ODYS Global Review: How Good Is Their Aged Domain Service?

By Shane Dayton |

A few months ago was the first time that I had heard of ODYS.Global.  Now that it's been a few months and I have access to the platform, I wanted to do a full ODYS Global review.

First of all, what in the world does ODYS stand for?!  Well, after some quick searching I found out that ODYS stands for “Our Domains, Your SEO”.

Knowing that pretty much explains what is all about in a nutshell.

The core service of ODYS global is that they find, vet, and list for you to purchase high quality aged domains that you can then buy and build a site on.

This ODYS Global review is all about seeing if the strategy of building off an aged domain name can give you some of the juice and authority to more easily rank in Google and other search engines.

If you have built even a single website you know the struggle to get organic traffic. Especially in the beginning.

Keyword research matters, writing great content matters and minding all the up to date SEO news matters.

That doesn't make it any less of a struggle.

Even doing these things right still usually means a 9-12 month wait to see if anything of what you're doing is actually working well or not.  This was the case for the Niche Site Project 4 site,

That's a really long wait.

Getting the right aged domain can potentially be a big boost. If you have a domain that already has tons of high quality links pointing to the site, you can potentially skip a ton of link building leg work and get your content ranking faster.

Is ODYS Global really a service that can provide aged domains with SEO power?  Let's jump into it.


NichePursuits Rating

Kickstart your online business with an aged niche domain from ODYS. Invest in sites that grow in value, with built-in SEO to help you get seen.

  • High authority: Gain a head start over the competition and save years of building authority.
  • Analyses you can trust: Receive a comprehensive authority analysis.
  • DFY affiliate sites: Add a done for you affiliate site package to help you grow and get seen.

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Get Your Aged Domain

  • Ease of Navigation - 95
  • Effectiveness - 98
  • Customer Service - 100
  • Price - 85


While the price point can keep out marketers who don't have the funds for premium services, that's about the only possible knock we could find for ODYS Global 


  • Great array of premium expired domains available
  • Many “just auctioned” or on auction domain names
  • Strong willingness to search for the right domain for your needs
  • Strong understanding of niches & affiliate marketing
  • Amazing customer service


  • Premium pricing means high starting price points
  • Limited services appropriate for beginners or novices

What Is ODYS Global?

Check out my full review video here: is a premium service that deals in matching your future online business with the perfect pre-built affiliate site or aged quality domain to hopefully give you a leg up on the competition.

They offer several options and services for connecting you with a domain name that still has some juice.

Why does this matter? Because the right domain name can drastically cut back on the amount of link building needed to get started.

Domains that existed as actual websites in the past often still have hundreds or even thousands of backlinks pointing to them.

If those are still seen as active, that can be an advantage whether you're building a business website, diving into affiliate marketing, or even selling your own product or service like coaching or an ebook.

There are several services offered, with more promised in the future, but right now you can generally break it down to three specific services:

You probably see the obvious pattern at this point.


NichePursuits Rating

Kickstart your online business with an aged niche domain from ODYS. Invest in sites that grow in value, with built-in SEO to help you get seen.

  • High authority: Gain a head start over the competition and save years of building authority.
  • Analyses you can trust: Receive a comprehensive authority analysis.
  • DFY affiliate sites: Add a done for you affiliate site package to help you grow and get seen.

Get your exclusive, limited ODYS GLOBAL invitation offered on behalf of Niche Pursuits!

Get Your Aged Domain

ODYS Global Services Reviewed

While we'll get to auctioned domains, well-structured affiliate sites, and future plans, their big focus is all about the expired domains.

This is their bread and butter and so I wanted to show a couple of examples. 

Providing Quality Aged Domain Names

This is the lion's share of the company's focus. There is a lot of potential when the right aged domains expire and become available.

ODYS Global seems focused on positioning itself as the #1 choice in the field.

Right off the bat the organization is great. They don't just drop you into an ocean of expired domain names and let you swim it out.

If you have a keyword or a niche topic in mind, you can do a quick search for those specific topics or areas.

As you can see from the above screenshot, the domains are clearly displayed along with the price.  Let's look at a couple examples:

Example 1: Content Marketing Niche

Let's imaging I want to replicate the type of content that is published on (please don't do that by the way).  The content marketing, SEO, and online business space is extremely competitive, so links can be very important to rank content.

