of course, it's almost impossible to find out how much MrBeast has been paid to advertise these companies. However, you can bet it's at least 5 figures with the kind of views that MrBeast videos attract.

Mobile Gaming

While watching one of MrBeast's many channels it's easy to feel like you will never get the opportunity to take part in one of his crazy schemes. However, the popular YouTuber countered this by releasing his own mobile app competition.

The game was called “Finger on the App”. It was a simple competition where the person who keeps their finger on the phone screen for the longest wins. In the first round, MrBeast gave several users $20,000, and in the second competition Donaldson handed out $120,000 to the two final players.

It's not clear whether Donaldson actually made any money from the app. However, it did give his fame a boost and encouraged more people to subscribe to his channels, which made him more money in the long run.

Merchandise Sales

Mr Beast Net Worth - Merch

MrBeast has a line of merchandise available for sale on his website, including T-shirts, hats, and phone cases. His online shop has a wide variety of clothing featuring the “MrBeast” logo, with items available to suit each of the styles of his various YouTube channels.

People who buy MrBeast's merchandise are typically fans of his YouTube channel and like to support him by wearing his branded clothing.

The merchandise is also a way to make money for MrBeast, so he sells it at a fairly high price. Some people have criticized him for charging too much, but others argue that the prices are justified because of the quality of the products.

While it's difficult to find out how much money he actually makes from merchandise, you can make a reasonable estimate with a little bit of research.

Analysts estimate MrBeast's conversion rate to be around 10%. This is thanks to his limited edition drop strategy that so many YouTubers use.

Going through the prices in his shop, the average price of all the items is around $25-$30. If 10% of his 50 million viewers buy merch, that's a very rough estimate of $100.25 million in sales (not profit) every month.

Of course, it could be a lot more or less, but there's really no way of knowing.

MrBeast Burger

Mr Beast Net Worth - BeastBurger

MrBeast Burger was launched in 2020 when Donaldson created a pop-up restaurant in North Carolina, dubbed “the world's first free restaurant”. During the stunt, MrBeast hosted thousands of fans at his restaurant that served a limited menu that was totally free.

While most fans thought this was a one-off stunt, MrBeast went on to launch a full burger chain called ‘MrBeast Burger'. The MrBeast Burger concept is a virtual brand run from inside existing restaurant kitchens.

Restauranteurs can choose to run MrBeast Burger from their existing kitchen as a separate concept that is available for delivery only. The burgers menu can only be ordered from the MrBeast Burger app, or through major food delivery apps.

According to internet rumors, MrBeast Burger made over $15 million in revenue in the first 48 hours that the chain was open. Since then, it's estimated that Beast Burger makes around $38 million per year.


Mr Beast Net Worth: Feastables

Feastables is a revolutionary plant-based chocolate company that creates delicious chocolate without the junk. The chocolate bars only contain four ingredients and come in a choice of three flavors: Original, Almond, and Quinoa Crunch.

Jimmy Donaldson was diagnosed with Crohn's disease as a teen, so he knows from first-hand experience how hard it is to find high-quality snacks that are easy to buy and available to all. It's for this reason that he wanted to create a chocolate bar that is not only gluten-free but delicious too!

MrBeast heavily promoted Feastables offering the chance to win a prize with every purchase. The enticing prizes include Tesla cars, custom PCs, cash prizes, and more.

Because of this, Feastables chocolate is currently sold out. However, it promises to be back again soon with more prizes.

MrBeast Early Life

Jimmy Donaldson was born on May 7, 1988 in Kansas. He grew up alongside his brother in Greenville, North Carolina.

Donaldson studied at Greenville Christian Academy, a private high school in North Carolina. He then went on to study at a local private University, before dropping out to focus on his YouTube career.

Donaldson first began posting videos under the name “MrBeast6000”. He started off playing video games like Minecraft and Call of Duty, as well as videos estimating how much money other YouTubers were making.

A year later, his subscriber count was only 230.

MrBeast's Career Highlights

MrBeast remained fairly unknown in the YouTube world until he took it by storm in 2017.

Donaldson has spoken in several interviews about how he decided he wanted to go viral and began doing ridiculous stunts to gain YouTube fame.

In 2017 he uploaded a video of him reading every single word in the dictionary, which apparently took almost 2 days. He then spent 55 hours counting up to 200,000.

After he hit the YouTube trending page he began to make more outrageous videos and stunts.

As the MrBeast channel grew he started giving out money to the people appearing in his videos, and he became known as YouTube's biggest philanthropist.

MrBeast gained even more popularity when he bought billboards to encourage people to subscribe to PewDiePie. This helped him beat T-Series to the spot of YouTube's must subscribed-to creator.

In 2019 he filmed a real-life game of Battle Royale and gave out $200,000 of prize money in collaboration with Apex Legends.

And in recent years, almost everything that MrBeast has posted has gone viral!

One of the stunts that he became most well known for was recreating the famous Squid Games where he offered a cash prize of almost half a million dollars.

Other career highlights include:

And MrBeast's fame continues to grow, with no signs of slowing down!

Why Does MrBeast Give Away His Money?

MrBeast Philanthropy

One of the most notable things about Mr Beast is his generosity when it comes to donating money to charity.

But why does he do it?

Mr Beast has said that he donates his money to charity because he wants to make a difference in the world. He also believes that it's important to give back to the community that has supported him throughout his career.

Last year, Donaldson started his own charity called Beast Philanthropy. 100% of the profits from the Beast Philanthropy YouTube channel are donated to his food pantry which makes weekly deliveries to communities in need.

Many other good causes also receive substantial donations in the videos he creates for the channel.

MrBeast is known as YouTube's biggest philanthropist. While this makes him look good, it's also a key component of his content strategy.

In several interviews, MrBeast talked about how his outrageous stunts have helped him to bring in even more money. With each donation, he gets millions of views on the MrBeast YouTube Channel.

This results in the donations actually providing a big return on investment and drives his career even further.

Fun Facts About Mr Beast

Mr Beast Net Worth: Final Thoughts

Mr Beast broke through all barriers to become one of the most highly paid and well-known creators of all time. All while simultaneously creating an entirely new genre of videos on the platform.

Jimmy Donaldson redefined the term “beating the algorithm”. But what's most incredible is that while he's making tens of millions of dollars per year he stays relatable to some extent.

YouTubers are often criticized for being out of touch or overpaid. But MrBeast manages to avoid this by reinvesting so much of his wealth and giving back to others.

Regardless of your feelings towards highly paid YouTubers and towards MrBeast's content, you can't deny that he's putting some good back into the world—even if it isn't entirely unselfish.

After all, he did say that filming himself being generous furthers his career which doesn't sound very selfless!

Even if his actions have an ulterior motive behind them, he still helped to donate millions of dollars to charities that truly need it. This makes him a lot better than the YouTubers spending millions on cars and lavish houses for themselves.

He proves to be a great example to the youth of today. And he shows that helping others can be cool, and fun!

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