Link Whisper is Growing, Maturing, and is On Sale This Week Only!

By Spencer Haws |

In July of 2019, I launched Link Whisper, my internal linking tool.

I created the WordPress plugin to “scratch my own itch”.  I hated the manual process of building internal links and knew I leaving my internal linking tasks undone become is was a slow process.

After working with developers for over a year, and then finally sharing what you've created is a nerve-wracking endeavor.  However, now that it's been 10 months since I launched the initial version of Link Whisper, I can say confidently that people like what I've created!

And since the initial version, the functionality, features, and overall usability of Link Whisper have improved dramatically.

As a way to celebrate some of the major new features and a new plugin interface, I'm offering Link Whisper for $25 off for this week only.

If you've been on the fence about whether or not to try out Link Whisper, now is a great time to pick up a copy at a big discount.  Check out Link Whisper and the discount right here.

See the Special Offer for Link Whisper Here!

What's New?

When I first released Link Whisper, it was a good tool.  But we've made SO many development changes since it was first released, that it almost seems like a completely different software tool. 

Since v0.0.1, we've added over 500 updates, bug fixes, or new features!

Link Whisper truly is maturing as a software tool.

Here's just a few of the core features, many of which were added in the last couple of months.

The initial idea was to have a smart enough software tool that would suggest links for you as you write content in WordPress.  That is accomplished!

However, as you can see, it's much more polished and works much better than some of our early beta versions.  You now have much more control over the types of links that are suggested and can even tell the tool to never suggest certain posts or even entire categories.

And if you want to edit a sentence on the fly or create a custom link (internal or external), you can now do that!

Next is perhaps my favorite feature, the ability to quickly add new internal links to old posts.  Just select the post you want to add new internal links to and Link Whisper scans your entire site to find relevant links and selects the anchor text for you!

Again, you can easily edit the anchor text or sentence without having to go into each individual post (huge time saver).

We've recently added tons of better search functionality.  So, you can quickly search for any keyword phrase and Link Whisper will find and queue it up for you to build links.  Just check the box if you like the suggestion (or easily tweak the sentence or anchor text to your liking).

You can filter your searches by keywords, categories, and more.

In the last few weeks, we just added the ability to add auto-links to your site!  Want to add a link on your site to a certain page every time you mention “blue widget”?  Now it only takes a few seconds to do that in Link Whisper.

This will also add a link anytime there is a mention in the future as well for your chosen keyword.  You can add as many auto-linked keywords as you want.  You can also limit it to just one mention per page (where the keyword is mentioned).

Another relatively new addition is the complete dashboard and links reporting!

I personally think the dashboard looks great.  But even better is the complete control it gives you over your site with all the data it provides.

You can quickly see how many orphaned posts you have (and build internal links to them).  You can quickly see any broken links or 404 errors on your site.

The broken links was a huge addition that was no small task. Now you can quickly identify these broken links, edit them, or just delete them completely…all within Link Whisper.  (In other words, a huge time saver over going into each individual post one at a time to fix).

In the last few weeks, we also added a way to bulk change URLs on your site.  This can come in handy if one of your URLs has changed and you don't want to manually go in and change each time the link is mentioned on your site.

This is not a 301 redirect.  The URL changer will actually go into your site and find and replace the old URL to a new URL of your choice.

I've already found this to be quite handy in a couple of situations where one of my affiliate links stopped working and I needed to replace it in about 50 locations on my site to a new affiliate link. 

With Link Whisper, it was a 10-second job.

Why a Special Discount?

Over the past 10 months, Link Whisper truly has grown as a business and matured as a polished software tool.

As a way to celebrate all the recent changes that I just mentioned, I've decided to “re-launch” to the world and offer a special discount for this week only.

You can grab a copy of Link Whisper for $25 off right here.

Remember, this discount is only good from May 25th to June 1st.

See the Special Offer for Link Whisper Here!

Thanks so much for following along and letting me share the latest news with my software business.

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