The Purpose of this Blog

So, what is the real reason behind this blog anyway?  Well, that's a great question, and it is probably one that will evolve with time.  However, as I set out to create this blog here are a few of the ideas behind its purpose.

First, I wanted to create a place where I could discuss new business ideas (both online and offline) and their potential for success.  You see, I had a previous blog called Niche Adsense Challenge , that allowed me to discuss my business of building niche websites monetized by Google Adsense in great detail.

You see, I already make a healthy full-time income from my niche websites.  They are pretty automated, and I have developed a system that works very well for me.  However, my previous blog was so narrow in focus that it was hard to discuss other business ideas unrelated to that topic.   So, on this blog I'm sure discussions of niche websites will still occur – but I will also be discussing other business ideas that I have or ideas that I am trying.

You Pick the Ideas – I Try Them

Secondly, I wanted a place where YOU the reader could participate in suggesting niche ideas for me to try out.  That's right, I'm taking suggestions.  You see, I have always loved trying various online business techniques – but like many people I tend to go from one idea to the next.  Well, this isn't going to stop (I think its a disease) – so I am going to embrace it!  Why change the way I do things, when I actually enjoy changing my mind???

So, here is how I foresee this thing going.  Initially, I am going to make 10 or so blog posts about either online or other business ideas that I have had or heard of and discuss whether I think they have value or not.  During this time, I am also going to take suggestions for business ideas for me to try out from YOU!  You can submit your idea right here for my next Niche Pursuit.

I will narrow down your suggestions and the ideas I've blogged about into 5 or so ideas for you to vote on.  I will keep the voting open for maybe 30 days or something like that, and then guess what?  Whatever idea receives the most votes, I will be pursuing for the next 90 days!

Track My Progress for 90 Days

Over a period of 90 days I will put my energy and effort into the idea that has been chosen for me and blog about it the entire time.  I will discuss what is working, what isn't working, how much money I am spending, and how much money I am making.  And then of course at the end of the 90 days I will do some more detailed posts about my experiences.  I plan on investing real $ into these ideas and spending some real time to pursue these niche ideas.

In the end, this provides you with potentially some entertainment as you watch me fail or perhaps even make some money.  You also gain a potential small business idea for yourself to try out.  And for me, I get to feed my addiction to new business ideas!

Rinse and Repeat!

After the 90 days guess what happens?  I start the entire process over again!  That's right, I find new ideas to try, take suggestions from readers, and the idea with the most votes gets pursued.  The idea is that every 90 days I am following a new niche pursuit.  Got it?

So overall, that's the reason behind this blog.  I get to try interesting business ideas and along the way hopefully share some things that I learn with you.