The Ultimate Link Building Guide for Niche Websites

By Spencer Haws |

The most common question I got by far on my income report on my 90 day old sites was how I do my link building for these sites.  Today I am going to reveal exactly how I linked to these sites for the first 90 days.  However, first I want to give you some of my thoughts on the importance of building links to your sites.

UPDATE: I am in the process of revising my linkbuilding strategy.  Blog Networks are not as reliable as they were before, so I advise you read this post before following this link building guide step by step.  I will write another link building post once I’ve developed a new strategy (something I do at least once a year anyway).  In particular, BMR has been de-indexed; which you can read about here.

As important as links are to your site for ranking in Google, they are NOT the most important factor in ranking or for building niche websites in general.   I know that not everyone will quite understand this, but the most important ranking consideration that Google gives to a site is whether the page has relevant content to the search query.  This is primarily determined by keywords mentioned on the page.  So, as I gave in my post about analyzing the top 10 results in Google, I proved that I could quickly rank #1 for the term “spencer likes honeycombs” without any links (which I did in a matter of minutes) because I was the most relevant result for that keyword.  This is despite the fact that some of the other results on Google have a high page rank and have lots of back links.

The point I am trying to make first here is that you CAN find keywords where the existing sites on Google are not targeting your keyword 100%.  So simply by finding these low competition keywords and providing relevant content on your site that is truly targeted, you can often rank well with very few links at all.  So in my humble opinion, keyword research is WAY MORE important than link building.  If you choose a difficult keyword you may never rank well in Google even though you spend years or point millions of links at your site. On the other hand, if you choose low competition keywords you can rank with very few links and sometimes none at all.  Obviously there are very few keywords that do not require some type of link building which is why I am doing this post, but I ask you to please consider deeply whether or not you have chosen keywords that are too difficult from the start.

So choose low competition keywords based on the criteria I show here, and this will make link building much easier for you because not as much will be needed.  My guess is that 99% (made up stat but you get the point) of niche sites fail because of poor keyword choice NOT poor link building.  Okay, I just had to make my point clear on where the hard part of niche websites really is.  However, once you get that low competition keyword you DO still need to build links, and below is a great method that is working for me.

What I Don’t Do When Building Links

Many of you have probably tried dozens of different ways to find links for your sites and there is a lot of information that can be confusing or overwhelming.  So, I am going to just discuss the methods I used on my niche sites that I build in August of this year to rank #1 in Google.  I could have done much more and there are other ways of building links that would work as well.  I am just going to share with you what I have done for these sites that are 90 days old.  So, just because I don’t mention some link building method doesn’t mean it wouldn’t work – it just means its not what I did.

First, let me just list in general a few types of things that I do not ever use to build links to my sites:

I also did not do any social bookmarking on the sites I built in August.  I think there is nothing wrong with social bookmarking, but I didn’t do any.  My advice would be to not overdue it if you build social bookmarks.  Hundreds of social bookmarks is too much in my opinion.

I also want to mention link wheels specifically a bit.  I know some people swear by them.  But I have personally never done link wheels and don’t plan on adding them.  Link wheels are very labor intensive and quite franking I do fine without them.  Are they bad?  No, they are probably fine and probably help you get more of your links indexed.  So, they can be effective I’m sure – but I have personally never had good enough reason to add them to my business.  Its an added expense of time and money that I don’t need.

The Links I Did Build

For my 90 day old sites, I used 2 services to build links to my site: and Unique Article Wizard.  As you can see from the graphic below, I didn’t need very many links to rank where I am (this goes back to my point about keyword research being more important).  This is the exact same chart that I posted on my previous article but I have added a column for Yahoo Links.  These are the number of links indexed by Yahoo Site Explorer (which YES! is still active):

As you can see, I’m not out throwing thousands of links at my sites.  The most links is 34 for site #16. The number of links will grow to probably 50 or so on some of the sites as more articles get distributed and indexed, but that’s about it.  I can also see that I missed doing proper link building for site #11 – that one fell through the cracks!  (It happens when you have a couple of hundred sites).  However, the process I am using for building links using and Unique Article Wizard is working very well for me because its automated once set up and I can outsource it to my virtual assistant.

Quick Overview

Here is a quick overview of my link building process.  Once the site is built, I wait a week or so before building any links.  At that point I take 3 private label rights (PLR) articles, sometimes spin them (more on this below), and submit them to  I then either the same day or a few days later (whenever my VA gets around to it) take 3 additional articles and submit them to Unique Article Wizard.  I set UAW to distribute these articles as slowly as possible, which is 20 submissions per day.  I then move onto the next site – that’s all I’ve done with the 20 sites listed above that were built in August of this year.

Once the site is ranking well after the first 90 days, I may or may not build any more links to the site in the future.  If the site is a top earner then I will build more links as I add additional content.  If the site is a loser and is not making any money, I will not continue building links.  The rest of the sites I kind of play by ear and add links or content depending on if I think I can feasibly move the site up with just a few more links.

What is MyArticleNetwork and Unique Article Wizard?

First I wanted to give a review of what exactly and Unique Article Wizard are.  MyArticleNetwork is a network thousands of blogs all owned by different people like you and me.  When I submit an article, I select categories that the article is related to.  Based on these categories the articles get presented to the individual blog owners who are looking for free content.  So, a few blog owners may approve the article right away and it gets published to their blogs with my links in the articles.  This will essentially drip feed the links as blog owners approve your articles over a month or more.

Unique Article Wizard is also a blog network but it also distributes to some article directories as well.  So, with unique article wizard, I will submit my articles and set the distribution rate at a maximum of 20 per day (I would do less if possible).  This will slowly distribute the articles as it also takes time for article directories to approve them and for Google to actually crawl and index the links as well.

I will just say that Unique Article Wizard has a terrible interface and has a learning curve on how to use it exactly.  My VA does all of this for me and I hate how difficult it is to use – but the results appear to be good.  (I am ranking #1 in Google for 4 of my sites above after all).

On the other hand MyArticleNetwork (MAN) has a very simple and easy to use interface – its like night and day between the two.

Where to Get Articles?

I do not have original articles written to be used on MAN or UAW; I use PLR articles.  There are lots of resources you can use to get PLR articles and I have used several.  Having original articles written is probably better, but from a cost/benefit analysis, PLR articles do the job.  I would never use the articles that were actually posted on my niche site as an article for distribution to get links.  The only way you might get away with doing this if it your re-write or spin the article.  I simply would not risk having other blogs or article directories outranking you for the keywords you niche site is targeting.

For this reason, I am fine getting links from articles that are only slightly related or not even related at all to my niche sites.  For example, my site #2 above is ranking #1 in Google and ALL the links are from unrelated articles.  Meaning if the niche site is about “cheap computers” (just an example), the links are coming from articles about something different, like “dog walking”.  Related links are better – but even unrelated links help.  This makes it much easier to submit PLR articles because I don’t have to spend time trying to find related articles to my niche.  You can hate my process if you want, but the you can see the results above!

Spinning articles

Spinning articles is not required all the time.  I do have my VA spin articles using The Best Spinner on occasion, but sometimes I will submit an unspun PLR article the way it is to get links.  I will always have my VA rewrite the titles of each article at least 3 times.   Remember the purpose of these articles is to simply have them published on other blogs and hope they get indexed by Google (and they do).  These indexed articles link back to my site and pass on a small amount of “link juice”.

Submitting original articles will have a higher index rate and will likely result in more links to your site.  However, it also costs more in both terms of time and money.  This could be a whole blog post and discussion about using PLR articles, duplicate content, unrelated links, etc – but it will have to be saved for the future.  The point is that Google DOES index duplicate content from PLR articles and still indexes the links pointing to your sites.  When this process stops working (and I’m always experimenting), I’ll move onto something else.

Anchor Text Variation

Anchor text variation is a very important topic.  We all know that using our chosen keywords within the anchor text can help boost our sites, but it can also give your site a penalty if you overuse the exact match anchor text.  I don’t know if there is a magic percentage.  But I would say that if you are using the exact match anchor text more than 50% of the time – its perhaps too much.  Here is a great video from explaining anchor text variation:

Lets say the keyword is “cheap laptops”.  MyArticleNetwork allows you to input 3 links to your site throughout the article.  I am submitting 3 articles to this service, so essentially I have 9 available links.  On the first article, I will make the first link an exact match anchor text for site #1.  The second link will go to site #2 using a non-keyword related anchor text (like “read more” or “click here”).  The 3rd link will go to site #3 also with a non-keyword related anchor text.


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Article number 2 and 3 will use a phrase match anchor text with the first link (such as “laptops that are cheap”).  The second and 3rd links will go to site #2 and #3 with non-keyword related anchor text.  I ask my VA to use different phrase matches each time if possible.

On Unique Article Wizard, the links work a bit differently.  You are able to just have an author resource box at the end of your article with 2 links in it.  However, you can also have multiple author boxes that essentially spin the anchor text or entire content that is used.  Essentially I make the first link on ONE of the articles an exact match anchor text and the other link goes to a different site.  The other 2 articles use a phrase match to my niche site on the first link and an unrelated anchor text link to a second site.

So, essentially out of the 6 articles that I submit per niche site gets the following breakdown:

However, I also gets unrelated keyword links from additional articles that I submit for other sites.  So really, I end up with several other links that help round out my anchor text variation.

