Authority Site Update #2 – Jump in Rank!

As many of you are aware, I have been doing a bit of an authority site experiment.  The plan was to do something a bit different than my normal niche site strategy.  Typically I pick a keyword that gets between 2,000 to 7,000 exact match searches per month (that’s my sweet spot), add 5 or 10 articles to the site and try to rank quickly in Google for that keyword.  However, this “authority site project” was different in the fact that I picked a keyword that gets closer to 15k searches per month and is much harder to rank for.  I also plan to add hundreds of articles and build the site into something much bigger and authoritative within the niche.

Unfortunately, I got off to a rough start (read about my failure here).  My initial site dropped in the rankings and I feared that I had been penalized by Google.  Instead of spending the next 6 months to a year trying to figure out what happened to my sites, I decided to quickly get back on the horse and buy 3 new domains targeting the same keyword.  I did this because I had a suspicion that one of these domains would perform better than the others – not because of what the domain was called or anything like that – but simply because I know that not all sites perform as expected (read about the numbers game here).

Well, turns out my suspicion was correct!

A Jump in Rankings!

You will recall that just a few days ago in my last income report I did briefly mention the rankings of these 3 new domains.  Here were the positions in Google for my chosen keyword that I mentioned then:

However, just a couple of days later there was some big movement.  As of today, they now rank:

So, guess which one I am going to put some more effort into?  Yep, the one that is ranked #28 right now.

And just to clarify, I have done the exact same thing to all sites.  I have a few articles on each site targeting the same keywords, articles are essentially the same length, I have submitted one campaign to Unique Article Wizard on – that’s it.  So, I can’t really explain the difference other than perhaps some of the links received from these networks were better than others and this has produced the differences that you see.

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This goes back to my assumption that sometimes sites perform better or worse than expected for reasons that may be out of your control.  So, even though I have done the exact same things to these 3 sites – I apparently am getting vastly different results.  Now, let me also point out that these are all very new sites and any one of them could still perform exceptionally well.  With more content, links, and promotion I’m sure that any of these sites could still be winners.  However, I want to invest in the path of least resistance.

Right now the path that seems the quickest to number 1 on Google is the site that is ranking the best currently – wouldn’t you agree?  So, I will now start producing some more content (and hopefully LOTS of content) and building more links to my domain ranking at #28 for my chosen keyword.

Earnings and Plans

Obviously this site has a long way to go, but the 3rd page of Google is not too bad of a start.  But what about the earnings?

Well, the site IS getting some traffic right now and does get a click here and there.  However, its nothing to brag about at this point.  Last month the site earned me $3.56 via Google Adsense and this month has earned $3.16.  But I wasn’t expecting the site to earn much right away.  This is more of a long term project that may take 6 months to a year before I start to see much in return.  I am hoping that when I reach the first page of Google for my chosen term (and others) the traffic will start increasing quite a bit.

So, the immediate plan is to start adding around 100 articles to the site over the next couple of months and of course continue link building.  Anyway, just wanted to give a quick update on the latest news for my authority site project – let me know your thoughts below!


Niche Websites

By Spencer Haws
October 17, 2011 | 70 Comments

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There is a good tool : which can track 10 domains and 10 keywords on SERP rankings.

I might got this from your site, but in case I didn’t here it is 🙂

I am finding it hard, once the website is ready, to actually generate traffic and build the site. Do you just submit articles and get them ranking and backlinking?


Hey Ralph, I just checked out sescout – must be in beta or something because it doesnt show ranks and the links to site are not even close to accurate. I would not start using this service yet.

Also, traffic comes from the search engines (on my sites) – so you need to increase your rank. And yes, this is the hard part. But it first starts with good keyword choice. That is BY FAR the most important part. After that I submit articles to the services I mentioned in the article above.


Hi Spencer,

It takes about an hour to set up (your stats) and then it only updates (manually press update) after/every 24hours.

The paid one will update once an hour. (which I didn’t do)

I also submitted my site to Bing and Yahoo and got some good traffic from that actually ! (just on a side note).

I’ve already have a few keywords which I am ranking quite good for and nearly hitting page 1 for one of them. I’ll have a look at the services you mentioned above and get into that one 🙂


ps. this tools seems to work pretty well too and is similar to the sescout:

What do you use to check your SERPS?


