Maybe You SHOULD Start a Podcast Afterall…

By Spencer Haws |

About a week and a half ago, I wrote a “very raw” blog post out of my own frustrations with podcasting. I was writing how I felt in the moment about my podcast, which to put it blandly was not good.

I'm always very real and speak my mind when I blog; and in fact, I suspect that's a big reason that my blog has done so well.  But in this particular case, I may have overstepped the bounds into letting my emotions give some poor reasons for not starting a podcast.

You know, its never easy to allow your opinions to evolve.  However, after seeing all the amazing comments of people who HAVE found me through my podcast, doing some analysis on the solid numbers of my podcast, and listening to some words of wisdom from Cliff Ravenscraft, I've had a bit of a paradigm shift from my previous post.

As a result, I've decided to continue on with my podcast, but with some changes that I discuss below…

Pros and Cons of Starting a Podcast

I gave some reasons for NOT starting a podcast last week, some of those reasons were valid, but after doing some thinking, I've decided some of those reasons were not so valid.

So, I want a re-do, okay? 🙂

Here's some real reasons not to start a podcast:

In a nutshell, if you enjoy other activities in your business more and you are already seeing the results you want…and if you truly feel like you don't have the time; perhaps starting a podcast is not right for you.

Here's some of my weaker arguments that I made about not starting a podcast:

I actually laid out some of the pros of starting a podcast pretty well in my last blog post.  Here they are again, along with a couple others:

Why Was I So Frustrated?

When I wrote my last blog post, I was just plain frustrated.  You see, my podcast is 2 years old, and I wasn't seeing many results.  But in particular there were a few things that were making me question, “Is this REALLY worth my time?”

As you can see, all of this was building over the past month or so…and so I just wrote my post about how I was feeling in the moment.  I was viewing my podcast as something I didn't enjoy, was a time suck, and I wasn't seeing any results.

I hope you can understand a bit better now, and give me a chance to re-establish my opinion on podcasting.

What I Learned from My Readers

Within just a few minutes of publishing my now infamous blog post last week, the comments starting rolling in.  I knew there would be a few that said, “Hey Spencer, I actually DID find you through your podcast!”…but I had no idea how overwhelming those comments would be.

The very first comment stated just that, and then dozens of other people proceeded to comment that they first found me through me podcast!  What??!?  I had absolutely NO idea!


One of my biggest beefs with podcasting was that I believed most of my listeners were already readers of my blog, and I had no way to track that data.  Well, I started seeing the comments roll in, and this was data enough!

Many many people commented that they had first found me through the podcast, or that it was the trust I had built with them after they listened to my podcasts that they first purchased any of my products.  Wow!

Here's just a few of the comments left from people that had found me through my podcast.  (You can read all the comments here).

comment2 comment3 comment4 comment5 comment6

I learned a powerful lesson from all of you…so thank you!  I had no idea of the impact or reach that my podcast had until people starting leaving those comments.

That is one difficult thing about podcasts that I just need to learn to accept…its difficult to get quick feedback from listeners.  Most listeners are out doing other things (running, working, driving), and they just can't stop and click a link or leave a comment.  So, I get very few emails that ever mention my podcast, but I get a ton of emails every day from people thanking me for my blog.

However, I just need to learn that the medium is different and so the feedback will be different.  And just because people don't respond to podcasts as easily doesn't mean they haven't been impacted just or much and very possibly even more so through that medium.

What I Learned from Cliff

Cliff really is the Podcast Answer Man!  I want to give him a big shout out for taking the time to respond to my blog post last week.

In fact, he didn't just respond, he created a 2 hour audio podcast rebuttal to my reasons for NOT starting a podcast.  You can listen to the entire 2 hour tongue lashing that I got from Cliff right here. (I say that in jest; it actually was very good and did not feel it was too harsh in any way).

Obviously a lot was said in that podcast, and I couldn't help but smile the entire time I was listening to it.  I could see that I had touched on a topic that Cliff was very passionate about.

I encourage you to give his podcast response to me a listen, but here are just a couple of the main points that I thought were excellent.

He made several other points, but these were the ones that really struck home for me.  Thanks again, Cliff!

What I Learned from My Own Analysis

Now I want to jump in to some interesting findings that I discovered as I dug deeper into my own podcast numbers.  As mentioned in my last blog post, I'd rather analyze spreadsheets than interview someone…well, lets just say that I really enjoyed analyzing these spreadsheets! 🙂

Actually, looking at these numbers was a HUGE eye opener for me…and I'm not sure why I hadn't done this sooner.