In order to illustrate how I am building links using these networks, I made a quick video.  I demonstrate how I vary the anchor text on each article:

Getting Links Indexed

The reality is that this strategy is working for me MOSTLY because I do diligent keyword research to find those topics easy to rank for.   I could probably do a much better job about getting more links indexed then I do.  As you can see, even though my articles probably get distributed to a couple of hundred places (at least), I only end up with 20 or 30 indexed links.  This is because Google doesn’t often crawl all the new articles that get distributed to lower tier blogs or article directories.

If I wanted to have a higher indexing rate, I could consider essentially building links to my distributed articles.  There are services that allow you to input large volumes of URLs and they will either ping, submit social bookmarks, or create RSS feeds and submit to feed readers to help you get your links indexed.  I am not going to provide any reviews of these services because I am not using any.  However, if you feel like you want a higher indexing rate these can probably be very helpful.  If I was to do everything perfect, I would probably be doing a better job about getting all my links indexed.

Build My Rank Experiment

Update 3/20/2012: Build My Rank Has been deindexed and I can no longer recommend it to anyone.  My affiliate links have been removed.  Please read about their de-indexing right here.

I am actually in the process of testing out another blog network that I have heard lots of great feedback on.  That service is Build My Rank.  I just recently signed up for the service, but its too soon for me to say whether or not the results are good.  However, I have heard from lots of different people that the blog network has much higher quality blogs and the indexing of links is essentially 100%; often within 24 hours.

Overall, Build My Rank has high quality and aged domains that range from PR1 to PR6.  Once you submit your article, the Build My Rank service actually goes out and social bookmarks all of your links and create an RSS feed and distributes it to RSS aggregators.  This essentially guarantees that your links will be indexed on these higher value blogs.  To say the least, I am excited to test this out on some of my sites that need an extra boost to get on the first page of Google.

Build My Rankis currently offering 10 Free Links if you sign up for a trial right here.

Other Good Ways to Get Links

I’m sure there are many of you out there that use different strategies to acquire links, and that’s just fine!  My purpose here was to simply show you how I have been building links lately.  Some other great ways to build links is through traditional article marketing, social bookmarking, and using web 2.0 properties.   I could go into additional details, but Pat Flynn from has written an excellent post on using these types of properties and essentially building link wheels to promote sites.  If you haven’t read his post on his backlinking strategy, you really should. If you are targeting more difficult keywords you may want to consider the more in depth strategy that Pat has laid out.

I do just want to re-iterate that I have NEVER used link wheels and have been able to create a full-time income with niche sites; primarily because I have made keyword research my main focus.  So, while I don’t disagree with the potential power of link wheels – I have just never used them.

Many of the services I have mentioned above such as MyArticleNetwork, Unique Article Wizard, and Build My Rank cost a good chunk of money. If you don’t have the money, you don’t NEED all these tools.  You can still submit articles to top article directories like,, and others for free.  You can also submit articles to Web 2.0 sites for free and create social bookmarks for free.  So, while all of this is very time consuming if you do it on your own – it is doable for free.

The Best Way to Get Links – Naturally

I am well aware that the absolute best way to get links to your sites is to allow other sites to do so naturally.  Providing extremely high value content (such as I try to do here) will make others want to link to your site without you even asking them to.  These are truly the links that Google loves. This is the way that a large site should be run.

However, the fact is that the strategy I have taken is fairly straight forward.  I do keyword research on lots of topics, build small sites on 20 or so at a time, and then weed out the true winners from the losers.  For example, my top 4 or 5 sites listed above are my winners from the month of August and I will be focusing on adding content and building those into more significant properties or selling them to someone else to allow them to grow them.  But I will also be building new small sites each month in hopes of finding even more winners.  The point is that I am just helping the link building process at the beginning; ideally, I will be able to build up some of these top earning sites into something more significant with additional quality content that eventually will begin attracting those natural links.

If you want to start out from the get-go focusing on one large site -that’s just fine!  I think that’s an excellent business model.  In fact, I wrote about Good, Better, and Best Strategies for Success with Niche Websites.  The best method is building large authority sites with useful tools on those sites.  But the reality is that I have taken an approach that allows me to try out hundreds of different niches (making money along the way) until I am able to find a few that I can truly build into more significant sites.  The best part is that even the sites that are not big winners are usually still profitable!  So, until my sites are able to get links naturally on their own, I give them a little boost using the methods discussed above to help them get ranking early on.

Your Thoughts

Overall, I think I have laid out clearly how I have been building links to my sites for the past 90 days. 

Managing the short-tail and long-tail keywords while you’re doing link building campaign can be challenging at scale. Read this 2019 Link Building Strategy | How to Plan Your Backlinks | Outreachmama guide to keep your various keywords organized and learn how to get over your competition in fast time.

I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on the subject.  I’m well aware that some of you will love this strategy, while others will despise how I am building links.  Either way I would be interested in hearing what you have to say!



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Hey Spencer –

Thanks soo much for this linkbuilding strategy. I have been looking for a great one and this will definitely point me in the right direction.

I was just making a list of social networks to submit my new niche sites to but this strategy will help massively. Thanks for posting this.

Look forward to using these strategies starting today!


After reading through this article fully I think I’ll spend a lot less time on Social Networks and more time using MAN and UAW.

Spencer – where do you get your PLR articles from? I want to use some of my articles and was thinking of spinning them with The Best Spinner. That way I don’t use my unique content from my niche site. Would you recommend using The Best Spinner and then using those spun articles to submit to those two systems?

Also if you can only afford one system which one would you use? Do you get double bang for your buck if you use both?



Honestly I have used a few different places. I actually don’t remember the name of them all – but you can buy PLR packages (sometimes with hundreds or thousands of articles in a package) for quite cheap. I personally don’t spin any articles that I have originally posted on my site. I just like to keep my article on my site even if its spun.

I think UAW is probably the best bang for the buck; however, BMR is one I have high hopes for and will report my findings.


Thank you so much for this. This was the one area I was lacking the most in. A couple of questions.

1. Do you submit your site to Yahoo or do the links just appear?
2. How long does it typically take for links to start showing up in Yahoo Pages? I realize there is not a hard and fast time but on average.

I am definitely going to to give BMR a try.


1. No I don’t submit my site to Yahoo – the links just appear. I don’t submit my site to any search engines, but their crawlers will find them.
2. It probably takes a week or more before a link will show up on Yahoo site explorer.

PLR Article Writer

Wow, great article Spencer! I’m going to put it to use right away.

Just what I needed… Link building is not one of my strong areas, and I definitely can use a good link building plan.


Hi Spencer,

It was the last part of your strategy that you did not explain in depth. Now it s done and this post is a real good shit!

A huge thank you for all you did with this blog, from that post I consider your method complete.


Thanks Enis!


Awesome – thanks! You really did a great job putting this together. Can’t wait tonight for my late night work session to go through it in detail.


Wow – lots of great info here! Thanks for sharing it with us in as much depth as you did. Lots of good little nuggets in here 🙂

BMR is definitely a great tool. I can say that it helped give me that boost I needed to nab many of the page 1 rankings that I have today. Of course, that was in addition to other tactics I use as well (just like you have demonstrated here). I think you’ll be surprised what a few links from there can do.

Only thing I’ve noticed about BMR is that after 10 to 20 posts on a particular site or keyword, it seems like the ranking effect isn’t as powerful. The 1st few links on a site always give me a dramatic boost, but the ones that follow don’t make quite the same impact. Not sure why that is, but I know a few people who have the same issue.

In addition to MyArticleNetwork and UAW, have you thought about using Article Marketing Robot?



Thanks Bryan for the feedback on BMR! I’ve heard similar things from lots of people. I’ve thought of using Article Marketing Robot, but don’t feel like I need to add an extra step at this point.

steve wyman

If your launching a bunch of BMR’s quickly they may be falling off the frontpage around the same time so there boost effect is less.

The more your spread them out the more boost you’ll get. The issue is the monthly fee/number of domains so its a balance. if you can spread them out if not then dont forget to backlink to those articles anyway.



Do backlinks stay on MyArticleNetwork sites if you cancel a subscribtion after a couple of months?


Yes, the links are permanent and stay there whether or not you cancel.


I’ve heard that BMR links often disappear after a few months…could you keep us posted with whether you notice this in your BMR experiments?


I will indeed keep everyone posted.


Spencer – 2 quick questions:

1. When you buy domains do you pay for private registration? Just curious.

2. How long would you say it would take you to build a niche site – soup to nuts – if you were to do it all by yourself?

I find myself spending hours on end doing keyword research and still not feeling like I find an awesome keyword. I feel like I’m probably spending too much time.

Thanks in advance!


1. Sometimes, but not always.
2. Am I writing the articles myself to and doing the link building. If not, it only takes about an hour to get a site up. Of course this is after I’ve already found a keyword.


On #2 I wasn’t very clear, but I was looking for how long it would take you without a VA to do EVERYTHING. So including keyword research, site build out, backlinking, etc. The whole enchilada. If you had to estimate it – how long would you take?


I don’t know – something like
2 to 3 hours keyword research
5 hours to write articles
2 hours for site setup and configuration
5 hours for link building
So around 15 hours per site? This is a rough estimate and any one of these steps (particularly link building) could take much more.


Thanks Spencer, that is really useful. It is easy to get unproductive without a ball park time to aim for.

For those of us who don’t have VA’s yet we still need to do all the jobs.

I think too that you should be able to do the job and understand it before you go outsourcing it, but that is just me.

Did you start out with a VA when you were developing this system?

Appreciate the question Eric.


Thanks for such a realistic breakdown, Spencer. Its really frustrating seeing so many people plugging the idea that you can whip up a winning site in no time at all, especially with all the ‘magic bullets’ that are being promoted. I don’t feel so bad spending hours on my research and writing now!