Fantastic! So did you submit one campaign to UAW and MAN each? The wording is confusing.

What an odd, and drastic, difference in the rankings


Yes, I submit a campaign to EACH.

Chris Hunter

Great to hear about the rankings for the new sites, Spencer!

Can you tell us more about how you decided the new domain names? Were they simply exact match domains with a prefix or suffix?



All three of them just have a suffix. So, the actual suffix used has nothing to do with why one site is ranking better than the other (in my opinion). So, the three domains were something like (not actually).

Hope that helps.


Hey Spencer,

Good to see one of the alternates picking up steam! Had a quick question for you:

What’s your budget for the site you plan on rolling out? You mentioned around 100 articles…that’s around $800 from Level 3 TextBroker right? Other than straight content, what do you plan on adding and how much do you expect it to cost?

Also…how much time do you plan on devoting to the site to get it where it needs to be (both your time in hours and any VA)

I ask, because we’re going to start splitting our production here soon, I think…half our mini-niche sites we’ve continued to do and half closer to your niche site model…with maybe a few “authority” sites thrown in…


Hey Justin – great questions. Yes, that is about $800 on Textbroker which I have budgeted for 100 articles. It actually may end up closer to $1000 depending on the length of the articles. I don’t plan on adding anything else to the site besides just basic content at this point. If the sites starts performing, I may consider other things like info graphics, ebooks, interactive spreadsheets, or something similar.

I will probably spend maybe 2 hours a week myself on the site. My VA will probably spend 3 to 4 hours adding the content and building links per week. (it could be a little more just depending on how things look).

Sounds like a good strategy to start mixing things up a bit.

Phil Jensen

Personally I like this strategy. It always takes longer and is potentially more expensive to execute, however it’s usually results in a more long-term and profitable site.

Good luck and keep us posted on the progress.



Dave M

Thanks for the update Spencer. I am curious, how many articles are you publishing on your test sites? Also, once you pick the “winner” do you plan to scrap the articles on the other two sites or reuse them (main site, feeder articles to MAN or UAW, something else)?


No I don’t plan on reusing the articles from the losing sites. I believe I published 5 articles each on my “test” sites.


Hey Spencer –

Question for you. How do you know what position you are in Google for particular keywords?

I think that would be something very useful for me to know after I’ve put up my niche sites. If you could please let me know I would be very grateful.



Hey Michael if you purchase LTP software that’s a feature you just have to put the keyword and the site you wish and Bingo! you will know straight away which position this particular site is on google, yahoo and bingo.

If you are browsing the firefox you have to download a plug in called “seo4firefox”, you’ve got to enable it, when you browsing google page write the keyword you wish to check will show the page positions, the sites never rank,but the pages… Make sure you sign out of any google email account when you do that, otherwise you won’t have the right positions.



Oh awesome. Thanks Federico.

I might just need to buy LTP then and get all these great features!


Yep, Federico beat me to it 🙂


No problem…

Clever idea 🙂


So I ended up purchasing the software and its great!

Thanks Spencer.

Now I just need to think of some good root keywords to start searching with and build another 10 niches sites.


Awesome! Good luck with you search!


Hello Spencer, I think you’re just showng us how we have to be persistent, you started over again and I’m sure you will see great results.
I wonder how you gonna do your backlinks as you think that might it caused the the first site failure…



I used Fiverr and some Warrior Forum link building services on my first site. This time around I am using MyArticleNetwork and UAW. These have been getting good results with some of my more recent sites.


I see, what about using MAN and UAW through Fiverr???

Did you already think to use Press Release with min PR7 backlinks to boost the sites?

I’ve never done it but I’ve been checking on Warrior Forum people posting this makes Google respects your site ’cause you can get loads of PR7 backlinks.


That might be just fine to use Fiverr for that. I have a VA that does it for me. I haven’t used Press Releases on my sites. INteresting idea though.


Hi Federico

How do you issue a press release and ensure it gets on websites with a minimum PR7?