What I really wanted to find out was whether or not my podcast was reaching a new audience, or if all my podcast listeners were already blog subscribers.  There is no simple way to do this; however, I decided to compare a couple of numbers.

I went through each podcast episode and compared how many downloads it had received versus how many pageviews that corresponding blog post had received on  You see, when I post a new podcast episode, I write a blog post and embed the podcast.

I was assuming that most of the listens were coming from people that saw my blog post about a new episode, and then were tuning in.  For example, here is the last blog post I did for my last podcast (episode 27).  If my theory was correct, then my blog post pageviews should almost always be higher than the amount of downloads the podcast was receiving.

So, first I looked at the total downloads all my podcasts had received individually over the past 2 years.  Here's a portion of that from my Libsyn stats:


I took all of those stats and put them next to the corresponding blog post.

So, NP 27 is a podcast, but I also published a blog post about it on my blog here.

NP 26 corresponds to this blog post.

NP 25 corresponds to this blog post.

I hope you get the idea.  Just comparing episode listens to actual pageviews.

Now here is the spreadsheet :).  In particular, pay attention to the 2 “total” columns to compare downloads vs. pageviews.


This data was a big surprise to me!  I am getting more downloads per podcast episode than I'm getting blog post pageviews per episode.  Out of 27 episodes, only 4 of the corresponding blog posts had more pageviews than downloads.

This really shoots my argument in the foot that all of my listeners were originating from my blog.  Clearly there is a good chunk of people that are listening to my podcasts only and never visit my website.

In other words, I AM reaching a new audience with my podcast episodes that I would not be reaching otherwise.  This is an eye-opener for me, and I'm glad I did this in-depth analysis.

Now to clarify, my blog as a whole gets many many times the amount of traffic that my podcast gets.  But I only have 27 podcast episodes versus approximately 300 blog posts.  If I had 300 podcast episodes, not only would my podcast be generating as much or perhaps even more downloads…I would be reaching a portion of that audience that wouldn't otherwise be reading my blog.

I've severely underestimated the reach of my podcast.  After seeing all the comments from you; and looking deeper at the data…I can see that the results have been there all along.

As I've done more research over the past week on podcasts, I've come to the realization that I should have come to long ago.  And yes, I know this will elicit a big fat, “duh!” from most of you.

Many podcast listeners only consume their content through audio; and almost never read a blog post.  On the other hand, many blog readers only consume their content through reading; and almost never listen to a podcast.

Yes, there is a big overlap; many people both read blogs and listen to podcasts.  But I'm finally seeing that many people that I want to share my story with are only listening in through my podcasts.

My Podcast Plans Going Forward

As a result of all of this, I've decided to not give up on my podcast just yet.  As mentioned, by simply focusing on doing a solo podcast rather than worrying about interviews, I should be able to get rid of many of the things I didn't enjoy about doing podcasts.

So, the Niche Pursuits Podcast will carry on primarily as a solo show!

I do expect that from time to time I will bring Perrin on as a co-host; and there will likely still be the rare interview.

As far as content, I really want to help people reach their business goals whether that's building niche sites, starting a software business, or finding other avenues to eventually quit their jobs.  So, I'll be sharing more of my own story of how I've made that possible in my own life.

In addition, I got a great comment after my last blog post asking, “Why don't you just do an audio version of your blog posts?”  Now that's an idea I really like!

As you can see, I put a lot of time and energy into creating high value blog posts, and many podcast listeners never see this information.  So, going forward I will likely be recording audio versions of my very best blog content; along with my additional opinions and tips that never make it into the written versions.

My plan is to record a weekly episode!

This is a huge stretch goal for me, and I'd love to know your thoughts.  I'm going to record a weekly episode for the next 90 days (so 12 total episodes), then re-evaluate how its going.

So, you can expect 12 new episodes from me over the next 3 months.  And hopefully for the long term if this new approach (solo show, re-purposing blog content) works out well for me.  I will judge the success of the show based more on your feedback and whether people are finding value in it, than based on download or other metrics.

But I'd also like to see if I can reverse this trend 🙂


Your Thoughts

I can already hear some of the grumblings about my complete about face from my last blog post to now.  However, I think I've made my points pretty clear…if you have the time, and you can find any enjoyment out of it, then podcasting truly is a powerful medium.

