Podcast 82: Revealing the 3 Students for Niche Site Project 3

In the podcast today, Jake, Perrin, and I reveal who the 3 students for niche site project 3 will be.  If you read the blog post published last week, you already know who the 3 students are: Samara, Ryan, and Colleen.

However, in this podcast we share just a few more of our thoughts on the project in general and the process for the official coaching calls.

In general, we review the students that we will be coaching and some of our brief plans for the calls.

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We are excited for the project and expect to be posting our first coaching calls later this week!


By Spencer Haws
December 21, 2015 | 6 Comments

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Please let there be a casestudy of a magazine styled site, where multiple/different topics/categories could be targeted,….


Magazine for women :


– beauty
– hobbies
– fashion
– food
– pets

say the site will publish 40/50 articles during the case study. maybe there could be 10 articles of each topic./category.

I am really curious to see how on site seo (structure) and internal/outbound linking would be handled. I’m sure lots of others do to,,,,,

who of you 3 has the guts to take that route??

There is also a positive side to this,….. A bigger pool of keywords to choose from.

Lots of people are struggling with this aspect of building a niche/authority site…..

Spencer Haws

These sites will definitely have more than 40 to 50 articles, I suspect. We don’t build small niche site anymore. I suspect long term these sites will hopefully have many hundreds of articles each. So we may be doing something similar to what you are saying with a “magazine” style; we’ll see how each site plays out.


Hi Niche Site Project 3.0 coaches (who did not choose me :P),

Do you think you can share the unedited raw emails, phone calls and skype calls every week for each contestant, as a download link on an NSP 3.0 download page. It will not take up very little of your time as you will just be uploading on to a page – and all of us, the nichepursuits community members, can download the stuff from there.

Those who are ready to sieve through a lot of stuff, to get to some additional information, will download and look at it… it’ll be an invaluable resource for us, as we might get some answers and tips that the edited and cleaned up videos/posts/podcasts will not have.

Do consider it… thanks!


CORRECTION – In my comment, I meant to write – “It will take up very little of your time”, I had put in a “not” before “take” by mistake.


Guys you mentioned the facebook group but I dont seem to be able to find it? How do you access it?

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