I did a quick search for “content marketing” and it turns out that ODYS has a few domains available in the niche:

They had several aged domains in this niche, but caught my eye, so I clicked to see more details.  Here's what ODYS provides for that domain:

This site has links from,,,, and many others.  Wow!

Here's how ODYS values the domain:

odys global

Overall, its an interesting domain with some solid links.

Example 2: Gardening Niche

Let's say I wanted to build a site similar to (again, don't do that)…but I wanted to start with an aged domain.  I did a quick search on ODYS for “gardening” and here is what I found:

gardening domains

They had 26 domains that matched the “gardening” query.  

I liked the sound of, so here's the details:

After doing some quick research, used to be a natural food market with a physical location.  So, I do think the domain could be pivoted slightly to reviewing gardening and natural foods.

The domain profile looks clean on Ahrefs as well:

With any domain, there is no guarantee that you are going to see success.  But from my quick searches, the domains do appear to have clean link profiles and look like solid aged domains.  

With over 1000 available domains, you will obviously need to do your own due diligence on each on before making a decision.

First Hand Success Story: Azedine Djedid

Ever wonder if those customer testimonials on a site are real or just paid models with made up copywriting underneath? Honestly, with online marketing it can often be either/or.

Fortunately, a little bit of reaching out allowed us to get in touch with Azedine Djedid, who has plenty of first-hand experience buying from ODYS Global and can give us an in-depth first person account of whether or not their services can help you make more money with your online endeavors.

You can listen to Azedine's entire story by clicking the play button above.

To put it simply: Azedine had a very successful experience with ODYS Global

Take a look at this screenshot to start:

amazon sales chart from new site

Not bad, right?

Paying attention to the auction domains that ODYS Global scours the Internet for, Azedine bought an aged domain name and then aggressively set up good content on that site.

What Is An Auction Domain?

An expired domain is one where the website is gone and the domain has been dormant for some amount of time. This could be relatively recent. But it also could have been sitting there much longer. This can affect the SEO benefits of past links. An expired domain coming off of auction was live right up until recently. Meaning you are as certain as you can be that the “link juice” is still there.

And by aggressive, Azedine meant 100 articles the first two weeks, followed by 5-10 a week after that.

Remember: even a great aged domain is not a magic wand. You still need to work and fill out the site with quality content to take advantage of that great URL name!

After just that single first month the views were up to 2,000 views a day. The first month. Since then, that number has grown even further, as this screenshot shows.

ODYS Global review users per month chart

That number is likely to only continue growing over time as the content itself ages and the website continues to grow.

But for a single first month, 2,000 views/day traffic for an affiliate site is insanely good. The trend that follows is even better.

This definitely counters any SEO expert claiming the old domain strategy is dead (News flash: it's clearly not).

But Wait, There's More to This First Hand ODYS Global Review…

These results are pretty amazing, but there's an important detail in Azedine's review that we haven't mentioned yet. He bought expired domains from two other services and did the same thing.

What does “the same thing” mean?

In this case:

Everything else was kept the same to see which company's domain would prove superior to the others.

In this case the ODYS Global domain won, hands down. It wasn't even close.

Not satisfied with one test (as ambitious as it was), he repeated this process two more times. Different topics, different content, but the same results.

On three separate tests comparing ODYS Global to other providers and each and every time the same thing happened. The expired domain purchased from ODYS Global out-performed the competition.

Amazon earnings chart

They are now the only service that Azedine uses when preparing to start a new website. 

You can hear his full story on the Niche Pursuits podcast (click play above) for all the additional details.

The Other ODYS Global Services

There's no denying that the marketplace for expired domain names and the paid services for actually searching, finding, and acquiring the right aged domain name for your specific niche are the bread and butter of what ODYS Global has to offer.

That's the main feature of their services.

But this wouldn't be a full review if we didn't take a look at what else they offered. Or might be planning to offer in the near future.

Building Affiliate Sites on an Expired Domain for You

This is a related service that ODYS Global also offers. The domain is still going to be an old expired one that they've done the research on.

They also then build out the actual affiliate site to give the starting foundation you can then work off of. Keep in mind this is not a writing service.