The entire reason I created a blog and podcast was to inspire and teach others.  When I take a good hard look at my business, one of the primary ways I view “success” is seeing others take what I've shared and build or grow their own business through that.

If I can inspire and teach others through my podcast than I can through my blog, then I want to make that a reality.  I really do find enjoyment in that.

And it truly is not just about number of downloads, or clicks, or sales.   I'm simply concerned about knowing if people are finding value in my podcast.

But now that I see the comments from amazing individuals and have heard the impact that my podcast has already made, I can see that I could be doing so much more with just a little bit more effort.

Overall, what are your thoughts?  Are you interested in my solo podcast that focuses more on content that is similar to my blog?  I would love to hear what you think about the pros and cons of podcasting, and anything else related to the subject.

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By Spencer Haws

Spencer Haws is the founder of After getting a degree in Business Finance from BYU (2002) and an MBA from ASU (2007) he worked for 8 years in Business Banking and Finance at both Merril Lynch and Wells Fargo Bank.

While consulting with other small business owners as a business banker, Spencer finally had the desire to start his own business. He successfully built a portfolio of niche sites using SEO and online marketing that allowed him to quit his job in 2011. Since then he's been involved in dozens of online business ventures including: creating and exiting Long Tail Pro, running an Amazon FBA business for over 3 years and selling that business, founding, and co-founding You can learn more about Spencer here.

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John Shea

I’m glad that you decided to continue with the podcast! I think doing a solo show can be just as valuable. Hopefully those transcription references I showed up and will help you save a lot of time with your show.

Spencer Haws

Thanks John for the suggestions you sent via email!


Nice post, I wanted to comment on your last post and point out that you weren’t very consistent in your podcast publishing…But I didn’t want to stir up anything, Glad you pointed it out in the post today…I actually prefer listening to podcasts than reading blog posts due to my schedule…Can’t wait to see a new podcast pop up in my podcast app!

Take Care,

Spencer Haws

Thanks Nathan!


Thanks for this article. I was going to comment on the last one that I found you through a podcast, but I don’t think I actually got around to leaving the comment.

I’m pretty sure I would have found you anyway if you didn’t have a podcast, but the level of trust wouldn’t be the same. Like you talked about, there’s something different about reading versus hearing in terms of trust. I honestly don’t think I would have made the jump to buy Long Tail Pro from just reading about it. Hearing your voice made the difference.

I’m glad you’re planning to do more frequent episodes, and I’m looking forward to the solo show!

Spencer Haws

Yep, the trust level that can be built by hearing someone’s voice is pretty huge.

Joey Augustin


It’s funny how in hindsight, putting out a rant post actually ended in a great rebuttal by Cliff and a rejuvenation in your perspective on podcasting. I know that personally, once I listened to some of your episodes, the whole concept of niche sites and online business seemed more credible. It’s almost as through hearing someone’s voice brings credibility to what they are writing about.

I think your trend will reverse when you start the weekly podcasts. I know I will be listening.

Thanks for being so open and honest about everything!

Spencer Haws

Great to hear…thanks Joey! And I do hope the trend reverses 🙂


Spencer – I think I had run across you previously (don’t recall how), but it was definitely your podcast that separated you from the pack for me and also build your credibility as I heard you speak. Not sure what the metrics are for time invested vs. new followers gained, but I definitely enjoy the podcasts and they’re the reason I open your emails now.

Keep up the good work (I hope)!


Spencer Haws

Thanks Mike!

Lydia Pack

Wow, your honesty and integrity in BOTH your posts about podcasts was engrossing reading. Thank you for taking us through your journey in thinking about your podcast. I found it really refreshing to read your honesty on the topic.

Your open and transparent take on podcasts has secured your position in my mind as a great author and someone to follow more closely in future.

Keep up the great work! I also support the readers idea of a solo podcast featuring what you write for blog posts. There are enough interview style podcasts out there and they all start sounding the same. I would be interested to hear more of your voice and tips!

Cheers and keep up the great work!

Spencer Haws

It was hard to be honest with myself and change my viewpoint. So, I’m VERY glad that you and others are supportive of what I’ve written here. Thanks Lydia!


Hello Spencer,

I’m really glad you’ve decided to continue podcasting! You know, when you do audio blog posts, you can try and keep the episode short and sweet – an issue I have with some of my favorite podcasts is that sometimes I just don’t have a whole 45 minutes to sit down and listen to a whole episode, even if it’s being played at 1.5x speed(especially if I’m following a whole bunch of em!)

