Say Hello to My New Full-time Niche Site Builder!

By Spencer Haws |

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post explaining that I had hired a full-time employee to help me out with my business.  What I didn’t reveal at the time, was who that employee was.

Since this new full-time employee will be helping me primarily build out niche sites, I thought it would be important to introduce you to this person!

So, without further adieu…my new employee is Perrin Carrell!  That’s right, you know this guy! Perrin is my student from Niche Site Project 2!!

How it Happened

I could not be any more excited to be working with Perrin on a regular basis.  But why did I hire him in the first place?

Well, over the years, I have discovered that in order for me to build out niche sites on a regular basis, I need help.  I’ve been through several virtual assistants, lots of writers, used different content or link building services, and much more.

In addition, my Long Tail Pro side of the business has grown quite a bit, which requires more of my time managing programmers, doing customer service (when my customer service rep can’t), and more.  As a result, my first passion of building niche sites has taken a back seat.

The growth of Long Tail Pro also means I have a little bit more income to invest in a really good employee.

You see, before I hired Perrin, I had hired a full-time VA…at a rate of $1,500/mth out of the Philippines.  I was told that a full-time salary of $600/mth is really good in the Philipines, so I decided to pay $1,500/mth because I needed someone REALLY good and wanted them to be motivated.

After a few months, it was clear that this VA was not motivated.  In fact, she was only working 20 hours a week or less!  (We mutually agreed after about a month that I should pay her by the hour, rather than a salary because she wasn’t putting in here promised 40 hours).

I tried for a few months to train and motivate this employee, but despite my paying over 2 times the normal rate, I got a dud.  Ughh.

P & Gma

At the same time, Perrin had just started the Niche Site Project 2 as my student.  I was seeing how quickly Perrin was catching on; and best of all, he was EXCITED about the process!  So, I was comparing my VA that wasn’t working out, to Perrin that was going above and beyond; and I just thought, “Man, I wish I could just hire someone like Perrin!”

Somewhere along the way, Perrin mentioned that he wasn’t happy in his job and was considering working for an SEO agency because he enjoyed the online work so much.  My wheels started spinning.

However, I also knew that I would need to pay Perrin, MUCH more than $1,500/mth if I wanted him to work for me.  I took the initiative and asked Perrin how much he was making at his current job.  I know its not a normal question to ask, but he was willing to share!

Honestly, it was a little more than I was hoping!  Despite that, I soft pitched Perrin on the idea of possibly working for me.  He basically said, “When do I start?!”

Well, after doing A LOT of thinking about it and discussing with people close to me; I decided I needed someone exactly like Perrin in my business.  So, why not hire him!

In addition, I decided that if I wanted a truly motivated employee, I couldn’t ask him to take a pay cut.  Instead I offered him a few thousand dollars per year MORE than he was currently making at his job.  He had already said that he was willing to take a pay cut to work with me, so it was a no-brainer for him to make the move when I offered him more than he was currently making.

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When I made the official offer, it only took Perrin about 10 minutes to walk into his boss’ office and tell her that he was quitting!  How cool is that?!?

Perrin officially started working for me full-time on December 16th, 2013.

I don’t know how long Perrin will be working for me.  He’s super smart, and I told him that I want him to be building his own business on the side.  As long as he puts in 40 hours for me a week, I ENCOURAGE him to build his own online business.  I’ll be surprised if I keep him around for 24 months.

I hope to keep him around for as long as possible, but I also want him to be successful in his own right.  He’s an entrepreneur, I know first hand that that can’t be contained :).

I’ve worked for other people before, so I’m just trying to be the best “boss” I possibly can.  Being a jerk is never a good way to motivate people…so hopefully I have a super motivated, happy, and well-compensated employee for the next year or 2! (More if he can stand working with me.)

Perrin’s Responsibilities

Each week, Perrin and I are doing a call to discuss our plans to conquer the world, its pretty fun!  Basically on these calls we discuss how I can build my business and how Perrin fits into that strategy.

In a nutshell, Perrin is acting as a general manager in a way for my niche site business.  So, he does alot of the work and planning, but he also has a budget to hire writers, graphic designers, linkbuilders, or others as needed.