Wow, didn’t expect such a difference in rankings. I’m already looking forward to the next update lol =)

Michelle (The IM Koala)

I’m glad to see your strategy is paying off. It is an interesting study, to do three very similar and have one of them take off. What I would be concerned about (were I in your position), is that an early high ranking doesn’t always portend good long-term outlook. How long has this site been ranking so much higher than the others? Judging by your blog posts, it looks to have been higher for two weeks or less.

The other thing I’d wonder is if perhaps two out of the three weren’t getting affected by the latest G algo change (occurred on the 14th). With a new site, though, having so little past traffic data to compare to, I’m not sure if one could tell whether or not this was happening.

Not trying to be a negative nelly, just offering the thoughts that would cross my mind if I were doing a similar experiment. Ergo I’ll be following closely to see if things pan out the way you expect (I’m assuming you’ll eventually be adding content to the other two sites as well…no sense letting the domains go to waste, right? 🙂



Yes, the difference in ranking has only been for a very short period of time. I am going to keep all 3 sites up and running to see how they perform over the long term. It may take me a week or so before I get around to adding new content to the higher ranking site, so I will obviously check its performance before I add much more.

It will be interesting to see how it develops either way!


Thanks for updating spancer.Your blog is really motivating me to be persistent and keep taking action.I have some questions.

(1)How many word contains in article which you post on your main site?(like 500-600 words)

(2)In your wodpress blog , do you choose static option or the blog option in wordpress general-writing settings?


Yes, they are over 500 words each.
2. Yes, I usually make 1 post “sticky” so that it stays on the homepage.


Thanks Spencer.


Thanks Spencer for sharing that info. May I ask about the site that got to 28 in the SERP, is it hosted on the same hosting as the other 2 sites ?

I have recently found a UAW and Myarticlenetwork gig on Fiverr which is really effective. Add in some .edu backlinks, some bookmarking, and a SENuke gig from Fiverr and most of my sites will get on first page of SERPs quickly.

I also choose keywords with 1,000 + exact searches a month, but have less than 1,000 results on SERP when using allintitle:keyword here


Hi, I have a question please:
For the 1st time a Google update has dropped any of my sites. It was a kind of main site with around 15 pages, the home page ranking #1 and the big traffic other page ranking #3 for a rough keyword.

Now from the update of the 14th? My home page is #6 but my big traffic page is on page 3.

What did they do this time?
Every other update and my sites/pages go up not down.
This it the 1st time they have dropped.

Any insights would be greatly appreciated.


I really don’t know Patrick, it could be one of over a thousand things that google uses to rank sites.


Oh yes, and the last 4 days virtually any click I’m getting are worth under 50 cents not my usual $1.25 or so average.

Any Ideas?

Thanks, Patrick


Hello Spencer i think that you should add Builmyrank to your arsenal for building links to this site.

BMR will get you to the top without any problem since you already have the momentum thanks to the UAW and MAN backlinks.


I have been considering this, I just might give it a shot.


You wont regret , this is a nice investment for larger niche sites.

Badger Web Services

Spencer, I’m glad to hear you are doing so well with one of those sites using only UAW and MAN.

Looks like I should start a MAN service that goes hand in hand with my UAW service.

Question: how much are you paying for 1 UAW submission, and 1 MAN submission? And how fast are you building these links using these networks?



Well, I just pay my VA hourly to do work for me. So, however, long it takes him to submit an article (10 minutes?) that’s how much I pay him for. I don’t pay per submission.


Hi Spencer!

It’s still hard to predict the future of your sites, as google launched their panda x.x update (can’t remember as seems they made updating their algos a ritual) so now lots of marketers see drops or ups across their sites.

We can hope it works out well for us, but as with previous updates, only time will show how things will settle up with the new alrgorythms.

Sunil from Extra Money Blog

search engines love large sites, so curious to see how this macro niche site will pan out for you. thanks for the ongoing updates and looking forward to more


What tool do you use to find out your Serps ranking? I have tried a couple but the results seem inaccurate or out of date.
Are there any real time tools?



There are lots of tools. A free option is rank checker plugin for firefox through seobook. Long Tail Pro also has a rank checking component (along with lots of other functions).


Great thanks


That’s great!
But I have question here.. I observed when sites are new the ranking changes drastically in initial days or even couple of months.. So are you planning to wait to select the winner or you already decided the winner site?



