19 Real & Awesome Ways to Get Free Stuff On Amazon

By Brady Cook |

Amazon is great, but figuring out how to get free stuff on Amazon is even better.

Even though features like Prime shipping and lightning deals reduce the cost of thousands of products regularly, consumers are still looking for ways to buy cheaper.

Fortunately, because the marketplace is so competitive, there are lots of ways to get free items — if you know where to look.

Many of them involve leaving an honest review, while others work by offering “free samples” before upgrading to a premium service.

Other methods rely on tried-and-true rebate programs and coupons. The vast majority also require you to be a Prime member, which you can become for free!

Stack enough of these freebie ideas together, and you may never have to pay for anything on Amazon again. That's the dream, at least.

how to get free stuff on amazon

Review Sites

One of the biggest drivers in Amazon‘s ecosystem — and the service that allowed it to become the juggernaut that it is — is third-party sellers.

Thousands of e-commerce stores are listed right alongside Amazon, competing for the same products.

In order to give their product a competitive boost, the sellers rely on social proof in the way of reviews to generate sales.

There is some evidence that Amazon gives weight to these reviews, so giving a few Amazon freebies in exchange for your opinion (and hopefully a positive review) is a no-brainer.

There are lots of forums and more than one Facebook group that you can join to find free items, but below are some of the more popular ones.

***Disclaimer: In many cases, sellers won’t give items for completely free, but will be drastically reduced (basically, just to recoup costs). Also, you’re usually limited to only one free item per order. If you get caught trying to take more, you could get banned from the platform.


Snagshout is one of the more trusted review sites online, both for resellers and reviewers. There are two ways to get items free (or at the very least, really cheap): promo codes and cashback deals.

Promo codes are exactly what they sound like. You click through to the Amazon page, put in the Amazon promo code, and the deal is yours.

For cashback deals, you have to mail in your receipt after paying full price. The Amazon seller will reimburse you within 35 days of purchase.

Item quality can vary, but supplements and electronics are very common.


Formerly known as AMZ Review Trader, Vipon is extremely popular because it allows you to get multiple items at once.

You apply to receive a product, and then the seller looks through each profile and chooses which Amazon reviewer they want to send a coupon to.

The process isn’t nearly as competitive as you may think, but some of the better items can go quickly. Fortunately, Vipon is free to join and free to apply for products.

how to get free stuff on amazon


Anyone that sells unique products on Amazon is probably familiar with JumpSend’s parent company: Jungle Scout.

As one of the foremost product-opportunity-spotting softwares, it only makes sense that Jungle Scout would come up with a review program that is equally effective.

As such, you can count on JumpSend to have some of the best quality products on the market. Most aren’t free, but you can get up to 90% off the purchase price.

JumpSend is also one of the only review sites that offer books, so if you’re into reading, bookmark JumpSend.

Try JumpSend Now


If variety is your thing, you can do worse than AMZRC. Boasting an extremely wide selection of products, AMZRC allows you to narrow down the range to only those categories and prices you’re interested in reviewing. 

Additionally, the fees for sellers to list on AMZRC are lower, which means more coupons and better deals for you.

A larger amount than normal of their products are genuinely free.

Rebate Sites

Although it takes two seconds to actually leave an Amazon review, some people prefer to pay full price (hello credit card points!) and get a rebate later. 

If that’s you, you’re in luck! Here are a few ideas for how to use rebate sites to make your Amazon purchases virtually free.

Extreme Rebate

Just as the name states, Extreme Rebate is definitely extreme. With thousands of new products on their register, it’s nearly impossible to not find something you’re interested in.

You’ll have to request each item’s voucher individually, then send in the order number to receive the rebate.

But in most cases, the item will end up being completely free.

Not bad for a few minutes of work.


Rebaid may not have as many products as the other sites, but the ones they do have are usually free.

You may also be required to write a review after purchase, but this changes from seller to seller.

The process is identical to the others: claim the free Amazon product, wait for verification, then redeem using the voucher code.

Check back daily to see new products listed for sale.

how to get free stuff on amazon


Another website that offers significant discounts on Amazon products, also updates its inventory of free products daily.

Though you don’t have to review the item (although it is highly encouraged), you will have to create an account.

What separates from other sites is the quality of goods listed as available.

While many products advertised by sellers may be substandard, Cashbackbase’s items are high-value and usually pretty good quality.

It’s definitely worth checking into on a regular basis.

Already Free From Amazon

Baked into Amazon’s dominant e-commerce model is a steady dose of free items, usually as part of a larger premium service.

They know that if they can hook you with a free sample, you’ll come back eventually for the main course.

Whether you do is up to you, but regardless, you can take advantage of many of their free services without spending a single penny.

Free Prime Music

With an ever-growing library that is approaching iTunes (though still a long way off), Amazon’s music selection is fairly robust.

If you sort through their library, you can filter based on price to see what music you can listen to for free.