Awesome post on backlinking Spencer.

I must say I totally agree with you on choosing the right keyword, that doesn’t require tons of backlinking and gimics for ranking.

All that fire power for a difficult term is probably what gets people deindexed, slapped, pandad etc. ( Just a theory, I’m sure other factors play a part. )

A friend and I actually refer to it as AIDSing up your site. lol

On a different note…

What has worked for me with BMR is actually drip feeding the posts, kinda like how you have it with UAW.

I get 30 posts done and then let them drip over 30 days.

Less agressive and less aidsing 🙂

Love the post and dedication to this blog. Always informative and helpful.


steve wyman

Good strategy. only issue is you lock up a slot on BMR for thos posts. But it is the most effective strategy



Awesome, I like the idea with BMR – I’m sure that can be very effective as well. I really think people overdo the links many times. Slow and steady is much better in my opinion.

Bill Zimmerman

Hey Spencer – You’ll find that BMR works well. I’ve used it for the past 3 or 4 months. Lots of people talk about diminishing returns with BMR but frankly I haven’t seen that. Their network is huge and high quality, and at the very least it can give you some nice anchor text variety at a wide range of IP’s. Good luck!



Thanks Bill – I’ve got a few posts up and running and plan on adding plenty more!


This is excellent Spencer .. looking at BuildMyRank the price is monthly .. I presume with low competition keywords you just pay for one month .. is that how it would work? If not it does seem an expensive way of getting links for a site that may only be getting 1500 local searched


With BMR you can sign up for a 10 domain package for example. That just means that at any one time you can add posts for up to 10 domains. So, maybe I build links to these 10 domains for a couple of months, but then in the 3rd month you can just add 10 new domains and remove the old domains (all the existing links will remain in place). So, its actually a pretty cost effective method if you have lots of sites.


Awesome post Spencer! I’ve been looking forward to this since your post on the 90 day report.


steve wyman

Hi Spencer

Very intresting write up.

With MAN what limit do you set to the number of articles? same for AUW

I do believe as you clearly say its the KW competition analysis which is the underlying secret sauce to this strategy.

BMR is very cool But the limit is the way you have 5 url’s at any one time. whilst ideally you want to drip feed out the BMRS’s you’ll find them less effective if you bunch them to close together.

I also dont see the articles indexing in 24 hours very often. The service in theory ensures they do all get indexed though at some point.



I don’t put a limit on the MAN articles. However, they usually only go out to 30 or so sites because they only go to related categories. Of course this may increase over time, but you are not going to get too many links in the MAN – so I don’t put a limit. UAW I limit to 20 per day.

Owen @ quitting the 9 to 5

Hi spencer,

Great insight. In one of your previous articles on link building you said you used some of the link package services from the warrior forum, are you still using these to top up the sites?




I haven’t used Matt Laclear on the warrior forum for a few months, but I still think the service is fine. Its similar to MAN – its a blog network.

Mike L

If you don’t have the cash for the monthly price tag of UAW or BMR check out fiverr! There’s tons of folks that will write and submit to BMR or spin and submit to UAW for $5. Saw this today and this is a great for people like me who are just starting out.


Great point Mike! There are definitely some ways to save money while still getting to use some of these services.


Hi Mike –

I like your idea. I was actually considering getting UAW but then did a search on Fiverr and found a gig for a guy submitting your article uniquely to UAW so I purchased that instead to see how UAW will work for my site.

If it works I’ll order a couple gigs to get my first sites up and running and then I may purchase UAW myself and do the work.

Good start though for much cheaper.


I actually tried this. I had a guy spin an article and upload to MAN and UAW but haven’t seen any fruit from it. It has been three weeks and so far nothing. I wish there was a way on Fiverr that you could go back and rate the guy after the fact. Sure he turned things around fast but zero results. Maybe I was hoping for too much!



Does he produce a report or can you find out where the articles were published to? It maybe that they are no indexed yet?

Its a misundertsanding that just publishing articles is not always enough sometimes they need to be made to index.

Also three weeks from publication only some might be live.

You also suggest not effect from the work is this in terms of erps? or have you seen no links attach to your URL? ANd of course if your in a very competative market you might not see much “effect” from a single run. Bear in mind Spencer is targetting low comp markets with good cpc though.

hope that helps


Thanks for the reply. The keyword was low competition. I’ve not seen any links to the site and I’ve stayed at relatively the same place on google. I’m sure I am just being impatient. I did start using the demo of bmr and my first article was indexed by google within a few hours. Really surprised.

Oh and no he did not give report. Just showed video of him uploading the articles. I’ll wait a couple weeks and follow up with the guy.


Hey Spencer

Great article, i use more or less the same strategy for link building (except that i use plr already spun articles). With UAW you can submit as low as 1 article a day if you want ! I ve made some personal test with UAW the last few month on over 100 micro niche site and i realize that if you publish more than 6 articles a day by web page is less efficient ( i don’t know why)! At the moment i am testing UAW on 50 micro site with just 2 article by day to see if more links are indexed !

Can i ask you which general niches are you targeting with your 20 web page (especially the top 3), are they similar or totally different ?

Thank again for sharing



I didn’t realize you could do less than 20! I will have to look into that again as it wouldn’t let me go lower than 20 before. I have always thought that slower is better, so I agree with you.

The niches are actually all very different for the most part. There are a few that are in the same niche, but others are all very different.


Another beneficial post, I am subscribed to your blog and I am always excited to read your post. I especially like using the PLR articles for backlinking, I hope to start on that, that is very cost-friendly…

I think the real key here is to find winning keywords so you do not need to do a lot of heavy backlinking in order to rank. I have 4 big winners this year, I did not even build any backlink to them and they are on the first page of Google and consistently making money, even after the panda update…of course, the quality of content matters too. I am saving up so I have buy your long tail pro, maybe next year….it will be a great time saver for me.


Thanks Ken!


I found this place a few weeks ago and the longer I’m here the more I’m finding out that Spencer writes pure gold content. Great article


Thanks browie – I put a lot of effort into my posts…so I appreciate it!

Nigel | A newbie marketer

If this post was a steak it would be Rib Eye fillet. What you revealed in this post other chumps sell for $197 ecourse less the 20 site case study. Great work Spencer.



MMM…I love Rib Eye fillet! Thanks!


Good post man I appreciate the info, there’s not many guys going in depth about this stuff anymore. I get a little sketched out about article marketing though and don’t do too much of it. I had a bunch of sites get hit by panda last month and it’s so hard to figure out why, so thanks again.


Hey Bud – I can understand that. Although what I detail is more about blog networks as opposed to traditional article marketing – but I can also understand why you might be “sketched out”.


The more I learn the more I realize I need to learn.

My question is the 3 sites you mention that you link to. Are they just 3 of your niche sites, completely unrelated? In other words you are building back links for 3 of your separate niche sites with one submission?

Or are they 3 sites related to the one keyword you are trying to rank a site for?


There are 3 of my own niche sites. They are all targeting different keywords.


Hi Spencer,

I have similar question to Ryan, If I only have 1 site to focus so what should I put links with variation anchor text in each article. Do I need just 1 links or some links that point to some post in my site?

Thanks for your very useful strategy.


Thanks for the great post!

Where is the best place to go for plr articles? I found a bunch of sellers on fiverr that offer 100,000+ articles for $5. Would you recommend buying there?


That seems a bit cheap. I’d try to find a more reputable place – I did some searching around before i found a source that seemed good. I honestly don’t remember the source though. I will have to search again next time I need to buy more.



Nicely laid out plan for link building. I think someone just getting into this business will understand everything you laid out here quite well – Pat’s link building strategy looks like it works awesome too, but for the beginner, I think yours is the best.

Also, You can submit less than 20 submissions per day with UAW – anywhere from 1 to unlimited –

1 Question: so you link to 2 of your own sites in the same article? (both links go to different sites that YOU OWN?)


Thanks for the image, not sure why I only thought 20/day was the lowest.

Yes, I link to 2 of my own sites from 1 article.


Spencer –

Thanks for the great video. I have one question about your Site 1,2,3 strategy. If the 3 sites are totally unrelated, like chicken coops, weight loss and Forex for example, and I found a PLRs on chicken coops, would I now use chicken coops as the anchor text for site #1 and then have the other links on the article (click here or read more) point to weight loss and Forex respectively. Maybe I missed something. Can you clarify?



That is correct. So, the links may be unrelated by I will try to find a way to fit a link into the article. So even its about chicken coops, I’ll link to a weight loss of Forex site.


Hey Spencer –
I’m still unclear about something. If you are using a PLR article, “forex strategies” for instance, how would you incorporate a link w/ anchor text that is something like “weight loss”? Would you just throw it in somewhere even if it doesn’t necessarily make sense?


Yes, you can do that. Or add a transition sentence (even though it won’t always makes perfect sense either). So, if you the article is about forex you might say, (“If you also happen to be interested in weight loss, be sure to check out our article on that subject as well”). Just get creative with it…


HI Spen,

Why site 2 and site 3 haven’t had any exact anchor text, the exact and phase exact almost for site 1, and no related anchor to site 2 and 3. So If 3 sites target different keyword, how it could help site 2 and 3 without any exact and phase exact keyword in anchor?


Kent F

Hi Spencer – fantastic post – thanks much. I’m confused on the video you did – specifically referring to Sites 1, 2 and 3. Are these your money sites? If so, do you create 3 money sites around a specific kw, or are you targetting phrases moreso? Sorry for the confusion. Thanks!