Josh Escusa

Love the reversal. That trust factor that people are mentioning is huge. By hearing your voice and knowing you’re a real person we can connect with you and your methods.

I’ve listened to a few of your podcast and loved the ones with Hayden. It actually got me to start taking action on some things as well.


I just racked my brains to think how I found this blog and do you know what it was indirectly through the podcast I believe. A blogger named Skeffling (if you know her) talked about how she was listening to your podcast and I think she had a link to your blog i cant remember. That was way back in 2012 I believe and now it is 2014 and I’m still reading!

Spencer Haws

Very interesting…and yes I know Skeffling. We exchanged some emails. That’s very cool how you found my blog indirectly through my podcast.


I thought about a solo podcast before, but I’m not sure it can deliver as much value as an Interview. Anyway I’m happy you don’t stop for now.

Lex Phumirat

I first heard of you through Pat Flynn’s Podcast and was a fan ever since. I always checked for new episodes every week. And it was because of the podcast i have bought long tail pro. And could be signing up for your Rank Hero PBN soon. And because of your podcast I trust that Rank Hero will offer great value. Please get back into to podcasting!!!

Ps you should make a course on how to build a PBN after buying them from DomainJawa. I would be the first to sign up. I’m confused on the process, for example if i get 5 different domains from DomainJawa, will i have to get 5 different hosting accounts with different C blocks. Or can i use one hosting service and ask for different C blocks for each.

Always a fan!!

Spencer Haws

I’m back! Thanks Lex 🙂

Oh, and you can use the same host (Like as long as you get different c blocks IPs. Eventually ideally you’ll have multiple shared hosting accounts (all with different IPs) and maybe 1 or 2 reseller accounts with multi-class c IPs.


Spencer welcome to the 4 kid club….In my case it is 4 daughters……Revenge of the Gods!

The main reason I follow you and have blogged about this is the Trust Factor.

No BS, just honesty and the good & bad!

Thanks for sharing your introspection.

Massman in Boston
Go Bruins!

Spencer Haws

2 boys and 2 girls 🙂 Great to be part of the club!

Thanks Massman


Great to hear that you are getting back into podcasting! And a solo show will suit you better than the interviews. I always had the feeling that you didn’t really like to interview people 😉 But we have Pat Flynn and others for that. You should talk more about what you do best…niche site building, analyzing and also your new software businesses…so much to talk about!

Also I think I only bought LTP after listening to your podcast.

Spencer Haws

Thanks Sebastian! There really is alot to talk about with my own business ventures. I enjoy hearing other people’s stories, but you are right, conducting the interviews myself is not my favorite part.


Hey Spencer,

I always appreciate how much you put yourself into your blog posts and I think it’s great that you are willing to so openly and honestly explore and then reconsider your feelings and opinions.

I’m glad to hear that your podcast will continue and I think solo shows are a great idea – you already have so much value to share that I don’t see a solo show as being inferior in any way to an interview. But who knows, maybe Perrin will want to conduct some interviews? 😀

With 4 kids and your other business interests, going from an irregular to a weekly podcast seems like it would still be daunting, but maybe that’s just me. I would still be super stoked for a bi-weekly or even monthly podcast from you. I’d just hate to see you get burned out and then decide that it’s not worth it again. But no matter what happens, you need to take care of yourself and your family first – I think that most of your fans will understand and respect any decision you make.

Spencer Haws

Thanks Josh. I think with the new format of going solo, and re-purposing blog content…that weekly is doable. But as mentioned, I’m doing 12 episodes and will re-evalute if I need to back off to bi-monthly or some other format. Thanks!


I definitely agree about the trust factor from hearing your voice. I’d rather deal with a human being who I can relate to, and hearing you definitely makes you more real in my mind. Video would be a step up 😉

Spencer Haws

One step at a time 🙂


Awesome post, Spencer! I didn’t chime in for the last post but I love the podcast.

I’m excited to hear the upcoming episodes!

Spencer Haws

Thanks Doug!

Carter Bowles

Hey Spencer, I just want to say it takes an open mind and some serious guts to pull a 180 on your opinion after seeing the hard evidence to prove you wrong. Most people just can’t do it. I respect anybody who is willing to make a change like that.