Best of all, you don’t need Amazon Prime or a credit card to take advantage of this service.

Free Cloud Storage

Amazon offers up to 5GB of cloud storage for free to everyone. All you need is an Amazon account.

If you have Amazon Prime though, you can enjoy unlimited photo storage with Amazon Photo, too. As any photographer will tell you, that’s worth its weight in gold.

Free Audiobooks

Audible is to audiobooks what Amazon is to regular books. Fortunately, Amazon owns them both, which makes it easier to browse and pick up books for free.

As part of their ongoing promotion package, Audible will give you two free audiobooks just for signing up.

Free Books

In addition to their vast catalog of modern-day books, Amazon also has a very healthy selection of Kindle e-books that are totally free.

Most of these are either public domain works or first in series, but there is something for just about everyone.

Additionally, Kindle has integrations with public libraries, so you can also “borrow” books for free.

how to get free stuff on amazon

Free Prime trial

Everyone can get access to Amazon Prime’s benefits — free shipping, Prime Video, and more — for free for thirty days.

College students, on the other hand, get a six-month trial and then a full Amazon Prime Student subscription at half the price.

Amazon is banking on the fact that you’ll sign up long-term after the trial is over, but you can at least get all the benefits for a short time to see if it’s for you.

Amazon Programs

Sometimes, the answer isn’t to look offsite for free stuff on Amazon — they’ll just give it to you if you qualify. 

Even though these programs are openly advertised by Amazon, they can be difficult to find if you’re just scrolling through their site. Here are some of the most popular that you can apply for, and some that are invite-only.

Become a Vine Reviewer

As you’ve probably guessed by now, the number one way to get free items from Amazon is to do so in exchange for a review. As such, the more people see your potential review, the more likely you are to get free items.

Amazon’s Vine program targets reviewers that have received a lot of “helpful” votes to try out free products (either new or pre-release items).

A review isn’t necessary (although that is the point of the program), but your review must comply with posting guidelines.

Vine is invite-only, so you won’t know you’re selected until you receive an email, but having a good amount of recent reviews helps.

Find out more about the Vine program and more in our post on how to become an Amazon reviewer.

Early Reviewer Program

Even though you won’t be fully reimbursed for products on Amazon, the Early Reviewer Program will give you a small amount back if you leave a review.

The amount is usually less than $5, but it also doesn’t require much work.

Chances are, if you’re in this program, you were already going to leave a review anyway.

Like Amazon Vine, you can’t apply to become a part of the Early Reviewer Program — you’re recruited instead. Check your inbox to see if you’re one of the chosen ones.

Build a Baby Registry

Having kids is uber-expensive, but Amazon is willing to lend a hand (provided you buy other items from their shelves).

Expecting parents who create a baby registry on Amazon and receive at least 60% of their list (minimum of $10) will receive a “welcome box.”

What you actually get in the welcome box changes from month to month, but includes a variety of products that they know parents will use. Wipes, diaper samples, and creams have been included in past boxes.

how to get free stuff on amazon

Build a Wedding Registry

Another expensive moment in life comes during wedding ceremonies. For those about to walk down the aisle, Amazon offers a slew of benefits if you create a registry through them.

Discounts, longer return options, and financing for larger gifts are a few key benefits.

If your registry includes items from selected retailers — and others buy from those brands — you may also qualify for bonus gifts. These are generally high-dollar items and may even come with personalization options as well.

Send in Used Items

Since Amazon also sells used items on their storefront, it makes sense they would also offer a buy-back program.

Virtually anything can be sold directly to Amazon themselves, such as electronics, books, and sporting equipment.

The process is very simple, and if your items are accepted, you’ll receive payment in the form of an Amazon gift card.

If not, Amazon promises to recycle them responsibly on your behalf.

Shop During Prime Day

Prime Day isn’t just a “holiday” anymore, it’s a full-on shopping blitz. Think Black Friday shopping in the digital world, with buyers (and sellers) jockeying for position.

Along with this mad rush comes a full day of deals and discounts, plus several incentives.

Retailers may choose to offer a buy one, get one free, or an equivalent amount of credit for money spent (receive $10 for every $10 spent, for example).

Amazon usually holds these events in the summer (normally mid-July), so be sure to keep an eye on the calendar to snag what you want.

Amazon Cash

Technically, you have to spend money for this one to work, but since they give you free cash back, it qualifies.

Amazon Cash is essentially pre-loading your Amazon account with funds that you then spend at participating retailers (not on Amazon’s site).

Past promotions included a free $5 for uploading $20. These are run fairly often, too.

Similar programs from Amazon are credits when you’re approved for an Amazon credit card, or opt for “no-rush shipping” on your orders.

The Amazon Rewards card also offers 5% back on all purchases.


Lots of people will claim to know how to get free stuff on Amazon, but not all of them work. Test the methods above, and if you find out they don't work anymore, let us know!

And if you're in the mood to learn more Amazon-related info, you may be interested to check out these Amazon statistics.

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