Perrin is a superb writer, so he takes the reins to write the first couple of primary/secondary articles on the new niche sites; then hires and edits the work of other writers.

In addition, he is dusting off some of my projects that I’ve had to put on the shelf.  Overall, Perrin is going to be helping me build out both large and small sites – helping my virtual real estate empire grow.

Also, we have plans to build businesses outside of niche sites – such as niche software using paid methods to drive traffic – that Perrin will be helping me with in the future.  But for now the focus in on building out sites similar to the Niche Site Project sites.

A Big Step Forward

Overall, Perrin is absolutely doing a STELLAR job so far.  I know the fact that I was coaching him for the past few months before I hired him is a huge help.  But at this point, I couldn’t ask for someone better that understands my business, knows my exact process, and is motivated.

Now that you know who my new full-time employee is, say hello!

This has been a major step in my business, and I expect good things to happen in 2014 because of it.  I’ll be writing a full post on my 2014 goals early next week.  Like I said, I’ve hired several virtual assistants in the past, but that does not compare to having someone that can think outside the box, is truly motivated, and understands your entire business.

Overall, I’m excited to have Perrin helping me out with my business now, and I look forward to this year for sure.

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts or questions that you might have…thanks!

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By Spencer Haws

Spencer Haws is the founder of After getting a degree in Business Finance from BYU (2002) and an MBA from ASU (2007) he worked for 8 years in Business Banking and Finance at both Merril Lynch and Wells Fargo Bank.

While consulting with other small business owners as a business banker, Spencer finally had the desire to start his own business. He successfully built a portfolio of niche sites using SEO and online marketing that allowed him to quit his job in 2011. Since then he's been involved in dozens of online business ventures including: creating and exiting Long Tail Pro, running an Amazon FBA business for over 3 years and selling that business, founding, and co-founding You can learn more about Spencer here.

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Ha ha good job Perrin!


Thanks man 🙂


Stop writing comments and get back to work… hehe


Wow! That is super exciting! Congratulations to you both. I’m sure a lot of cool things will come from you two working together!

Spencer Haws

Yep, we are very excited about some of the projects we’ve already started. Its a lot of fun actually!


Agreed. Most of the time, it feels more like two dudes doing their hobby all day than a “job” lol

That’s not to say that we don’t bust our butts, but we definitely have fun doing it!


hi spencer,

based on you experienced how much is 1 niche site earn with 18k search monthly with amazon price of $60, let say its rank no. 1 in google..

ive read about your survivalknife niche site targeted by negative seo links, but that the same website seemed to reveal some or almost all your niche sites….

using your survivalknife site, i was able to see almost the same looking niche sites that looks like yours and some of it are even new, no amazon links yet but the table data is in place…

im not sure if those are all yours but if they are, are you not concern people will do bad seo links to those niche sites?

Spencer Haws

None of those other sites you saw were mine. They were all people reading my blog, that use my Niche Website Theme and use my strategies…so you didn’t find any of my other sites. Your income question is a tough one, it could be a $1k/mth site or a $5k/mth site – it really depends on conversion rates and more.


ahh ok yes i believe they use same theme and strategy as yours, theres a very similar whole page of those sites too.
ive seen some sites that looks like pbn too, all they have are general blospots no adsense no amazon. they have 2 links per page going to money sites. but most of the sites not ranking well yet. some are targetting too low searches too.

1. theres this website that reveals this niche sites using your bestsurvival sites
2. theres a search operator that shows almost all already-ranked amazon and adsense niche sites
3. i check the monthly searches and pa and da , ranking difficulty easy, and amazon products prices are all good. base on those niches sites i learned and starting to understand why they choose and how they choose those keywords
4. i also noticed and understand the type of keyword that adwords advertiser pay high clicks, or say high cpc based on keyword planner

5. not to say its bad but im just confused by some niche sites using the word best keyword but then display 15 products? i understand you use thr word comparison guide in your knife niche but would it be good if on the homepsge we show only the best product?
or do you find out that displaying a table has much more ctr ?

