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The time has finally arrived!  You can now make your “official” voice heard and decide my future over the next few months!  As you can see from the poll above, I have listed several of the options that I have been blogging about in detail over the past few weeks.  Now its up to you to decide which of these business ideas you would like to see me pursue over the next 3 or 4 months.

Here’s a quick video of me explaining the choices:

You can use whatever criteria you want to pick your favorite.  You might decide that the one that has the most potential in your own mind will get your own vote.  Or you might decide that the one you would like to see blogged about by me should be the one that gets your vote (even though it may have less monetary potential).  The choice is yours.  Overall, you need to decide which idea I will pursue from start to finish and share with you everything along the way!  The voting will be up for 7 days, and you can vote multiple times.  Vote for multiple ideas if you can’t decide or vote for one multiple times if you really want to see it.

In order to refresh your memory on all the ideas that I have written about over the past several weeks, I am writing a brief summary on each.  You will notice that I did NOT include some of the ideas in the voting.  The ideas that I did not include are simply ones that I decided not to pursue at this time – I will include more details in the descriptions below.  The ideas are linked to the original post if you want to read more.

Potential Niche Pursuits

1. Selling Used Books Online. I like this idea okay.  I know lots of people think its too much work and not passive enough, but I don’t care.  I have done this in the past and have heard of people building up quite a decent business doing this.  I personally enjoy going to thrift stores and garage sales scrounging around for hidden gems.  Essentially I would buy lots of old books for cheap and then sell them on or  I would utilize Amazon fulfillment as much as possible to make it more passive.

2. Selling Used Clothes Online.  NOT INCLUDED FOR VOTING. I would buy used clothes at thrift stores primarily and sell either through or my own website (if I grow it enough).  I have decided again pursuing this idea simply because I don’t think I would enjoy it much at this time.

3. Storage Unit Auctions. Do I think this idea has passive income potential?  No.  Do I think this idea will be a big money maker? No.  Would I enjoy trying this idea out?  Absolutely!  I’ve always enjoyed old “stuff” and particularly if its valuable.  This would be  a HUGE amount of work, but if you want to see this idea tried out by me – feel free to vote on it!

4. Developing a Mobile Phone Application. This idea is one that has both passive income potential and good potential for some serious income as well.  The mobile phone app sector is growing rapidly and would be a great diversification opportunity from my current business.  I would enjoy creating some unique apps and learning the process of selling these.  I would definitely enjoy pursuing this idea and blogging about it.

5. Public Domain Works. This idea is simply taking works that have an expired copyright or are otherwise available for the public to use or resale.  This could be books, plays, poetry, recipes, music, movies, cartoons, and much more.  These works can be repackaged and sold as your own.  I actually know of a few success stories and it would be interesting to see how difficult it would be to develop a winning product from public domain works.

6. Developing a Premium WordPress Plugin. There are millions of options here for plugins that could be created.  The idea would be to create something unique and useful.  This is an idea with real potential and would be less “labor intensive” as well.  I have some experience outsourcing (including a failed wordpress plugin that I wrote about), so I’m well aware of the challenges and believe this time around would go much better.

7. Domain Flipping. Essentially, this idea consists of finding valuable domains that others are willing to pay for.  There are lots of techniques which I discussed in detail in the post.  I would focus on undeveloped websites – so I’d simply be selling domain names.

8. Niche Lead Generation. NOT AVAILABLE FOR VOTING.  I did not include this idea because it is too closely related to my current business.  Sure there are lots of way to market and build a niche lead generation site; however, the best option is organic search engine traffic.  My entire business is search engine traffic right now, so I will not be pursuing this idea this time (maybe in the future).

9. Niche eCommerce Websites. NOT AVAILABLE FOR VOTING. This idea consists of picking a unique niche product and selling it online through drop shipping.  I believe this idea has huge potential and is a viable pursuit.  However, one of the main methods I would want to get traffic to the site is through search engines.  Again, the whole point is for me to diversify my current business which is 100% reliant on search engine traffic.  So, this idea is not available for voting this time around (perhaps next time!).

Vote Now!

So, there you have it.  Go ahead and choose your favorite idea that you would like to see me pursue.  I will be leaving up the voting for about 7 days.  You are able to vote multiple times if you choose to do so.  Other than that, feel free to comment below…thanks!

