What Podcast Questions Do You Have?

Am I about to announce that I am starting a regular Podcast? No, I’m not.  But I might test the waters.  How’s that for an indecisive statement?

Right now, I am on the Oregon coast on vacation with my family, and loving it!  So, I don’t really want to take much time away from my vacation to write an in depth blog post (sorry folks!).  Instead I would like to pose a question for you.  I’m hoping to get a few good responses that can help get my creative juices flowing.

I am considering doing 1 or 2 podcasts essentially just with me giving some in-depth answers to questions posed by you on this blog.  I’m not ready to say I am going to start doing interviews etc, but my guess is that eventually it could very likely go that way.  But for now, I am just looking for some questions from you.  So, here is your chance; let me know what you want to hear me discuss in a podcast!  It will be just me and my microphone answering your questions.

So, what topics or specific questions would you like to hear discussed in a podcast?

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Anyway, this may be my only post this week, but I plan on posting my July earnings as soon as possible.  Let me just say that it was definitely my best month ever.  I’ll go into more detail with the next post!

So, fire away, I’d love to hear your thoughts!


By Spencer Haws
August 02, 2011 | 23 Comments

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Well happy vacations. I am on track of making niche websites. Well you told lot of deeps things about making profitable niche business.


Happy Hols Spencer .. could do with a break myself so anything that multiplies my current adsense earnings by a factor of around a thousand would be good lol.

Seriously though, I’d like you to go back to what you say is the most important thing .. finding a keyword … Can you perhaps give an indication of how important each factor is … I may have posted this elsewhere . not sure, but for example, I’ve come across a couple of keywords that are not used at all or rarely in the title of the top ten sites and the same in the url and most are not root domains.

However, the sites that do rank in the top ten have high backlinks and rankings .. so I suppose I’m asking what ranks most important and does one over ride another if that makes sense.


Okay, I will consider discussing keyword research. Of course this is by far the most important factor, and repetition certainly is a good teacher! I will also consider discussing some of the ranking factors weights in more depth as well.


Two questions. Who do you outsource to specifically to get your sites up and what is the rough $ investment you make per site (with backlinking costs etc).
Out of say 10 sites, how many do you expect to get ‘traction’ and be worth continuing.


Great questions!


Been reading thru your blog the last couple of days. Great content! I have a few questions:

1. How important are graphics on your new sites you create? Do you just use stock graphics or do you create custom pieces in Photoshop? Or do you just outsource the graphics?

2. Are you planning on running any promos on your Long Tail Pro KW tool?

3. Any other tips on Adsense ads placement? Besides right hand side of content?


Thanks for the questions!


Great info Spencer.

Here is my list of what I would love to see discussed in the Podcast.

1. What are your thoughts on creating multiple adsense accounts for yourself (from family and friends) in their name. Just thinking of not putting all your eggs in one basket incase google bans one of your adsense accounts.

2. Also does google allow you to set up 2 adsense accounts in your name (one business and one personal), if so what would be the steps to create the business account?
3. Can Google really see everything? Any thoughts on using Google Analytics? I hear Google can see your muliple adsense sites anyways. I would love to hear a discussion on this topic.

2. You mentioned earlier on not trusting google to see your adsense accounts, what methods would you use to protect your level of privacy from google and


I will look into answering these as well.


Hi Spencer,

My question is to you is, if you were to start all over from scratch, with only a small amount of capital to invest in your adsense sites, what would be your plan of action?

Thanks, and have a great vacation. I’ll be up in Oregon next week on business… such a beautiful part of the world.

steve wyman


+1 & Like – great question for spencer.

Cant better it so thought i’d add my vote to yours



Great Question!


Nice idea spencer.

Few possible ideas for your podcast.

1. How do you manage your time when you are a newbie to niche sites?
It is hard to divide my time especially when you are working 9-5 and have a family to feed.

2. How much do you spend in your niche sites?



What are all the resources you use to get links? When you start a new site, how fast do you get links? How do you find exact match domains?


Awesome, I’m loving the ideas!


Hi Spencer,

Anyone said to you that you look a little bit like the actor Ryan Gosling?, maybe it is your twinbrother :).

Anyway. Questions.

1. When you do a site, what decides if you gonna have a post or a page on the domain (root)? Like in your new big project I guess the root domain is targeting a special keyword but you have a blog on that domain. But if you blog you really can´t optimze the domain for a special keyword (onpage SEO would not be as good as you have had an page just for that keyword).

2. What program/service do you use do to see all the backlinks your competitions have? Yahoo site explorer are going down soon but you maybe use a better service/program for this?

3. Do you use analytics/webmaster tool from Google? Some people is scared of do that but if you run the same Adsense account for all your sites, i suppose Google know anyway. I don´t use webmaster tool but it looks great and think I gonna start with it.

4. If you do a site with 10 pages, I assume you drive links to all pages. But if you have a blog, then what? You don´t drive link to all your longtail keyword do you?

5. This is not a podcast question. But it would be really nice with a video tour of your home office :). I can help you name the video post right know: “The home of the Adsense King”



Nope, never been told I look like Ryan Gosling…but my wife says he’s cute, so thanks!

Also, thanks for the great questions!


As some people have talked about already, I’d love to see any cool/unique techniques you use to find profitable keywords. Of course, much of that information is on your site already, but repetition is always great, and I’m sure you probably have strategies you’ve already forgotten to mention! Enjoy your vacation!


Great ideas!


Hey Spencer,
I was thinking…It’s been said (even by you) that certain niches translate into better Adsense revenue than other types.
Obviously people looking to buy the product your niche is focused on will result in increased CTR.
Since you have +200 sites, I imagine a lot of us would really enjoy some insight into what kind of keyword/niche/website we should create, whether it be product or information based etc.
I know its impossible to know which keywords would just ‘take off’ so to speak, but +200 sites must give you some indication of what works, and where the money is.
Looking forward to your reply or Podcast 😉


I have seen some good success with information based sites. I do have some success with product based sites, but the information ones tend to do better.

mark linden

Hi Spencer,
First, I am just getting started on Phase II of my business: converting 5 1/2 years of providing a Hands-on, trading hours for dollars business to an online content business. I plan on having my new website go live in early September. Currently it is nothing but a registration site for one segment of my business.

Recently I began reading your blog and listening to your podcasts. Others that I follow are the Lifestyle Business Podcast and Foolish Adventure.

The one topic that I plan on incorporating into my marketing strategy that I have not found addressed in depth in any internet business education site is increasing exposure through PR/Press Releases …not only to traditional media outlets, but also to online media.

My background is in the Ad Agency industry. Am I lost in the dark ages of marketing thinking that PR/Press Releases still have value as part of a marketing strategy?

I encourage you to address this marketing avenue and I am curious why this marketing technique has not garnered attention from you and your peers.

All the best,
Mark Linden
Director-Owner, Baseball Positive

Spencer Haws

No, PR/Press Releases can definitely still help!

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