thank you spencer, 1k monthly is inspiring cause i saw atleast 3 amazon sites targeting the same niche of 27k searches, i found those using those 2 techniques then i verify it using keyword planner

Spencer Haws

What is best to one is not best to all – displaying 10 or 15 products makes sense to meet the needs of all consumers.


ahh yes true,

anyway thanks a lot spencer, i learned a lot reading all your posts , only here i learn so many important ideas

once i earned my first 1k amazon site, ill come back here

you are such a gift


I need a part-tme niche site builder also 🙂


Hi, I’m available 🙂 (if you truly mean you are looking for one )

[email protected]

I guessed ! Perrin the lucky guy 🙂 ..Spencer, You made the best decision I would say ..I am sure you two will conquer (you already are) the niche site business in no time !

Spencer Haws

Thanks Anisul!


Thanks man 🙂

Alex Rodriguez

Wow, Perrin is a lucky guy! It’s true that you’ll be lucky to keep him for 24 months, because once he learns from you he’ll be one of the top.

However, having such a hand-in-hand teacher is the best thing you could have as a person wanting to learn in the field.

We are also super lucky because we (your audience) have been able to learn from your coaching of him, almost as if you were coaching each of us personally.

This is awesome! Congrats to both of you.



And this. The coaching is a major part of my success so far. So, thanks to Spencer!

Spencer Haws

Thanks Alex! Yep, I could pretend that Perrin won’t hit a homerun within the next 24 months, but I know he will. I’ll be happy to send him off out of the nest :).


This is awesome dude, pretty jealous wish I could work for you too.

I enjoy my job, but getting the experience and knowledge I need to progress in my own business is a perfect job for me, very jealous Perrin, well you deserve it!

If you need anyone else in the future Spencer, give me a shout I have a huge amount of experience in Online Marketing, being a Campaign Manager at an International advertising agency does have a few perks 😀

Spencer Haws

Maybe I will need someone in the future! Who knows, maybe I’ll dip back into the Niche Pursuits community one of these days and hire someone else…


Awesome! I wish you guys good luck and hope that you’re both able to continue providing solid info and tips for the rest of us!


Thanks guys!

I should add that this was a big change for me, and I couldn’t be happier.

Spencer has made the transition much easier by being an AWESOME boss. I’m one of those people who is motivated by encouragement and constructive criticism. I also thrive when I have lots of freedom and authority to try new things and execute when and how I need to.

Spencer provides all of that. I told him this after our first few weeks of working together, but I really appreciate the freedom and authority I have to get stuff done.

And so far, it’s going really well! We’ve already got two new niche sites almost totally built, and we’re working on our first major authority site.

Also, one of the major perks of this job is becoming a permanent member of the Niche Pursuits community. I’ve made a lot of good friends, learned a ton and had a lot of fun with you guys! So I’m definitely looking forward to chatting with you all often.

The coming years are going to be awesome!

Thanks for everything guys 🙂

Tung Tran

Congrats Perrin, I knew that you would be the one 😛

You’re having a great oppoturnity to grow & learn from the real expert, and of course the pay is well too.

That’s a dream job… I’m jealous with you man 😀


Thanks, dude 🙂

You and I should network a bit. You’ve been around since the beginning, been featured on NP, and we still haven’t really chatted!

Tung Tran

Where can I reach you man? 😛

Or just shoot me an email via contact page on my blog 😀

Miki Vicioso

great news! definitely a plus working with someone that you already and I bet Perrin liked saying goodbye to his old boss 🙂


Ha. It was definitely pretty fun to turn in my letter of resignation. That place (big, unfriendly, corporate cubicle farm) was definitely not for me.


Hi Spencer,

It’s been almost 2 years I am reading your blog regularly, but this is my first comment! You really inspired me and showed me the true path to online marketing. I am seeing some success with one of my websites. That’s for you!

Hope you will be achieving more in 2014, and best wishes for Perrin.

I will be glad if say something inspirational in your reply.

Spencer Haws

That’s great to hear Abir…best of luck!


If Perrin holds a pipe, he’s gonna nail it.


That’s awesome. Congrats to you both. Looking forward to exciting new things to come.

Spencer Haws

Thanks Chris!