Yes, these are my money sites that I link to. The sites may all have unrelated keywords. I still find a way to link to all 3 sites within one article.

Kent @ Internet Marketing Tips

Another great article about backlinking. I have been reading and trying to experiment different ideas. Recently, I am testing out blog blueprint.

It’s just a lot of work to submit 100 words articles.

I may consider using UAW later.

By the way, may I know how many posts or pages do you have on Site#1 to Site#4? $1000 Adsense a month is definitely a killer. I wish I could have a winner like that. I am trying to build 5 to 10 mini-sites monthly.

Thanks for all info and inspirations.


Hey Kent – site #1 has about 20 articles on it. The other sites only have 1 or 2 articles on them.

Kent @ Internet Marketing Tips

1 to 2 articles only? That is amazing.

I really like your LongTail Pro and it really helps me find winning keywords. Thanks!

Tom Ewer

Great article Spencer! I have used UAW in the past, but not MyArticleNetwork – will give that a look.

BuildMyRank works pretty darn well. Just be sure to mix up your anchor text as you recommend (and as I didn’t do first time around, much to my detriment). The only downside is that it is pretty damn labor intensive.


Thanks Tom – I’m looking forward to seeing the results!


Great post Spencer.

I use UAW as well and it works great. A lot of people think that they have to link to other sites but like you said, you need to limit the amount of links per day. I normally stick with 10 links per day and that has worked for me. I might pick it up to 15 of so and see how that goes sometimes but just like you are doing, I stick to what is working for me.


Exactly. Sounds like a good plan Adam.

The Omar And Will Blog

Great post Spencer. Thanks for the detailed back-linking strategy.

Much appreciated!



You’re welcome Omar!


Kudos to you Spender! Nice share!

On your best converting sites how much money and time have you put into creating them?

I want to set up a VA and was wondering how much do you pay them to create your sites?

And do you more or less have them follow a template and let them do minor changes depending on the type of niche?

Thanks again. 🙂


I pay my VA the going rate for someone from the Phillipines, which is about $600/mth. Yes, the essentially use the process to build all the sites. The plugins and settings are all essentially the same, but the templates are different.


I have been waiting for this lol thanks so much man! I like to read up on how diff. people are building links. All i use is BMR that i got a deal from Joseph A. (the who created the method Pat made videos for). BMR has been working pretty good though and i was able to rank one of my sites just using that service for a keyword that gets 60,000 exact local us, but its all in the research just like you have been saying. the more i build and i see my sites rank with no backlinks, the more i believe that keyword research is the most important. That is if you are going after these niches with low comp. I never use linkwheels either, but the methods Pat is redoing is not really a link wheel because there not interlinked to avoid a footprint. That method is not for micro niche sites though. It for sites with higher comp. that need the juice to push up the sites in the serps suvh as Pats security guard site and Jo’s Twilight poster site he documented in the 40 day challenge. Anyways, very informative post as usual and this blog is the best place to get info. on building these type of sites. No one else lays it out and provide accurate information like you do Spencer. Thanks!


Thanks Casey for the feedback! Great results using BMR as well. I agree with your analysis of Pat’s method – its a great one, but perhaps not needed for smaller niche sites. Thanks for the kind words about the blog here as well!


Good detailed post-thanks. I just read a review on another site which didn’t rate My Article Network highly (Shane Melaugh’s blog) and he did a pretty extensive case study.
So as you say yourself the keyword research was probably more important and you may well have ranked just as well without extensive backlinking.


Maybe you are right! Perhaps I should give up on MAN and try something else. But its working for now, so I’ll stick with it…until I test some other things out.


Incredible post. I really thought you did more linkbuilding than just article submissions, but I guess I was mistaken. Keep it simple I guess.


Yep, that’s it!


Cool post Spencer, thanks! My question to you: are your dozens of sites located at one hosting server? I mean how many of your sites have the same IP?


I have probably close to 20 different IPs that my sites are spread out across.

Ralph | Social Media Explained

I’ve been trying to figure out a way to build backlinks without spending a “fortune” on programs.

Spining: a free website to spin your article. You can download the various articles after you have spun them… for free…

UAW – Gig

I know Spencer is not a fan of Fiverr. Some are indeed sh*t but some can actually be worth it. Especially if you don’t want to spend 50 – 70 bucks a month on UAW.

I’m a fan of, it is fast and I usually get an article written within 10 hours of good quality. The other good thing is that they are also delivered with spintags, so you can submit them to i.e. a Fiverr gig with minimal adjustments.

Just to make it clear to everyone, this is an cheap alternative… I’ve used it and works for me for now as I don’t need a lot of backlinks for my niche. For larger sites this might not be the way to go..

Just my two cents.



Awesome – thanks for sharing Ralph! This could be great method for those without many sites or in need of many links – this is a good way to start small.


Thanks Ralph! Let me also share some free ways to build links:

Blog networks: – This web site submits your spun articles to user-submitted blogs with your anchor text links. It has a free option, in which you earn credits by submitting your own blogs or social network accounts and spend the earned credits to submit articles. I found the easiest way is to create some twitter accounts to earn credits. Or you can buy credits and pay only you submit. In this way to don’t have to pay monthly fee. – Similar to article ranks but you don’t even need to earn credits!

Social bookmarks:

Blog commenting:
Comment Blaster by Jangedoo:

Have fun!


Really appreciate the resources Ralph.

I just downloaded the free content professor software and wondered if you had tried the pro version.

Thanks again +1 for your comment



Spencer, how many uniques a day on average do you get for site #1?


Around 300 or so uniques/day


Hello Spencer


Man, everytime you make money it makes me happy, because I know you always come with something great to tell us 🙂 (all for free) …Congratulations on your august sites!

Some questions and note:

– So when you say 20 links per day on UAW, it means 20 different plr articles? so if I try to do that on fiverr 20x$5= $100 spending every single day, is that correct????

– Site 2 and 3 are your sites or any other sites?

– For how long you keep send prl articles to UAW and MAN building link to the same site? 2 weeks? 1 month?

– Note about the BMR… You not only need to pay a fee,but you need to buy content everytime you build 1 link, because they want original content, it’s a crazy spending….

Best Regards,


No, I submit 3 PLR articles to UAW total. You can specify how many article directories/blogs to submit these 3 articles to each day. The rate is 20 per day. So, you would spend $15 total with the fiverr gig for 3 articles submitted at a rate of 20/day.

Yes, you have to spend more per each article you want on BMR – but if it works, then its worth the extra cost for sure.


Cool, so is not a lot at all….

The only problem you don’t know if your site will make money to spend so much with BMR. I mean, I just talking for the ones don’t have a lot experience on find great keywords and don’t have alot of money to spend wih this service.It’s a big risk.
But , yes I just heard great things about this service.


Hey Federico –

I had the exact same idea as you so I went directly onto Fiverr and ordered a gig to use UAW. We shall see how it goes. I really hope the results are as good as Spencer’s.

They said they would write a unique version of my article for me and then submit it to UAW. I told them to only do 20 article submissions per day.

We shall see how the results go. I am very excited!


Cool Michael, good luck!… Let us know here how you will go.

I will try soon this strategy, maybe tomorrow, the only thing I will do is ask to submit 10 articles per day, as Spencer said he would submit less if he would know he could.

But I think on fiverr they want just 1 URL, how we will use 3 different sites???
Let me know if I wrong.



Hey Federico –

From what I saw the Fiverr gig I got was for one article that they would re-write 3 times and submit 3 times to UAW. They’d make unique content with my article and then drip it out.

It will have two anchor links per article. So thats what I gave them. The delivery time is 6 days so we will see if the results work or not.

I’ll update everyone here if it works as successfully as it worked for Spencer. If this doesn’t work I might just have to buy the software and do it myself.

Gotta get my niche sites ranked. I know I did some decent keyword research. Just need to get ranked and get some traffic now 🙂


I just purchased UAW and noticed that they want you to first enter in an article then rewrite each paragraph 3 times. How do you do this step? After you enter the plr article do you spin each paragraph 3 times or do you enter in other plr article’s paragraphs?

Has there been any issues with submitting plr articles to UAW that are irrelevant to your anchor text/links?

When you say you submit 3 articles to UAW does this refer to one complete submission using 3 articles or three complete submissions using 3 articles each? Hope that wasn’t too confusing.



To be honest my VA has gotten much better at using UAW than me. I know there is a way you can essentially just paste in the same thing 3 times (either in spun format or not) rather than actually rewriting the articles.
3 complete submissions – but its only 3 articles total.

Online PC Backup

There’s a site called that will write your 3 different articles (from the single submitted article) designed to work for UAW for $10.


Great blog post yet again Spencer, I’ve been waiting for this! Slow and sure backlinking is definitely better than link bombing a niche site. I’ve seen this in my 5 niche sites lately. I’ve been building 5-10 links to 2 niche sites in the past 3 weeks. But my 2 other sites, which I have just built 3-5 links have gone on to page 1 of Google without lots of backlinking efforts!

Of course, I know that it depends on the niche, but it just goes to show how important keyword research is. Thanks a lot for this post, I will update my strategy with this.


RE: keeping track of links to your different sites.

How do you keep track of all the links pointing to each site when creating your anchor texts? You had mentioned it was
to site #1:
2 exact match
4 phrase

Which leaves 9 non related anchor text. Some will be pointed sites #2 and #3 as well as #1. Now on your next
batch of sites, ie, the next 3, how do you figure what to point the non related anchor texts to? Site #1 to site #6?