They're not going to write a steady stream of articles to fill out your blog's needs. This is the foundation. Site structure, pages, sitemap, hosting, that sort of thing.

The setup will be there and then it will be up to you to add new articles and build out the site.

But with this option you have a decent starting point. You also don't have to worry about the technical side of setup. For marketers who are much better at creating blog posts or doing the SEO legwork once a site is up will appreciate the leg up of this service.

Ready Made Sites for Sale?

This is a service that currently is in “Coming Soon” mode. There's definitely room for a service that actually does this right, and we'll be keeping an eye on it on the future for sure.

While plans seem to be in the works for this, right now unfortunately it isn't available.

Why Aged Domains Are “Better” Than Premium Domains

The right name matters a lot for a website. Premium domains are way more expensive than your regular URL, but they are usually brandable, simple, or the type of name that probably gets random organic traffic from people typing it in to see if there's a site (think “”).

There are good reasons to consider a premium domain name for the right business or new website.

But a premium domain name doesn't have a built-in SEO benefit. It might be very brandable, but that by itself doesn't boost you in Google's rankings.

On the other hand, the right expired domains can sometimes (not always) offer an immediate SEO boost.

They have age, they have a history with good backlinks, and they can potentially provide a major boost to a new site in the right situation.

You still need to do your homework or hire a service like ODYS Global to do the legwork for you, to make sure you're getting a treasure and not some shined up trash.

When you buy a premium domain, you're spending serious money to get a name that has no background or history to it. Or history so old that it no longer passes benefit because too much time has gone by.

Why ODYS Global Vs. DIY Domain Name Buying

Anyone who has attempted to navigate the waters when it comes to expired domains understands right away why you would look for experts who could do the legwork in your stead.

There's a lot of research to do, and you really need to dig in to make sure you're not getting ripped off.

Paying a large amount of money for a domain name that has been all but permanently slapped by Google for past black hat backlink practices is not any fun.

The point of paying for a good used domain name is to help boost your efforts. Not make things even harder than starting from scratch.

ODYS Global Buying Option

They have an entire team that does the in-depth research. Because they have the resources of a company they almost certainly already have good aged domains in your niche.

If not, they can set an entire experienced team to find one. A team that knows ALL the red flags and potential warning signs that you can only learn from years of experience.

Going with ODYS Global means you know you're hopefully getting really good domains that still have SEO juice despite being expired without having to put in teh time yourself. These are also domains that you're not going to have access to while looking for options out in the market.

Great Selection of Quality Expired Domain Names

One of the major things that ODYS Global brings to the table is the number of really good expired domain names they already own. You can't provide really good domain names for multiple niches if you're not constantly scouring the webs for great potential domains that are on the way out.

At the time of this writing, there are 1,043 domain in the ODYS global marketplace.

Having that large selection on hand makes a huge difference.

You can casually scour a marketplace of already available domain names. If nothing there suits you, you can have them scour auction domain options on your behalf.

Customer Service

One thing that comes up over and over when looking at reviews or talking to customers is just how good the customer service is from ODYS Global. This is also something that Azedine brought up in his interview.

He specifically mentioned the quality of the customer service in the podcast.

So What's the Verdict on This ODYS Global Review?

The verdict of this ODYS Global review is that it's an interesting service worth looking at. The first-hand success stories are encouraging. The in-depth testing done by Azedine shows that they do a great job of finding the right expired domain names.

You can browse domains available on 

When you start out with a great array of links to your domain, then not only do you need fewer link building efforts to get going, but it also allows you to focus on those that really move the needle.

There is no guarantee that every domain on ODYS is going to be super powerful and shoot your site to the moon, so please do your own due diligence on each domain before purchasing.

If you're in a position to look at purchasing a premium aged domain, ODYS Global is definitely worth checking out.


By Shane Dayton

Shane has been a full-time writer since 2005. Shane has a degree in English & Creative Writing from Coe College (2002) and an MFA in Creative Writing (Fiction Emphasis) from the University of Alaska Fairbanks (2007).

Shane spent years using his online writing skills to earn a living online and live the life of a digital nomad. After learning about affiliate marketing and SEO he has since created several niche sites to further increase his business income.

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