Mike Walter

Man! That is super! Congratulations to you both.


Wow – this is awesome! Glad to see you two working together! I look forward to seeing the community expand! Love to updates, so keep them coming!

Congrats Perrin!! – Spencer seems like he’d be a really cool boss :).


What a twist! Haha, I’m just laughing right now, cause I didn’t see it coming, yet it was pretty obvious! Congrats, both of you!


Sounds like you made a good decision to me. I wish you all the best in 2014 and a prosperous collaboration with Perrin.

Any K

Hi Perrin

First of all, congratulations to both of you for joining Spencer.

I have been following Spencer for long. He is just an awesome guy I have ever seen in online arena.I have learned a lot from him; hopefully you too..:)

I can recall when Spencer planned to start NSP2; he shared that he would like go ahead with a new approach and asked us (followers) to vote. Later on, all through the process, you were selected–and rest is in front of us!

We witnessed the wonderful journey of building a niche site–achieving its planned target by the end of third month itself.

I believe when a group of people wants to grow together, only then–such incredible things happen!

A share of credit goes to the followers too for their valuable votes and suggestions to go ahead with this approach and meet this win-win situation at the end….a part to me too!.:p lol

I am working to build niche site following the laid down process here and I will come back to you & Spencer if I need any help.



Wonderfully said. Thank you so much!

Simon Rohde Nielsen

Damn! I was hoping you took him, as your employee, and you did! He’ll be doing an amazing job for you, for sure!


Awesome to see that Perrin has joined you full-time. It has been a wonderful learning experience watching the two of you build these niche sites. Will you be focusing on more amazon niche sites or do you guys have something else up your sleeves?


The best chiice imo. He knows the job and he wants to learn as much as possible so he will probably be a great help. Congrats!


Congrats Perrin! Very well deserved. With the amazing success of NSP #2, you’ve more than proved yourself.

Learning more about building niche sites full-time? That’s the ultimate dream job!

And props to Spencer for being realistic and accommodating with everything. Offering Perrin the pay raise was an expensive decision, but it was definitely a smart move. I know I wouldn’t mind paying a premium to have a truly talented employee on my team. Even if it’s for 1-2 years, a rockstar team member is more than worth it.

Looking forward to see how this arrangement develops. Grats again to you both.


Thanks, Jason! 🙂


This is great news. I’ve never commented before but have been an avid follower of the niche project 2 in particular and felt compelled to comment on this. It’s like hearing your friends are getting married! It just seems so right ha. Good luck to you both. I foresee an unstoppable force 🙂


Thank you!


Way to go Perrin, pretty soon you will have to start your own Niche site related blog, since you’ll be doing this full time!

James Petzke

Exciting news, congrats Perin!
Spencer I would love to know a little bit more about your experience with hiring that VA. Did you use a company like Virtual Staff Finder or find the person on your own? I’m planning on hiring a VA soon, and I know a lot of people do that, so I think sharing some insight on that at some point would be valuable.

Spencer Haws

Yes, I used Virtual staff finder. Perhaps I’ll have to share more in a future post.


Ha ha. Great news and a nice twist. Lol. Congrats to both of you. Hope it works out well (I’m sure it will).


Thanks Fran 🙂

Fred Owusu

Congrats Perrine. must be the best feeling to be working with Spencer. 2 niche brainiacs working together. Please don,t take over the niche world. lol


Awesome Perrin. Spencer differently hired the best worker I have ever witness. I definitely want to see your success. I would love to read what is on your mind if you had a blog.


Spencer, it’s very good for you. I’m sure that it’s a win-win deal in your business.. May 2014 do even better for you.

Congrats Perrin! You are very well deserved and win your interview over in the Niche Project #2.

Spencer is very cool guy. I got to know him from Pat’s Niche Duel. I am one of his early customers of Longtail Handbook and LongTail Pro.

His products and blog posts have helped me to bank in a few thousands online.

You made a great choice in your career.

Looking forward to see what you guys are cooking up in this niche empire business.

Spencer Haws

Thanks you Kent!


I bet we never saw this coming after you mentioned you were hiring someone 😉 🙂 hehe.

