How Mukesh Chaurasia from Monk Metrics Found His First Big Break with a Typo Domain

By Spencer Haws |

Listen in to the podcast episode to hear the story of Mukesh Charasia and his digital agency Monk Metrics.

In his own words, I asked Mukesh to answer a few questions about his background.

Hi, I am Mukesh Chaurasia from India. I run a SEO agency and currently manage clients and affiliate websites at MonkMetrics 🙂

2016: At age 18, started working for a local newspaper-online edition for a salary of $66 a month where my job was to optimize news stories in Hindi language. The reason was My Dad's well settled business which went haywire overnight due to betrayal from his partner. I was left with no choice but to support my family back home.

2017: Left the last company and got an opportunity to work on real SEO projects at Galbatross Technologies.My Uncle also gave me some courses that helped bigtime. One of the sites I worked on was which was a pure affiliate that later got sold for $80,000. 

I would often tinker with link building strategies and other ways to conquer what the algorithm was all about. NLP, KW density, you name it. It was science for me. This is where I met my current business partner Ulhas Sakhare with whom i got started my first website (The idea Will Give you Chills). So we found a KW that was essentially a typo error. 

2018: Built a website on a type error done by Humans

What was the website idea? To fix a router, we type the IP address in URL, our KW was which is a wrong KW but has a volume of 200k while the correct KW had just 30k volume. We quickly jumped to the opportunity and created With only $185 invested, we were able to achieve 2000 daily users and later monetized the traffic with Ezoic, witnessing one of the highest ever RPM of 90$ a day. 

We sold the asset via FE International for $34,000. (Currently its making more than 4000$ from affiliate+ads)

Mid 2019: Sold the website for $34,000 via FE International

Late 2019: The same person who bought the website was highly impressed and gave one of his main sites for us to do SEO. It was a shopify based site and the guy paid us $1500 a month to do SEO. 

Late 2019: The same guy made us partners in his business where he has a portfolio of websites. So from selling the first asset to him to now being partners in a portfolio has been just phenomenal.  

2020: Got covered by a popular SAAS called Onpagechamp. since i did not go to college and dropped out of school immediately. Read the story!

2020: Got covered by Yourstory as well. Read the story!

2020: Scaled business to $10,000 a month in May-2020 .  

What business would you like to discuss?

I would like to discuss the business of Affiliate websites. 

How successful is your business today?  

I started from $66 a month to now earning 166$ a day alone!, all without any formal Degree. 

Today, My agency MonkMetrics makes $5000 from clients alone while also earning $5000 from affiliate websites. 

Earning Proof

A 5 month’s old site that’s inspired by Own the Yard 🙂 but in a different niche. The best part about this one is that it has 0 links built and despite Amazon slashing rates. We were able to make $1000 in June.

What failure did you experience that perhaps made you doubt your future as an entrepreneur? 

While working on the IP address site, we got to know that one can make Chrome extensions for just $5. We created a non-working extension just for fun and turns out, Google really loved it. It started showing that extension in SERPs. This meant we had to compete with one less competitor but later it got scary when extension surpassed our own results and came in the featured snippet. The funny thing was the extension did nothing but rest in the SERPs. Here it is;

I live and work in the zone of Infinite Game theory by Simon Sinek. That mindset doesn’t allow me to think of failures as setbacks but rather opportunities

Instead of being afraid to fail. I always pray to fail earlier than my competitors, this way I will always be ahead than competitors for they are yet to see what works and what doesn’t.
I never went to college so when you know there is no safety net. You know there’s no option other than to make it work 🙂

What are 1 or 2 strategies that have made your business successful? 

Infinite Game theory: We are in the world where Google controls actions but you don’t have to worry much about it. Focus much of your attention on the user and how you can create the best possible resource. If you can somehow let the updates, commission slashes, backlinks and other small things not worry you. You will be surprised by the results.

We never focus on the business aspect of any website we build for a year. That's the minimum. This does few things:
– We forget about Google updates

– We do not worry about doing outreach 

– We don’t worry about commission and eventually Amazon or our affiliates

– Not give much importance to keyword research

In a way, forget about things that are not in your control. 

All we do is work on creating the best possible resource. Give your undivided attention to making the best content on the web. Use common sense alongside using keyword research tools. Interlink articles after they are aged and not very early. WHy?

We want to see how Google rewards a certain content before we start to do the obvious things. Once we see that a web page has been rewarded on the 3rd page then we start tweaking in things like interlinking. No matter what the niche, since your website is a resource, you should feel responsible to add details that make its trustworthy. You should have never waited for EAT really.

Where do you hope to take your business in the future? 

I like the process of creating the best possible resource in any niche. I love gaming and that’s one area I would love to explore. It's competitive but since I love it, I know there is always a Quora awaiting to be built for Yahoo answers 🙂

My next focus is going to be creating multiple micro niche sites and keep experimenting with them. This way I will always get to know how the algorithm reacts to subtle changes and also improve my approach towards content changes, on page changes, interlinking(I love Link Whisper :).

I also look forward to Voice Searches and how to optimize GMB for local businesses in emerging economies like India and Bangladesh. 


By Spencer Haws

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