Podcast 8: How to Launch an iPhone App with Andreas Kambanis

Podcast 8: How to Launch an iPhone App with Andreas Kambanis

I recently launched my iPhone app (Ad Alert: Google Adsense App).  I was lucky enough to have interviewed a few iPhone app entrepreneurs before I released my app.  In previous podcasts I interviewed Benny Hsu and Pat Flynn.  I was also able to interview Andreas Kambanis which is the podcast that I’m sharing with you today.

Andreas not only have a very interesting story of how he got started with his business, but he also has some excellent advice for creating a successful launch of an iPhone app. Of course I took and followed some of this advice as I launched my own app, and there are several other points that I will be doing on this app or future projects.  I highly recommend that you listen to the podcast interview below if you ever consider launching a mobile phone app.  The advice Andreas shared here is very unique to anything that has been shared or discussed on this blog before.

Andreas got started right out of University building a website for bike enthusiasts in the London, England area.  The site wasn’t an instant success, but over time he was able to build it into something significant that now has a large following.  He was able to then leverage the success of that site into his first iPhone app: Bike Doctor.  Now with 3 active iPhone apps and a couple more in the works, Andreas has been able to refine his development and launch process of iPhone apps to ensure a much higher likelihood of success.

He now also shares all of his in-depth iPhone app strategies on his site: iPhone App Rock Star

Here are some of the points that we discussed in the interview:

  • London Cyclist
  • Bike Doctor iPhone app
  • Punch Tab
  • Using competitions to increase visibility of an iPhone app launch
  • Launch Rock
  • Discussion of the Pre-launch process
  • iPhone app review sites: Good or Bad?
  • The difficult part of an iPhone app business
  • Designer vs. Programmer
  • How secretive should you be about your new iPhone app ideas?
  • How to cross promote your apps
  • Are all the good ideas taken?
  • What’s the best day to launch an iPhone app?
  • How to price your app
  • iPhoneAppRockStar – Learn how to develop and launch a successful iPhone app.
  • Andreas’ plans for a physical product and other iPhone app plans

Overall, the suggestions and strategies here are exceptional!  Even if you are not ever going to launch an iPhone app, the business tips are excellent.  And certainly if you have an iPhone app or ever plan to create one, these tips will definitely improve your business.

I would love to hear your comments or questions below!

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21 Comments for this entry

  1. Luke Clark says:

    Wow it really seems like a lot of internet marketers are very interested in iphone apps. I love that this podcast was about authority sites and iphone apps. Awesome!!

    • Andreas says:

      Thanks Luke! Pleased this was thoroughly enjoyed. Internet marketers are well positioned and skilled to take on iPhone apps so I’d really recommend it!

  2. Hey Spencer,

    Your timing with these podcasts is excellent. I’ve got my first app’s storyline defined (its a first person shooter game) and have a bunch of screens sketched out. Now I’m on the hunt for a developer, so if you have any resources for that, please let me know.


    • Spencer Haws says:

      Hey Trent – sounds like an interesting project. I hired my developer on Elance.com and I’m fairly certain that is where Benny, Pat, and Andreas all hired their app developers as well. In this podcast, Andreas and I cover some details about hiring a freelance worker – essentially doing lots of pre-hiring type questions and looking at past work.

      Good luck with your app!

      • Andreas says:

        Trent, I second Spencer on his advice. Just make sure you look for people that have very high feedback and that you invite lots of talented programmers to bid for your project. Also, take the time to make the listing as in depth as possible and look for people who ask follow on questions based on what you’ve written as it means they’ve taken the time to read the brief. Don’t be afraid to jump on to Skype with them and have a chat. As I believe I mention I’ve had most success with Eastern European developers and I’ve just hired a Greek developer today who I’m looking forward to working with.

  3. Adam says:

    I also just got a app idea put together and now starting to screen potential developers. I was able to get a family member to do a lot of the rough screens and now I just need somebody a little more knowledgeable to come in and make it look professional.


    • Andreas says:

      Adam – that’s really great and I thoroughly recommend hiring a developer and a designer separately. The two are very different sets of skills and its rare to find someone who can do both.

  4. Hey Spencer,

    GREAT interview! Andreas made some very good points in here.

    Especially for hiring from Elance, I agree that it’s definitely something you don’t want to rush through. Take the time to ask questions to developers to see how much they know AND how responsive they are. If they don’t get back to me within 1 business day I automatically decline their proposal – it’s tough but fair IMO. Also, I look to see how passionate a developer is about the idea – if he/she is making suggestions and adding his/her opinion to the app it is a GREAT sign!

    Can’t wait to put some of his pre-launch strategy to use for my upcoming app while I’m waiting for Apple to approve it :)


  5. nice interview Spencer.

    it’s amazing to observe the types of niches people are making some solid profits with. I didn’t see this one coming at all.

    I like the resources mentioned as I had never heard of many of them. will certainly look into those as I begin to promote my first app.

    completely agree with the importance of pre launch promotion, but of course this option is likely more effective for those with an existing audience beyond just family and friends.

  6. Jason says:

    Great tips as my app was just approved this morning.

    Promo codes? Can I give them out to my friends to download the app and give a review or can only paying customers can leave a review/rating?

  7. Brian Kwong says:

    Great interview and you asked great questions. Thank you Spencer!


  8. GeradT says:

    Hi Spencer,

    Thanks for documenting your App Building adventure. Very cool. I have one quick question for you. Hopefully you didnt cover it already in the podcast (I can’t listen to it at work – they block it).

    I wanted to know if you had your developer sign any documentation to make sure your app is protected. What if the developer takes your code and creates a copy of the app or takes the code and tweaks it slightly to create their own. Is this a valid worry? Would an NDA and Contract resolve this? if so did you use either?


    • Andreas says:

      In the iPhone App Rockstar course we include a sample NDA and contract. These things are not too difficult to put together though yourself and having some document is better than nothing. Through eLance and oDesk you are offered some additional protection rather than if you found the developer independently. However, I wouldn’t worry too much about the developer making a copy of your app and selling it themselves as even if they’ve got the code they don’t have the marketing know how – plus your app will already be established as the “go-to” app.

  9. Dan O'Keefe says:


    Do you have transcripts for your podcasts?


  10. Tim Morales says:

    I have no clue on where to start or who to talk too…! I’m just a guy with a great idea on a new app.

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