Nice job Perrin – I am sure we all look forward to seeing how you get on with this. Perhaps you will be starting your own blog too now?


Thats very cool to read Spencer and Perrin – I had a sneaking suspicion that you’d want to keep working with Perrin as even as a reader I can pick up on the enthusiasm he has for building niche sites.

That’s the hardest thing to instill in someone it seems, a true drive and willingness to do the work, so well done for recognising it and snapping him up!


Chris R Jensen

A huge congratulations to both of you! This is so inspirational to rad about – and truly something that motivates me to move forward. I have been following you Spencer for a long time – and Perrin since the in exception of project 2. I have a dream (yea yea stole that one) no really I do, to be able to quit my job and do what you guys do. Being able to create your own, hold your own, and not be a slave to the corporate world is very desirable I think.
I am very much looking forward to following the two of you and watch as you conquer the world.

Chris R Jensen

That should say inception – thanks autocorrect

Fernando G.

Congrats Perrin, I envy you! You got a great leader your working for


Cheers to that 🙂


I just want to say, I hope this is what you wanted all along Perrin. You seems to be a great guy I hope you can make your own 6figure+ business on the site.

The niche site project is really cool to follow and I think you both can benefit of this together. I guess it’s a good feeling to say goodbye to your boss.

Good luck hopefully you both can make something great which you love.


Thanks, Bas!

It’s definitely a major step for me — and certainly in the right direction!

Ryan Cote

Congrats Perrin! It just goes to show you that you never know where connections will take you or where opportunities will arise…making it important to keep hustling on a daily basis, connecting with people and getting yourself out there. And congrats Spencer on a great hire!

Pratik Unadkat

Haha Spencer, you bet! I and I think many others knew the possibility of being Perrin as your new employee.

Congrats and good luck to both of you for the future ventures. 🙂


Don Modekali

Damn, Perrin. The stars since to have aligned in your favor. First winning the mentorship and now a full-time employee. Congrats.

If you will be hiring more writers, send me an email.




I suspect you were biased in your NSP student selection. Perhaps you were familiar with Perrin before choosing him…just joking 😉 Don’t mind me.

I envy you Perrin. You’re one lucky dude 🙂

Spencer Haws

lol, 🙂

Yiannis Yuan

In the 1 days, i check out both Niche Site Project 1 and Niche Site Project 2.
i think my keywords picking is not good for my website. but i definitely learn a lot from your website.
Today i find new keywords and going to writing quality articles for my new site.
thanks for all information. i got point blank seo and start building link tomorrow, since my primary article settle down.


Good luck Perrin!

Joe Wong

Wow, that is A-W-E-S-O-M-E guys, congrats to both of you!

It is really a great story that totally boosts even more the motivation that NichePursuits and NSP2 was giving us already.

Thanks Spence for showing us that it can really be done in OM.


Spencer Haws

Thanks Joe!


You’re a natural. Perrin,you are probably ready to take on a student of your own. Here I am!!


Haha. Maybe Spencer will let me do a bit of coaching in future projects. Who knows!


Congrats Perrin! Wish you all the best 🙂


Feelgood story to start the new year 🙂

Congrats guys ….

Perrin you deserve the opportunity, you have done excellent quality work on the niche project and Spencer you deserve someone like Perrin on your team that can help you continue to move forward.

You consistently provide valuable, honest information here on nichepursuits in a down to earth manner and I really appreciate it.

Good luck in 2014 to you both, can’t wait for the next surprise you will spring on us !



Spencer Haws

Thank you Lenny…I appreciate the kind words!


Congratulations Perrin!

I am looking forward to see your progress and I really hope you can pull off your own online business!

Asfaqur Rahman

Congratulations Perrin! Wish you best of luck. Spencer good luck for the new ventures.

Tony Yu

A big congrats to both of you!

Yeah~ From my past experiences, over-sea VAs were always kinda hard to manage. You want to give them the freedom so they can perform at their best but at the same time, you really don’t know if they are giving you their best.

In this case, both of you are the winner winner 🙂


Knowing your future employee the way you know Perrin is always a huge benefit, so I believe your business would go up in 2014 🙂
Good luck to you both!
I follow the nichepursuits blog with great interest and hope you will continue to develop it the same way.


