30 Crypto & Bitcoin Affiliate Programs To Help You Earn More

By Devin Hargrove |

While crypto can be a bit of a roller coaster at times, many experts agree that the technology is in its infancy. If you don't feel like investing, you can still cash in through bitcoin affiliate programs and other crypto affiliate programs to help your readers find trusted crypto services.

Most Lucrative Bitcoin Affiliate Programs

There are dozens of bitcoin affiliate programs and other crypto affiliate programs. However, some are more reliable than others.

Because you will be recommending financial products, it's essential you only recommend trusted companies. So, we've narrowed down the top affiliate programs with solid reputations and good reviews.

1. AvaTrade

Picture of the AvaTrade logo which is one of the best bitcoin affiliate programs.

AvaTrade is a registered broker headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. The trading platform allows you to buy and sell bitcoin using a secure crypto exchange.

While Bitcoin is the primary cryptocurrency on the platform, you can also trade other top coins such as Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, etc.

Aside from crypto, the trading platform offers other services such as Forex trading, commodities, indices, stocks, etc.

Affiliate Program Commission: Varies

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2. Coin Ledger

Picture of the Coin Ledger logo.

Coin Ledger is a Cryptocurrency and NFT tax software to help investors better prepare for tax season. The software offers portfolio tracking, integrations with Turbo Tax, and international support.

While this isn't Bitcoin-specific, it does offer a bit of variety and is essential for all traders to avoid getting hit with a major tax bill. As far as bitcoin affiliate programs, it's also one of the more generous, with a 25% recurring commission for life.

Affiliate Program Commission: 25% Lifetime Recurring Commission

Sign Up For the Coin Ledger Affiliate Program

3. Wirex

Picture of the Wirex logo.

Wirex is another Bitcoin affiliate program that differs from the traditional trading platform websites. This is a crypto and multi-currency account with an attached Visa card that lets users spend on everyday purchases.

While many businesses offer Bitcoin as one of the various payment methods, the industry is still new. So, having a way to pay for things using crypto can be a great option. You can offer users this as an option to help them better utilize crypto.

Affiliate Program Commission: Up to 10%

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4. BitPanda

Picture of the BitPanda logo.

BitPanda is an investment platform that lets users buy and sell Bitcoin and many other crypto coins along with stocks, ETFs, precious metals, and crypto indices. The platform is highly secure and regulated, so you can feel confident recommending it to your users.

The BitPanda affiliate program offers up to 20% commission depending on the net revenue your referrals generate each month. One other plus is the 30-day cookie duration for all referrals.

Affiliate Program Commission: Up to 20%

Sign Up for the BitPanda Affiliate Program

5. Xcoins

Picture of the Xcoins logo.

Xcoins is a crypto trading platform that allows users to buy and sell Bitcoin and many other popular coins, including Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, etc. The platform is highly rated and comes with 24/7 support and many other benefits for your users.

The commission for the affiliate program is $10 plus a 25% lifetime net revenue share. The program also offers a 90-day cookie and last-click attribution to benefit affiliates.

Affiliate Program Commission: $10 per referral + 25% lifetime net revenue share

Sign Up For the Xcoins Affiliate Program

6. Liquid

Picture of the Liquid crypto logo.

Liquid allows users to quickly buy Bitcoin and other coins with low trading fees and a secure platform. Along with Bitcoin, users can purchase Ethereum, Algorand, Dogecoin, and more.

The commission for the Liquid referral program is 30% for all fees generated from your referrals, while each referral gets a 10% discount.

Affiliate Program Commission: 30% for all fees generated

Sign Up For the Liquid Affiliate Program

7. Coinhouse

Picture of the Coinhouse logo.

Coinhouse is a mobile app that makes it simple to trade bitcoin and other cryptos on the go. The platform offers over 30 crypto assets selected by expert analysts for relative stability and long-term promise.

The Coinhouse affiliate program is an excellent option if you're looking for a higher payout. For every user that signs up for a Coinhouse “classic” account, you get a 35% commission on transaction fees during the first year.

