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Jason Donegan

Jason Donegan

A seasoned content writer with over 140 five star reviews on a well known content platform, Jason’s interest in all things SEO turned into a full on passion during the pandemic.

In a previous job, Jason was a radio producer on a leading breakfast show in Dublin and it was during this time he developed a “leave no stone unturned” attitude when doing research on any topic.

This is something he carries with him into his SEO optimized writing, giving 200% to every project. He now writes not only for Niche Pursuits, but another highly respected site in the industry.

When he’s not writing articles he tries to spend 30 - 60 minutes every day learning something new about the industry.

This can be anything from listening to an episode of Niche Pursuits, watching the Ahrefs YouTube channel, browsing ODYS domains, or reading an article on Backlinko.

As a content writer, he is keen to focus on the world of SEO and all things digital marketing - with both areas appealing to his hyper analytical way of thinking (and, if he’s being honest, his inner geek)

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