Congratulations, Perrin.
I’m happy for you. But please don’t be upset if I’m envious of you just a bit. Okay a lot. You have taught me so much. Not only have you helped in doing niche sites but the discipline needed to achieve your goals.
I want to take this time to say I’m sorry, if I sound harsh when you decided to buy links.
I heard your comment when you stated if links could not be purchased do a resource page (Top 10…), build contacts and make relationships. I haven’t tried it yet but I will.
I built two niche sites but they’re duds. I started with bad keywords.
I really don’t know what to do next. So right now I decided to build an authority site. I’m hoping my plans workout, but I really don’t know if it’s going to work. It’s kind of hard to devote so much time and energy not know if it’s all a waste of time.

Anyhow, GREAT WORK. I feel this opportunity Spencer is giving you, will be a life changing event that you will look back and say, “My life has never been the same since..”

Jeffrey Dibble

Hi Perrin,

Feels good to drop one over your boss. Your success spur me on to be my own boss. Hope is not too long.

I’m having some success with my adsense but not enough to quit my job yet.. My plan is going to launch one of those niche sites like yours.

Spencer, if you need another VA, give me a shout..

Wish you guys every success in 2014!

Just Tom

Nice hire Spencer and congrats Perrin.

Look forward to seeing what other projects you have lined up for 2014.

Thanks again for all of your help



Phuong Le

Congrats, your niche site has passed the recent GG update, so the link building strategy should work well for 2014.

Kev Smack

That is truly a blessing to have someone as knowledgable and humble as spencer to take you to the promise land. Thats crazy that for over 2 times the income the VA was slacking. Her loss your gain. You most definitely need to start a blog and document the progression of a beginner to a mini mogul the way tung tran and jon haver have done. There really is a void in the blogosphere from the perspective of new online entrepreneurs. It is very inspirational and motivating to see how fast someone can become successful online with the right amount of drive and determination. Good luck to spencer and perrin in 2014 and the rest of you NSPers, may god bless all of your entrepreneurial efforts.


WOW way to go Perrin, really look forward in hearing about your experience in working with Spenser


Congrats Perrin, I’m really happy for you.
Nothing is better than combining your passion with your job plus being able to build your own business on the side with the blessing of your new boss. 🙂


Congrats to both of you! Look forward to you both killing it in 2014


Why do you use so many exclamation points? One thing I’ve noticed of a lot of internet marketers is they use a ton of exclamation points and rely on strange speech patterns and sometimes alternating font sizes/colors in flashy ways.

It looks weird and spammy. Do you do this on purpose? I’d ask if its just how you talk, but every internet marketer does the same thing. Lots of exclamation points, caps, bold words, and always a picture of themselves as if it legitimizes their statements.

Honest question.

Spencer Haws

I don’t usually use lots of exclamation points (I don’t think). I did in this post, because I’m genuinely excited…(normal people do get excited and do speak that way). I never put pictures of myself in posts; including this one. That’s a picture of Perrin (not me). Search my 300 other posts and good luck finding a picture of me (they aren’t there); just on my about page. What’s funny is that this post only uses 2 colors – black text and a few blue headlines this is probably less contrast than you get for a newspaper website. I’m sorry that you think blue headlines make things look spammy 🙂

I think you are generalizing what “internet marketers” do in general. I don’t consider myself part of that salesy internet marketing crowd – its not at all who I am.

I suggest you read other blogs more; mommy blogs, fan blogs, sports blogs, all personal blogs are going to use more exclamation points than me. Clearly you haven’t read my blog much before.


Hey thanks for the reply. And no I haven’t really read a lot of your posts yet. I’m getting around to it, obviously.

Thank you for the reply by the way!!

I really appreciate the transparency, and way to go staying on top of your comments!

Our Fine Adventure

Congrats to you both! Very happy for both of you, sounds like a really great arrangement!

Taiwo The Knife holder

Congrats Perrin, I already knew you would be employed Keep it up and bring out the greatness in you.