One other perk is the 50 euro fixed commission for all “premium” accounts you refer.

Affiliate Program Commission: 35% on first-year transactions for classic customers and 50 euro fixed commission on premium customers

Sign Up For the Coinhouse Affiliate Program

8. Cex IO

Picture of the Cex IO logo.

Cex IO is another of the many crypto exchanges that allows users to trade Bitcoin and other crypto coins. Along with Bitcoin, users can trade dozens of top coins, including Ethereum, Dash Coin, Lite Coin, and more.

The Cex IO Bitcoin affiliate program provides 30% commissions on all qualifying trades and purchases. You can also benefit from the generous 30-day cookie and professionally made marketing materials.

Affiliate Program Commission: 30%

Sign Up For the Cex IO Affiliate Program

9. HaaSOnline

Picture of the HaasOnline logo.

HaaSOnline is a crypto trading bot that can help experienced users better trade Bitcoin and other major cryptos. The bot is marketed as one of the world's most advanced automated crypto trading bots, which means this is better marketed to experienced crypto traders.

The HaaSOnline affiliate program can be an excellent option to diversify away from crypto exchange platforms. One thing to note is the commission starts at 10% and can go as high as 25% based on performance.

Affiliate Program Commission: 10% – 25% based on performance

Sign Up For the HaaSOnline Affiliate Program

10. Paxful

Picture of the Paxful logo.

Paxful is a platform that allows users to buy, sell, and trade Bitcoin and other cryptos. Users can benefit from over 350 different payment methods and a highly secure platform. Aside from Bitcoin, you can purchase Ethereum and Tether through the platform.

The Paxful affiliate program is one of the best bitcoin affiliate programs, as you get paid not only for your referrals but also for people invited by your referrals. You can also cash out your earnings any time as long as you have at least ten dollars in your account.

Affiliate Program Commission: 50% commission for all fees of people you refer + 10% of all fees for people they refer

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11. Bitcoin IRA

Picture of the Bitcoin IRA logo.

Bitcoin IRA allows users to invest in crypto using their IRA. The obvious benefit here is that it can help to minimize taxes on users' capital gains. However, the major downside is the potential loss of funds from an IRA due to volatility in the crypto markets.

As an affiliate for Bitcoin IRA, you will be provided with various marketing tools such as landing pages and deep links. You can also benefit from a 30-day cookie duration and uncapped earning potential.

Affiliate Program Commissions: Up to $75 per sale

Sign Up For the Bitcoin IRA Affiliate Program

12. Changelly

Picture of the Changelly logo.

Changelly is a crypto exchange that allows traders to exchange Bitcoin and hundreds of other altcoins on a reliable platform. The platform provides trading tools to make it easy for even beginners to trade crypto.

The Changelly affiliate program offers site owners a revenue share of up to 50%, making it one of the best cryptocurrency affiliate programs. You can also benefit from a sophisticated affiliate dashboard that makes it easy to track everything.

Affiliate Program Commission: Up to 50%

Sign Up For the Changelly Affiliate Program

13. BitStamp

Picture of the BitStamp logo.

BitStamp is a secure crypto exchange that makes it easy to trade fiat currency for Bitcoin and other crypto asset types. The platform offers users a straightforward interface and is regarded as one of the top cryptocurrency market options for beginner and experienced traders alike.

The BitStamp referral program is a bit different than many of the other referral programs on this list. It is only available if you've signed up for the platform and had an active account for over 30 days. For each referral, you will receive $20 when they make a trade of over $100.

Affiliate Program Commission: $20 for each trade over $100 (capped at $100 earnings per year)

Sign Up For the BitStamp Referral Program

14. Bybit

Picture of the Bybit logo.

Bybit is an online marketplace for buying Bitcoin and other crypto altcoins. The marketplace offers express trading and serves as a peer-to-peer marketplace where they have zero-fee trading. Along with bitcoin, users can trade over a hundred altcoins on the platform.

The Bybit affiliate program offers a generous 30% affiliate commission and a 10% sub-affiliate commission as an added benefit. According to their affiliates page, the average conversion rate is 60%.