I have not decided 100% yet I suppose. It will be a week or so before I do anything new to any of these sites. If the one is still ranking higher I will start building more content and links. If things change (i.e. other site starts ranking better) I can always focus on that too. I am leaving all sites up.


Hey Spencer,

Great result 28 th position ! when you make a campaign how many article are submitting with UAW daily ? is it just one spun article aiming your home page or are you targeting your inner page as well ?

I think you should had in your back link campaign : social monkey (on top it is free) i had great result recently (jumping 20 position on a few days with mostly all my 50 mini site). all the best


Hey Freddy. I submit a spun article typically to UAW. I distribute it as slow as possible which I think 20 per day is the lowest. If it let me do 10 per day I would do that. I have only linked to the homepage at the moment, I will add inner page links in the future.



That’s great result. May I ask what is AUW and MAN.
I have an aged site and still could not rank. It is exact domain with 18k local search.

Badger Web Services

Sam, UAW (Unique Article Wizard), and MAN (My Article Network), are article submission services – they have thousands of blogs and directories in their networks that allow you to submit articles with links in them if you are a member.


I love reading about new methods. Testing 3 different sites around the same keywords is so awesome! Great idea and I can’t wait to see what happens.


Hello Spencer. Can I ask you who writes aritcles for MAN? Do you outsource it? If yes, who does it? I guess you can’t use spinning for that, right?
Thanks for answer.

Badger Web Services


Spencer uses his VA to do all the articles and submissions for him. You can also find people on the warrior forum in the “warriors for hire” section to do submits and articles for you too.

At badger web services, we currently have a UAW submission service that costs $29 per submission.


I would have preferred you Spencer do completely different backlinking strategies…just to see if that really is a factor for Google regarding ‘some’ of these sources.
Do you think G is catching on to some of these networking structures and is penalizing them?

chow…keep it up buddy 😉



Definitely no penalties from what I can see at this point. Strategies are still working well.


Hi Spencer…

Just wondering…. do you do anything to the backlinks from UAW? …. like ping them or bookmark, etc… to get the backlinks indexed quicker or do you just let it happen naturally?


No I dont do anything to them.

Boris C.

Good Spencer. Regarding 100 articles that you mentioned you are going to put on website in the next months – do you use same article writer or more than one?

Badger Web Services


Spencer uses, so they are all different writers essentially.


More than one.


To Everyone:

If you had to choose between MAN and UAW which would you choose? and why?

Ive tested out BMR and BBP so far. Both are Private networks as opposed to public like UAW and MAN for those that do not know. (I am fairly new to this and didn’t know that until recently)

I was not even ranking in top 1000 in Google and jumped to 50’s and then settled in 20’s for my main keyword within a week of using BMR.

It is too soon to see the results of BBP but looking forward to see if it pushes me much higher.

I want to try out one of these public networks next but not sure which one, hence the original question.



UAW seems to get me the most links. Its not real intuitive on how to use it, but once you get that down the links appear to be more effective. MAN is MUCH easier to use though.


Thanks for the input. When your building back links to your main page, do you use www. or not? Ive been building links for about a month and realized that I inadvertently did half and half. Is this a bad thing? Which one should I be using?


I use www. You can specify in google webmaster tools whether or not to use www or not as your primary domain. It doesn’t matter which one you use, just find one and go with it.

Chris Miller

Hey Spencer… really good info. Are you saying you made 3 identical sites with the same content? Wouldn’t that slow the process down as your unique content is now on 3 sites? Maybe I misunderstood.



Hey Spencer, How long did it take you to start seeing back links with UAW at 30 per day? I have an article going at 20 per day for about 5 days and have only 2 links indexed. Whats the time frame usually like and whats the average percentage of submissions that turn into links?



I would give it at least a few weeks before you actually start seeing alot of those links indexed. It just takes time for them to show up in Yahoo site explorer. you will start getting the benefits of the links much sooner, but may not actually see the links for a few weeks.

Where's My Water

This website is admittedly attention-grabbing i’m looking for is there any other examples? but anyway many thanks pretty much as a result of I found that i used to be looking for.

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