Are you keeping track of this in an excel file and making sure that each site has X amount of non related anchor text
then cross that off and move on?

Sorry if I’m making this perhaps more difficult than it is…


I use a Google spreadsheet that is shared with my VA. The number of articles submitted to each service is tracked on the spreadsheet. So this helps him keep track of what anchor text and sites to submit to.


Hey Spencer,

Awesome post here! I have used UAW & Blog Blueprint. I was very disappointed with UAW (this was about a year ago, not sure if they’ve improved?) but submitting variations of those paragraphs? So damn boring, tedious and intensive. As you mentioned, the interface is really freakin’ ugly too.

One thing that really bothered me is that a month after submission, I clicked on all the links (for my submission) and more than half were dead links. So I dropped it!

Blog Blueprint was working really nice for a while. I managed to rank a site within 2 weeks of using it. I’ve had to discontinue use of it (temporarily) so I’m not sure how great that is.

I’d love to check out BuildMyRank to see how that works… I’m quite tempted! Anyway, sweet post.


You do not have to re-write the articles in UAW. yes, that is an option, but you can also just paste in the same thing 3 times. This is what I have my VA do. (The articles are often with spun syntax which you can just paste in as well).


Hi Spencer

Great information as I have been learning a lot from your website over the past couple of months. I too have been using UAW but am getting tired of doing all these rewrites and have contemplated just pasting the same article into the system (with no 2 rewrites – original content, not PLR) to see if it gets accepted. It sounds like that has been working for you with your VA. Have you had any issues with UAW not accpeting these non-rewritten submissions?

Spencer, thanks!!



I have had no issues!


Hi Spencer,

I have been using UAW, and just pasting the same PLR article in three times (with different titles). Unfortunately I have just received a “slap” from UAW, who have stated that I must spin each article. I guess the lesson is to only use PLR with spin tags?


Nathan, okay you may need to spin it with the Best Spinner then. I guess my VA may actually be doing this. I think on MAN he can paste the PLR as is, but UAW I guess may require at least some spinning. To be honest, I don’t know as I’m NOT a UAW expert…my VA is…


I’m confused about how you add links on UAW. Do you only use the 2 author resource box links or do you enter anchor text within the article as well?


I just use the author resource box.

Joe Magnotti | AdSense Flippers


Great article! I love the anchor text variation. I knew this was important and probably the major reason why some sites get penalized, but you broke it down into a scientific analysis. Nothing better than actual proof for your concepts!


Thanks Joe!


Hey Spencer,

Like many others, I was really looking forward to this post and you absolutely did not disappoint. I really do appreciate the time and effort you put into this post and into replying to all the questions above.

I had a question – have you ever tracked what links were created through which networks to find out which products were performing well? For instance, if you posted 3 PLR’s to UAW and you know what the links were, have you ever kept track to see how it performed compared to the MAN links? I’ve no doubt it would be some extra work, but might be worth the effort to find out where your money and time would be best spent.

Thanks again for the great information.


Epic post Spenser – and 80+ comments already!

To lay out your link building method so clearly is awesome, and has now been added as staple to my link building strategies 🙂

I like UAW, but a great, cheaper (but not less effective) alternative is Article Marketing Robot. The interface is easier to use than UAW, and you pay a one off fee or about $90 for the program, no monthly recurring fees.

It comes with a list of about 1200 article directories that you can submit to, and you can add more sites to this base list too. I bought several lists of scraped directories from Fiverr to increase my list to several 1000 working sites. I love it!

Thanks again – what an awesome post


Desmond Yeo

Great post Spencer.

I’m just about to do link building for my niche site and this article was totally what i needed.

Are there any good PLR article sites you would recommend?


Thanks very much, Spencer. Great post .


I am waiting for this “Link building” post since your last post as you said you are working out for the post to explain your link building routine, thanks a lot Spencer. Few things I wanted to add here, in terms of link wheels it makes you site so mature than normal link building, I have 12 niche sites and build links using Article Ranks, right after build a niche site within a week I build 10 or 11 linkwheel around my new site, for fast indexing i build 5 links to my spokes from AR. In my experiment i learned within 8 to 10 days your site will be in page 1 or 2 (for low competition keyword) if you build link wheel, it take 2 weeks or so if you go with normal link building. This is just my experiment results which I like to share.


Thanks Swami!


Wow Spencer! Simple and highly effective, most people would have made a wso out of this but like you’ve time and time again you are not most people.

Got a question, does your sites also suffer the Google dance syndrome or does your backlinking strategy eliminate that?

Any tip you can share about avoiding or coming back from the Google Dance will be much appreciated o rmaybe that should be another post



I think all sites jump around a bit for the first month, but typically my sites don’t move much after than time (as far as dancing up and down wildly).

Paula Mooney

Very good, VERY helpful.

I’m ready to give BMR another try. I used it before and liked it, but I went a little crazy on the “Spanx for Men” exact anchor text and Google dinged me for a while.

So now that I know to vary my anchors with more phrase matches, I’m good to go.

I love BMR’s interface and I like writing my own quick little articles on there, so back to BMR I go!


Spanx for me, lol!

Yeah, try it with less exact match anchor text – see if that works any better.


Just a quick question with BMR, if I choose to write my own articles rather than use their writers, does the content within the articles have to be related to the keyword? Or am i able to get a writer to write up unique articles on any topic of his choosing and then add the anchor text BL to my site wherever in the article?


I believe that you can do that, yes.


I just watched BMR’s introduction video on their homepage and they specifically say that content must be related to your links.


Hi Spencer,
I notice many edu and gov links when doing research with LTP, is there a way to check these backlinks to see if I can get these links as well? . I see many sites with up to thousands of these links, I thought these were hard to get? The sites are just for products, not academic or instructional, etc.


Thanks for the helpful info and tips. How much impact does it have, and does it affect your approach, if all or most of the sites on page 1 are sellers and marketers of the product you are covering? (assuming, of course, you are writing about a product in your niche)

Does being an actual vendor of a product carry more weight? Or, do the same principals apply?



I think being an actual vendor does carry some weight, so that should be taken into consideration. However, many of the same principles still apply as far as links, keyword relevancy, keywords in title, etc.


Hi Spencer,

Post of the year!

It is obvious you spent some time on this post and it really shows. Just wanted to convey my appreciation.

Thank you.


Thanks whatever! I did indeed take a long time – thanks for the appreciation.


Great post Spencer!

Just have one question. Don’t you ever place links for inner pages? I see that you’re only linking to the homepage, isn’t this kind of risky?


I only link to the homepage, UNTIL the site starts performing well. If its a bigger site (like my site #1 above), I will add content and start building links to the inner pages as well.


Just answered my question. I was wondering about that.


Hi Spencer:

Thanks for this anticipated BL post!
Your time spent on this post is greatly appreciated:)
This is a Great method – not too complicated, like any
of the eBooks on BL… Just overkill in most of the time!

I also have the question like Javier…
If I start say with 3 sites, and each have 3 unique articles
do you always link to the home page only for each or you vary the
URLs too (like the anchor text) linking to the deeper pages ( 2 posts in this case, say the 3rd one is sticky in home page)?

Also, are you doing any kind of “Social Triggers” activity for the sites now a days – FB linking, BL from tweets, or g+ etc?

Can I do/apply these method ( UAW + MAN) for any neglected old site of mine (not ranking)? – may be start off with 3 new posts, and then start the BL process.


We’re in the same page Gautam, I’m also planning to use this for a site that used to rank #1 last year but now it’s in the 100s.

I think I’ll slightly tweak Spencer’s method and will add just one link to an inner page, just to be safe (at least in my mind)


Sounds great! Its always good to think of your own strategies and tweak anything I share here to fit better.


I do have social buttons on most of my sites. You can certainly try using UAW and MAN on older sites – however, if the keyword was too difficult to begin with this may not help. It all depends…


Great post on link building! I like the fact that you just need to use 3 tools (UAW, MAN and The Best Spinner). This certainly makes building sites so much easier. (Unlike other

As for BMR, I can say that it truly works.
You just need to have a few posts to drive up your search engine rankings. I might be bias though, as I am a full time BMR writer. Every day, I will wake up just write from 50 to 80 articles either for myself or for my clients. : )

I can see that a lot of my clients do have tremendous results in using BMR, I tested on some of my sites by solely using BMR and it is certainly giving a lot of page 1 rankings.
Love Long Tail Pro as well!

Manage to find an exact domain with it that has 90,500 global exact searches and 33,100 local exact searches. It does have a lower CPC at USD0.50 but I am already rank number 5 on Google in 1 week. Already made USD3.64 in just 1 week
No doubt, Long Tail PRO + BMR rocks!
Keep up the good work, Spencer. Love your blog the most


Thanks for the feedback!

Alex Murpy

Thanks for the delicious post Spencer. You’re the man! I’ll have to come visit you in Washington next time I’m out that way.


Thanks Alex!


Hello Spencer a bit out of topic here…

I’m sure you already posted something about it…

What kind of theme you use for the august sites?

CTR theme? clickbump theme? heatmap theme?

I heard Google wants less block ads on the page and will pay off more, is that what you’re doing now?



I didn’t use any of those themes. All of the themes were different – just free wordpress themes. I haven’t changed my ad placement at all.


Absolutely great , Spencer

With free wordpress themes some guys say some hackers can steal your blog/site by the footer link or something like that, are they saying that just to make us purchase their wordpress themes????

As far as I understood you’re doing great this way…

Definitely I’ll try them as well

Do you buy some images for your sites???