Affiliate Program Commission: 30% + 10% for sub-affiliates

Sign Up For the Bybit Affiliate Program

15. Local Bitcoins

Picture of the local bitcoins marektplace.

The final of our top Bitcoin affiliate programs is Local Bitcoin. This is a peer-to-peer marketplace setup to make trading Bitcoin easier. One benefit of the platform is each user's trading fee is low, making it cheaper to trade. The platform makes money when a user advertises or for Bitcoin transactions.

The Local Bitcoins affiliate program offers you a generous commission. However, the program is a bit confusing. To earn, you must refer two users, a buyer and a seller, who will need to make a trade valued at 100BTC or more. The commission is 20% of the trading fees.

Affiliate Program Commission: 20% of trading fees

Sign Up For the Local Bitcoins Affiliate Program

Other Top Crypto Affiliate Programs

While Bitcoin was the first crypto available, it's by no means the only option. Hundreds of altcoins are available, with some, such as Ethereum, highly regarded among traders.

Therefore, here are some of the best crypto affiliate programs that aren't just bitcoin to help you earn more from your content.

16. Coinbase

Picture of the Coinbase logo.

Coinbase is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States and, thereby, one of the largest in the world. They offer a wide range of cryptocurrencies and, as of 2022, NFTs on their open marketplace.

The company has put a lot into marketing efforts which means they have better brand recognition than many crypto platforms. For this reason, they are one of the better cryptocurrency affiliate programs.

Affiliate Program Commission: 50% of fees from trading services for the first three months

Sign Up For the Coinbase Affiliate Program

17. 3Commas

Picture of the 3Commas logo.

3Commas is a crypto trading bot that can help users grow their portfolios through automated trading on over eighteen platforms. This isn't the best option for brand new traders and is likely something better recommended to experienced users who understand how to set everything up.

The 3Commas referral program is quite generous compared to some of the other crypto trading tools on this list. You get up to 40% of uncapped commissions with a lifetime payout frequency through the crypto affiliate program.

Affiliate Program Commission: 40% uncapped paid over the lifetime of the referral

Sign Up For the 3Commas Affiliate Program

18. Trezor

Picture of the Trezor Crypto Wallet logo.

Trezor is a bit different than the other entries on this list. Instead of software, Trezor is a hardware wallet that allows users to store their crypto offline securely. This adds an extra layer of security and ensures that crypto can't be lost through hackers, a platform going bust, or other reasons.

The Trezor affiliate program is one of the best crypto affiliate programs for diversifying your offerings. You can benefit from a 12% – 15% commission on each sale with monthly payouts via wire transfer or Bitcoin.

Affiliate Program Commission: 12% – 15% per sale

Sign Up For the Trezor Affiliate Program

19. Bitfinex

Picture of the Bitfinex logo.

Bitfinex is another major cryptocurrency exchange offering coins from the top crypto networks such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardone, etc. Users can trade fiat currency for crypto assets on a highly secure platform.

The Bitfinex affiliate program is also one of the better cryptocurrency affiliate programs around, with the potential to earn up to 55% of fees. You can also benefit from commission multipliers and multiple levels of earning.

Affiliate Program Commission: Varies based on commission level and multipliers

Sign Up For the Bitfinex Affiliate Program

20. Binance

Picture of the Binance logo.

Binance is the largest crypto exchange globally in terms of the daily trading volume. The platform processes an average of over $40 billion in daily trading volume and offers a wide range of crypto tokens.

The Binance affiliate program offers a generous 50% commission on all qualifying trades your referrals make. As a bonus, there is a lifetime payout frequency bringing up the possibility of creating cash flow that is stable and long-term.

Affiliate Program Commission: 50% on qualifying purchases

Sign Up For the Binance Affiliate Program

21. Kucoin

Picture of the Kucoin logo.

Kucoin is a crypto exchange similar to many of the others listed here. It's a secure platform that allows users to trade Bitcoin and numerous altcoins. The interface also makes it easy to discover new coins and altcoins that are currently trending.