So who is the lucky one here, lol Is it Perrin that got the chance to build out a niche site with help from the master or is it Spencer who wheeled in a surperb employee through the longest job interview ever?
No matter what the answer is to that question i think you both hit the jackpot , looks like you 2 we’re made for eachother at this point in time. I feel like i just made a millon grammar mistakes or whatever but i think it’s clear what im trying to say

Good luck to you both.

As always i have a question or 2 for Spencer or maybe Perrin can answer those as well, after all he is part of the team now right,…

1) Rankhero

I have 2 sites that i would like to build links to from sites out of Rankhero’s network. I replayed the webinar again and i believe i heard Hayden say it is allowed to place 2 links per post and they can link out to 2 different moneysites of choice,(using proper linkinjection method) however, my 2 moneysites are hosted on bluehost with 1 of them being the primary domain and the other is added to that one. Would i see diminished returns in juicyflow since the links would be pointing to the same domain and maybe more important, could it harm the network by creating some sort of footprint for google to track. The domains are both independent in the sense that they have their own url but they are hosted in the same account so i take it google will be able to see that,…..maybe im overly cautious but it’s a question im wondering about.

2) Amazon associates

I am using easyazon and i’m currently trying to sign up for all the different countries Amazon is located in.Is there a way i can put all the tracking id’s i get for each country in one account / overview in Amazon and is each account different in the sense that you need to make a number of sales to make more comission for each of them seperately?
In short, do you have any tips on whats the best way to go about creating different accounts there?

I would appreciate your input here,


Hi Perrin,

congratulations on the new job. I suspected that it would be you :-), Spencer is very lucky to secure your support!

Could you tell me how you got the small rating table on your review pages. I assume it’s a plugin but can’t find any reference to it in any posts or the videos.

Again, well done with the job and the site.

Many thanks


Donald W


The small rating table came as a part of the theme. He mentions it in one of the videos somewhere. Not sure where but I hope that helps !


Absolutely wonderful! Congratulations Perrin. And Congratulations Spencer. Two terrific people who deserve tremendous success.

I am so happy I found this site. This is what I have been wanting for so long. A place to be around people who want to succeed and are willing to work at it. Your success and your example will surely rub off on all of us.

I am really looking forward to what the both of you produce throughout the year.


This is great! You two will be a great team, and when the 1 or 2 years of employee/employer runs it’s course, you could always consider some form of business partnership.

Together you can probably achieve far more than individually.

Best of luck!

Spencer Haws

Absolutely, I agree.

Lindsay Collins

Luckiest guy ever… Congrats!

Hitesh K

Hey, The videos of NSP 2 are helpful, but the more helpful is the conversation between both of you. No doubt that you ( Spencer ) have seen that confidence in Perrin to help you out. Personally, Thanks to Spencer for NSP2 and congrats Perrin, you deserve it.

Spencer Haws

Thanks Hitesh!

Alexsander Suryawan

I can’t wait this great collaboration, I’m waiting your great posts!!

Great job Perrin!!


Wow man, he looks to be a great person to work with and obviously the right one to extend your niche site business. I’m also tired of having virtual assistants, maybe I should hire someone like him soon enough.

James A.


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I know this may all sound a bit naive, but I am worth taking a small bet on. I am an internet researcher of all things by nature, with so much motivation to make something that actually produces that it’s making it hard for me to take those first steps..

But if you or anyone else on here would like to try on a virtual assistant, content writer, ‘insert title here’, with little experience but a passionate, burning heart, consider myself. I have 90,000 carefully chosen bookmarks on a huge variety of applicable subjects. Regardless, my comparative analysis and internet trend knowledge is invaluable! Give me a chance before I am to wrapped up in my own endeavors!

mohammad umair

This is incredible. Looks more like story right outta Hollywood movie. Although I have only recently started visiting your site, I gotta say it is one of the best around.

The amount of knowledge I have gained by reading very few blog posts here is immense. I have read nearly the entire niche site 2 project posts and loved it. It taught me so much.

Thanks Spencer and good luck with your new employee. Perrin well done mate. You’ve earned your stripe with one of the coolest guys I have come to know.

Spencer Haws

Thanks Mohammad!

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