Which places you recommend buy images???

Do you have any of those sites without images??

Thanks again…


Ive never had any more problems with free themes than other premium themes I’ve owned. Some of my sites have images and some dont…


Wow, Great Article Spencer!
I Appreciate your effort to describe link building strategies of your niche sites!


Hi, Spencer

I just have one question about using PLR articles in MyArticleNetwork

You said we can use unrelated PLR article to build backlinks to our niche site. But how can I put my exact match anchor text ( student loan, for example ) in an article about dog training?

If I must find a related article to build backlinks to our niche site, then it will be very difficult to find suitable article for some rare niches.

How do you deal with this problem?

Thank you very much!


Just add a sentence to your articles, yes it may be clunky, but do something like this. If your article is about dog walking but you want to link to “student loans” – you can add a sentence in a parenthesis like this (Yes, this article is about dog walking, but we also have additional information about student loans; if interested check it out). I don’t use that exact sentence, but something similar to essentially just get a link to my site in.


This is exactly what I am looking for, wonder how a niche can related to unrelated article!


What a great post Spencer! 🙂

What is you avg. backlink investment per site? i know you are making tons of sites so you won’t make a special backlink plan for all of your sites but you know what you can on avg. expect to earn from your sites.

To you have any rule of thumb of how much money you would invest for a site that could make you $50/month on avg?

my problem is that my sites are foreign sites which are not aimed for and in my country there are not such good backlinking services like in the US

in my country you would only buy singel links one by one (this backlinks will be pretty strong but you have to rent them on a montly basis which i don’t like…) also guestblogging which is another great tool to get strong backlinks takes a lot time till you have to contact the bloggers one by one which takes some time… it seems like the best plan in my country would be to build web 2.0 properties (aka linkwheels, linkpushs and linkpyramids) but like you said this will take some time as well… you could outsource it but this will likly be more expensive than your backlinking plan so it would be cool if you could give me some advice how much money you would be willing to invest in backlinking for a site that could make on avg. $50/m (should be worth about $500 if you look at flippa)
i am thankful for every feedback i can get!

regards Jay


Why can’t you use the method I detailed above for foreign countries? Seems like it would still work? Of course, getting links from a related domain extension would help. Since I pay a full-time VA and subscribe to these monthly services, linking to 1 new site doesn’t really add much in cost. So its hard to break down on a per site basis. But a $50/month site I wouldn’t be investing more than $5/mth on top of what I am already doing there. I might spend a little to build some BMR links (have the content written), but I wouldn’t do this every month. Most of the time I do not spend anything in addition to my fixed costs of the VA and services.


thanks for the reply 🙂

i don’t think that having only .com/.net/.org sites that are in another language than by .de site will be liked be i mean if an american site would have mostly backlinks from russian sites it wouldn’t look very natural would it?

also i am not speaking english very good and can’t write an article with good grammar also my keywords would be in german language which can’t be build into english content… all this seems very unfavorable don’t you think so?


I agree – you are correct. I guess I’m not sure the best way to get links from .de extensions. Perhaps guest posts or other methods – but you are right, UAW may not work as well for you…


Nice article Spencer,

You are having much better luck with with MAN and UAW than I did. I tried them both for 90 days and to be honest I think my keywords were more competitive and I didn’t vary my anchor text in the links.

either way after 10 submissions to MAN and UAW I only have about 30 links pointing to my sites according to yahoo site explorer, plus I haven’t broke the top 50 yet. that’s not a good trade off for the time it took me to write, rewrite, and spin those articles.

I’ll keep trying, it’s a bit discouraging. Tony


Sounds like a keyword choice issue, not a link building issue. You should perhaps go back and try to find a better keyword.

Lindsay |

Fantastic post, this is what keeps me coming back to your site 20 times per much good content. I’m looking forward to seeing how BuildMyRank works out. I’m trying to find out how I can minimize costs as much as possible but also have good results. I hear profile links are pretty much worthless these days so I doubt your missing much by not using them anyway.


20 times per day!? Wow, thanks Lindsay!!


LOL yea I’m probably at about 10 myself! 🙂


Yeah, me too, like 15 times a day, hitting F5 waiting for another incredible post! 🙂


Hi Spencer, Great post

1- Are the sites that your sharing back links on UAW and MAN on the same hosting accounts? For some reason that makes me feel like it would trigger some sort of red flag.

2- Do you vary the categories that that articles are submitted too?

3- Considering that you have at least 15 (If I figured correctly) articles going out that link to one site between exact, phrase, and non-related keywords, the systems are only managing 2-3 indexed back links in yahoo per submission. Other than manually submitting the url’s for indexing, are their any other changes you think can be made to improve that statistic?

thanks again



1. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Most of my sites are spread across lots of hosts.
2. Yes, the categories are based on the topic of the article that is submitted.
3. I don’t know. But I’m also not too worried about it as my sites are ranking just fine without doing anything else.

Vic Dorfman

Thanks so much for taking the time and effort to put this to paper, Spencer!

I have a few questions.

1. What percentage of your sites fail to rank?
2. For those sites that do NOT rank, any ideas as to why?
3. If a keyword looks particularly promising but the site fails to rank, do you invest more time into it or just let it go?



Well, if you look at my list of 20 sites from the post, you can see how many are “not ranking”. Most sites rank at least on the first few pages typically. Those that don’t rank are usually because of keyword choice I would imagine. Sometimes the keywords are just harder to rank for than suspected.
Last question, I will typically move on if I have spent 90 days or more and the site is still not ranking. There could be lots of reasons why you might want to continue to invest – such as you are building an authority site or have other big plans.


Great post Spencer, I really appreciate the time and effort you put into this.

I am currently in the process of launching a handful of niche sites — this post could not have come at a better time for me!

Thanks again!

Victor Pidkowich

Have you been following the same strategy of ranking one keyword per site with 5-10 supporting articles? But now in addition to that you see which ones are worth more time and effort and grow those to be many more pages as well as keep building small sites to sort of “test” that niche?

Does that sound like your current overall approach? Tanks for the post Spencer 🙂


That is basically correct. Although for most of the sites in August, I actually started with less than 5 articles – even just 1 post on most and then am building up the sites that earn more money.

Victor Pidkowich

Id also like to ask what you do after you decide to grow the site? More of the same links? Other Links? More Content? How much?

I hope thats not asking for much. Im just really digging this new strategy. 🙂


I add more content and play it by earn. I don’t have an exact formula 🙂 . Each site is different!

Victor Pidkowich

I think I was playing the role of Henry Ford to much 😛 Perhaps I need to be more fluid with how I grow and less systematic. Thanks for that insight Spencer!


Well, I do like your systematic approach, I try to do the same for a lot of things. However, as the sites grow, they each become their own “beast”…so often have to be treated a little differently.

Victor Pidkowich

Also, is there anything in particular you look for in a site when making a decision to build it into something bigger?


Earnings primarily. However, if the niche appears to have lots of room for growth (some keywords have more growth potential than others) then I will make it bigger.


Spencer I’m having so many ‘ah haa’ moments reading your posts that I can’t keep up!
I’m sure you understand how valuable this is to those of us trying to figure out why we’re not making money, but can’t figure out what part of the process is broken.
I know I should write some helpful comment that adds to the content of your post… but all I have at the moment is gushy gratefulness!
Thank you 😉


Thanks Michelle! You’re “gushy gratefulness” is appreciated 🙂 Thanks!


Spencer, I really have come to respect your knowledge and you are one of the few people I even bother to follower and read. You have broken this down to a pretty simple manageable process. You have opened my eyes on the anchor text usage and I know I have been using my specific keywords far to heavily. This will change today.
Again thanks and keep the information coming.


Fantastic post Spencer. Really clarifies many questions!


Thanks TexHaws! 🙂


Question on spinning….I used the Fiverr UAW submission above and I even supplied the article for them to spin. The quality of spinning was so aweful that the article made absolutely no sense.

Spencer do you or anyone here care if the spun submissions for backlinks make any sense. I’m find with occassional grammer/misused synonym but when people try to spin too unique it will come out in complete gibberish (unless they know how to spin correctly)

just wondering if anyone thinks it matters regarding using legible spun content

Sheyi Shobayo

Brian, it depends on the number of spinned article you are trying to get. With what i’ve heard from people who used spin articles it’s not like this moreover does the article need to have more sense or the BL that matters? This is 1 thing you must think!



I try to make the spinning legible, which is why I either don’t spin, find pre-spun articles, or only spin a little bit.


hi specer
please throw light on this one!! spencer …lets say there are two niche sites competing for one keyword! what if the webmaster of one of the sites buys whole lots of spam links pointing towards his competitors site with exact match keywords which is easy to do with fiverr etc… then the competitors site will get sandboxed or tanked or something that will make it rank on third page if not the last! in this scenario the other niche site which is not sandboxed will get all the traffic and money!! now i want to ask you spencer, does this thing realy happen??? i want you to throw some light on this! i suspect your authority site failed this way!!


I think that its possible to hurt a site by sending spam links to it indeed. I really don’t know for sure, but I would assume that this could be done. To overcome you would have to build high quality links to you site to outweigh the spam or perhaps contact google to let them know what occured. This is sort of a mystery area though.

Earn money in Kenya

That is a splendid (and yes, very long) article about link building. This is just what I was looking for. Keep up with the good work Spencer. Cheers


The internet business blog

Spencer, I am glad you wrote about link building in this post. I am sure I can do great with these link building plan. I look forward to your next post.