Spencer Haws

Hey thanks Carter…

Paul VL

This is great news. As someone who is working a day job, has 3 kids (including a new baby) and trying to get my online niche empire going, a podcast is the easiest thing for me to sneak in. I found you through Pat Flynn and like others have mentioned I am stoked to see a new podcast in the queue.

I’m building my own PBN and would love to hear how yours is going as well and maybe some tips on that would be great. A specific ask is how do you keep track of them, I obviously don’t want google analytics on there, and the local options seem to be less than ideal.

Thanks Spencer, you’re doing great work, and happy to support you and your products!

Spencer Haws

Great question and comments, Paul. I can definitely cover more of this information.


Hi Spencer!

I am really glad that you decided to continue with your podcast. I actually found your podcast much more useful than other podcasts from other people. Because your contents focus on web skills that really mattered and you provided many great ideas and solutions. It really help me a lot, you are the only podcaster I have to listen every time when you came out an new podcast. Cuz I simply knew those information will be useful.

And I really your podcast did help you to promote your software, new website like “RankHero”…. The result might not be right the way, but it helps. I signed up to RankHero, after you put up that web call you had (altho i know it is not podcast) but I listened to it on the way that I drove home from work, and I signed up after I got home.

Maybe you can setup some kinda questionaries when people are signing up to your softwares, and websites to ask people where did they first heard the programs?

I am there are a lot of people like me learned a lot from your podcast 🙂


Spencer Haws

Good idea…thanks Tony!


Very interesting numbers!
Makes sense though.

I like the way Pat Flynn does his AskPat podcast, and adding on to the comment above about doing an audio recording for each blog post, I think it would be neat to do a week in review podcast of each of your posts. So, let’s say you post 5 times a week, spent 5-7 minutes going over the main parts of each post, that would be a 25-35 minute weekly podcast. Plus, you could highlight some of the insightful comments into the discussion. It’s almost like a weekly news show all about your news.

This sounds like a winning format for you, especially since you find it hard to come up with interviews, etc for the content.

Thanks for sharing the numbers!

Spencer Haws

Thanks Bryan, and great ideas on the format. I’m sure I’ll be tweaking things as I go, so these are some great thoughts.

Kurt Bouma

I never really thought about how much impact your podcast has had on me until reading these last two posts.

Without hearing your voice, nichepursuits would amount to just another dude trying to make money from teaching people about online business. Hearing your voice, and that your’e a normal, nice, honest sounding dude just like me is what makes all the difference. As Seth Godin would say, your podcast gives you my permission. Without it, by default, your just another joe…

Glad you’re going to keep going.

Spencer Haws

Thanks Kurt!


Hey Spencer,

Glad to hear you are going to keep up the podcast, i was always looking for the next installment from you.

Your in depth statistics were a good indication of the popularity of the podcast even though ROI is not easily measured.

We get feedback from friends of ours that are in the IM space saying we don’t have anything to “sell” on our podcast site, in the age of “content production” for SEO etc sometimes if you like a particular medium and your subject, it is not only about what you are getting back that determines its viability.

Sara Dobson

Hi Spencer
I am very happy to hear that we can look forward to more podcasts from you. Just in case you want suggestions about topics. 🙂 I would love a podcast about public blog networks or rank hero. I keep looking at rank hero thinking maybe it is the answer to lift a couple of my sites up from number 6 in google. But I am not sure if the links need to come from relevant sites in my niche or not because there are mixed messages out there on that one. Or maybe its just me who’s confused about them?

Spencer Haws

Thanks for the suggestion, Sara!

sandema sunday

Hi Spencer,
Can you do a post on how to start a podcast or how you started. I am a mum always busy and sometimes I have so much I want to share and I end up not doing so…maybe a podcast would do. What are the tools needed and is there money involved.



Glad your going to keep up podcasting Spencer …

One thing that that helped me was during the coaching calls with Perrin

…when you were describing your thoughts on tasks to do just the tone of your voice or how you said something made it much clearer to understand how much ‘weight’ to give something.

It’s easy to get bogged down in the many steps of niche site building and perhaps at the start get worried thinking every little detail is so important or will make or break a site etc



Spencer Haws

Thanks for pointing that out Lenny.

Cliff Ravenscraft

I love it. Great update Spencer. I am very excited to hear of your plans to continue the podcast as a solo show with the freedom to bring in a co-host when you want and throw in an interview whenever you feel like it.

My only feedback regarding this new post is related to the person who wrote….. “Why don’t you just do an audio version of your blog posts?”

