Products I Created

Hey, thanks for stopping by this page!  Sometimes people are curious about what products I've actually created.  Or if they really like what I'm doing here on, they might actually want to buy one of my products…

Over the years, I've created a number of software or other digital products related to my Niche Pursuits audience.  (I've created MANY more physical products that are totally unrelated to Niche Pursuits that I sell on other sites I own).

With that, here's the products I created…most recent on top.

Link Whisper

link whisper main banner

Link Whisper is a plugin that scratches my own itch. Internal linking has such a huge impact on your site, but it's a pain to do and takes a long time. Link Whisper uses AI to suggest relevant internal links based on the content in your post and it does it fast.

Link Whisper allows you to add internal links to a post or page within seconds. You can bring out orphaned content, increase your traffic, and boost your rankings in Google. I did a series of tests and traffic on my site took a huge spike when I applied better internal linking to my pages. You can read about the results here.

Check out Link Whisper here to increase your rankings, improve your traffic, and make internal linking easy (and fast).

Table Labs

I created Table Labs as a super simple way to create and insert Amazon product comparison tables right into your website.  Just copy and paste, no coding skills required.

I got really sick and tired of manually creating tables with Table Press or some other WordPress plugin.  I used to spend a couple hours on a large comparison table, now it's done in 5 minutes or less.  Oh, and the Table designs look amazing!

If you want a faster way to monetize your Amazon Associates site with great looking product comparison tables, read more about Table Labs here.

Long Tail Pro

I created Long Tail Pro as a faster way to do in-depth keyword research back in 2011.  The software has been constantly updated and improved since then.

Even though I sold most of the company back in 2016, I still use the software and love it.  If you are looking for blog post ideas or how to better optimize the keywords on your site, Long Tail Pro is a great tool to help with that.

See what Long Tail Pro is all about right here.

Coming Soon…

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