Your avid reader








Not true at all! I get approved with new sites that are only a couple weeks old.


maybe it is not true is your region, but in our country it is true


I’m interested to know why you don’t do blog commenting. I find it the fastest way to get links from high quality sites, (PR6, 7 and higher) and .edu sites.

It seems like more work to write and spin articles when Google is cracking down on spam and duplicate content. Especially when, as you said, not that many of the pages where it is linked will get indexed.

I guess the thing with link building though is that you always find what’s best for you and you concentrate on what it’s achieved rather than how much more you could achieve.


I think less and less weight is being placed on blog comments which is why I don’t do it.


Jenni, would you mind sharing some tips on how to get link from .edu domains?


Great post as usual, Spencer.

I think you’ll find BMR pretty useful. It’s a bit more expensive, having to pay for each post (or each bit of content for each link) but they do backlinking to each of your links which is pretty nice.

That’s quite a bit of UAW you’re doing. We’d almost given up on SubmitYourArticle, but are feeling the effects with some of our 2-3 month old sites not getting ranked yet…need to pick that back up I think!


Thanks Justin for the thoughts on BMR – so far I am liking it!
Best of luck with your sites!

David G

Hi Spencer,

Matt Laclear says that installing google analytics during an SEO/backlinking campaign is detrimental to the process because google uses the information (eg bounce rate, # of visitors) to determine your relevance for the keyword. Has this been the case in any of your experiences? Should I disable GA while the links get added?



Interesting theory, would like to here more about this.


Doesn’t google already know this information with or without Analytics enabled?


Yes, Im sure they do use bounce rate etc; but they may be using this anyway if you have adsense installed. I am using analytics on my sites.


I use the free statcounter. works well. but I agree google tracks your performance with adsense as that is how they optimize ads on your site…..they will give you lower CPC payout on sites if you dont get clicks(google wants users to click because the advertisers are paying CPC not cost per impressions so if you site doesnt get clicks then google doesnt make money from the advertiser so google will downgrade the payouts to your site. That is why its relevant to make sure advertiser competition is high for your keywords so you are serving relevant ads to your content. I learned this from having autoblogs….if autoblog pulls irrelevant content google will pay you substantially less than the going CPC rate that is listed for a keyword


Great information Brian! I agree with what you have to say here 100%.


something else i also learned is that google tracks which search results get clicked on on page 1 to tell them which results visitors feel are relevant so if you keep checking your site rankings in google for keywords you are trying to rank for then your site can move off of page 1.

Jon Turner

Hi Spencer,

Really thought-provoking article, loved it. I also get many nuggets of information from the comments, which I always make a point of reading following a quality article as this is when many questions get answered!

Quick question – What is the main reason you wait for a week before you start with the blog networks and do you hold off all backlinking for that week?




No good reason I guess. It just takes me that long before I get around to building links. I also dont want to send a ton of links to a brand new site.


Spencer, i have read your post many times, and very thanks for your great ideas. But i have two questions:

1, I never have used MAN, and if i submit 3 articles to MAN, will the articles be distributed to many different blogs like UAW? If 3 articles are only distributed to 3 blogs, is that enough to work?
2, when using UAW to submit 20 articles per day, how many days should i set, 1 month, or two month like this?


1. yes, it will get distributed to many different blogs like UAW.
2. I don’t think you specify a length. It just stops once it has distributed it to all the relevant directories/blogs. So, it may take a couple of weeks or a month or more to finish.


How about AMA for article submissions and do you think it’s wise to rewrite the article body or just the tittles. I noticed in there back office they recommend I spin them.


I have used AMA before and its just like my article network. I think its a good service as well, but its been a couple of years since I used them. Its best to spin the articles, but not required. I do both just depending on the situation.

Mitesh Puri

What are PLR articles?


PLR = Private Label Rights. Just means its an article you can buy and then use as your own with your name as the author or you are free to change, rewrite, or do anything with it. PLR articles can often be bought in bulk for very cheap.


hi spenser,
you are not creating a blog here, you are creating a coaching program! the knowledge that you shared with us here is like 50 wso combined! love your blog, love your post , love everything that you’ve done. thanks for sharing, i’m sure one day you’ll be rewarded immensely for your kindness! i really ejoyed reading all these comments, it’s like attending classroom lessons and you are the great teacher!


Thanks Susie! Maybe I should start charging, huh? Okay, just kidding – the info will always be free on this blog! Glad you enjoy reading the posts and the great comments from everyone here!


I’m curious if anyone else has had issues with yahoo site explorer. I have not had any new back links show up in yahoo in 5 weeks even though many have been created. Yesterday about 80% of my back links disappeared from my main site. I have read that this happens sometimes with yahoo and they come back the next day, but mine have not returned. Majestic and Google webmaster still show same amounts. Whats going on with yahoo?



Yahoo site explorer is now officially offline.


Hey Spencer.

I just wanted to say thank you for this post. It was really informative (Especially the part about mixing up the anchor text)

It also simplifies the process. By the way, I am really enjoying Long Tail Pro!

Take Care,



Forgive me if I don’t have this straight, but you submit three articles to UAW a total of 3 times and set the rate at 20 backlink submissions/per day each, for a total of 60 back links per day, per site?

Vic Dorfman

This is awesome Spencer.

What kind of ad placement do you use, if you don’t mind my asking?


Thanks for this article; it’s very helpful! I do have a question about UAW though.

I know you said your VA takes care of it mostly, but I was wondering if you could find out how often he/she is copy and pasting the PLR content straight 3 times (3 unique titles but exactly the same content) and how often he/she is spinning. If he/she is spinning, is it always with Best Spinner or sometimes just rewriting on UAW? What is the criteria for spinning sometimes and not others?



Regarding the Yahoo links – Yahoo site explorer hasn’t been updated since September (they are phasing it out). That’s why it “appears” that you are ranking with so few links – the only links they are counting are links built in August. And if you’ve been building sites after Sept, they will probably show zero links.

Try checking your links with Majestic SEO or Open Site Explorer (by SeoMoz) – both should give you a more realistic picture.


Hi Spencer, great article!

I am confused as to whether you are submitting all three articles on the same day? If not, how far do you spread them out?


Same day.


Hi Spencer,

Great as always. One problem I’m having is being overwhelmed with all of the PLR sites out there, and not knowing where to start. Does it really matter where they come from? Is there any benefit to buying “quality” PLR at $1 per article over buying 50+ article packs for $5?


I think the articles should be good quality – but you can often find good quality PLR for very cheap.


Hi Spencer, This is my first time here and i already fall in love with your Lots of valuable resources!

Keep it coming!


Thanks Fahmi!


Hi Spencer, amazing post! Have printed out the whole shabang and just read it on the plane 🙂

One slightly of topic question for you I hope you can answer:
– How many domains do you run per host

Thanks a mill


I will run maybe 30 domains per host or so…sometimes more, sometimes less. That’s awesome that you printed the post and read it on the plane!!



For UAW, do you create multiple Resource Box or do you just create one and use the {keyword} function in UAW to rotate multiple keyphrase when linking to you first article.


I have a couple of different resource boxes that I use. Then I also use the spin syntax { } to rotate multiple keywords.


Thanks for the input…that’s what I’m currently doing too!


Hi Spencer,

How can someone tell the difference between a good PLR article and a mediocre article? In an earlier post you said that PLR article packages that are really cheap (i.e. 8000 articles for $5 on probably don’t have good enough quality. Does it just have to do with the sentence structure and grammar or whether the article has probably been used by many others thus creating duplicate content on the web?



I was basically just referring to the quality of the article: does it read well, does it make sense, does it provide valuable information.

The Pond Guy

Hi Spencer,

I just have to congratulate you on a great website here. I just came onto it the other day via Fraser I think…and really like the way you present things.

I haven’t really found a thing here that I could disagree with. The services you’ve used for linking sort of match my own experiences. BMR is just terrific in how it works and I think overall, although some would suggest it’s not as effective any more I seemed to get some good bumps from UAW. I’ve never tried MAN.

Anyway, thanks again for your honesty and transparency…you’re helping a lot of people out here!

All the best,
Mark Washburn


Thanks Mark!


Hi Spencer,

Just to be clear…are getting 6 unique articles written?

3 for UAW
3 for MAN

Seems like a lot of links for a brand new site unless the UAW submissions are set about a month apart for each article.

Always look forward to your posts. Very inspiring.
Thanks in advance for your response:)





No, 3 articles. Same articles distributed on each service typically.

Andre Garde

Hey Spencer,

How many articles do you typically launch with on your new niche sites? Apologies if I’ve missed that information if it exists on a post here.

Jay Patw

Spencer.. your blog is insightful and helpful. Thanks for opening up with your experience and knowledge in helping others make some dough. If only dough bakes into a treat… 🙂

Thanks pal.

Steve A

Hey Spencer, me again!

I have a question regarding MyArticleNetwork if you don’t mind please?

I have submitted my first few articles to MAN and have kinda followed your approach with three articles per niche site.

I have used their assisted spinning for one PLR article (with the exact match keyword) and then two more un-spun PLR’s (with the phrase matches) to try to keep my time-spent as low as possible.

My question is this, what percentage acceptance rate would you expect for a spun and for an un-spun PLR article on MAN?

Thanks so much again!


And here’s my +1 for LongTail Pro too! It’s superb 🙂


I am using they write pretty good UAW articles for just $10.
Should I use the UAW article in other articles directories too?


Hey Spencer,

Quick question, Do you run another set of articles through UAW if the first set completed it’s distribution?

I have a few sites that hit it’s submission limit for the category I selected…roughly around 150 sites/directories.