The Kucoin affiliate program makes it easy to get started and offers a relatively high commission. Affiliates can also benefit from earning 5% of the referral bonus for any of your referrals that also sign up to become affiliates.

Affiliate Program Commission: 40% for fees + 5% if any referrals also sign up to become affiliates

Sign Up For the Kucoin Affiliate Program

22. Kraken

Picture of the Kraken logo.

Kraken is one of the better-known crypto exchanges in the United States. The company is known for having an easy-to-use app with a wide selection of cryptocurrencies. There are also many guides to help new traders learn the ropes and get started.

The Kraken cryptocurrency affiliate program offers users a 20% commission rate across the lifetime of the referral. One thing to note is this commission is capped at $1,000, which is one drawback compared to other cryptocurrency affiliate programs.

Affiliate Program Commission: 20% capped at $1,000 over the lifetime of the referral

Sign Up For the Kraken Affiliate Program

23. CoinMama

Picture of the CoinMama logo.

CoinMama is one of the oldest crypto exchanges with a global presence in over 180 countries and an easy-to-use mobile app. Users can benefit from solid technical support, multiple payment methods, and fast-track verification to get started trading quickly.

The CoinMama crypto affiliate program is one of the best affiliate programs owing to the 30% commission across the lifetime of each customer. As a bonus, there are no limitations on earnings, so you can earn over the customer's entire lifetime and maximize your affiliate marketing efforts.

Affiliate Program Commission: 30% lifetime earnings

Sign Up for the CoinMama Affiliate Program

24. Ledger Wallet

Picture of the Ledger Wallet logo.

Ledger Wallet, like Trezor, is a hardware wallet that allows you to securely store your crypto without having to worry about online platforms suffering from hackers and data breaches. The wallet is simple to use and comes with a large screen, making it easy for traders to work with.

The Ledger Wallet affiliate program is one of the best crypto affiliate program options if you want to diversify away from just exchanges. You can earn a 10% commission on each sale plus other benefits such as a free ledger device, access to events, etc.

Affiliate Program Commission: 10% on all sales + other benefits

Sign Up For the Ledger Wallet Affiliate Program

25. Koinly IO

Picture of the Koinly IO affiliate program.

As with the hardware wallet affiliate programs, Koinly IO offers affiliate marketers something to diversify away from just exchange platforms. The software helps crypto traders generate tax reports through a simple and reliable interface.

Koinly IO affiliate partners can benefit from a 20% commission on all first-time buys and a 10% commission for all rebuys. A higher commission can be negotiated for more prominent affiliate marketers that can drive over 100 referrals.

Affiliate Program Commission: 20% for first time buys + 10% for rebuys

Sign Up For the Koinly IO Affiliate Program

26. eToro

Picture of the eToro logo.

Etoro is a social trading platform that makes it easy for users to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies through copy trading services. The company is marketed as providing the ultimate cryptocurrency trading experience.

One benefit of the platform is the eToro academy, which helps educate beginner traders and those looking to earn a passive income. Users can also deposit funds through various sources, including a PayPal account.

The eToro affiliate network, eToro Partners, offers a tiered payment system based on the number of referrals you drive.

Affiliate Program Commission: Varies

Sign Up For the eToro Affiliate Program

27. Coin Smart

Picture of the Coin Smart logo.

Coin Smart is a platform geared towards making crypto trading simple, even for beginners. The platform offers Bitcoin and Ethereum along with many other digital currencies. Users can benefit from the many trading tools along with lower transaction fees.

As one of the Coin Smart affiliate partners, you will get a unique affiliate link to use with your clients. The Coin Smart crypto affiliate program offers up to $50 for each referral you send.

Affiliate Program Commission: Up to $50 per sale

Sign Up For the Coin Smart Affiliate Program

28. Paybis

Picture of the Paybis logo.

Paybis is a crypto platform that allows users to exchange Bitcoins and other currencies. The platform makes it easy to purchase coins with a debit or credit card and is highly secure with solid reviews.

The Paybis affiliate program offers a generous 20% commission across the lifetime of the referral. There is no upper limit to your earning potential with the platform.

