10 Powerful Twitter Hacks from Justin Welsh, a Man with 109K Followers

By Ashley Simpson |

Have you ever wanted to know just what it takes to gain a massive social media following? Justin Welsh, an entrepreneur who boasts an impressive 109K followers on Twitter, breaks it down so that you can cash in on his success with ten powerful Twitter hacks that will help your follower count to soar.

Welsh is a successful businessman who focuses on building a portfolio of one-person businesses to millions of dollars in revenue. His focus on Twitter growth is certainly worth paying attention to, whether you are trying to build a lasting brand or get your business off the ground for the first time.

While you can try to grow your following organically without utilizing fancy tools, it may be slow moving. Welsh recommends a handful of great tools and tactics that can take some of the guesswork out of growing your account. Here are a few of the tools he recommends and how they can help you.

1. Twemex App

If you want to find a user's most popular tweets of all-time or those recently posted, he recommends the @Twemex app. Installing this feature makes searching for these high-quality tweets simple. 

2. Followerwonk

Welsh points out that you don't want to tweet into a void. Figure out when your followers are most active online with @Followerwonk

3. Hypefury (RT)

Retweet yourself to get more engagement from a single post. Welsh is in the habit of retweeting his own posts about 9 hours after he initially makes them. He says the best part of utilizing Hypefury for this purpose is that it deletes the tweets 24 hours later to keep your screen clean. 

4. Hypefury (Newsletter)

This same app pulls double duty by auto-plugging your newsletter. You set the engagement level with the number of likes and then create a custom add-on message. After you pass the threshold, you can cash in by auto-plugging your newsletter. If you sell products or services, you can utilize this tool to plug those too. 

5. (Hyper-Engagement)

Organize your most important accounts. Using @blackmagic_so, Welsh creates a list of important accounts and then engages them all twice per day in short stints. 

6. (CRM)

You want to remember everything about your followers and most important accounts, but it's hard. Justin Welsh uses's built-in CRM software to keep track of the details. 

7. Twitter Blue

Want to save your favorite tweets for later, when you have a lull in what you post? Twitter Blue lets you build out a series of folders and bookmarks that you can return to at a later date. All you have to do is work on saving and keeping everything organized. 

8. Create Lists

Creating lists and adding relevant people to them allows you to see all Tweets from that group of people. He recommends using lists for local meetups, organizations, and any other type of group you may be a part of.

9. Mute Conversations

On the other hand, muting conversations allows your feed to stay clean and easy to follow. Ignore hundreds of notifications on your tweets with this simple tip so that you can stay focused on new and relevant content.

10. Hide Twitter Trends

Last but not least, Welsh recommends hiding Twitter trends to avoid being distracted by all of the negative news that surfaces on the platform. While this is technically a plug-in tool, it is a bit different than the tools listed above. Search for Hide Twitter Trends to get to work ignoring this part of your experience.

Growing Your Own Following

Twitter users will want to take advantage of the experience and growth hacks suggested by the uber-successful Justin Welsh. If your growth has stalled or stagnated, it may be time to spruce up your strategy with some of these top ten tips.


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