Get Motivated with These Success Stories

One of the primary goals that I have for Niche Pursuits is to help other people achieve their entrepreneurial goals.

For example, I LOVE being able to work my own schedule and being my own boss (you can read my story here).  This gives me the freedom to not only work when and how much I want, but also allows me to spend time with my 4 kids and amazing wife, or put some extra time training for a marathon if I want.

I want you to have the same flexibility to pursue your own goals.  With the success stories below, I want to give you a Motivational Kick.

Over the years I've had more and more people approach me and tell me that they were able to build a successful niche website or even quit their job because of what I shared on my blog.   This is humbling for sure.

As a result, I want to more actively help people learn, grow, and make some extra money from their online venture…and ideally be able to quit their jobs.

One way I hope to do this is through inspiration.  As corny as it sounds, I know I personally find motivation from the fact that normal people can achieve great things.

So, on this page you will find a list of normal people that have been able to build an income through the information provided here on  I would never claim that I was the reason for their success, they achieve the success through their own efforts.

However, provided a spark to get the fire going.

Are you a reader that has achieved success in some small way thanks to  I want to hear your story so I can post it here and inspire others.  Please answer this questionnaire below to see if you qualify to provide inspiration to others on this page.

Jake Cain – Niche Pursuits Team Member and Entrepreneur

When I first started reading Niche Pursuits I assumed that most “making money online” tactics were all some type of scam. Reading Spencer's story and his transparency about how he'd quit his job and was enjoying greater freedom of his time was particularly inspiring to me. The other thing I always found helpful was when there would be a podcast or guest post from another reader or just ‘average' person who was also finding success. That showed me that with a little bit of work and persistence, I could start pursuing my own online ventures to at least supplement, if not replace my income from my corporate job.

The biggest thing is that I've been able to build up a couple of side businesses – both a physical product brand and a couple of niche sites that are a approaching a level that could replace a full-time job. A few years ago, that seemed impossible. Over the last year, the profits from these side projects have allowed our family to pay off debt faster and set aside some money to do some traveling with our kids.

Jason Wilson – Niche Pursuits Team Member and Entrepreneur

My journey making money online started when I started reading Niche Pursuits in 2013. After three years of building smaller niche websites and selling them, I followed the Spencer's blueprints to create an authority site that has allowed me to quit my corporate job.  I left in April of 2017 after working there for over 14 years.

Since making the jump, I've gotten at least 30 hours per week back in my life which is hard to put a price on.  My blood pressure has dropped considerably and I'm living a much healthier and active lifestyle since joining the Niche Pursuits team.  The freedom I've gained since leaving my high stress corporate job has been absolutely priceless.

Perrin Carrell – Former Niche Site Project 2 Student, Now Full-time Entrepreneur

Perrin started his journey with Niche Pursuits as the student for Niche Site Project 2.  Previous to this, he had struggled to make much money through his online ventures.  By the end of the project, he was making a couple thousand dollars per month with his shaving related website.

After working as an employee with Niche Pursuits for a couple of years, Perrin continued to expand his website portfolio on his own time.  Niche Pursuits provided his starting path, but he has continued on his own with various strategies and has since built a site worth six figures.

Perrin is a great example of someone who started with Niche Pursuits to learn the basics and has continued to learn on his own and grow his entrepreneurial ventures.  He now enjoys full-time entrepreneurship and works his own schedule.

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