It sounds like you are very keen on this idea. If I may, allow me to beg and plead with you to “not read us your blog posts.”

The real power of the podcast is the conversational tone that you can use when talking to your audience. When you write you blog posts, you are editing what you are saying. We don’t do that in conversations.

If I were to invite you out to lunch, I’d be totally bored if you were to bring a five page printed document and you sat and read to me, word for word, what you had prepared ahead of time, to say to me during our time together.

I love that you are moving forward with the solo show. Just think of each episode where we, your audience, is sitting down to have a conversation over lunch or dinner and we just asked you… “So Spencer, what been on your mind lately?”

At any rate… it’s your show. No doubt you’ll find a great deal of increased success with the show with your new mindset.

Many Blessings!


Spencer Haws

Thanks Cliff again for the great feedback!

And I agree, I shouldn’t read my blog posts. And I don’t really plan on reading them, but more using them as a template for me to get started. So, the topic and information covered will be generally the same as the blog post, but I will definitely be delivering it in a conversational style and will likely deviate from the post as needed.

Great tip.


Very happy to hear you are not only going to keep the podcast, but ramping up to a weekly release as well! I check for an updated podcast daily and this is music to my ears.

I am one of those who initially found you through your podcast. You produce great content that grabs listeners attention. In fact, in the last couple months I have went from never reading your blog, to visiting it once a day and leaving comments just because I wanted to know more about what you were talking about in your podcasts.

And if you do decide you do another interview, make Hayden do his fourth! I loved hearing you two chat in the other 3 podcast interviews with him!

Take care Spencer


Spencer Haws

Thanks TJ! You and everyone will be happy to hear that I just finished recording a new episode of the podcast…it might be uploaded tonight!


You’re the man Spencer! Downloading the new podcast now, can’t wait to listen 🙂


Hey Spencer, I actually came here to respond after listening to Cliff’s Podcast and am glad to see you are going to experiment with a weekly show!

I was originally subscribed to your Podcast, but unsubscribed due to the lack of regular episodes. As a result of this new info, I just re-subscribed. I am one of those folks that consume content primarily through audio and actually prefer solo Podcasts over constant interview shows, so your plan sounds great.

I also think Cliff’s suggestion of upgrading to an ATR2100 mic is a good one, it is a great quality mic and I utilize that one myself. Hope your experiment works out, I think it will!


Hi spencer
I too, got onto you through your podcast.
You stood out from the rest. mainly Adsense flippers at the time, and a bit of Pat Flynn.

The thing is, your just talking about niche sites, compared to other bloggers who may have a little more varied audience, but your audience is a niche to.

I have a few of your products and have listened to all of your casts…But, I have never gone directly to your site following a show. I may visit via an old bookmark and then hit home before finding what I want. other times it will be through an email link.

I don’t get to much time to surf the web, and with all the other stuff going on, unfortunately you can get forgotten.

But once I’m in my car again the next day…If a new podcast shows up, “I’m all over it”.

I am a listener and not so much of a reader. So I think when you look at your figures, you should bare in mind that these are possible 2 different audiences.

I think you still have so much to offer, and some times you need to go back to basics.
Talk about your WordPress theme. best color schemes for Google ads, best options for non Google ads.
once a month or so do a listener Q&A.
Do a live site evaluation or pick some holes in someones site( I know I’d like one of those.)

I know all about trying to please everybody and get things done at the same time. This is a challenging time right now.
new borns and hormonal wives with little sleep. (rather you than me mate)

Cut the show down when to a shorter show people would be happier with that rather than no show.

Take a break from it, but make an announcement that you need some time off. We all do.

Anyways. All the best.
And remember. there’s always tougher life out there waiting to catch you unaware.

Eddy D

Bill Rowland


I have listened to your casts and this is my first visit to the site. I give you credit for changing your opinion; for many that’s tough to do. Right on and I look forward to more in the future!

Also, congrats on your new son!

Spencer Haws

Thanks Bill!

Rob Orr

Spencer – this is fantastic. I’ve got it on my short list to re-launch my own podcast this year, and I’ve let it fall prey to other tasks, but no longer. This conversation between you and Cliff has once again helped me to realize the value of podcasting and what a great tool it is to build community and engage with people.

Spencer Haws

Best of luck, Rob!


Nice post! I have read that post you mentioned, but it is not a problem if you have changed your mind regarding podcasting. It’s good though that you have cleared your opinion.

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