Commission Rate: 20% across the lifetime of the referral

Sign Up For the Paybis Affiliate Program

29. Stormgain

Picture of the Stormgain logo.

Stormgain is marketed as an all-in-one cryptocurrency platform with no commission fees. Users of the platform can buy, store, trade, and exchange top coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.

The Stormgain affiliate program offers a generous 35% revenue share from each trade a client makes. It's one of the easy-to-promote crypto affiliate programs owing to the many tools Stormgain gives affiliates.

Commission Rate: 35% of all revenue

Sign Up for the Stormgain Affiliate Program

30. CryptoHopper

Picture of the CryptoHopper affiliate program.

The final affiliate program is CryptoHopper. The company is a trading bot and is another of the best crypto affiliate program options to diversify your affiliate offerings. Experienced users can benefit from one of the best crypto affiliate program options in terms of bots.

As one of the partner program affiliates, you can earn an average $8.52 commission on orders. While this may not seem like much compared to other programs, it can help fill in the gaps with your other offers.

Commission Rate: Average $8.52 commission

Sign Up For the CryptoHopper Affiliate Program

How to Choose The Best Bitcoin Affiliate Programs and Crypto Affiliate Programs

Not all cryptocurrency affiliate programs are created equal. The critical thing to remember is you are recommending platforms to people that they will be investing money on.

For this reason, you need to be confident you can trust the platform and that you are transparent with your readers on everything.

Security Measures

You need to be sure about how secure a platform is before recommending it. You do not want to suggest that your readers use an exchange or wallet to have that platform get hacked and your readers lose money.

This can be a bit tricky. However, there are some things you can do to be more sure.

First, you need to look into the company's history and platform. Make sure there haven't been any previous data breaches or hacks.

Next, and this can be tricky if you aren't knowledgeable about the topic, you want to look into the platform's security. Ensure the company uses best practices to keep users' data and investments safe.

Payment Methods

Next, you want to ensure that any platform you recommend allows for multiple payment methods. This is especially important if you have readers that live globally.

Ideally, you want to find platforms that offer a range of payment methods, including PayPal, credit, debit, and other local options for users in different countries.

This will make things more convenient for your users, but it also increases the likelihood of increasing conversions.

Make sure to look on the website directly and make a test purchase of assets to ensure everything works properly.


Finally, any platform, software, or hardware you recommend must have solid technical support.

Remember that your readers or viewers are probably at different levels of experience regarding crypto trading. This is true even if you have a publication or channel focused on advanced traders, as many beginners will look around advanced forums.

You don't want to recommend beginner traders to platforms that don't offer solid customer and technical support. If your referrals have trouble using a platform they've invested money into, that will reflect poorly on you.

Again, you must test any platforms you're looking at setting up an affiliate relationship with. To find the best bitcoin affiliate program, you will need to test everything from the support to how easy it is to move money out.

How Much Money Can You Make With a Crypto Affiliate Program?

How much you will make from each of the crypto affiliate program options listed above will vary. While crypto affiliate networks are some of the best paying compared to other affiliate marketing programs, your mileage will vary.

As with all other affiliate marketing program types, you need to match your recommendations to your audience. This means considering the level of experience they have with the products and what they are looking for in the products they need.

You will also need to split test different programs until you determine which one converts best with your audience. Remember that this process can take quite awhile, and the more tests you run and data you collect, the more money you are likely to make in the end.

Which Crypto and Bitcoin Affiliate Programs Are The Best?

Honestly, there are too many solid choices on this list to narrow down to just one. Instead, it's best to choose from a range of the best Bitcoin affiliate programs and crypto affiliate program options that fit different needs.

For example, you don't want to have a bunch of exchanges while ignoring things like crypto hard wallets, tax preparation software, courses, etc. Each of these different crypto product types will have multiple suitable affiliate programs.

So, make sure you maximize your profit potential by choosing the best Bitcoin affiliate programs for your readers. Test each program and recommend only the best, and you can expect to see solid returns with the best crypto affiliate networks.

You may also be interested in how to mine Ethereum.

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