Thanks in advance!


Hi Spencer,

I’ve been following you for a few months now. I have Long Tail Pro and like it a lot!!

Just wondering- Do you submit all your small sites to google webmaster, bing webmaster and yahoo sites? I wondered if it was worth it to submit the feed or xml sitemap to each of the major search engines, or would you see any issues with doing this?

Thanks for your response.


No, I don’t submit my sites to google webmaster tools, yahoo, or bing. I don’t submit the feed or xml sitemaps. The search engines find everything by following links. You can do it if you want, but I don’t.


Hey there Spencer,

Just a few more questions about this link building method…

So for each site, you submit 6 articles where that site is in the #1 link position.

You then also submit 12 other articles for which that site becomes #2 and then #3.

Do you use the same three sites for all 18 articles? Or do you interlock submissions where you never have the same three sites as links 1, 2 and 3 on the same set of 18 articles?

And for each sequence of 18 submissions to the two services, you use 9 different PLR articles?


The links are always different. I rotate through all my sites – each article links to different sites.

I suppose that yes, I use 9 different PLR articles.


Hi again, having just watched the video over again after reading all the comments, I have a question about the links these articles produce. (I have no experience at all with article submissions so please excuse my lack of understanding).

It has been mentioned a couple of times that not all of these links will get picked up and create actual backlinks. Do these services (UAW, etc) give you a report or list of where the articles have gone so you can then do something to get those links indexed?

I’ve read on a blog that concentrates on using RSS that you can submit a whole list of different URLs into an RSS feed for quick indexing. Is this correct? Would this be beneficial to get the most benefit from the work we do for each site?

No doubt if I had a portfolio of 50+ sites this would be a very time consuming task but while just getting started I only have the resources to create one site per week. If time permits, would you recommend taking a step like this?

Thanks heaps 🙂


Yes, they either provide a report or you can find where your articles are getting distributed typically. Sure, you could use RSS feeds to build links to these. I personally don’t do this, but it would probably be beneficial.


Hey Spencer,

Could you help me out with the question I asked earlier (3-4 comments up).

Thanks man!


Hi Spencer,

You note in your post, “Once the site is ranking well after the first 90 days….”. How long does it generally take for your sites to rank well immediately after being built? Does it take roughly 90 days? Just wondering how long I should wait before I give my website the axe and just let it go.

Thanks, Lisa


I say give it 90 days before you make any real decisions, but sites will often start ranking well after only a month or 2.


Thanks for the reply Spence!


Just noticed that reply was for me LOL!

My B…



Andre Garde

Hey Spencer,

Just wondering if you have been experiencing significantly reduced submission rates for MyArticleNetwork lately? Aside from BMR, have you investigated any other types of link networks?



I have noticed that they appear to have raised standards a bit, so it can be more difficult – but still seems to be good overall.



Thanks for the awesome post. I’ve been following your site for a while and I’m glad there are still people helping out n00bs in an industry where this just does not happen much anymore.

The reason I say this is because I consider myself a n00b to the niche website category and, as such, have a limit to the amount I can invest in my linking strategies.

I’m planning on using these suggestions you’ve outlined but I’m curious, since UAW and MAN both cost the same each month, which would be a better service to start with? It sounds like UAW from what I’ve read in the comments but I want to be totally clear.

Also, after the Farmer and Panda updates, I heard that relevancy from Article Directories has gone down considerably. Is this just going to affect the articles on these sites themselves or will it hurt the legitimacy of links coming from these sites?

Thanks again.


Darion – you can always start hiring someone off or somewhere else to do a one time submit to UAW or MAN; if money is tight. Links from Article directories will still help, but may not be much of a boost anymore – which is why I use more blog networks (UAW and MAN are blog networks).



I built a couple of niche sites and purchases a package of 100 backlinks that were slowly drip fed over a period of a month from a private network of websites. The initial results were great. By the end of the month my sites were ranked on the first page in #2 and $5. I was pumped!

After two more months I now see the rankings dropping off the first page for the keywords (in the URL).

Any thoughts?



hey spencer can i ask what social plugins you use. i have tried social and sharebar but cant seem to get them to do what i want. i like the layout of your ones along the top if you dont mind sharing


Mark Armstrong from Modern Seducer

Thanks Spencer. This has been tremendously helpful. I noticed on Fivvr you can purchase Build My Rank submissions so I might try that out for a new site I am going to roll out in a few days and for the site I currently have. Thanks for the info, I have a lot of tips on dating and all that stuff having spent 5 years in that endeavor so if you need advice on what are the best programs, techniques and methods just private message me.

Mark Armstrong from Modern Seducer

sorry, one other question. Yahoo site explorer does not show up as an optoin in SEO quake. How do you get that info? I only can use google links which is inaccurate. I have checked sites I know for a fact have a decent amount of links built to them and it always says “0”


I now use via SEOmoz. Read this post for other options as well:


Hi Spencer,

I’ve been using this exact technique since you posted with good results.

However on 3 out of the 15 sites that I put up, they have recently been booted in to eternity by G – I assume some kind of penalty.

All had original content from Tbroker, all were ranking on page 1 and getting decent $. I had recently been adding more content to the sites. My questions are:

Do you find that this happens sometimes with your sites?
Is it too many links too quickly?
Any advice appreciated.




Yes, that happens sometimes to my sites. It could be too many links. It could be the “Google dance”. Or it could be a huge host of other reasons. Unfortunately, we don’t know everything about google and sometimes things happen to our sites that are perplexing.

Matt Carlett

Hi Spencer,

Great post and I can’t believe I read it for the first time today. Lots of great gold in there.

Anyway forgive me if you have already answered this but I couldn’t find it. Do you do the 3 campaignseach for UAW and MAN for each article on your site or just the main site?

Also Let me just make sure but you are using just 3 articles with MAN completely unspun? I use a combo of SimplyPLR and MAN spun format articles but it’s $67.00 each for the services. If I could just buy unspun PLR articles I would do that. Seems like I would be able to get rid of SimplyPLR. I haven’t done that yet because I thought that there might be an issue with duplicate content.

Thanks again for all the info. Great stuff and I can’t say enough about LTP. It makes kw research so much easier. – Matt


Hi Spencer,

I’m trying to replicate your linking model for a site I just built. Do you submit all of your articles under the same author nae or do you use variations?




Wow. I agree that you are giving away better info than most of the “gurus” are selling.

I appreciate this post and learned a lot.


Thanks for the great content in your article. I especially was surprised to read about partial match keywords. I had no idea! Thanks. Where have you been all my life? 🙂

Plus, thanks for that great list of services that you gave out. Gonna register and see what they do for me. 🙂


I do what I can Kenneth…thanks!


I’d like to try out your backlinking method… do you have any recommendation on where I can find services that do what you do? UAW submissions (like the way you do it) and MAN submissions. I looked through Fiverr but not very sure if the quality is good… Btw, you did mention that all the links point to the home page right?


I have tried few times Fiverr, but not so effective even top rated sellers who offer UAW/MAN submission sucks, not getting the links as promised


Does anyone use Article marketing robot instead of UAW? I submitted to about 100 directories using AMR about 5 days ago and only found 1 link so far in webmaster tools. Does AMR work or should I dump it in favor of UAW? Maybe I just need to wait longer? I’m still in the money back guarantee timeframe so need to know what success people are having with Article marketing robot lately.

Thanks for the great post Spencer! It really helps us new guys!

Renter Friendly

How have your blog networks held up with the recent Panda and Penguin changes?

Heartburn Remedies Now


I have been looking for a backlinking strategy for about a year that would give me higher ranking in Google. I find your backlinking strategy refreshing in that you are using only two resources with a keyword strategy to get high rankings in Google. I am thinking about looking into the cost of MyArticleNetwork and Unique Article Wizard. Thanks for the insight

Feisal hamdan

Good article Good stragety then but i have read elsewhere that article networks dont work well as they used to.
I am looking forward to your new article on new linking post panda and penguin updates.


I have just a quick question that would really help me out.

As someone starting out with limited funds, would I be able to create my niche sites using free blogs, such as blogspot for the time being and still be profitable? Do you use free blogs for a percentage of your websites?

Thanks again!

Spencer Haws

Tyler: I don’t use any free blogs for my niche sites. I suppose its possible, but you have a much better chance with your own domain because of the keyword rich domain, and more. However, since I haven’t experimented with free blogs, I can’t say whether or not it would work. Its possible.


Thanks Spencer. I guess one of the reasons I asked is due to the fact that Hayden (on the podcast) had said about a 1000 of his niche sites are on free platforms. So yeah, I’ve got enough funds to buy and set up 2 domains, and I guess that will have to do for now. Thank you for your response. It means a lot for a mid-level guy diving into niche sites.


One more question I forgot to mention. Now that you have sadly been banned from adsense, do you still stand by this entire niche site method? Especially since adsense is the main monetization method?


Did anyone has success with this strategy after last Google udpate?

Spencer do you still suggest to spin articles?

Spencer Haws

Spinning articles can work to a degree. But I would recommend un-spun articles if possible.


This is really, a bigginner guide to niche websites.

Thanks spencer

Packers Movers

useful tips. good one.


Excellent article, I am a newbie in this filed and It helps much


Hey Spencer,

Do you this strategy after google update?

I am really curious to know this from genius like you as I am in process to start backlinking for 10 of my recent niche sites.


Abdul Cholik

Two thumbs for your efforts to establish link building. That is why your sites are remarkable. I should follow your strategy step bu step.
Thank you

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