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36 Comments for this entry

  1. Amanda says:

    Developing a mobile phone application – my vote!

  2. Amanda says:

    thought leaving a comment was the way to vote, now i see the poll above, left my vote, thanks!

  3. I am interested to see what the outcome is-how long is the “polling station” open?

  4. Shae Bynes says:

    This will be fun, Spence :-) My vote is in!

  5. Dino Vedo says:

    Looks like you’ll be doing the mobile one! Its got my vote as well!

  6. Heb says:

    Your best ideas -in my opinion- are not available for voting..
    I left my vote however!

  7. Lance says:

    Mobile Phone Application! And for now it’s in the lead— whoo-HOO!! =)

    Thanks for doing this Spencer… no matter which one wins i think we’ll all benefit from getting to watch over your shoulder as you tackle one of these.

  8. Mark says:

    Developing a premium WordPress Plugin. What I really want is an auto wordpress site creator that somehow gets original content and posts it automatically as well as auto optimises the setup and seo. So auto installs and activates plugins etc. (so a software/script). No one but no one has ever done that yet. All I have seen have been semi-automatic.
    Are you up to that challenge?

    Cheers Mark

    • Spencer says:

      Mark – that sounds like a pretty ambitious plugin! I’m not sure how a plugin could get original content without hiring a human to do it. Unless you are willing to look at spun content. Either way, it up to you and other readers to vote in the poll about to see what I tackle.

  9. Kent Chow says:

    My vote is in. Look forward to the final winner and your blogging about the details.

    Thanks for getting us involved. Cheers!

  10. Sjors says:

    The vote was for 9, too bad your not going to pursue that!

  11. Hey Spencer;

    I do believe that the Mobil Phone Apps are not only one of the best ways for you to go in your pursuits right now, besides a few others, this is the number one best niche pursuit for now. It is the most sought after niche market that is generating scores of income potential for everyone brave enough to tackle it. Just think of what we need to gain quick access to that on one has made an app for; or thinks doing so is too hard to initiate. You, if anyone can, are able to git-ur-done!

    • Spencer says:

      I agree that mobile phone apps provide a lot of growth potential. The market it right and the future looks good. We’ll see what happens with the votes!

  12. Chad Barnes says:

    I’m rooting for public domain works. I think this is a goldmine if you can tap into it correctly. Would really love to see what approach you take with this niche.

  13. Brian says:

    Hi Spencer,

    I like the website flipping idea. I am interested to see how you would improve a below par site, and get it up to speed.

    Regards, B.

  14. Carl says:

    I was choosing between two but finally decided on “Developing a Mobile Phone Application”

    I’d love to see how this develops.

  15. Rob says:

    Mobile App, for sure… ;P
    Hopefully once its successful (if chosen) can market it for the Ipad and other smartphones…maybe include creating a simple website to promote..cheeky guy haha,
    Looking forward to it too…
    Robbie :)

    • Spencer says:

      Hey Rob – Yep, if its a mobile phone app I would for sure hope it becomes successful enough to expand to other platforms as you mentioned.

  16. Ben says:

    Just cast my vote!

  17. marcus says:

    very good niche ideas spence. Especially the domain flipping niche idea. thanks

    • Spencer says:

      Hey Marcus – thanks for the feedback. Even if domain flipping doesnt get chosen this time doesn’t mean that I might not do it in the future. This is just the 1st Niche Pursuit. I hope there will be many more down the road.

  18. Anand says:

    Voted casted. Good Luck

  19. FlipperGuy says:

    Mobile apps, the booming and future market. Voted

  20. billy says:

    the vote is in! I went with more of an IM pursuit, but I definitely would like to try storage unit auctions too. Looks like fun!

  21. Julio says:

    My vote goes for developing mobile apps.

  22. Anne-Marie says:

    Domain Flipping, I would like to see you flip domains.

  23. Jon says:

    I vote for Niche eCommerce Websites. This is the idea I was most excited about seeing you pursue.

  24. Jon says:

    Why don’t you add it to the pole and let your audience decide if you should diversify or not?

  25. Jon says:

    poll** sorry for all the posts!

  26. Steven says:

    I like the ideaof building a mobile phone app and the domain flipping idea

    Regards Steven

  27. Pharmb971 says:

    Hello! kadgdge interesting kadgdge site! I’m really like it! Very, very kadgdge good!

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